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10 December 2007
Scholarships Awarded to Top Criminal Justice Students with Career Aspirations in Corrections

Recipients of the Selig Scholarship in Criminal Justice are pictured here (from left to right) Elizabeth Maxwell, Gloria Floyd and Renee Bellew.

Christmas has come early for three top criminal justice students at JSU. Elizabeth Maxwell, Gloria Floyd and Renee Bellew were selected as recipients of a new scholarship designated for criminal justice majors planning on entering corrections careers. The scholarship is funded by Mr. Ernest Selig, a retired correctional official from Maryland, who selected JSU because of its existing Corrections Concentration with the Criminal Justice Major.

Dr. Richard Kania, Department Head, Criminal Justice Department, remarked, "JSU is honored and fortunate to be one of only two universities to be given Selig Scholarships among the many considered."

The selection committee was headed by Dr. Ronald Mellen of JSU, with Chief Deputy Sheriff Matthew Wade of Calhoun County and Scott Hassell, the Director of the Gadsden County Detention Center. One of the conditions of the scholarship itself was that the committee making the selection be represented by both faculty and practitioners with correctional experience. Dr. Mellen previously was on the staff of a state prison in Arkansas and Mr. Wade and Mr. Hassell currently oversee jails in Alabama.

The Selig Scholarship’s first priority is encouraging criminal justice students to enter the custodial corrections career field, to become jail and prison staff. The secondary selection criterion is academic performance and the third, evidence of character. Each candidate for the award needs a faculty recommendation and must submit an essay outlining his or her career goals. The scholarships will be awarded annually with funds coming from a trust set up by Mr. Selig and his family.

Elizabeth Maxwell is a young-adult student living in Jacksonville, married with a young child. Her career goals are exactly what the scholarship calls for; she hopes to enter into custodial corrections work upon her graduation.

Gloria Floyd also is another young-adult student, living in Weaver, holding down a full-time job, also is married, and hopes to enter corrections upon graduation, with a preference for probation or parole work.

Renee Bellew is another young-adult student, married with family, living in Attalla, with career goals in juvenile corrections, hoping to work with delinquent youth.

All three are A-students in Criminal Justice at JSU. In common with each other, they are mature, responsible and dedicated to their studies, and well respected by the faculty who encouraged them to apply. For their efforts the three students each receives $750 for the Spring 2008 semester to assist them with tuition, books, fees or other university-related expenses. The three award winners were recognized at a luncheon in their honor hosted by the Department Head Richard Kania, attended by Mr. Selig, members of the selection committee and some family members.

Selig Scholarship winners are pictured here with Criminal Justice Department Head Dr. Richard Kania and scholarship benefactor Mr. Ernest Selig, a retired correctional official from Maryland. Shown here (from left to right) are Dr. Richard Kania, Renee Bellew, Gloria Floyd, Elizabeth Maxwell, and Ernest Selig.

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