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7 November 2007

OIRA Announces Tableau Server Release

Tableau Software Extends Its Visual Analytics Solution to the Web 

Jacksonville State University among the first to select Tableau Server

SEATTLE, Wash. – NOV. 6, 2007 – Tableau Software®, the global leader in fast analytics and visualization software, today launched Tableau Server, a Web-based sharing and publishing solution. Combined with the robust analytical capabilities of Tableau Desktop, already in use by more than 10,000 people worldwide, Tableau Server enables businesses to extend data discovery, analysis and collaboration to an entire organization via the Web.

“Everyone wants to understand the information in spreadsheets and databases better – it’s no longer a specialized skill reserved for analysts,” said Christian Chabot, Tableau Software CEO and co-founder. “With Tableau Server, we’re taking another step forward in our mission to bring visual analytics – and the enhanced decision-making capabilities it brings – to people everywhere.”

Tableau’s products are designed for drag-and-drop ease of use and do not require specialized IT training. Tableau Desktop can simultaneously tap into nearly any data source, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Excel and text files to create customizable data visualizations. Now, with Tableau Server, entire organizations can benefit from Tableau’s sharing, discovery and participation capabilities.


·         Publishing dashboards to Tableau Server lets users assemble multiple views of data from various sources and then securely share their findings in real time with just a few clicks. This allows the wider audience to quickly gain perspective and explore their specific areas of interest within a particular view.

·         As the underlying data is updated, the published findings update as well.

·         Administrators have control over how data and analytical results are shared, and publishers can ensure the privacy and security of their specific analyses.


·         Once users create analytical visualizations and insights and publish them to Tableau Server, others can interact with those visualizations by filtering, paging, sorting and inspecting individual values through the web.

·         Tableau Server’s Smart Search and browsing features make discovering content quick and easy by displaying thumbnail visualizations. People can search tags and comments as well as the actual analyses themselves.


·         Tableau Server creates an environment for group intelligence by allowing anyone to participate in “blog-style” online discussions to enhance their understanding of the data.

·         Users can add tags, explanatory notes, pose hypotheses, ask clarifying questions or contribute to the discussion with an opinion.

Significantly less disruptive than traditional business intelligence solutions, users can install Server in approximately 10 minutes and use existing Microsoft® Active Directory® applications to manage user permissions and accounts. There are no specific infrastructure requirements other than a Microsoft Windows environment, at least one publisher using Tableau Desktop and a Web browser.

Jacksonville State University (JSU), in Jacksonville, Ala., is a current Tableau Desktop user and has selected Tableau Server as a means to share important student and administrative data with its more than 1,000-person faculty and staff in 75 academic and non-academic units. Specifically, JSU needed a better way to make administrative, enrollment and assessment data visible to departments with different accreditation and reporting needs. One example of this involves the analysis of credit hour productivity across academic units. Factors in this evaluation include: the number of students enrolled in specific courses, which sections have the greatest classroom attendance, number of available seats, professors’ availability and course popularity by day of week, time of day, classroom location, etc.

“If Jacksonville State University is able to increase its credit hour productivity by adjusting course scheduling through a simplified process that meets the unique needs of all departments, then we’ll be able to optimize the learning experience for our students while simultaneously making the best use of our resources,” said Dr. Alicia Simmons, director of Institutional Research and Assessment at JSU. “With Tableau Server, we’ll be able to electronically publish our assessment and student data out to the various academic departments. Because of the sorting and filtering capabilities, they will no longer have to wade through massive paper reports.”

More information about Tableau Server is available at

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