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16 October 2007
Two HPER Professors Publish Book
on Tennis Training

Dr. Mark Kovacs and Dr. Jeff Chandler, professors in the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation recently published a book titled Tennis Training: Enhancing On-court Performance through Racquet Tech Publishing. This book brings over 300 tennis-specific scientific studies to the tennis community to help the coach, the strength and conditioning specialist, athletic trainer, medical doctor, and parent develop the tennis athlete’s full potential.

Dr. Kovacs is in his first year as a professor at JSU. He is a former top 100 junior ITF player and an All American/NCAA doubles tennis champion at Auburn University. Dr. Kovacs has a special interest in research on tennis performance and has publications in scientific journals related to tennis performance.

Dr. Chandler has over 20 years experience as a tennis researcher and sports science consultant for numerous tennis organizations. He is currently the Chair of the Scientific Committee for the Society of Tennis Medicine and Science, and a Sports Science Consultant to the Professional Tennis Registry.

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