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9 October 2007

"Wellness Wednesday" Program at the "Caf"

Jacksonville State University Wellness Center's health promotion campaign—“Get Well JSU”—featuring "Wellness Wednesdays" in the Jack Hopper Cafeteria, a monthly event—continues October 10th.


Faculty, staff and students will be offered a healthy-choice lunch line—located on the left side of the main food line. 


The menu for the "Wellness Wednesday" program on October 10th features:


    * Lemon Dill Pollock

    * Sauteed Haricot Verts

    * Aztec Medley Vegetables

    * Salad Bar

    * Fruit Salad


To enjoy this month's short program - "Breast Cancer, Reducing Your Risk" - please sit on the far right side of the cafeteria.  As always, emphasis is placed on pointing out the good choices you can make that will improve the quality of your life.


The following is a tentative schedule of upcoming wellness topics to be discussed.


    * November 14…………...Toss   Out Tobacco

    * December 5……...De-Stress Your Holiday


Come and join us on "Wellness Wednesdays" and let’s GET WELL JSU!!

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