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10 October 2007
State Legislators Present $10,000 Check
to Fund Scholarship Sponsored by
Marshall County Alumni Association

A state legislative delegation including Sen. Hinton Mitchem, Rep. Frank McDaniel, and Rep. Jeff McLaughlin recently presented a $10,000 check to the Jacksonville State University scholarship program designated for the Alethea Nixon Marshall County Alumni Scholarship.


Attending the presentation were, from left to right, Ken Burns and Albert Childress, Asbury Volunteer Fire Dept.; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nixon, Alethea's parents; Rep. Frank McDaniel, Rep. Jeff McLaughlin, Sen. Hinton Mitchem, state legislators; and Don Killingsworth, JSU Director of Government Relations (front row).  Standing behind, from left to right, are Dr. Barry Cox, JSU Professor of Chemistry and Director of Institute for Emergency Preparedness; Melanie Delap, JSU Director of Development Services; LeAnn Crowe, JSU Major Gifts Officer; and Chairman Doug Fleming of the Marshall County Commission.

The Alethea Nixon Marshall County Alumni Scholarship was established in memory of 17-year-old Alethea Nixon who was killed in July, 2006 when the tanker truck she was riding in en route to a fire went off a bridge near Albertville. 

The scholarship is for the benefit only of either a Jacksonville State University Junior or Senior who is majoring in Emergency Management. In addition, the student must either have graduated from Marshall County High School or entered the university as a transfer student from Snead State.

The scholarship in memory of Ms. Nixon is a special project of the Marshall County Alumni Association. The Marshall County Fire and Rescue Association donated the first contribution, a check of $3,700, to this scholarship fund. JSU is providing matching funds for the scholarship.

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