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5 October 2007

Substantial Assistance and Growth
in Sponsored Programs
at Jacksonville State University

The Office of Academic Affairs at Jacksonville State University recently revised its Sponsored Programs brochure entitled "A Quick Guide to the Grants ProcessĒ and added a link to this document on the Academic Affairs Web page. The guide helps faculty better understand the purpose of Sponsored Programs, namely, to ensure adequate university support and oversight for externally funded sponsored projects. Sponsored Programs also provide grant-writing workshops to all new faculty members and to colleges within the university throughout the year.

Sponsored Programs keeps track of grants and contracts applied for and awarded, and it serves as a resource for those seeking grant funding and administration. Also related to Sponsored Programs, the Office of the AVPAA processed 72 grant applications requesting a total of over $20 million in support, compared to 73 applications for a total of over $15 million in support requested from external sources during the previous academic year. Actual received grants exceeded $11 million for the current year.

Major funded projects for the year include construction of a multi-purpose center at JSUís Little River Canyon site, the Alabama Reading Initiative, Science in Motion, the Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative and initiatives to Improve Physics and Chemistry Teaching in Secondary Education (IMPACTSEED) and to support scholarships in Enhanced Mathematics, Computer, and Engineering Technology (EMCETS).

The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs functions as institutional Sponsored Programs Officer, to whom questions related to grants may be directed at any time.

The Sponsored Programs Guide may be accessed at this internet address:

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