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26 September 2007

Auburn University Chemistry Professor to Address ACS Local Chapter of JSU

Professor Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt

Professor Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt (Auburn) will address the American Chemical Society in a seminar organized by the the ACS local chapter of Jacksonville State University to be held Wednesday, October 3, Room 234 - Martin Hall at 5:00 p.m. His speech is entitled "Science on the Edge of Stability: Understanding the Chemistry of the Uranium Group Elements."

His presentation will detail the unique chemical and physical properties of uranium group elements (actinides). Comparisons will be made between actinides, lanthanides, and transition metals. The seminar will also detail the peaceful uses of actinides in technologically advanced societies.

Refreshments (cookies and soda) will be served before the talk.

For more information about Dr. Albrecht-Schmitt, visit the Auburn University Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty Website.

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