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10 September 2007
Revisions to Travel Reimbursement Information
in Business Procedures Manual

Jacksonville State University

Office of the Comptroller




September 7, 2007



To:                   Budget Managers


From:              Allyson G. Barker, Controller


Subject:          Revisions to Business Procedure IV:03:01



Please note revisions that have been made to Procedure IV:03:01 in the Business Procedures Manual. This will effect Form 23 (Request for In-State Travel Reimbursement) and Form 24 (Request for Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement. These forms have been updated on the web and will need to be submitted with any travel reimbursements from this date forward. A revised University Travel brochure has been sent to each budget manager and will be posted on the Office of the Controller webpage as soon as possible.


Please review these revisions and implement them into future request for reimbursement submissions.






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