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10 September 2007
JSU DSS Staff Interpreter
One Step Closer to National Certification

Jennifer Yocum

Jennifer Yocum, Staff Interpreter with Disability Support Services (DSS), recently received a score of 4.0 on the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA). This qualifies her to be a Nationally Certified Interpreter. She will take the written portion of this exam in November 2007, thereby completing this certification.

She is one of four Interpreters in the Alabama holding a baccalaureate degree in Interpreting (University of Tennessee-Knoxville). As well, she holds an Educational Interpreter Evaluation (EIE) Level II, a Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI): Advanced Plus, and is a certified C-Print Captionist. Mrs. Yocum has been with DSS since March of 2005.

After this Jacksonville native completed her degree work in Knoxville, she returned to Jacksonville and by passing the JSU Interpreter Ethics/Knowledge Test started her career in Interpreting with a permit from the Alabama Licensure Board for Interpreters and Transliterators. During the short time she has been at Jacksonville State University, she has consistently worked hard to improve her skills in the area of Support Services for individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

She was invited as a guest of the State Department of Education to attend the 2007 Mega Conference where after completion of specialized training, she received the above interpreting assessment. Jennifer demonstrates the type of skill sets and attitude the helps to make Jacksonville the friendliest campus in the south.

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