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6 September 2007
Memo Announcing Online Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


To:             JSU Faculty and Staff

From:        Office of Human Resources

Date:         September 6, 2007

Re:            NEW Online Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The Office of Human Resources at Jacksonville State University is pleased to offer online training on prevention of sexual harassment. The administration strongly supports an environment free from harassment and requires training for all full-time faculty and staff. Online tutorials are tailored to the specific needs of Faculty, Supervisors, Non-Supervisors, or Students.   Any member of the JSU community can now take the appropriate online tutorial that explains the types of inappropriate behavior, what the law and JSU policy are regarding the issue and how to go about reporting this type of behavior. 

Sexual Harassment Prevention training is available 24/7 to allow everyone to take the training on their own time line. However, non-exempt and classified employees are required to take the training during their normal working hours. This training is mandatory for all full-time faculty and staff and must be completed by December 7, 2007.  The program will take approximately 45 minutes to complete and may be interrupted and bookmarked if necessary and resumed at a later time on that same computer. Once the employee successfully completes the program, the Office of Human Resources will receive an email notification of the completion to document the employee file. A certificate of completion may be printed for their personal records.

Karen Davis, Director of Human Resources or Judy Harrison, Assistant of Human Resources is available upon request to makes rounds to the deans and departments to talk about the training program. Every new faculty and staff member and new student already receives a copy of the sexual harassment prevention policy in their handbook when they come to campus and when they access to this online program. The online training allows individuals to move through the program at their own pace.

As recommended by our program review, this is another step in making more information available to our faculty and staff through the Office of Human Resources web page.

The site was designed by New Media Learning LLC, a company that develops similar sites for private industry, institutions of higher education and government entities. Each site is tailor-made to suit the client’s individual policies, but the federal law on sexual harassment is the same for everyone.

In addition to the faculty, staff, supervisory, non-supervisory, and student modules, JSU is pleased to offer training to small businesses within the community. By special arrangement with New Media Learning, Jacksonville State University has obtained authorization for small employers located in Calhoun County, with not more than fifty (50) employees in total, to use this program free for employee training. Larger employers may use this program for demonstration and evaluation, but must obtain a license from New Media Learning for instructional use.

To view the online training, visit the Office of Human Resources home page at Click on the Preventing Sexual Harassment link.

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