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5 September 2007
JSU Alumnus Doug Price to Hold Book Signings
at JSU Campus Bookstore - Barnes & Noble

Jacksonville State University alumnus Sir Douglas M. Price is holding book signings at the JSU Campus Bookstore - Barnes & Noble for his book Lapside: The Holly Odyssey of Saint Nickolaas Claus, as the Prince of Teal on the following Saturdays: September 8 (author's birthday), September 22, October 20, and November 10, 2007.

The novel, a fantasy story of the Claus myth, was 16 years in the making and has 578 pages spanning 57 chapters. Sir Price describes it as an "epic, dangerous, and supernatural saga of love." The book is the story of Marianne Love, the future Mrs. Nickolaas Claus. The saga depicts two young people traversing time itself while realistically and dramatically overcoming many hardships, battles and supernatural events to emerge as young loves of legend--St. Nick and his dynamic lady.

Price graduated from JSU in 1975 and is married to the former Rita Paolini. He worked 20 years in civil service. (See related article.)

For more information call Bookstore Manager Randall Stevens at 256-782-5283. 

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