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25 July 2007
University Departments Recognized for Completing New Program Review Self-Study Requirements

From left: Dr. Claudia McDade, Learning Services; Ms. Karen Davis, Office of Human Resources; Dr. Tim King, Associate VP for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, receiving the plaque for Chief Terrance Schneider, University Police Department; Dr. Mark Fagan, Bachelor of Social Work Program; Mr. Dan Miller, Disability Support Services; Mr. Rickey Naugher, Counseling and Career Services; Ms. Lisa Williams, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, receiving the plaque for the Department of Art; and Dr. Sarah Latham, College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Not pictured: Dr. Fred Kelley, Department of Mathematical, Computing, and Information Sciences. Photo by Steve Latham.

A major milestone was reached at the July 16 Board of Trustees meeting as nine University departments were recognized for completion of JSUís first year-long cycle of Program Review.

Dr. William Meehan, University President, and Dr. Alicia Simmons, Director, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, presented plaques to the honorees: Learning Services, the Office of Human Resources, University Police Department, the Bachelor of Social Work Program, Disability Support Services, Counseling and Career Services, the Department of Art, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and the Math Division of the Department of Mathematical, Computing and Information Sciences.

During June 2006, the departments at JSU submitted self-studies following JSUís new Program Review Self-Study requirements.The self-studies covered the mission and purpose of the unit, quality indicators, demand for the unitís resources, the resources available to the unit, and any additional information that the unit wanted to provide. These self-studies were then sent to three reviewers (both JSU internal reviewers and external reviewers) for study before on-site visits were scheduled. Recently accredited units were exempt from the peer review portion.

After self-studies and on-site reviews were completed, reports and recommendations for all departments were forwarded to the appropriate Dean, Vice President and the President.Departments will use these findings to develop goals and objectives to be documented in PRISM.

A complete program review schedule can be accessed on the OIRA website at the following link:

JSU Program Review Schedule by College and Department.

Members of the Program Review subcommittee who assist in guiding the process are: Louise Clark, College of Commerce and Business Administration; Judy Harrison, Office of Human Resources; Cynthia Harper, College of Education and Professional Services; Sarah Latham, College of Nursing; Maureen Newton, Department of Sociology and Social Work. Ex-officio members are Lisa Williams, College of Arts and Sciences, who is chair of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee; and Alicia Simmons, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

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