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16 July 2007

VPASA Quarterly Report to Board of Trustees


July 16, 2007



Department of Biology


Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani was awarded the Association of Southeastern Biologists Meritorious Teaching Award at their annual meeting in April 2007.

 Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou was awarded the Earlon and Betty McWhorter Outstanding Teacher Award at the JSU annual awards ceremony in May 2007.

Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani received a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Republic of Iraq at their Washington D.C. embassy on May 18, 2007.  This award is given occasionally to recognize exceptional achievement by selected Iraqi expatriates.  This award recognizes Dr. Al-Hamdani’s ‘Books for Baghdad’ project that has been operating for 4 years and has sent over 55,000 text books, computers, and educational supplies to Baghdad Universities.  This is a tremendous help in rebuilding the educational system of Iraq.



Ms. Colleen R. Mitchell* and Dr. Frank A. Romano III (2007).  Sexualdimorphism, population dynamics and some aspects of life history of Echiniscus mauccii (Tardigrada; Heterotardigrada).  Journal of Limnology, 66(Suppl. 1): 126 -131.


Ms. M.A., Chapman, Mr. J.C. Beavers, Dr. M.E. Meade, Dr. B.G. Blair, and Dr. C.P. Olander (2007).  Effect of various photosensitive dyes on the growth of Tetrahymena in vitro.  Alabama Academy of Sciences 78(1):11-18.




ASB Annual Meeting, Columbia, South Carolina, April 18-20, 2007.

Ms. Dunkerley, Rachel and Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou.  April 2007.  Investigating the effects of cadmium toxicity on the photosynthetic performance and anti-oxidative stress responses of chloroplasts in Arabadopsis thaliana and Sorghum bicolor plants.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):112.


Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou.  April 2007.  Can plant tissue technology be used as an approach to studying aluminum toxicity at the whole plant level.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):112.


Dr. Christopher A. Murdock, Dr. Brian C. Small and Dr. Geoffrey C. Waldbieser.  April 2007.  Expression of two SF1 isoforms in response to exogenous GnRH injections in channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):114.


Mr. T.J. Hollingsworth, Ms. Leslie Pick and Dr. Hau Zhang.  April 2007.  Over-eating in larvae due to over-expression of genes in Drosophila melanogaster.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):115.


Dr. Benjie Blair.  April 2007.  “Poor man’s cryo” a simple method of teaching electron microscopy to undergraduates.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):116.


Mr. Jeffery O’Kelley and Dr. Mark Meade.  April 2007.  A three-year ichthyofaunal survey of Choccolocco, Shoal, and Scarborough streams in the Talladega National Forest.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):120.


Mr. Robert Dafoe and Dr. Frank A. Romano, III.  April 2007.  A seasonal and transect survey of leaf litter tardigrade communities from a Gulf of Mexico barrier island (Dauphin Island, Alabama).  Southeastern Biology 54(2):121.


Dr. Frank A. Romano, III, Dr. Maria Gallo, Dr. Rossana D’Addabbo, Dr. Roberto Sanduli, Dr. Jeffrey Baguley, and Dr. Paul Montagna.  April 2007.  A first look at deep-sea tardigrades in the northern Gulf of Mexico.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):121.


Ms. Sara E. Viernum, and Dr. Benjie Blair and Dr. George Cline.  April 2007.  Aeromonas hydrophila skin infections in the green salamander, Aneides aeneus, from Northeastern Alabama.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):124.


Mr. Clifford J. Webb and Dr. George Cline.  April 2007.  Efficacy of leaf litter refugium bags for sampling adult streamside salamanders (Caudata: Plethodontidae).  Southeastern Biology 54(2):124.


Dr. Roger Sauterer.  April 2007.  Exposure of frog embryos to water samples near the Anniston, AL Monsanto plant results in increased mortality and decreased growth.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):126.


Dr. Mark Meade, Dr. Benjie Blair, and Mr. Jonathan Spurgin.  April 2007.  Use of anaerobic probionts as supplemental feeds in fish culture.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):126.


Mr. Dax McDonald and Dr. Robert Carter.  April 2007.  The effects of prescribed burning on small mammal communities in the Talladega National Forest, AL.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):128.


Mr. Gregory L. Scull, Dr. Robert Carter, Dr. Mark Meade, and Mr. Joshua Turner.  April 2007.  American black bear (Ursus americanus) activity in Northeastern Alabama.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):129. 


Dr. George Cline, Dr. James Rayburn, and Mr. Clifford Webb.  April 2007.  Snorkel/scuba survey of historic hellbender streams (What to do when hellbenders don’t come?).  Southeastern Biology 54(2):131.


Dr. Benjie Blair, Mr. Lawrence Nelson, Dr. Chris Murdock, Dr. Mark Meade, Dr. Stephen Watts, and Dr. Addison Lawrence.  April 2007.  Quantitative analysis of sea urchin, Lyechinus variegates, gut microflora to improve culture methods.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):132.


Mr. Joshua Turner, Dr. Mark Meade, and Mr. Greg Scull.  April 2007.  Genetic dynamics of fish populations in the Middle Coosa Watershed, Alabama.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):133.


Mr. Robert Floyd and Dr. Robert Carter.  April 2007.  Phytosociological history of the Pine Mountain Range, GA.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):135.


Dr. Robert Carter, Mr. Brett Rushing, Mr. Josh Forrest, and Mr. Brent Abernathy.  April 2007.  Plant communities of the Dugger Mountain Wilderness, Talladega National Forest, Alabama: Preliminary results.  Southeastern Biology 54(2):135.


Mr. Kenny Reighard, Ms. Casie Sanders and Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou.  April 2007.  UVA and UVB may induce synergic oxidative stress to Arabidopsis thaliana plants and to callus tissues.  Southeastern Biology 54 (2):112.


Third Biennial Hellbender Symposium, Wheeling, WV.  June 10-13, 2007.


Dr. George R. Cline and Dr. James R. Rayburn.  State (Alabama) Status Update.


Dr. George R. Cline and Dr. James R. Rayburn.  Update on the Alabama Hellbender Survey.


Dr. James R Rayburn and Dr. George R. Cline.  Stream Quality at Historic Hellbender Sites in Alabama.


Joint Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Southeast and Carolinas SETAC Conference, April 11-13, 2007, Athens, GA.


Dr. Roger Sauterer (2007).  Exposure of frog embryos to water samples near the Anniston, AL Monsanto plant results in increased mortality and decreased growth.

 Ms. Bernice Moser and Dr. James Rayburn.  Vitellogenin Induction In Xenopus Laevis and Detection Using Pro-Q Diamond.

 Dr. James Rayburn. Comparison of Grass Shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio) Populations in the Mobile Bay area.


Dr. Frank A. Romano, III, Dr. Maria Gallo, Dr. Rossana D’Addabbo, Dr. Roberto Sanduli, Dr. Jeffrey Baguley, and Dr. Paul Montagna.  Bathyl tardigrades (Phylum Tardigrada) of the northern Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A.  38th Congress of the Society of Italian Marine Biology.  Santa Margherita Ligure, May 28-June 02, 2007.


Dr. Christopher Murdock, Dr. LaJoyce Debro, Dr. Mark Meade, and Dr. Benjie Blair were awarded a $71,995 a collaborative grant from Cepheid Instruments for the purchase of a SmartSystem Real-Time PCR.


Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani was awarded a $5000 grant by the International Relief and Development Association for ‘Books for Baghdad’ project.


Dr. Robert Carter was awarded a $3000 grant by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.


Dr. Roger Sauterer was awarded a $2868 JSU Faculty Research Grant.


Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani was awarded a $2360 JSU Faculty Research Grant.


Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou was awarded a $2868 JSU Faculty Research Grant.


Dr. Benjie Blair was awarded a $2864 JSU Faculty Research Grant.


Dr. Mark Meade was awarded a $2868 JSU Faculty Research Grant.


Dr. Christopher Murdock was awarded a $2868 JSU Faculty Research Grant.


Dr. James Rayburn was awarded a $2868 JSU Faculty Research Grant.


Dr. Robert Carter was awarded a $2868 JSU Faculty Research Grant.


Dr. LaJoyce Debro was awarded a $2868 JSU Faculty Research Grant.


Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani was awarded a $6000 grant from Alabama View to carryout workshops in remote sensing and GPS to local high schools and educators.


Dr. James R. Rayburn is serving as the President of the JSU University Senate.


Dr. LaJoyce Debro served on the Cellular Systems Cluster Panel for the National Science Foundation.


Dr. LaJoyce Debro served as a member of the Test Development Committee for the CLEP program of the College Board.


Dr. LaJoyce Debro served as a Table Leader in Louisville, KY, at the annual reading of Advanced Placement Examinations for the Educational Testing Service.


Dr. Frank A. Romano, III served as session chair for the Invertebrate Zoology session at the Association of Southeastern Biologists in April 2007.


Dr. George R. Cline is serving as the President, Alabama Academy of Science.


Dr. George R. Cline is serving as the Program Chair, ASB 2009 hosted by Jacksonville State University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Dr. George R. Cline served as "Ask The Expert – On-Line" program of Discovering Alabama.


Dr. George R. Cline provided "Voices from your Pond" (Lecture and Field Trip), for the Birmingham Botanical Society, 18-19 May 2007


Dr. George R. Cline and Dr. James R. Rayburn assisted US Forest Service in setting nets at Coleman Lake (scuba diving) for their annual children’s fishing derby, June 2007


Dr. George R. Cline reviewed two articles for Alabama Academy of Science.


Dr. George R. Cline reviewed one article for North Carolina Academy of Science.


Dr. James Rayburn is serving as the Secretary of the Alabama Academy of Sciences.


Dr. James Rayburn served as a poster judging co-chair for National Society for environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.


George Cline and James Rayburn, led a Little River Canyon Field School Snorkeling trip June 23, 2007.


Department of Criminal Justice


When the JSU Faculty Scholar Lecturer Award was announced, Dr. Vance McLaughlin, Professor of Criminal Justice, was named the 2007 university award winner, identifying him as the leading scholar at JSU for the current year.   A key factor in his winning the award was the publication and favorable critical reception of his book The Postcard Killer: The True Story of America's First Profiled Serial Killer and How the Police Brought Him Down - The True Story of J. Frank Hickey (Thunder's Mouth Press, 2006).


Dr. McLaughlin attended the annual summer conference of the Homicide Research Working Group held in Minneapolis in June and presented a paper titled "Robeson County, North Carolina Homicides: 1916 to 1941."  He also co-wrote a paper for the meeting with Paul Blackman titled "Mass Legal Executions in the American West."


In May Dr. McLaughlin visited the training facility for the Federal Air Marshals in Atlanta where the staff assisted him in making two films that were prepared for training of the deputies of the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office.


Drs. Vance McLaughlin and Richard Kania attended the annual meeting of the Southern Sociological Society in Atlanta in April to present a paper on Homicide in Savannah in a Century of Changes:  1896 to 1903, and 1986 to 1993.


Dr. Richard Kania had one article published in a peer-review journal this Spring, "American Pop Language," in the Romanian Journal of English Studies, Volume 4, Spring 2007 [with Alena Korshuk], and also presented papers at three conferences, the one above with Dr. McLaughlin, and two in Europe in May, "American Feminism in the Fiction of Amanda Cross [Carolyn Heilbrun],"  for 17th Conference on British and American Studies, Timisoara, Romania, May 2007 [with Lyuba Pervushina], and "The Police Procedural Novels of Dorothy Uhnak and Joseph Wambaugh," for the  Belarusian Association for American Studies, Minsk, Belarus, May 2007.


Dr. Ron Mellen has been appointed as the department's faculty Library Liaison and also was appointed the department's Faculty Senator.  He also is continuing his service as an officer of the Southern States Correctional Association.


A new adjunct has been added to the JSU-CJ faculty for the next academic year,  J. Shane Golden.  Mr. Golden is on the staff of the regional crime lab and will teach forensic science courses for the department.


A new annual “Ernst S. Selig Corrections Officer Scholarship” will be initiated for Fall 2007 as a result of a recurring donation awarded by the Selig Foundation Trust.  The Selig Trust selected JSU-CJ as one of the recipients of its funds in a competitive national process based on the qualities of the JSU-CJ program and our commitment to progressive correctional education programs.


A team from the Criminal Justice Department took part in Heart Walk 2007, raising $1,607 for the cause and having eleven walkers turn out for the Heart Walk.  The lead fund raiser was Mrs. Sue Gardner, the department’s secretary.


Mrs. Nancy Mellen led a JSU-CJ student delegation to the National Law Enforcement Candle Light Vigil and memorial service in Washington, D.C. in May.  Included in that trip was a  tour of the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia and a visit to the Washington Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters, plus briefings from several police and criminal justice agencies in the capital area.  The trip was sponsored by the department, the Office of the President of JSU, the JSU-CJ Alumni and student fund-raising events, and was closely coordinated with the JSU-CJ Alumni Association.  Chapter members in and around Washington, led by Mr. Steve Botello, turned out to brief and advise the students.  Also taking part were students from Northeast Alabama Community College led by Mr. Brent Satterfield, also a JSU-CJ alumnus.


Dr. Randal Wood, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator of Criminal Justice, Department of Criminal Justice, received the service pin honoring him for Twenty Years of JSU employment.


Dr. Richards Davis, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice was awarded tenure.


 Department of Drama


JSU Drama Department has just completed a successful 2006-2007 season with the recent production of DEARLY DEPARTED.  A number of new faces were seen on stage during this comical production.


Mr. Eric Traynor and the JSU Drama cast of THE ADVENTURES OF TINY TURKEY: GET A CLUE, are having a successful summer tour.  The four students included in this tour are Heather Norton, Kaitie Shell, Andy Cayse, and Scott Van Patten, Jr.  The tour has included local points such as the Jacksonville and Anniston Public Libraries, and Alexandria’s summer program.  Other Alabama performances have included Pelham, Guntersville, Wetumpka, Pell City, Talladega, Moody, and North Shelby.  The tour also included a trip to points in Santa Rosa County, Florida.  The summer touring company has already received invitations to fifteen locations for the summer of 2008.


JSU Drama students who are performing in regional outdoor theatres this summer include recent graduate, Jason Skinner at Blue Jacket in Ohio. Matriculating students involved are Gatlin Aldredge at Horn in the West, North Carolina; Charity Sellers, Lost Colony, Manteo, North Carolina; Kim Stark at Tecumseh! In Ohio; Toby Layman is working a theatre camp in Connecticut; and Jimmy Ebert is doing lighting at a theatre in New York.


Alpha Psi Omega Honorary Dramatic Fraternity had 30 children, ages 6-13, to attend theatre camp June 25-29. This is the third year the fraternity has sponsored the camp.


The Drama Department has announced the 2007-2008 theatre season which will include:  AND THEN THERE WERE NONE in October; ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN (a musical in the Second Stage Theatre) in November; FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (a musical on the Mainstage) in February; OTHER PEOPLE’S DREAMS (winner of 2007’s Southern Playwright’s Competition) in March; and THE FOREIGNER in June.  There will also be an Alpha Psi Omega student production of ENCHANTED APRIL in April; this is a fund raiser for scholarships. And, there will be the annual directing class One-Act Play Series in the spring semester.


From appearances of this summer’s orientation program, JSU Drama will have a large incoming freshman class of theatre majors.  Mr. Ward has met a number of students during orientation. These students are in addition to the twelve who had been awarded scholarships during auditions in the spring.

Department of History and Foreign Languages

Upcoming Event: In October, 2007, the Department of History and Foreign Languages will help coordinate the Alabama Historical Association Fall Ramble which will come to Fort McClellan. Dr. Ted Childress, beloved Professor Emeritus of History and former Faculty Marshall, will return to take part in the program.


Dr. Paul Beezley, Assistant Professor of History, signed a contract with the University of Mississippi Press for the publication of his manuscript “Exhibiting the New South: Mississippi at the World’s Fairs, 1884-1904.


Dr. Llewellyn Cook, Associate Professor of History, delivered a paper on “Austria’s Alliance with Napoleon for the Invasion of Russia in 1812” at the Consortium on Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850.


Dr. Harvey H. Jackson, Professor of History, delivered the annual Billy G. Hinson Lecture at the University of Mobile.  His topic was “It Ain’t Easy Being Southern: Some Personal Thoughts on Identifying Regional Identity.”


He also spoke on “Alabama Waterways” at the Rotary International District 6860 Annual Conference.


Jackson continues to serve on the editorial board of The Anniston Star and to write a weekly column on southern politics and culture.  This year one of those columns, “How As the World Turns Turned My Family Around,” won first place in the Alabama Press Association’s “Best Human Interest Column” category.


Dr. Donald Prudlo, Assistant Professor of History, was selected “Professor of the Year” by the JSU chapter of Phi Alpha Theta.  His book on Peter of Verona will appear later this year, published by Ashgate Press. 


Dr. Prudlo just returned from a research trip to Italy, studying at libraries in Florence, Milan, and Perugia. While there, he gave an invited lecture to students from Georgia State University and the University of West Florida on Medieval Florence.


Institute for Emergency Preparedness


The Institute for Emergency Preparedness (IEP) once more continues to grow academically as well as serve the region through contractual emergency planning services and community and scholarly activities. 


Academic Programs:


The post-implementation report for the BS-Emergency Management program was approved on June 22, 2007, by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE).  The report illustrated that the program had met and exceeded all established projections and terms.


The MS-Emergency Management program continues to exceed ACHE viability standards in both enrollment and program completion projections.  


Undergraduate and graduate Emergency Management course enrollment numbers/head counts show an overall increase between the 2005-06 and 2006-07 academic years.  On average, undergraduate emergency management course enrollment/head counts increased 9.8%, and graduate enrollment/head counts increased 29.7%.  Introductory undergraduate and graduate course enrollment numbers, in particular, show a significant increase as follows:  EM 301 Introduction to Disaster Management increased by 30.1%, and EM 505 Foundations of Emergency Management increased by 24.6%.  Most other emergency management course enrollment numbers also show a significant increase in enrollment numbers for the specified time frame.


IEP Faculty and Staff Contractual Services:


During this reporting time frame, the IEP has completed one contract and has five on-going contracts. 


One completed contract, reallocated from FY05, totaling $466,929.00


  1. Medical Coordinator for Alabama CSEPP, ADPH (FY05).   IEP will continue to work with ADPH to provide medical planning and guidance for the six CSEPP counties in Alabama under other contracts noted below; however, the FY05 portion of this work totaling $446,929.00 has been completed.


Five on-going contracts totaling $399,967.00:


  1. & 2.  Medical Coordinator for Alabama CSEPP, ADPH (FY06 and FY07).   IEP will continue to work with ADPH to provide medical planning and guidance for the six CSEPP counties in Alabama with FY06 and FY07 contracts totaling $364,047.00.


  1. Center for the Study of High Consequence Event Preparedness and Response, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Johns Hopkins University Consortium.  The consortium will establish a Center for the Study of High Consequence Event Preparedness and Response, and work will occur over three years.  JSU will assist in the development of emergency preparedness awareness courses during the first year.  JSU’s contract for the first year is $15,420.00.


  1. Clarke County Emergency Management Agency.  IEP will develop and present a full scale exercise with this contract totaling $10,500.00


  1. Cleburne County Emergency Management Agency.  IEP will develop and present a tabletop and a full scale exercise with this contract totaling $10,000.00.


Scholarly and Community Activities:


Along with Dr. Fred May, the following five Emergency Management graduate students made presentations at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Higher Education Conference in Emmitsburg, Maryland, in June:  Mallory Pusch (MS Emergency Management), Mario D’Angelo (Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management), Pete Webb (MS Emergency Management), Leslie Little (MPA-Emergency Management Concentration), and Robert McDaniels (MS Emergency Management).


Dr. Jeff Ryan was invited to speak to the faculty and graduating class during the “Deans Hour” at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences in May.  His topic was “Pandemic Influenza Community Response and Preparedness.” 

He also led the medical students in a four-hour tabletop exercise

to illustrate the importance of integrating medical response with emergency management functions.


Dr. Barry Cox attended the following conferences with exhibits:


“2007 Mississippi Emergency Management Agency/Mississippi Civil Defense Emergency Management Agency & Mississippi/Alabama Hurricane Conference.”  Biloxi, MS:  June 2007.


“Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Gulf Coast Regional Conference.”  Orange Beach, AL:  May 2007.


Florida Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO)/National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Conference.”  Miami, FL:  May 2007.


“Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) Conference.”  Savannah, GA:  June 2007.


Mississippi Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Conference.”  Tupelo, MS:  May 2007


“National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Annual Conference and Trade Show.”  Charlotte, NC:  June, 2007.


Dr. Jane Kushma presented at the following conference:


“Fitting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together:  A Workshop on All of the Phases of Disaster.”  Annual Meeting of the Alabama Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (ALVOAD), Montgomery, AL:  May 22, 2007.


Dr. Kushma published  Role Abandonment in Disaster: Should We Leave This Myth Behind? In the Natural Hazards Observer:  May 2007.


Dr. Bill Lowe: attended “FEMA Higher Education Conference.”  Emmitsburg, MD:  June 2007.


Dr. Fred May presented papers at the following conference:


May, F. and Davey, J., Breakout Session titled: “Online Teaching Using Web-Based Hazard-Disaster Research Tools.”  FEMA Higher Education Conference, Emmitsburg, MD: June 4-7, 2007.

May, F.; Pusch, M.; D/Angelo, M.; Webb, P.; Little, L.; and McDaniels, R. Breakout Session “Disaster Modeling: A Systems Approach to Four-Phases Emergency Management Instruction.”  FEMA Higher Education Conference, Emmitsburg, MD:  June 4-7, 2007.


Dr. Jeff Ryan was a guest speaker:  “Pandemic Influenza Community Response and Preparedness.”  University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences “Deans Hour,” North Dakota:  May 2007.

Department of Mathematical, Computing, and Information Sciences


Recruitment trips were made to Plainview, Cleveland, Oneonta, and Holly Pond high schools in February, March, and April 2007.  Participating faculty included Dr. Monica Trifas, Mr. Gaus Alam, Dr. Fred Kelley, and Ms. Rhonda Kilgo.


In March 2007, the MCIS department hosted the Division I first round written test for the Alabama Statewide High School Mathematics Contest sponsored by the Alabama Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ACTM) and the Alabama Association of College Teachers of Mathematics (AACTM).  Approximately 60 high school students attended this event.

In April 2007, Dr. Andrew Ciganek presented a research seminar to the faculty and PhD students from the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration at the University of Alabama.  The visit involved in-depth conversations regarding the computer science and computer information systems programs at JSU and UA and possible collaboration opportunities.  These discussions ranged from commonalities in research interests to actionable changes that can help improve the curriculums in the departments at both schools.

The MCIS department hosted the Calhoun County Math Tournament on April 25, 2007. Approximately 400 students from area high schools attended.  A one-year tuition scholarship was awarded to Matthew Brown from White Plains High School.


Dr. Andrew Ciganek presented a paper, "Mindful Software Implementations: A Case Study of a University Portal System," at the 2nd Annual Conference of Midwest United States Association for Information Systems (MWAIS), University of Illinois, May 2007.


The MCIS department presented “Numb3rs at JSU”, a continuing education workshop designed for secondary school guidance counselors, on June 20, 2007.  Topics covered included artificial intelligence, robotics, statistics, and emerging technology.


Mr. James Kopwe, MCIS graduate assistant, attended the 2nd International Conference on ICT for Development Education and Training in Nairobi, Kenya, May 2007.


Dr. Fred Kelley attended “Programming with Alice: A New Strategy for Introductory Computer Science Courses” provided by the Chautauqua Short Courses for College Teachers, Dayton, OH, June 2007.


Department of Physical & Earth Sciences

The Department of Physical and Earth Sciences has been very successful in achieving a significant goal of the department and the university – finding employment and/or graduate schools for JSU students. The geography program has found employment for most undergraduates with salaries ranging from $38,000 to $50,000. These jobs include the computer mapping field (Geographic Information Systems) and the public services in California, Texas, and Alabama (Birmingham, Huntsville, Talladega, Oxford).


The chemistry program is proud of three gradate students who will enter graduate school at Texas A&M, University of Tennessee, and Georgia Tech. These students have lucrative scholarships ranging from $15,000 to $40,000. 


The department graduated a record number of majors this spring 2007 semester. In total, there were 12 geography majors and 5 chemistry majors.

Dr. Jan Gryko is ranked 6th in the world in his field of inorganic chemistry, as referred in journal articles.


Dr. Jonathan Herbert and Dr. Ted Klimasewski published “Hurricane Season Starts June 1: Heed the Warnings” in The Birmingham News. Commentary. May 27, 2007.


Dr. Miriam Hill published a map “Alabama Counties and Judicial Districts: in Brian Landsberg, Free at Last to Vote: The Alabama origins of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 9780700615100, page 30.


Ms. Allison L. Newton, Dr. David Steffy, and Dr. Alfred C. Nichols, presented a poster “Remediation of Trichloroethylene (TCE) Ground Water Contamination: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Solving a Global Problem” at the Geography of the Americas Conference: Collaboration on Research and Education, May 21-26, 2007, La Serena, Chile.


Drs. Al Nichols and David Steffy received a grant for $1800.00 to research the “Reproductive Effects of Mercury Chloride" This grant was sponsored by the College of Veterinary Medicine, Tuskegee University.

Dr. Laura Weinkauf continues to present planetarium shows to area elementary schools students.

Dr. Nouredine Zettili received a Fulbright Award for the 2007-2008 Academic year to Algeria, North Africa. He attended the Fulbright Orientation Meeting in Washington, D.C., June 13—15, 2007.

Dr. Nouredine Zettili presented a paper " Bringing Technology into College and High School Physics Classrooms" at the 2007 National Meeting of the American Physics Society, April 14—17, 2007, Jacksonville, Florida.

Dr. Zettili also offered the IMPACTSEED Summer Professional Institute:  June 04—15, 2007. This year there were 30 area high school science teachers that took part in this year’s program.

Dr. Zettili’s book titled “Quantum Mechanics” is being used at MIT and Georgia Tech, two of the world’s elite science schools.

David L. Walters Department of Music

The David L. Walters Department of Music, its students, faculty and guest performers participated in the following activities:


A Jazz Combo Concert was presented on 3 April 2007 in Mason Hall Performance Center.  It featured a variety of different combos from within the Department’s Jazz Studies area.


On 5 April 2007 the pep band, Hardcore, performed for Alabama Higher Education Day at the Capitol in Montgomery.  Led by Mr. Jeremy Stovall, the pep band provided music for participants prior to and during the ceremonies in front of the Legislative Office Building.


Encore!: Vocal Ensemble presented a spring concert directed by Dr. Renee Baptiste in the JSU Theater at McClellan on 6 April 2007.


A Faculty Chamber Recital was presented on 9 April 2007 in the Mason Hall Performance Center on campus.  Faculty performers were Dr. Aaron Hilbun, Oboe, Mr. Jeffrey Solomon, French Horn, and Dr. Gail Steward, Piano.


On 10 April 2007 a concert was presented by Jazz II Ensemble directed by Mr. Mace Hibbard and Jazz III Ensemble directed by Mr. Mark Miller in the Mason Hall Performance Center.  This program showed some of the diversity within the Jazz Studies area and featured many student soloists.


A Percussion Ensemble Concert was present on 11 April 2007 in Mason Hall Performance Center and featured a variety of percussion ensembles featuring both tuned and un-tuned percussion combinations.  The concert was under the direction of Mr. Clint Gillespie.


The JSU/Community Orchestra presented a Spring Concert on 12 April 2007 in the Mason Hall Performance Center.  The Orchestra composed of JSU students as well as local community citizens is directed by Mr. Michael Gagliardo.


The award-winning Jazz I Ensemble presented an evening of jazz at a concert in Mason Hall Performance Center on 13 April 2007.  Under the direction of Dr. Chip Crotts the concert also featured visiting artist and composer Mr. Dave Renter, composer and saxophonist currently from Austin, Texas.


The Chamber Winds directed by Mr. Kenneth Bodiford and the JSU Wind Ensemble directed by Mr. Clint Gillespie presented a concert on 14 April 2007 in the Mason Hall Performance Center.


The JSU A Cappella Choir and the Calhoun County Civic Chorale presented “A German Requiem” by Johannes Brahms under the direction of Dr. Patricia Corbin on 15 April 2007 in First United Methodist Church of Anniston.  Soloists included Mrs. Teresa Stricklin, Soprano, and Dr. Nathan Wight, Baritone.  The accompanying orchestra included JSU students and members of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra.


The Gospel Choir directed by Dr. Myrtice Collins presented a spring program at Bethel Baptist Church in Anniston on 15 April 2007.


The JSU Second New Music Concert was presented on 16 April 2007 in the Mason Hall Performance Center.  It featured compositions composed by JSU student and faculty composers.


Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Epsilon Nu Chapter, Professional Music Fraternity for Men presented is spring American Musicale concert on 17 April 2007 at the First Presbyterian Church of Anniston.





Dr. Michael D’Ambrosio conducted a weeklong residency in Lee, Massachusetts preparing for the premier performance on 3 May 2007 of his new composition for Wind Band entitled Peter's Cave.   During the residency he discussed the life of being a composer, music composition, and worked with student composers on their own compositions as part of the Lee High School Band Commissioning Project.


Dr. Wendy Faughn, Piano, presented a solo recital on 31 May 2007 as part of the annual convention of the Alabama Music Teachers Association held at Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama.




Sigma Alpha Iota, Professional Fraternity for Women in Music, hosted a Province Day on 7 April 2007 in Mason Hall.  Members of chapters from throughout the Province attended workshops, meetings and concerts throughout the day.


The Department hosted Honor Choir activities on 4-5 May 2007 in Mason Hall for high school and junior high school students from Alabama and Georgia.  Honor Choir clinicians were Dr. Patricia Corbin and Dr. Renee Baptiste.  Dr. Wendy Faughn served as accompanist.  Approximately 200 students from over 30 schools attended.


The annual Honor Band weekend was held on 10-12 May 2007 at various locations on campus.  Under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Bodiford the event attracted over 600 student participants from nearly 100 schools from Alabama, Georgia and surrounding states.


Dr. David L. Walters, Professor Emeritus, was honored by being initiated and installed in the Alabama Bandmasters Hall of Fame at a ceremony at Auburn University on 21 April 2007.


Jacksonville Opera Theater presented its second production of the year, The Pirates of Penzance by William Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan in Stone Center Theater on 18-20 and 25-27 May 2007.  A performance was also given on 22 May 2007 at the Pell City Arts Center Theater with a special performance given the following day for over 300 school children in the Pell City area.  The production of this popular work was under the direction and artistic guidance of Dr. Nathan Wight and involved JSU students and musicians as well as local high school students participating in the Opera Apprentice Program.  Dr. Wendy Faughn served as the company’s pianist for the production.


The following students presented solo degree recitals during the period: Jacquelyn Bradley, Ashley Canham, Ethan Chandler, Sonya Conklin, Richmond Culp, Thomas Dillard, Adam Daniel, Amanda Dawson, Christy Dubuisson, DeShawndre Hill, Patrick Hinton, Adam Langford, Matt Maulding, James McDaniel,Adrian Peters, Carlos Rivera, Mickey Summerville, and Adam Swan.


Student awards were presented to the following students within the David L. Walters Department of Music: Outstanding Graduating Senior Award, Kimberly Westbrooks; Graduating Senior Academic Achievement Award, Kimberly Westbrooks; Outstanding Freshman Music Student Award, Mary Grace (Meg) Griffin; Outstanding Voice Student Award, Darerey Jarrod Lee; Outstanding Music History Student Award, Melanie Brooke Carter; and Most Motivated Student Composer Award, Aaron Derencin.

The following students in the Department received undergraduate degrees at spring graduation exercises in April 2007: Ashley Brumberg, Cody Cockrell, Brandi Crider, Kristian Crowe, Amanda Dawson, John Gladden, Zachary Hazelwood, John Howe, Sherri Lawrence, Micah Layke Rowell, Holly Smith, Kimberly Westbrooks, and Christine Williams.

A graduate degree was conferred on Tyson Hall.

Department of Political Science and Public Administration


Dan Krejci and Bill Lester have had an article accepted for publication in the Public administration Review (PAR) entitled, “Business ‘Not as Usual:’ The National Incident Management System (NIMS), Federalism and Leadership.”


Tim Barnett and Bill Lester have had chapters accepted for publication in the Church and State Issues in America Today, to be published by Praeger Publishers.


Krejci and Lester have also had multiple essays accepted in the Encyclopedia of the U.S. Constitution.

Department of Sociology and Social Work

Dr. Mark Fagan served on the following: Advisory Board for the development of Aging and Disability Resource Centers for The East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission; Advisory Board for the University of Alabama’s MSW Program in Gadsden, AL; Alabama Universities’ Child Welfare Consortium; and as the representative of the Social Work Education Programs in Alabama to work with the Alabama Board of Social Work Examiners on improving social work licensure exam pass rates in Alabama.

Dr. Fagan made the following presentations: "Small Town Retirement," Alabama Society for Health Care Social Workers Annual Conference; "An Update on Social Work Licensure Exam Pass Rate," 2007 Alabama Conference of Social Work, Orange Beach, Alabama; "Small Town Retirement in the Warmer States: A Picture Guide," 2007 Alabama Conference of Social Work, Orange Beach, Alabama; and "Attracting Retirees for Economic Development," Dadeville (Lake Martin) Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet, Dadeville, Alabama.


Dr. Fagan was quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Special Section on Retirement, March 31, 2007.  There was a 15-minute podcast of an interview with him that was placed on the web site of the Wall Street Journal.  He was also featured in an Associated Press Article entitled "East Texas looks to retirees for money, new image" and that ran in the following papers: Lufkin (TX) Daily News, San Antonio (TX) Express-News, Athens (TX) Examiner, Austin (TX) American-Statesman, Casa Grande Valley (TX) Newspapers, and Inergize Digital (a news service for radio stations in the following cities: San Antonio, Eugene, Mobile Harrisburg, Salt Lake City, Albany, Syracuse, Elmira, Santa Maria, Santa Rosa, Fairbanks, San Diego, Tulsa, Rochester, Jacksonville, Little Rock, Cincinnati, Memphis, Bakersfield, Binghamton, Watertown, Fresno, Monterey, and Bellingham).  He was also quoted in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine; April 2007 and had one of his photographs placed in RV Gazette (Canada’s magazine RV living).


Dr. Nancy Francisco Stewart had the following publication with Gilbert, D., Abel, E., and Zilberman, M. (2007); More Than Drugs: Voices of HIV-Seropositive Individuals with a history of substance abuse use reveal a range of adherence factors.  Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services; The Haworth Press: Binghampton, NY.

Dr. Stewart made the following presentations: “Workplace Generational Issues: Assessing Differences, Finding Value, Resolving Conflict” presented to Engineering Department, Southern Natural Gas Company, Birmingham, AL June 14, 2007; “Working Collectively Towards the Elimination of Poverty in Alabama” presented to NASW AL Chapter PACE Student Advocacy Day 2007, Montgomery, Alabama, with Dr. Carol Zugazaga and Rev. Nick Foster, April 10, 2007; and “Addressing Poverty and Documentation  presented to Cheaha Regional Headstart Health and Social Service personnel, May 9, 2007.

Dr. Stewart performed the following community services:

She served as co-coordinator of PACE/ NASW Student Advocacy Day on April 10, 2007 in Montgomery where 15 JSU social work students were among the 150 social work students from around Alabama to attend the day long workshops and visit the legislature.

Dr. Stewart worked with 11 social work students, screened over 300 preschool children as faculty liaison and JSU coordinator to Focus First, part of Impact Alabama’s service learning initiative and SW 365m, Perspectives on Poverty and the JSU Social Work Club. 

She served on the JSU Wellness Center initiative where she developed a Needs Assessment to survey community members and students on desired programs and services. 

She also served as an Alabama Poverty Project Board member, on the Executive Committee.  Finally, she was quoted in the following: “Wellness Facts Indicate Need for Collective Action,” The Cleburne News, April 9, 2007.


Ms. Kim Womack served on the Regional Planning Committee for the National Association for Baccalaureate Social Work Educators 2008 Conference in Destin, FL.  She is coordinating Health and Wellness events.  Ms. Womack also assisted with the "JSU College Prep 2007 for Deaf and Hard of Hearing."


Dr. Clark Hudspeth served as Treasurer for the Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association for 2006-2007.  He continued as Faculty Advisor to the All Faith Student Alliance at JSU.  He also served as Faculty Advisor for S.A.F.E. (Social Acceptance for Everyone).  He was appointed to the Ad Hoc committee to Review Tuition Remission Policy at Jacksonville State University by Teresa Reed, President of the Faculty Senate at the request of Dr. William Meehan.


Dr. Maureen Newton had the following international teaching experience: (May 14-30 2007) SWK 495/695 Social Development and Social Welfare in Jamaica As part of the Caribbean Program offered by The University of Southern Mississippi and its consortium partners is to provide students and faculty with the opportunity to live and learn in Jamaica, where they study life, culture, commerce, social, economic and political issues of the Caribbean.  This undergraduate/graduate course provided students with a cross-cultural experience in Jamaica and the students learned about Jamaican culture and the role of social welfare and social development within the context of that nation.


Dr. Jennifer Savage attended the following meetings: the Alabama Children’s Trust Fund proposal information and training session at the Family Services Center in Gadsden; a Community Meeting in West Anniston to inform citizens about the plans for restoration of West Anniston following settlement of the PCB suits and clean-up; and a workshop on Predators in Cyberspace at the Anniston City Meeting Center. 

She volunteered with Americorps and Family Links, Inc., for the 3rd Annual Longleaf Festival at McClellan; participated in Community Enabler annual fundraiser; participated with Americorps and Family Links, Inc., at the Statewide Americorps event in Montgomery, Alabama, at which Governor Riley met with each Americorps group and briefly participated with all volunteers in preparing Disaster Preparation Kits for distribution by nonprofit agencies in the State.  She also participated in the Alabama’s Children’s Trust Fund grant reviewer training, in Montgomery, on June 19 and 20, 2007. 


Ms. Robyn Snider worked on the committee to plan and organize the workshop on Predators in Cyberspace at the Anniston City Meeting Center.  The Attorney General for Alabama was one of the speakers.  She also served on the Executive Committee for The Seventh Annual Appalachian School of Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Conference.  This was held at JSU McClellan on June 18-21 and was attended by almost 500 professionals from Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.





Dean Dave Billings, University of Alabama in Huntsville, and Dean Randy Boxx, Shenandoah University, served as AACSB Consultants on April 1-2, 2007. 


The CCBA in partnership with the Small Business Development Center, The Center for Economic Development, and the JSU Department of Technology provided classroom instruction to Cass 2 of the Anniston Army Depot Leadership and Management Program.  Seven participants graduated on April 13, 2007.


On April 12, 2007 the CCBA hosted an Honors Awards Service.  CCBA students and their parents were invited.


In April the CCBA contracted with Hobsons-US to help market the MBA program.


In May the CCBA contracted with EmployOn a Student and Alumni Employment Portal.


Dean William Fielding, Dr. Richard Cobb, Dr. Mark Hearn, Dr. Bill Scroggins, and Mr. Penn Wilson, prepared an Economic Analysis of the Northeast Economic Activity Zone and presented it to the Etowah County Chamber of Commerce, April 26, 2007.


A luncheon meeting of the CCBA Student Advisory Board was held on May 22, 2007.

Finance, Economics, and Accounting Department

Dr. Ronnie Clayton has completed a review of a manuscript entitled “International Variations in Transparency and Capital Structure: Evidence from European Firms” for the Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting.  This prestigious journal is sponsored by New York University.


Dr. Clayton also serves as the Executive Director of the Southern Finance Association. Planning is under way for the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Southern Finance Association that will be held at The Charleston Place Hotel in Charleston, SC in November 2007.  The program is near completion and promises to be excellent. Dr. Clayton is involved in all aspects of the planning and implementation of the meeting that brings together approximately 250 finance academicians and professionals to present and discuss their latest research.


Dr. Rob Landry and co-author, Dr. Amy Yarbrough of the University of Florida, presented their paper titled, "Bankruptcy and Healthcare Reforms in the United States: A Struggling Social Safety Net in the Context of a Global Economy," at the 11th International Conference on Consumer Law, April 11-13, 2007, Cape Town, South Africa.

Dr. Landry co-authored a paper with Keith Lowe and Pat Borstorff titled, "The Issue of Grade Divergence in Higher Education Between Business and other Fields of Study: An Analysis of Grade Inflation," that was presented at the 2007 Allied Academies Spring International Conference Proceedings, April 11-14, 2007 in Jacksonville, FL.  The paper was published in the peer-reviewed proceedings and won a Distinguished Research Award.

JSU's SIFE team participated in the SIFE USA Regional Competition in Atlanta in April of 2007.  At the competition, the team presented the results of their educational outreach projects and competed to determine which team was most successful at creating economic opportunity for others. JSU's team was recognized for its excellent work during the year and was named the 1st Winner-Up in the Regional Competition.

Dr. Landry was awarded a Sam F. Walton Fellowship Stipend by the SIFE USA Program for his work with and leading JSU's team during the academic year.

Dr. Chris Westley had two articles published in the JSU Economic Update. "Markets Undermine Workplace Racism" was published in the March/April 2007 issue, 16(2), pp. 1-4. "Understanding the Mortgage Market Mess” was published in the May/June 2007 issue, 16(3), pp. 1-4.

Dr. Westley also wrote an article titled "Sad Days in Blacksburg" that was published in the Anniston Star on April 19, 2007, p. 8A


Dr. Jeff Zanzig submitted a paper in May to the Association for Global Business Conference for possible presentation in Washington, D.C.  The paper is entitled "Development of an Expert System for Use in Auditing Education."

Dr. Zanzig attended the Annual Editorial Board Meeting for The CPA Journal in New York City on May 7 and was awarded the 2006 Max Block Award for the category of informed comment for a May 2006 article coauthored with Dale Flesher entitled "GAAP Requirements for Nonpublic Companies: New Views on 'Big GAAP' Versus 'Little GAAP.' "


Dr. Cynthia McCarty, Dr. Doris Bennett, Dr. Shawn Carter, and Mr. Gene Padgham received the Allied Academies Distinguished Research Award in April 2007 for their paper titled “Teaching Principles of Economics: Internet vs. Classroom Instruction.”

Department of Management and Marketing

Dr. Patricia Borstorff

Pat Borstorff attended the Allied Academies Conference in April 2007 in Jacksonville, FL.

The following papers were presented and two papers received Distinguished Research Awards from the conference:

Borstorff, Patricia, Lowe, Keith, & Landry, Robert, III. 2007. An Empirical Examination of the Phenomenon of Grade Influation in Higher Education: A Focus of Grade Divergence between Business and Other Fields of Study. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal. Accepted for publication in 2007. Received Distinguished Research Awards from the conference.

Borstorff, Patricia, Moran, Florencia, Palmer, David, 2007. An Exploratory Analysis of the Relationship between Organization Culture, Regional Culture, Causal Ambiguity and Competitive Advantage in an International Setting. Journal of International Business Research. Accepted for publication in 2007. Received Distinguished Research Awards from the conference.

Borstorff, Patricia, Collum, Taleah, & Newton, Stan. 2007. Foreign Direct Investment in Alabama: A Case Study of the Automotive Sector. Proceedings of International Academy of Case Studies. Jacksonville, FL.

Dr. Borstorff had the following article accepted to be published in July 2007:

Borstorff, P.C., Hearn, M. M., & Thomas, J. L. Comparing Skirts To Pants On Retirement Planning: Why Are The Skirts Coming Up Short? Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship. Accepted for publication in July 2007.

Dr. Richard Cobb

Cobb, R. Wm. Fielding, M. Hearn, Wm. Scroggins, and P. Wilson (2007) Economic Analysis of the Northeast Economic Activity Zone, Presentation to the Etowah County Chamber of Commerce, April 26, Gadsden, AL.

Dr. Brent Cunningham

Dr. Cunningham was elected Vice President of the Faculty Senate.

Dr. Cunningham was assigned by Dr. Turner to the Faculty Research Committee (university-wide committee).

Dr. Cunningham received an honor award for outstanding service to Boy Scouts of America.


Dr. Mike Featherstone

Dr. Featherstone completed his dissertation “The Emergence of Simple Business Models on the World Wide Web” at Southern Cross University, New South Wales, Australia.  He was awarded the degree of Doctor of Business Administration on April 30, 2007.

Dr. Featherstone was invited to participate as a proceedings editor for the ANZMAC (Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy) Conference to be held at the University of Otago, Otago, New Zealand in December, 2007.

Dr. Michael Featherstone, JSU, Stewart Adam, Deakin University (Australia), and Patricia Borstorff submitted the article “A Methodology for Extracting Random Samples from World Wide Web Domains” to the Journal of Strategic E-Commerce.

Dr. Featherstone has given JSU students a unique experience with the phenomenon of the Virtual Enterprise in the IME420 ‘Virtual Enterprise’ class. The Virtual Enterprise represents a new organization for the 21st century and is enabled by new information technologies. It is rapidly emerging as an effective option for companies wishing to compete in a global economy. The course examines the development of the virtual enterprise and explores strategies for managing in virtual and matrix type organizations. Students review a range of electronic collaboration tools developed specifically for virtual work environments.

In order for students to gain a clearer understanding of virtual teams and virtual enterprises, CCBA students have participated in class projects in which they team with students from universities in different regions of the world.  For example, JSU students worked with students from Okan University in Istanbul, Turkey.  During 2006, JSU students participated with students from the University of Ballarat, in Ballarat, Australia.

This summer, it is expected that students will join with students from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia as well as a team from the University of Ballarat.  By actually participating with teams of students in distant locales, CCBA students not only learn to employ the tools commonly used amongst virtual teams, but also gain insights into the processes as well as the problems associated with working with colleagues half a world away.

Dr. Mark Hearn

Wm. M. Hearn, R. Cobb, Wm. Fielding, Wm. Scroggins, and P. Wilson (2007) Economic Analysis of the Northeast Economic Activity Zone, Presentation to the Etowah County Chamber of Commerce, April 26, Gadsden, AL.

Dr. David Palmer

Dr. Palmer worked to initiate 27 new faculty and students into Beta Gamma Sigma.

Dr. Palmer had the following paper presented at the Allied Academies conference in April, 2007:

Palmer, David, Borstorff, Patricia, & Moran, Florencia, 2007. An Exploratory Analysis of the Relationship between Organization Culture, Regional Culture, Causal Ambiguity and Competitive Advantage in an International Setting. Journal of International Business Research. Accepted for publication in 2007. Received Distinguished Research Awards from the Conference.

Center for Economic Development and Business Research  (CED)

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

JSU SBDC Counseling and Training

The JSU SBDC provided counseling to over 197 small businesses, and presented training to 974 individuals during this reporting quarter.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Clinics

During the period, the SBDC conducted five loan clinics for the Small Business Administration (SBA).  The clinics were conducted on April 10 in Oxford; April 25 in Rainbow City; May 1 in Anniston; May 29 in Centre and June 14 in Gadsden.

Graduation, Class 2, Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) Leadership and Management Program

Seven students of Class 2 of the ANAD Leadership and Management Program graduated at JSU on April 13, 2007.

The JSU SBDC and CED perform administrative management, and coordinate the internship program of the Program.  JSU classroom instruction is a joint effort of the CCBA and the JSU Department of Technology.

Class 3 is expected to begin in October.

Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC) Re-accreditation

Mr. Pat Shaddix, SBDC Director; and Ms. Robbie Medders, SBDC Associate Director met with accreditation officials of the ASBDC on April 19, 2007, at the JSU Center for a re-accreditation review.  Subsequent to the meeting, the Alabama Small Business Development Consortium received the ASBDC re-accreditation.

JSU Economic Update, May/June 2007 Issue

During this reporting quarter, the May/June 2007 Economic Update was published and distributed to more than 7,700 subscribers.  This issue may be viewed on the JSU CED Web site: JSU Economic Update.

Northeast Economic Activity Zone Exposition (NEAZ)

On April 26, 2007, the NEAZ was presented at the Senior Activity Center, Gadsden, Alabama.  The NEAZ was a joint effort of the JSU CCBA and Chambers of Commerce of Cherokee, DeKalb, Etowah and Marshall Counties.

In attendance were a number of senior regional economic development officials. Presentations were made by JSU CCBA faculty and staff on the four counties. The Exposition also included an Industrial Recruiter’s Panel consisting of prominent economic developers.

The principal speaker, Mr. Neal Wade; Director, Alabama Development Office, made his presentation during the luncheon.

Business Opportunities 2007 Conference and Trade Fair

The JSU SBDC, ANAD and Congressman Mike Rogers of Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District, partnered to present the Trade Fair on Friday, May 4, 2007, from 8:30 a.m. - 12 noon at Stephenson Hall on the JSU campus. The seminar provided small businesses the opportunity to increase sales by meeting with government and prime contractor purchasing personnel.  The Conference brought purchasing representatives and small businesses together in one place saving time and effort in making contact with potential business partners.  Over four hundred people attended the Conference that also included opportunities for training by senior purchasing professionals.

Analyses and Plans for Alexander City, Alabama:

The CED, under contract with the City of Alexander City, is conducting an Organizational Analysis for the city. The Analysis was completed in June, 2007.  The Organizational Analysis will be followed by a Personnel Analysis, to include job descriptions for 170 employees.  A Compensation Plan, to include a Performance Appraisal Program - with accompanying appraisal instruments - is also being prepared for the city.

Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Development Plan

A CCBA and CED team met on June 12 with an ARC representative to provide research to support the Appalachian Development Plan 2007 – 2010.  The meeting’s purpose was to establish the scope of the effort, and discuss a draft contract. Upon completion, the Plan will be provided to the Governor of Alabama for approval.


Dean’s Office

Dr. Cynthia Harper made a professional presentation at the Oxford Round Tables in Oxford, England the week of March 26-31, 2007.  The presentation title was Religious vs. Public Education.  Conference participants included education professionals throughout the United States.

The College of Education and Professional Studies Dean’s office sponsored the Superintendent’s Consortium Meeting on April 3, 2007.  Superintendents employed in the JSU service area attended.  A special award was presented to Calhoun County Superintendent, Mr. Jacky Sparks, upon his retirement.

Drs. Harper and Hammett attended the ALACTE (Dean’s) meeting in Montgomery, Alabama, April 9-10, 2007.

Drs. Harper and Hammett attended the Communication Week Luncheon on April 12, 2007.

Dr. Harper represented the College of Education and Professional Studies at the JSU Ambassador’s orientation at the President’s Home on April 12, 2007.

Drs. Harper and Hammett attended the Family and Consumer Sciences Senior Reception at the Gamecock Center on April 13, 2007.

Dr. Harper attended the Piedmont Elementary School Health Fair on April 20, 2007.  The Departments of Health, Physical Education and Recreation and Family and Consumer Sciences provided health related information to attendees.

Drs. Harper and Hammett attended the JSU Teacher Hall of Fame on May 25, 2007.

Dr. Harper made Capital Campaign visits in Huntsville, Alabama with Ms. Sissy Spense and Ms. Rene Robertson on April 24, 2007. She attended the Huntsville Alumni Chapter that evening.

The following faculty and administrators from the College of Education and Professional Studies received Faculty Research Awards May 22, 2007: Dr. Cynthia Harper, Dr. John Hammett, Dr. Kingsley Harbor, Dr. Augustine Ihator, Dr. Patsy Lowry, Dr. Stephen Armstrong, Dr. Larry Beard, Dr. Dale Campbell, Dr. Elizabeth Engley, Dr. Teresa Gardner, Dr. Slenda Haynes, Dr. Celia Hilber, Dr. Nina King, Dr. Judy McCrary, Dr. Gina Riley, Ms. Sandra Sudduth, Dr. Debra Goodwin,  Ms. Paula Napoli,  Ms. Karen Nemeth, Dr. Tommy Phillips, Dr. Jeff Chandler, Ms. Donna Hey, Dr. William Hey, Ms. Gina Mabry, Dr. Glenn Roswal, Dr. Roland Thornburg,  Mr. Mike Zenanko,  Dr. Jan Wilson, Dr. Jordan Barkley,  Dr. Charlie Notar, Dr. Denise Richardson, Dr. Carol Uline, Dr. Marsha Zenanko, Dr. Kathleen Friery, Dr. Nancy Fox, Dr. Donna Herring, Dr. John J. "Jay" Ketterer, Dr. Jerry Kiser, Dr. J. Gordon Nelson,  and Dr. Tommy Turner.

Dr. Harper represented the College of Education and Professional Studies at the Alabama Teacher of the Year presentation in Montgomery, Alabama on May 9, 2007.

Dr. Harper participated in the graduation ceremony at the Child Development Center at McClellan on May 17, 2007.

Dr. Harper attended a meeting of Dean’s of Education and the Alabama Higher Education Partnership in Montgomery, Alabama on May 18, 2007.  The meeting focused on the high school dropout rate in Alabama.

Dr. Harper attended the Leadership Calhoun County Graduation ceremony at Classics on Noble with Ms. Patty Hobbs, Director of the Child Development Center, McClellan on May 21, 2007.  Ms. Patty Hobbs participated in Leadership Calhoun County in the 2006-2007 academic year.

Several members of the Doctoral Committee in the College of Education and Professional Studies visited Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College for information concerning their “practitioner’s” doctoral program May 30-31, 2007.  This program is the third highest ranking Ed.D. program in the nation and will serve as a model for the JSU program as it is being developed.  Members attending included Drs. Harper, Hammett, Malone, Wilson, and Pugliese.

Dr. Hammett chaired a meeting for state NCATE Coordinators in Montgomery, Alabama on June 4-5, 2007.

Dr. Harper, along with other professionals from JSU, participated in the NASPA International Assessment and Retention Conference held in St. Louis Missouri June 6-10, 2007.

Drs. Harper and Hammett attended the ALACTE (Dean’s) meeting in Montgomery, Alabama on July 9-10, 2007.

Dr. Harper was selected to train as a Board of Examiner member for the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) July 21-26, 2007 in Charleston, West Virginia.  Board of Examiner members are selected to serve on NCATE Review Teams for Colleges of Education throughout the United States.

Child Development Center

Our enrollment maintained a steady pace of approximately 118 children during most of the 3rd Quarter of 2007.  Many parents opted to keep their children home for the summer, and we currently have 87 on roll.  We have a waiting list ready to fill the spots that remain when the other children come back from summer vacation.

Bill Miller Photography came to the CDC on May 3rd to make Cap and Gown pictures of the children in Barnyard Buddies and Clown Town who will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.

Ident-A-Kid came on May 16 to photograph and fingerprint the children in the event that they become lost or kidnapped.  This is done for a nominal fee to the parents and is recommended by law enforcement for all young children on a yearly basis.

On Thursday evening, May 17, 2007, twenty-five children graduated from our Center as parents, grandparents and various other family members filled the Multi-Purpose room and watched.  After a very entertaining slide show, the children showed off their singing and dancing ability.  We were honored to have Dr. Rebecca Turner and Dr. Cynthia Harper speak to the graduates and their parents to encourage the children to continue to learn all they possibly can because they hoped to see them again some day at JSU!

Dr. Paula Napoli has students coming from her Summer 2 Child Growth and Development class beginning July 5.  These students will work in the classrooms along with the teachers for the month of July.

We continue to have monthly fire and storm drills in the event that we have an emergency.

Department of Communication

The Department of Communication held its Spring 2007 Communication Advisory Board meeting on Tuesday, April 03, 2007. Most members, including four new ones, attended this spring’s meeting, and there was a lot of exchange of ideas concerning the progress of the department. The department updated members as to its current efforts toward national accreditation and the role of board members in this respect. Board members expressed interest in assisting the department in its efforts.

The 2007 Communication Week was held from Monday, 4/9/07 through Thursday, 4/12/07. This was the department’s sixth annual Communication Week. The department presented four different speakers for the four days—one on Monday, the Broadcast Day; another on Tuesday for the Print Day; another for Wednesday, the Public Relations Day; and finally the keynote speaker for Thursday, the Awards luncheon.

The keynote speaker for this year’s luncheon was Mr. Reynolds Wolf, a meteorologist and weather anchor for CNN Worldwide. He is based in Atlanta (CNN’s world headquarters). Wolf, a graduate of Jacksonville State University, hails from Jemison, Alabama.

The luncheon hall (12th floor of the Houston Cole library) was packed with students, faculty, staff  as well as outsiders who came to hear Wolf speak. The week was judged by participants as very successful.

The department’s 2007 Summer Journalism Institute was held from Sunday, June 10, 2007 to Thursday, June 14, 2007.  Participants arrived on Sunday evening for the four-day intensive workshop. This year, a new course—Web Design—was added to the curriculum. Participants came from different area high schools.

As always, workshop attendees expressed great satisfaction and appreciation to the department for holding such a workshop. They indicated that they had learned a lot from the workshop, but unlike with previous workshops, two of this year’s (workshop) graduates indicated serious intention to start a newspaper in their high school upon their return to school. Four out of the seven attendees indicated their commitment to studying journalism as a college major after high school.

Faculty members in the Department of Communication are continuing with Self Study in preparation for the upcoming national accreditation by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. Student learning-outcomes assessment, an integral part of the Self Study, is also continuing. The department is in its final phase of data collection for the assessment.

Searches for a new Ayers Chair of Communication as well as for adjunct instructors are underway. The department’s target is to have a new chair and several adjunct faculty members on board by Fall, 2007.

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Elizabeth Engley, Dr. Nina King, and Dr. Celia Hilber made a presentation at the Kennesaw State Conference: Making An Impact in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, March 15th.   The title was Developing Professional Dispositions in the Preservice Teacher:  Raising Standards in Early Childhood Education.

Celia Hilber, Dr. Gena Riley, and Dr. Larry Beard made a presentation at the Kennesaw State Conference: Making An Impact in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, March 15th.   The title was Course of Study:  Hands-On Development of Tests that Reflect Real Classroom Instruction.

Dr. Dale Campbell, Mrs. Jennifer Strain, and Mrs. Phyllis Taylor attended the national Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Training Conference in Washington, D.C., from March 29th through April 2nd.  Dr. Campbell is Co-Chair of Standard 2: Assessment System and Unit Evaluation; Mrs. Strain is Co-Chair of Standard 5:Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development; and Mrs. Taylor is Co-Chair of Standard 1: Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions.

Mrs. Sandra Sudduth attended the Annual Strategic Planning Conference for the Regional Medical Center (RMC) held in Charleston, South Carolina, on April 15th through April 18th.  She represents the City of Jacksonville as a member of the Regional Medical Center Board of Trustees.

Dr. Larry Beard made two presentations at the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.  The first presentation was on April 19th entitled Introducing Secondary majors to Co-Teaching/Collaboration Approaches using a Secondary Collaboration Model.  The second presentation was on April 20th entitled The Assistive Technology Integration Model:  Introducing AT to Preservice Teacher Candidates.

Dr. Teresa Gardner and Dr. Larry Beard made a presentation at the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 20th.  The title was Tell Me Your Story: Encouraging Speech-to-Text Use Via the Classroom Computer.

Mrs. Sandra Sudduth attended the Alabama Municipality meeting held in Huntsville, Alabama, on April 21st through April 24th.  She represented the City of Jacksonville as a member of the City Council.

Mrs. Carolyn Montgomery, faculty sponsor of FTA at Weaver High School, and 11 students visited two classes in the C&I Department and one class in the Secondary Education Department on Monday, May 7th.  In addition, they met with Mrs. Sandra Sudduth, faculty sponsor of SAEA to discuss attending JSU and educational opportunities for the future.

Dr. Dale Campbell served as a judge for the Science Fair at Spring Garden School on May 8th.  She assisted Cherokee County Schools by judging several projects entered at Spring Garden Elementary School.

Mrs. Phyllis Taylor recently worked in the Interot Orphanage in Bobrujsk, Belarus, in May 2007.  She conducted music/art activities with elementary-aged children.  She videoed and took pictures of these activities.  She will use this experience as a demonstration of instructional techniques for the EED 333, Arts in the Integrated Curriculum, grades K-6.

Dr. Larry Beard was recently inducted into the World head of Family Sokeship Council Hall of Fame as the male Instructor of the Year in martial arts.  This award was presented at the 14th Annual Martial Arts Conference in Orlando, Florida, on May 25th.

Dr. Larry Beard and Dr. Denise Richardson made a presentation at the Alabama Educational Technology Conference (AETC) in Birmingham on June 14, 2007.  The title was E-Filing Cabinet: Revised and Extended.

Dr. Teresa Gardner participated in the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMST) Year 2 Trainer Training at the University of Montevallo on June 18-22, 2007.  At the completion of this training, she will be able to represent JSU as a Trainer for specific units within the AMSTI program.

Department of Educational Resources

Drs. Kathleen Friery & Donna Herring presented at an International Conference on Technology in San Antonio.  The title of the presentation was “Creative Techniques for Bringing your Faculty on Board with Live Text”.

Drs. Nancy Fox and Charlotte Eady attended NCATE training in Washington, DC.

Dr. Friery and the Educational Leadership faculty attended the Superintendent’s Consortium on campus at JSU.

Ms. Kathy O’Neil from SREB attended the Educational Leadership program meeting.  The program faculty updated her on the progress made in that program area and she offered advice/suggestions.

Dr. Kathleen Friery presented two training sessions for pro-rata/adjunct faculty.  Both sessions were well attended.

Dr. L. Quinn Head retired from JSU on May 31, 2007.  Dr. Head had over 30 years of service with the University.

Tommy Turner presented at the JSU Pre-Service teacher orientation on the topic of “Bullying”.  He also attended the Counseling Association Executive Committee Spring retreat on May 3 & 4.  He serves as the Chair of the Professional Standards Committee, as well.

Dr. Mike Malone attended the College Board of Trustees meetings this spring.

Dr. Kathleen Friery was honored at the annual Appalachian School for Alcohol and Other Drug Studies (ApSADS) for her years of service to the committee and conference.  Dr. Friery served as Co-Chair of the ApSADS committee until her resignation last year.

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Ms. Karen Nemeth participated in the state meeting of the FCCLA in Bessemer on March 30, 2007 by presenting a recruitment exhibit for our department.

With Dr. Debra Goodwin as co-leader for one of the College of Education’s Heart Walk teams, we baked and sold bread as a fund raiser for the American Heart Association.  Our team sold approximately 200 loaves of bread, raising one thousand dollars for this worthy cause.

On April 5, 2007, Dr. Tim Roberts and Ms. Robbie Boggs represented the FCS Department at Career Day at Talladega High School.

Dr. Debra Goodwin attended the Teaching in Higher Education Forum in Baton Rouge, LA on April 16-17, 2007.

The FCS department hosted the annual FCS Senior Reception on Friday, April 13.  Approximately 80 faculty, students and family members were in attendance.  Dr. Meehan, Dr. Turner and Dr. Harper offered congratulatory remarks to the FCS Seniors.

Outstanding student awards were presented to:


Lynne Hutton............................ Dietetics
Brianna Enoch......................... Restaurant and Foodservice Mgt
Jamese Daniels...................... Child Development
Amanda Paige Clark.............. FCS Education
Erica Grieve............................ Human Sciences


The Dr. Virginia Yocum Award for Excellence was presented to Sonya Jones.

The following scholarships were also awarded: Dr. Elizabeth Sowell Scholarship of $500.00 awarded to Lea Hadley, Hazel Mathews Scholarship of $600.00 awarded to Daphne Littlejohn, the Louise Rhodes Clark Scholarship of $500.00 to Joella Taylor, and the Dr. Virginia Yocum Scholarship of $1,000 awarded to Christi Yancey.

Ms. Robbie Boggs represented our department at the Piedmont City Schools Health Fair on Friday, April 20.


On April 23, 2007, Dr. Tim Roberts attended the Distance Learning Advisory Committee meeting at Auburn University.

Ms. Paula Napoli and Dr. Debra Goodwin presented their research on childhood obesity at the ACEI (Association for Childhood Education International) conference held in Tampa, FL on May 3-6, 2007.


The department was represented at the Piedmont High School Health Fair on May 4, 2007.


Ms. Karen Nemeth and Ms. Robbie Boggs combined their classes, Textiles and Apparel in the Global Economy and Apparel Design, for two field trips this month.  On May 9, the classes visited the Bremen-Bowdon Investment Co. in Bowdon, GA to see current computer technology used in manufacturing and assembling apparel. On May 15, they visited Mt. Vernon Mills to view steps used in manufacturing denim and work related fabrics.


On May 11, our department hosted the first FCS Day.  Area high school FCS teachers were invited to bring their students for lunch and a short program highlighting the concentrations offered by our department.  Ms. Laura Ergle, Program Specialist for Georgia Family and Consumer Sciences, was a guest speaker.  Door prizes were awarded and the students enjoyed a visit from “Cocky”.  Following lunch in the Gamecock Center, the students were brought back to our department and offered an opportunity to meet with faculty members in the concentration of their interest. 


On May 18th, the Family and Consumer Sciences department hosted Advisory committee meetings in the Gamecock center.  Representatives from the community and the university met to discuss ways to improve the area of their concentration.  Lunch was catered by Sodexho.


Dr. Debra Goodwin continues to meet with the Wellness committee on a regular basis.


Ms. Robbie Boggs attended the Bauder College Black-tie Design show on May 18, 2007.  She serves as an advisory board member for Bauder College.


Ms. Paula Napoli, Dr. Tom Phillips and Dr. Debra Goodwin attended the Faculty Research Awards Celebration on Tuesday, May 22, 2007.  Dr. Goodwin received a twenty five year service pin.


A retirement reception in honor of Ms. Karen Nemeth was held in the Family and Consumer Sciences department on May 23, 2007.  Approximately one hundred former students, colleagues, and family members came by to wish her well in her retirement.


Dr. Debra Goodwin attended the Teacher Hall of Fame dinner on May 25th.


Ms. Paula Napoli and the Lifespan Human Development class have several field trips planned for this June.  They will be touring The Meadows, NHC Place and K.L. Brown Funeral Home.  This will enable the students to investigate local resources and options available for assisted living, nursing homes and funeral arrangements.


Dr. Debra Goodwin and Ms. Paul Napoli will be traveling to Reno, NV to present research on Preventing Childhood Obesity at the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences annual conference.  The conference will be held from June 21 – 23, 2007.


Dr. Goodwin and Ms. Napoli also plan to present a workshop on Preventing Childhood Obesity at the Pi Lamda Theta Leadership Conference in Richmond, VA, held July 26-30, 2007.


Dr. Debra Goodwin and Ms. Paula Napoli from the department of Family and Consumer Sciences have been accepted for presentation at the 2008 ACEI (Association for Childhood Education International) World Conference and Exhibition to be held in Moscow, Russian, June 18-21, 2008.  The title of their presentation is “Positive Approaches in the Prevention of Childhood Obesity:  A Proactive Method for Teaching Nutrition in an Early Childhood Classroom Setting”.

Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Ms. Donna Hey, Dr. Kory Hill, and Dr. Roland Thornburg participated in the LIFE (Lifelong Individual Fitness Education Curriculum Workshop) for High Schools in Alabama held at the JSU In-Service Center at Ft. McClellan on April 24th.


Ms. Donna Hey and Ms. Gina Mabrey presented sessions on “Sport Specific Yoga”, and Resistance Training for Cost Conscious Classes” at the Alabama State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Spring Conference in Orange Beach, AL April 19-21, 2007.


Dr. William Hey presented “Leadership Qualities and the Importance of Professional Development for HPER Future Professionals” and “Leadership in the Twenty-first Century” at the Alabama State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Spring Conference in Orange Beach, AL April 19-21, 2007.


Dr. Kory Hill presented a lecture on “Racket Skills” at the Alabama State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Spring Conference in Orange Beach, AL April 19-21, 2007.


Dr. Glenn Roswal presented an 18-hour course, “Special Olympics”, to Master’s level students at Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic May 5-27, 2007.


Dr. Glen Roswal presented a lecture on Special Olympics to students and faculty at the University of Paris X (Nanterre), Paris, France May 5-27, 2007.


Dr. William Hey attended the final ASAHPERD Board Meeting of 2006-2007 as Past-President on Friday, May 11, 2007 in Columbiana, AL.


Dr. Jeff Chandler attended the first ASAHPERD Board Meeting of 2007-2008 as Chair-Elect of Research Saturday, May 12, 2007 in Columbiana, AL.


Ms. Donna Hey assisted in delivering degree packets for the New Student Population Committee to surrounding area schools April 17, 2007.


Ms. Donna Hey attended an Academic Luncheon with surrounding are PE teachers on April 24, 2007.


Dr. Jeff Chandler attended the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference in New Orleans May 30 – June 3, 2007.


Ms. Gina Mabrey has been hired as HPER Instructor/Wellness Coordinator for the 2007-2008 academic year.

Department of Instructional Services

Faculty/staff accomplishments
: Mr. Mike Zenanko presented at the Association for the Tutoring Profession Conference in Orlando, Florida. The Teaching/Learning Center provided a site for 378 JSU students to complete their practicum under the direction of Mrs. Dorothy Phillips. Mrs. Penny Lane conducted a Scholastic Book Fair that allowed the LRC to obtain sixty-seven new items for the Learning Resource Center.


Four IMACS were installed in room 104 RWH as a result of the Technology Replacement Plan.

Department of Secondary Education

Dr. Jan Wilson published in College Student Journal, (41)1, 239-241, “Restructuring Music’s role in the Middle School Curriculum”, March 2007.


Dr. Wilson published “Understanding the Recreational Reading Patterns of Secondary Students”, in the refereed journal Reading Improvement, (44)1, 40-49, April 2007.


Dr. Marsha Zenanko presented “Your Student Will Become What You Expect of Them” at the Association for the Tutoring Profession national conference in Orlando, Florida, April 1-4.


Drs. Jan Wilson, Charles Notar and Jordan Barkley presented at the 23rd National Technology and Social Science Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 16-28.


Dr. Denise Richardson presented “E-Filing Cabinet:  Revised and Extended” at the Alabama Education Technology conference in Birmingham on June 14.


Dr. Jordan Barkley attended the North Carolina State University 2007 Undergraduate Assessment Symposium held in Raleigh, North Carolina, April 11-15.


Dr. Carol Uline presented an In-service workshop, titled “Learning Centers in Content Classrooms”, at Pleasant Valley High School on April 20.


Dr. Uline presented 3 additional In-service workshops, titled “Managing Classroom Behavior”, “Vocabulary Focus to Increase Comprehension of Textbooks”, and “Reading/Writing Activities Across Content Areas”, at JSU McClellan on June 12, 18 and 20, respectively.


Dr. Wilson participated in the IMPACTSEED IV (Improving Physics and Chemistry Teaching in Secondary Education) grant workshop by presenting Classroom Management from A to Z on June 13. 


Dr. Denise Richardson participated in the IMPACTSEED IV grant workshop on June 15 by arranging a field trip to the McWane Center in Birmingham for workshop participants.


Dr. Denise Richardson is serving as a publication review committee member for National Science Teachers Association, St. Louis, Missouri, March 28.

Department of the Teacher Service Center


Dr. Kelly W. Ryan served on a NCATE Accreditation team for San Francisco State University.


Dr. Kelly W. Ryan was elected as President of the Alabama Counseling Association Chapter V.


Dr. Gena Riley conducted AMSTI Math training for Troy University.


Dr. Gena Riley conducted math training for JSU In-Service


Ms. Tori Gaddy conducted training sessions on Banner for university secretaries.

Department of Technology & Engineering

The department represented JSU at the Gadsden State Community College Technical Division Career Fair on April 27, 2007.


The Industrial Advisory Council met on May 4 to review and make plans for strengthening the programs in Technology.


Mr. Terry Marbut and Dr. Jess Godbey presented a paper at the national conference for the American Society of Engineering Educators in June 2007.


Mr. Terry Marbut attended the expo at the national conference of the American Society for Training and Development on June 5, 2007.


Dr. Ed Bellman completed a professional development seminar in project management, June 11-14.


Mr. Terry Marbut attended a two-day meeting of the Alabama State Department of Education Program of Study Committee for Career Technical Education on June 20-21.

Department of TV Services

Taped the Holocaust Remembrance Days of Remembrance 2007 ceremony for the JSU Holocaust Remembrance Committee.  These DVD’s will be made available in the Library for viewing and also for archival purposes.

Taped Mr. Tom Williams (CEO WJXS TV 24) presentation for Communication Week.  Mr. Williams was the Broadcast speaker. Portions of this session were seen on the TV 24 news as they ran a promo about Communication Week.  DVD’s of all the week’s speakers were distributed to Dr. Harbor for archival purposes.

Taped the Print Journalism Speaker, Mr. Anthony Cook, Managing Editor of the Anniston Star.

Taped the Public Relations Speaker, Mr. David Ford, former Press Secretary for Governor Bob Riley.

Taped the Keynote Speaker, Reynolds Wolf, CNN Weather Anchor and taped the Communication Awards Presentations.

Taped the play “Piano” for the Drama Department.  “Piano” is the winner of the 2006 Southern Playwright’s Competition.  DVD’s of the play were given to the playwright, actors and the department itself for archival purposes.

Taped a career workshop presented by Ms. Becca Turner of Career Placement Services.  Footage from this workshop will be used in the long form video promo TV Services is currently working on for CPS.  A DVD copy of the workshop will also be run on the 37” LCD television located in the lobby of the CPS offices.

Taped a new segment for the English Language Institute video.  This segment is to replace former Director Philip Perkins with new Director Alan Webb.  This segment was edited into the old version and new DVD’s were made for distribution to prospective students as well as making this video available for viewing on the ELI website.

TV Services along with help from Maintenance Department personnel pulled cabling through conduits at Paul Snow Stadium in order to have a direct video feed from the Remote Production truck to the video screen on the scoreboard.  Some promotional videos along with the Spring Graduation were the first images to be viewed by an audience using the new scoreboard.

The Capital Campaign showed the video, “The Power of 125” for the first time to the “Greater Huntsville Alumni Chapter” at a dinner held at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.  Ms. Sissy Spence said that everyone she spoke with was very complimentary of the video.

Edited and looped the “Best Kept Secret in Alabama” Office of Admissions recruiting video and various JSU commercials produced by TV Services for airing over the video screen located on the scoreboard of Paul Snow Stadium.  These videos will be shown prior to Graduation.

Produced and broadcast the 6:30 p.m. Spring Graduation Exercises live on TV24 and also seen for the first time on the new scoreboard.  The ceremonies were also rebroadcast at later dates and times.  No web streaming was available during the live event due to Bell South technical problems, but archived viewing was available on the JSU Website for the following two weeks.  DVD copies of the ceremony were sold through the Campus Bookstore.

Videotaped Ms. Elizabeth Cornelius, English teacher at Anniston High School, for the College of Education and Professional Studies.  DVD’s or on-line examples of her teaching will be made available for students to view.

Taped Ms. Brandie Pollard, PE instructor at Kitty Stone Elementary, for the College of Education and Professional Studies.  DVD’s or on-line examples of her teaching will be made available for students to view.

Taped the annual “Relay for Life” event at Oxford Stadium.  Footage from the event will be used in future commercials. TV Services footage and interviews of the event were also broadcast on the TV24 Nightly News on Monday, May 14th.

Taped Ms. Susan McCain, Drama Department Professor, doing stand up segments for the Described and Captioned Media Program we are producing for Disability Support Services and the U.S. Department of Education.  DVD’s from this program will be made available to school teachers and parents of the disabled who are interested in captioned media.  National PSA’s will also be edited from the footage and made available to television stations.  The video program and commercials will also be available for viewing on the DCMP website at

Spent the day videotaping testimonials and B-roll footage at the Alabama Schools for the Deaf and Blind in Talladega.  This is to be used in the DCMP program.

Taped Ms. Katie Johnson, 2nd Grade teacher at Pleasant Valley Elementary, for the College of Education and Professional Studies.  DVD’s or on-line examples of her teaching will be made available for students to view.

Made 22 DVD copies of “Jacksonville State University:  First 100 Years”  (a three DVD set).  Also two copies were made of a “Centennial Salute to Jacksonville State University.”  These videos were produced by JSU Television Services in 1982, 1983 and feature historic interviews with former leaders of JSU and nostalgic photos.  These DVD’s are being distributed among select JSU Administrators and Alumni.  These programs will also be available for viewing in the Library.

Taped the opera, “The Pirates of Penzance” for the David L. Walters Department of Music. 60 DVD’s of the performance were dubbed and labeled by TV Services.

Captured stills taken from a surveillance camera of a suspected crime at a McDonalds.  These stills were given to the owner as evidence and will be turned over to the police for a complete investigation.

Mr. Bobby Mikel finished assisting Professor Jerry Chandler in his COMM. 350 Announcing May Term class.  Mr. Mikel served in the class as a technical assistant to Mr. Chandler.

Met with Distance Education to discuss producing commercials for their Department.  They would like 3 to 4 commercials produced by September.

The Capital Campaign video, “The Power of 125” was approved.

The Continuing Education commercial, “Summer Camps 2007, Something for Everyone” was approved and  aired on Charter Cable and TV24.

Mr. Ted White assisted The Alumni House in the video streaming of a conference meeting.

Mr. Bobby Mikel attended meetings all day today as he is serving on the search committee for the Ayers Chair position.  These meetings were with a prospective candidate.

Shot footage for the Auburn K-9 Detection Unit.  This non-profit nationally recognized organization, located at Fort McClellan, trains dogs for police and military operations to detect bombs and drugs.  The final program will use our footage and others and be edited at a later date by another video facility.  Jacksonville State University Television Services will be listed in the closing credits.

Television Services won two Telly Awards in the 28th Annual Telly Awards. “Gospel Music Southern Style, show 104,” won a Silver and “The Capital Campaign, The Power of 125, Join the Celebration,” won a bronze.  Only 7 to 10% of entrants are chosen as Silver Telly Award winners and 18 to 25% of entrants win a Bronze Telly Award.  The Telly Awards is a widely known and highly respected national and international competition and receives over 13,000 entries from all 50 states and many foreign countries.


In-Service Education Center

The In-Service Education Center has hosted 70 programs for 1,070 participants during the period April 1 - June 30, 2007.


The In-Service Center hosted a state-wide conference for Coordinators of Special Education on June 21-22, 2007.  Changes to Special Education laws and regulations were presented to the 40 participants by a noted Special Education Attorney.


The In-Service Center cooperated with the Alabama Department of Education on April 23, 2007 to provide Physical Education Course of Study training for 30 master teachers from 15 school systems.  Master teachers are encouraged to share resources, lesson plans, unit development, and assessment strategies with other teachers and administrators in their schools.


The In-Service Center presented the first module in an eight month training for leadership teams from local schools and systems. Superintendents from the 15 school systems served by JSU attended the orientation session and overwhelmingly supported the appointment of teachers to attend this coaching. Over 300 teachers attended the first session entitled, “Meeting the Challenge of 2014 - Creating a Vision.” The training is designed to enable teachers to share strategies for improving student achievement with others in their schools.


The Alabama Science in Motion (SIM) program presented three 10-day sessions in June.  Science in Motion Biology, Chemistry, and Physics hosted a total of 59 teachers during the two-week training.


The In-Service Center co-hosted “The Gulf Coast Conference on the Teaching of Writing,” with 10 other In-service Centers on June 25-28, 2007 in Destin, Florida.  The JSU Center offered 15 scholarships to teachers and administrators in the JSU area.


The In-Service Center sponsored a study tour to New York City for 35 teachers and administrators from June 1 through 5.


The In-Service Center cooperated with the Alabama Department of Education to provide training on the new English Language Arts Course of Study on June 27, 2007.

Continuing Education

As of June 30, 2007, The Office of Continuing Education conducted 280 classes since October 1, 2006. Service was provided to 3,860 students and 34,646 contact hours were generated.


The Jacksonville State University Basic Supervisory Principles Certificate was presented to 15 DeltaCom graduates on April 19 at their Anniston location.  The program has now been expanded to include the Arab and Huntsville locations which include an additional 34 employees.


The Human Resources Test Preparation Review Course concluded on April 10.  Eleven (11) area Human Resource professionals attended in preparation for taking the Human Resource Professional Certification exam in May 2007.


The first annual Coping with Aging Seminar was held at JSU McClellan on April 20.  Topics included Social Security, Medicare Part D, Medication Management, Alzheimer’s Disease, Stress of the Caregiver, Legal Services for the Elderly, and Elder Abuse.


On May 30, a workshop was conducted in partnership with East Alabama Regional Planning Commission entitled, “Workplace Violence:  A Survivor’s Experience.” The presenter for the workshop was Herb Clark, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for North America Bus Lines, Inc.  There were 56 in attendance.   On June 27, another workshop was conducted entitled, “Pandemic:  Implications and Planning.”  The speaker was Mark Hendrix, Public Health Area Six Coordinator, with 40 attending.


UPACE, the University Partnership for Alabama Continuing Education, continues to offer certificate programs for the Association of County Administrators, Association of County Engineers, and County Revenue Officers Association of Alabama, Alabama Association of 911 Districts and the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police.  Participating in the program at this time are 225 County Administrators, 123 County Engineers, 131 Revenue Officers, 97 AA 911 District Directors, and 773 Chiefs of Police.


In April, the UPACE Partnership managed training programs throughout the State of Alabama.  Training was conducted in Dothan entitled “Managing Conflict,” with 27 attendees including county administrators, county engineers, county revenue officers, and 911 district directors. On April 11 - 13, County Revenue Officers received training on “Enforcement of Licenses and Taxes,” at the Shelby County Community Service Building, with 25 attending. On June 27, County Engineers, Administrators and 911 Directors received training in Montgomery on, “Communication and Media Relations,” with 30 attending.


In April, the UPACE Partnership facilitated training in Florence, Alabama for 81 Alabama Chiefs of Police.  The training topics were “Effective Public Communications” and “Effective Meetings and Presentations.”  On May 24, additional training was provided in Point Clear for 207 Chiefs of Police on the topic, “Internal Communications In a Police Environment.”


The Seventh Annual Appalachian School for Alcohol and Other Drug Studies, known as APSADS, was conducted at JSU McClellan June 18-22, 2007 with 457 registrants.  The conference provided 23 continuing education hours for licensed professional counselors, addiction counselors, employee assistance counselors, nurses, and social workers. Fourteen classes were conducted during the week:


§         Addiction Pharmacy

§         Addiction 101

§         Gang Awareness

§         What’s Really Going on Here?

§         Introduction to the Matrix:  Intensive Outpatient Treatment

§         Working With the Resistant Client

§         The Hijacking of the Adolescent Brain

§         Ethics and HIV/AIDS for the Professional

§         Effective Strategies With Resistant Clients

§         The Bully Issue

§         Women and Addiction:  Gender Specific Issues and Treatment

§         Methamphetamine:  Implications for the Future


The Office of Continuing Education provided a test prep course June 4 – 7 for 30 high school students scheduled to take the A.C.T. exam.


Continuing Education has worked with fifteen athletic camps since October 1, 2006.  Over 900 students have come to campus to participate in camps for soccer, basketball, baseball, football, softball, volleyball, and martial arts.


Eleven overnight camps have been conducted since May 1, with 1,800 campers visiting our campus.  Campers were housed in Fitzpatrick, Logan, and Patterson, Crow, Dixon, and Curtis dormitories.


For Graduate student applicants who do not enroll in the semester that they have designated on their application form, a graduate office staff member contacts these individuals to determine if they need any additional information or have had any problems in their relationship with the university.  The purpose of this contact, initially by telephone and subsequently by email, is to indicate our interest in the student and to encourage the student to enroll in the next semester. 

The second purpose is to determine if the students encountered any problems during the admission, advisement, and enrollment process.  Based on follow up contacts for those that did not enroll in the 2006 Fall or 2007 Spring semesters, three students (less than 2% of those contacted) identified minor problems which the graduate office staff was able to resolve.  The overall response by students was very positive to our follow up which they felt indicated a personal interest in their pursuit of an advanced degree at JSU. 

The third purpose of the follow up contacts is to increase the yield rate of those students who apply for a given semester and do actually enroll.   The yield rate is the percent of those students that actually enroll out of the number of applicants that plan to enroll in that given semester.  The yield rate for the 2006 fall semester was 70%.  This is judged by our peer graduate deans as very good.  It is our objective to increase this yield rate to 80% over the next five years. 


The dean and the associate dean are assisting administrators and faculty and staff in the development of three “Notification of Intent to Submit a Proposal” to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education.  The three programs are a Master of Fine Arts with a major in Graphic Design, a Doctor of Philosophy with a major in Emergency Management and a Doctor of Education with a major in School Improvement.  Dr. Pugliese, Associate Dean, and staff from the JSU College of Education and Professional Studies visited Vanderbilt University to review its doctoral program in leadership. 


Dr. Jean Pugliese is an elected member of the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools Executive Committee which met in Austin, Texas in the latter part of June to plan the annual meeting.  Dr. Pugliese also serves on the Alabama Council of Graduate Deans Executive Board.


In addition to new graduate student orientation sessions conducted at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, sessions were also held on May 1 and June 1 for new graduate students enrolling during the summer terms.  Each orientation session is evaluated by the attendees and the results have consistently been excellent to outstanding.


The results of Houston Cole Library’s LibQUAL+ survey were reported.  This, the third iteration of the international survey of library quality, produced outstanding results for the library.  Constant improvement is evidenced by users’ perceptions of library service and collections with overall scores of 7.41 in 2003, 7.43 in 2005, and 7.56 this year on a nine-point Likert scale.  Although all scores for the several hundred academic library participants this year have not been compiled, JSU ranks in the top 10% of those that have been reported.  JSU also ranks highest among Alabama academic libraries except for Athens State, a two-year college, and Air University, which is a unique military institution.


Ms. Hanrong Wang traveled to China to discuss JSU programs with the following institutions:  Wuhan University; Central China Normal University; Jianhan University Nursing School; Wuhan University of Science and Technology; College of Foreign Language, Wuhan University; Wuhan Science University; Wuhan No. 1 Middle School;

Guangzhou Radio & TV University; Zhejiang Radio & TV University; Chongqing Radio & TV University; Ningbo Radio & TV University; Hangzhou Radio & TV University;  Anhui Radio & TV University; Chengdu Radio and TV University.  At least five of the aforementioned institutions expressed interest in providing JSU programs to their students.


Thirty new computers were installed in the library smart classroom courtesy of the Technology Replacement Fund.  An order has been submitted to upgrade the network linking those computers. 


Mr. Tony Gravette was promoted to the position of Director of Instructional Media Services which was reclassified to better reflect his responsibilities.


Ms. Hanrong Wang published “International Collaboration for RTVUs in China:  Opportunities and Challenges” in Exploration, Enlightenment, Innovation: Collection of Papers 2007 Sino-US Forum on Distance Education Annual Conference of Higher Distance Education Specialized Committee China Association for Education Technology. (2007) Beijing: Central Radio and Television University Press.


Ms. Laurie Charnigo and Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis published “Checking out The Impact of a Digital Trend on Academic Libraries,” Information Technology and Libraries 26:1 (2007) 23-34.


Ms. Hanrong Wang published “Chapter Five: Collection Development in Academic Library in 21 Century: Theory and Practice” (2007), Beijing Library Press, Beijing.


Ms. Hanrong Wang and Ms. Jodi Poe presented "International Collaboration for RTVUs in China: Opportunities and Challenges", May 18, 2007 at 2007 China-U.S. Forum on Distance Learning, Hangzhou, China.


Ms. Laurie Charnigo and Ms. Carley Suther presented "4th Annual Popcorn n' Picture Books." Houston Cole Library. Jacksonville State University. May 8, 2007.

Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis and Ms. Laurie Charnigo, presented a poster session, "Facebook-worms: The Impact of an Online Social Networking Trend on Academic Libraries," at Mississippi Library 2.0 Summit at Mississippi State University in Starkville, June 15, 2007.

Mr. John-Bauer Graham presented “What Me Publish?” Featured Speaker, College, University, Special Libraries Research Forum.  Mobile, Alabama, April 19, 2007.

Ms. Jodi Poe and Mr. John-Bauer Graham presented “Are Students Reaping What You Sow?” College, University, and Special Libraries Best Practices. Mobile, Alabama, April 18, 2007.

Ms. Carly Suther, Mr. John-Bauer Graham, and Ms. Jodi Poe conducted the Alabama Library Association’s Annual Convention, Pre-conference. “Alabama’s Most Valuable Cash Crop: An Introduction to the Alabama Virtual Library.” Mobile, Alabama, April 17, 2007.

Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis presented at Best Practices #2: A Harvest of New Ideas - The Mini-Sessions!  “Keeping Current in Academe with Blogs and RSS Feeds.” Mobile, Alabama, April 18, 2007.

Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis, panelist for “Social Networks: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” College, University, and Special Libraries Division Breakfast and Business Meeting, Mobile, Alabama, April 19, 2007.

Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis, panelist for “Beyond the Classroom: Harnessing Technology to Cultivate Information Literacy Skills and Media Education.” Alabama Library Instruction Round Table (ALIRT). Mobile, Alabama, April 19, 2007.

Ms. Laurie Charnigo presented "Social Networks: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." Panelist at the Alabama Library Association Annual Convention. Mobile, Alabama, April 19, 2007.

Ms. Hanrong Wang presented “Collection Development in U.S.: Theory & Practice” at the Wuhan Public Library, May 14, 2007, Wuhan, PRC.


Ms. Shari Payne, Instructor, received JSU’s Carla and Cleo Thomas Award for Outstanding Community Education and Service for 2006-2007.  This prestigious award was made at the May 22, 2007 Faculty Honors Reception.


Dr. Beth Hembree, Professor, submitted a $663,420 Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship grant for 2007-2008 to provide financial assistance to MSN students.  Notification of awards has not yet been made.


Dr. Beth Hembree, Professor, is a nationally recognized content expert in response to mass disaster.  As such, she participates in FEMA’s Healthcare Leadership and Decision Making Courses throughout the country.  In that capacity she has served as the Medical Evaluator for disaster response exercises in Kentucky, Indiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Utah, and Colorado this academic year.  Dr. Hembree has made professional presentations at Noble Training Center, Ft. McClellan, AL for two national conferences “Healthcare Leadership and Administrative Decision-Making in Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Incidents Course”.


The following Assistant Professors received Faculty Research Awards:  Dr. Debbie Curry, Dr. Phyllis Waits, and Dr. Kay Williams.  The following Nursing Instructors were also honored at the May 22, 2007 Faculty Honors Reception with Faculty Research Awards:  Ms. Kristi Beam, Ms. Becky Bertalan, Ms. Amanda Bonds, Ms. Peggy Bone, Ms. Sumer Buckner, Ms. Sherron DeWeese, Ms. Carrie Elkins, Ms. Betsy Gulledge, Ms. Marilyn Bougere, Ms. Tammy Morrow, Ms. Shari Payne, Ms. Christie Shelton, Ms. Shawn Wilson, and Ms. Mendy Wright.


Nursing Update 2007 will be held at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) on July 20, 2007.  Featured speaker will be Jenny Nolen, nationally renowned humorist and motivational speaker, who will present “Overcoming Negativity”.  Eight additional topics will be offered to the anticipated audience of 200 nurses from Alabama and Georgia.  Subjects include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Diabetes, Patient Advocacy, Crohn’s Disease, Ventilator Associated Pneumonia, Disaster Management in Rural Areas, and Exercise for Busy Professionals. 


Instructor Ms. Betsy Gulledge has been notified that she was chosen as a reviewer for Billings-Lippincott’s text Content Review for NCLEX.


Instructor Ms. Christie Shelton continues as the Co-principal Investigator of the Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) Exposure and Adverse Health Effects in Anniston, AL project.  This Center for Disease Control funded project is in its fourth and final year.  Ms. Shelton also serves as Project Director for the grant overseeing five research studies.  The PCB project will conclude September 14, 2007.


Consistent with JSU’s vision of achieving an enrollment of 10,000 students, CNHS faculty and staff have engaged in aggressive recruitment this academic year.  The following table outlines recruitment efforts for 2006-2007.


2006 -2007

Recruitment Activities

Number of Contacts


Greater than 3200 pre-nursing advisement contacts were made in person, by email, phone, or letter between May, 2006 and May, 2007.  This number does NOT include the following activities.



Children's Hospital   

 100 STEP & BSN


 JSU Transfer Orientation

 6 BSN


JSU Freshman Orientation

25 BSN


JSU Freshman Orientation

25 BSN


JSU Freshman Orientation

30 BSN


JSU Freshman Orientation

35 BSN


JSU Freshman Orientation

35 BSN


JSU Freshman Orientation

40 BSN


JSU Family Day

125 BSN


Kennestone Hospital, GA



Huntsville Counselor's Appreciation Luncheon

10 High School Counselors, BSN


Cullman Counselor's Luncheon

8 High School Counselors, BSN


Birmingham Botanical Gardens



Cobb Hospital, GA



Trinity Medical Center



VA Medical Center-Tuscaloosa



Oxford High School

60 Generic BSN


Redmond Regional Medical Center



VA Medical Center, Birmingham



Wallace State Community College



Wallace State Community College-Selma



Jefferson State Community College



Weaver High School

200 Generic BSN


Gadsden State Community College




Snead State Community College

30-high school 50-STEP & MSN


Gadsden City High School

60 Generic BSN


Northeast Alabama Community College

40 faculty appreciation luncheon


Central Alabama Community College



Long Term Care Hospital



Stringfellow Hospital



Northeast Alabama Community College



Southern Union State Community College



Citizen’s Medical Center Talladega



Brookwood Medical Center




Date not Decided

Planned Recruitment Activities for the 2006-2007 Academic Year



Riverview Regional Medical Center



Baptist Medical CenterTalladega



St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL



Jefferson State Community College (both campuses)



Lawson State Community College



Medical Center East, Birmingham, AL



Long Term Acute Care, Birmingham, AL



The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), which is the accrediting body for nursing, emphasizes faculty development and the production of scholarly work.  The CNHS has excelled in these areas during the 2006-2007 academic year.  A summary of scholarly activities/faculty development for 2006-2007 follows.






Ms. Kristi Beam,


FACES 2007 - (presented) "Road Trip to New Orleans: A Lesson in Disaster Response…A Journey of Caring and Hope" and "Watch out for Monster Bugs", Montgomery, AL, April 17, 2007


SPN 2007 17th Annual Convention - (presented) "At the Point of No Return: A Look at Teen Suicide" and "From Classroom to Clinical Arena: Turning Ordinary to Extraordinary in Pediatric Nursing", Milwaukee, WI, April 12-15, 2007


Drexel University Annual Conference - (presented) "Making the Pieces Fit: Exploring Oral Concept Mapping", Miami, FL, June 7-10, 2007


Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) RN Item Writing Workshop, Kansas City, KS, June 21-22, 2007, attended



Ms. Becky Bertalan,


5th International Rural Nursing Congress - (presented) "Road Trip to New Orleans: A Lesson in Disaster Response…A Journey of Caring and Hope", Albury, Victoria, Australia, February 28-March 9, 2007


FACES 2007 - (presented) "Road Trip to New Orleans: A Lesson in Disaster Response…A Journey of Caring and Hope" and "Can You Rescue this Patient?", Montgomery, AL, April 17, 2007


18th International Nurse Educators Conference in the Rockies - (presenting) "Road Trip to New Orleans: A Lesson in Disaster Response…A Journey of Caring and Hope", Breckenridge, CO, July 18-21, 2007



Ms. Peggy Bone,


FACES 2007 - (presented) "Watch out for Monster Bugs", Montgomery, AL, April 17, 2007



Ms. Marilyn Bougere, Instructor

UAB ObGyn Progress in Ob/Gyn Conference, Birmingham, AL, February 15-16, 2007, attended



Ms. Sumer Buckner,


SPN 2007 17th Annual Convention - (presented) "From Classroom to Clinical Arena: Turning Ordinary to Extraordinary in Pediatric Nursing", Milwaukee, WI, April 12-15, 2007


FACES 2007 - (poster presentation) "A Positive Experience: Overcoming the Fear of HIV", Montgomery, AL, April 17, 2007


Faculty Workshop - Jefferson State Community College, Birmingham, AL, May 25, 2007, attended



Ms. Janel Crawford,


AL League of Nursing Annual Meeting, Birmingham, AL, April 13, 2007, attended


FACES 2007 -  (presented) “New Approaches to Teaching Pharmacology”, Montgomery, AL, April 17, 2007


Faculty Workshop - Jefferson State Community College, Birmingham, AL, May 25, 2007, attended



Dr. Debbie Curry,

Assistant Professor

33rd Annual Professional Nurse Educator Group Conference - (presented poster) "Development of a Retention Plan for African-American Faculty at a Regional University",  Burlington, VT, October 25-29, 2006


Cardiac Medications Seminar, sponsored by PESI Healthcare, Birmingham, AL, December 15, 2006, attended


5th International Rural Nursing Congress - (presented) "Road Trip to New Orleans: A Lesson in Disaster Response…A Journey of Caring and Hope", Albury, Victoria, Australia, February 28-March 9, 2007


Drexel University Annual Conference - (presented) "Making the Pieces Fit: Exploring Oral Concept Mapping", Miami, FL, June 7-10, 2007


FACES 2007 - (presented) "Road Trip to New Orleans: A Lesson in Disaster Response…A Journey of Caring and Hope", Montgomery, AL, April 17, 2007


Sigma Theta Tau 18th International Nursing Research Congress Focusing on Evidence-Based Practice - (presenting) "The Enigma of Lone Atrial Fibrillation", Vienna, Austria, July 9-14, 2007


18th International Nurse Educators Conference in the Rockies - (presenting) "Road Trip to New Orleans: A Lesson in Disaster Response…A Journey of Caring and Hope", Breckenridge, CO, July 18-21, 2007



Ms. Sherron DeWeese,


Contraceptive Technology: Quest for Excellence, Atlanta, GA, October 25-28, 2006, attended


UAB ObGyn Progress in Ob/Gyn Conference, Birmingham, AL, February 15-16, 2007, attended


FACES 2007 - (presented) “Human Papillomavirus & HPV Vaccine” Montgomery, AL, April 17, 2007


Faculty Workshop - Jefferson State Community College, Birmingham, AL, May 25, 2007, attended



Ms. Carrie Elkins,


33rd Annual Professional Nurse Educator Group Conference - (presented poster) “A Positive Experience: Overcoming the Fear of AIDS”,  Burlington, VT, October 25-29, 2006 


5th International Rural Nursing Congress - (presented) "Road Trip to New Orleans: A Lesson in Disaster Response…A Journey of Caring and Hope", Albury, Victoria, Australia, February 28-March 9, 2007



Ms. Jennifer Frank,


Faculty Workshop - Jefferson State Community College, Birmingham, AL, May 25, 2007, attended



Ms. Betsy Gulledge,


12th Sloan-C International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks (ALN), Orlando, FL, November 7-10, 2006, attended


AL League of Nursing Annual Meeting, Birmingham, AL, April 13, 2007, attended


FACES 2007 -  (presented) “New Approaches to Teaching Pharmacology”, Montgomery, AL, April 17, 2007



Mr. Dave Hofland,

Director Student Services BSN Program

NACADA Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN, October 25-29, 2006, attended


FACES 2007 - Montgomery, AL, April 17, 2007, exhibitor (recruitment)



Ms. Kim Hollingsworth,


Faculty Workshop - Jefferson State Community College, Birmingham, AL, May 25, 2007, attended



Ms. Honey Holman,


NCSU Undergraduate Assessment Symposium, Cary, NC, April 12-15, 2007, attended


Faculty Workshop - Jefferson State Community College, Birmingham, AL, May 25, 2007, attended



Dr. Sarah Latham,


AACN Fall Semi-annual Meeting, Washington, DC, October 27-30, 2006, attended


AACN 2007 Executive Development Series Conference, Washington, DC, March 15-18, 2007, attended


ACAPNEP Deans/Directors meeting, Montgomery, AL, March 1-2, 2007


ACAPNEP Deans/Directors meeting, Montgomery, AL, April 11, 2007


NASPA International Assessment and Retention Conference, St. Louis, MO, June 6-10, 2007, attended


Summer Institute on Leadership for Managing Change, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL, July 12-13, 2007, attending



Ms. Tammy Morrow,


FACES 2007 -  (presented)  “Making the Healthcare a Better Place Incorporating Culture into Clinical Practice”, Montgomery, AL, April 17, 2007



Ms. Shari Payne,


FACES 2007 -  (presented)  “Making the Healthcare a Better Place Incorporating Culture into Clinical Practice”, Montgomery, AL, April 17, 2007



Ms. Christie Shelton,


12th Sloan-C International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks (ALN), Orlando, FL, November 7-10, 2006, attended


NCSU Undergraduate Assessment Symposium, Cary, NC, April 12-15, 2007, attended


FACES 2007 -  (presented) “Metabolic Syndrome…”, Montgomery, AL, April 17, 2007



Ms. Cindy Tubbs,

Clinical Associate

7th National Conference on Nursing Skills Laboratories, San Antonio, TX, June 27-30, 2007, attending



Dr. Phyllis Waits,

Assistant Professor

12th Sloan-C International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks (ALN), Orlando, FL, November 7-10, 2006, attended


Summer Institute on Leadership for Managing Change, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL, July 12-13, 2007, attending



Dr. Kay Williams,

Assistant Professor

NCSU Undergraduate Assessment Symposium, Cary, NC, April 12-15, 2007, attended


FACES 2007 -  (presented) “Metabolic Syndrome…”, Montgomery, AL, April 17, 2007


Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) RN Item Writing Workshop, Kansas City, KS, June 21-22, 2007, attended



Ms. Shawn Wilson,


33rd Annual Professional Nurse Educator Group Conference, Burlington, VT, October 25-29, 2006, attended


5th International Rural Nursing Congress - (presented) "Road Trip to New Orleans: A Lesson in Disaster Response…A Journey of Caring and Hope", Albury, Victoria, Australia, February 28-March 9, 2007



Ms. Mendy Wright,


SPN 2007 17th Annual Convention - (presented) "From Classroom to Clinical Arena: Turning Ordinary to Extraordinary in Pediatric Nursing", Milwaukee, WI, April 12-15, 2007


Oxford Round Table, (presenting) "Preventive Health: Intervention and Progress", United Kingdom, August 4-11, 2007







Faculty/Staff Accomplishments:


Dr. Sherri Restauri and Mr. Tim Garner promoted the University and the Office of Distance Education at the recent Alabama Educational Technology Conference (AETC) held in Birmingham, Alabama.  Dr. Restauri and Mr. Garner participated as AETC exhibitors and passed out materials at their booth, as well as collected student interest surveys for program development considerations.  Conference attendees included teachers, school counselors, and administrators throughout the State of Alabama.  Interests in several online programs not currently available through MyJSU Online were tallied, and results indicated that the number one request from this group was an online Educational Specialist degree in either a general or educational administration concentration.


Dr. Franklin King and Ms. Misty Cobb attended the Teaching in Higher Education (THE) Forum held in Baton Rouge, LA.  The meeting was sponsored by Louisiana State University.  The Forum examined the tools and policies that equip global educators.  It also looked at student needs beyond international boarders as global education increasingly becomes a reality.


Dr. Restauri presented recent updates and news in Educational Technology and Distance Education at JSU to the Leadership of Calhoun County group.




“Managing Intellectual Property for Distance Education” was presented to both faculty and staff.  A four-step process was discussed for managing IP programs without creating unnecessary intellectual property restrictions.  The presenter stressed that a four-step process could save time and money; reduce the complications incurred by attempting to obtain licenses, and ensure that copyright exemptions are correctly applied.


The Office of Distance Education participated in the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk through various fundraising activities. The Office created a unique t-shirt for this fundraiser with the tagline of “Going the Distance for the American Heart Association”. Altogether, the Office of Distance Education raised over $700.00 toward this important cause.


Blackboard Integration with Banner/Luminis:

The Office of Distance Education has been and continues to work with the Division of Information Technology to develop and implement methods of integrating Blackboard with JSU’s new Banner information system.  Pilot attempts with data have been successful up to this point. We plan to be fully integrated by the beginning of the Fall 2007 academic term.


Blackboard & Educational Technology Initiatives:


The audio and video capture and streaming software service, Mediasite, was demonstrated to faculty, staff and administrators, with very high attendance. Such a service has the capability of boosting retention by enabling students to review complicated classroom material at their convenience; extending the university’s reach to multiple audiences; fostering direct coordination, and delivering rapid training.


An Assessment Blackboard Training Workshop was conducted in the newly equipped Instructional Technology and Design Lab in Self Hall.  This workshop discussed such important features in the Blackboard Course Management System as the Test Manager, Survey Manager, Pool Manager, Course Statistics, Gradebook and Gradebook Views, and Performance Dashboard.


Additionally, a Communication and Student Management Tools Blackboard Training Workshop was conducted for faculty, staff, and administrators.  The workshop built upon the Basic Content and Navigation and Advanced Content workshops. The topics included:  asynchronous communication tools, discussion board sorting, synchronous communication tools, student homepages and groups.


One-on-one trainings with faculty members were continued during the reporting period, both in the new Instructional Technology and Design Laboratory and at the request of faculty in their offices.


Recent discussions and surveys reviewed by the Office of Distance Education resulted in a decision to expand on the type of educational technology workshops offered to faculty and staff. Based on faculty and staff recommendations, nineteen new and revised workshops will be rolled-out, beginning Fall 2007.


The new MyJSU Luminis portal allowed for the creation of the Distance Education & Educational Technology Faculty Members group. This group maximizes the new technology available to the university through the Luminis groups tool, by allowing faculty, staff, and administration to access important announcements, news, links to research and relevant resources, and even communicate via asynchronous discussion forums and synchronous chat with one another on various topics relating to educational technology and distance education. This group currently has 79 active members, and membership is available simply by request to any of the group administrators to faculty, staff, and administration interested in staying up-to-date on topics in educational technology and distance education within and beyond the walls of JSU. The group information is being updated on a daily basis by the staff in the Office of Distance Education to keep content fresh.


The Annual Educational Technology Showcase was conducted in the Houston Cole Library.  Mr. Scott Beckett, Dr. Benji and Mrs. Stacy Blair, Ms. Paula Buchanan, Ms. Kristi Beam, Ms. Elizabeth Gulledge and Dr. Phyllis Waits, Dr. Dana Ingalsbe, Ms. Deborah Prickett, and Dr. Joann Williams shared their unique distance learning experiences with a large group of attendees.  Many ideas were exchanged regarding the enhancement and extension of teaching and learning through the curricular integration of technology. Additionally, an online discussion forum was created on the MyJSU Distance Education and Educational Technology group for continued discussion and exchange on the topics presented during the Showcase.




The Office of Distance Education finalized and awarded a bid for a new IP-based videoconference system. This system includes a new multi-point control unit (MCU), one new videoconference teaching system for Self Hall and Merrill Building locations on the JSU campus, and four new Tandberg Media Place systems for remote sites. This will provide state-of-the art videoconferencing capabilities that ensure that the university can both instruct and conduct meetings at locations throughout the county and the world.  Additional uses, such as synchronous interviews, are also possible.



New Programs & Initiatives


As of July 1, 2007, the graduate certificate in Nursing Education will be fully available through online methodology. Additionally, the Office of Distance Education will be offering two new online programs beginning in the Fall 2007, the Master of Science in Systems and Software Design, and the Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Technology. Together, these three programs bring the total online degree programs offered by JSU to thirteen.




Distance Education was featured in “Town & Gown” that ran in both the Jacksonville News and online through the News Bureau of Jacksonville State University.”  The article stressed how important distance education is to students through the comments of JSU staff members.


A feature article on an Alumna of JSU’s STEP and Master of Science in Nursing program ran in the spring issue of the Gem of the Hills.  This article was an opportunity to highlight not just the STEP and MSN programs, but distance education as a whole.


Dr. Franklin King and Ms. Abby Knight represented the Office of Distance Education at the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event at the Gamecock Center on May 15th.  They were able to share information about Distance Education with area business leaders. 


The Office of Distance Education also had an article on distance education in the June issue of Christian Lifestyle.  This is a local publication that is distributed to area businesses and churches in Calhoun, Etowah and Blount counties.  The article focused on the positive aspects of being an adult learner. 


The Office of Distance Education participated in the JSU GO! Orientation and attended the Parents Reception held on the first day of each session.  The reception enabled us to interact with the parents of incoming freshmen, by answer questions about distance education.


The use of the newly established  was promoted through new and current paper-based and online marketing initiatives. A table is included below indicating internet traffic to the website during the last quarter through this reporting period.




March 2007

April 2007

May 2007

Average Number of Hits/Month

Number of Hits*





             * “Hits” are defined as views per page






May, Marathons A, G and J 2007 Distance Learning Course and Enrollment Data

(Including Blackboard Supplements)


May 2007


Course Sections


All Online (Bb, Other, STEP)*

22 (22 courses)

 452 (418 unique students)

Bb Supplements**

51 Bb Courses (may represent more sections)

786 (695 unique students)


  0 ( 0 courses)

   0 ( 0 unique students)


  1 ( 1 course)

   4 ( 4 unique students)

All distance formats*

23 (23 courses)

456 ( 421 unique students)

All formats and supplements**

At least 74

1,242 (1,085 unique students)

*Data provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

   Source: DSTFU8IE, DMSCO4PS and DSTFE6SD Post-Registration Reports from 05/08/2007

**Data provided by the Office of Distance Education.

     Source:  SQL Queries run against Blackboard Advanced System Reporting (ASR) Database – 05/08/2007;

     Data entered based on information provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.


Marathon A 2007


Course Sections


All Online (Bb, Other, STEP)*

11 (11 courses)

171 (157 unique students)

Bb Supplements**

9 Bb Courses (may represent more sections)

80 (73 unique students)


 10 (2 courses)

  45 ( 35 unique students)


   0 (0 courses)

    0 ( 0 unique students)

All distance formats*

21 (13 courses)

 216 (191 unique students)

All formats and supplements**

At least 30

296 (263 unique students)

*Data provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

   Source: DSTFU8IE, DMSCO4PS and DSTFE6SD Post-Registration Reports from 05/08/2007

**Data provided by the Office of Distance Education.

     Source:  SQL Queries run against Blackboard Advanced System Reporting (ASR) Database – 05/08/2007;

     Data entered based on information provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.


Marathon G 2007


Course Sections


All Online (Bb, Other, STEP)*

13 (13 courses)

87 (79 unique students)

Bb Supplements**

1 Bb Course (may represent more sections)

9 (9 unique students)


  0 (0 courses)

   0 ( 0 unique students)


  0 (0 courses)

  0 ( 0 unique students)

All distance formats*

13 (13 courses)

 87 ( 79 unique students)

All formats and supplements**

At least 14

96 (90 unique students)

*Data provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

   Source: DSTFU8IE, DMSCO4PS and DSTFE6SD Post-Registration Reports from 05/08/2007

**Data provided by the Office of Distance Education.

     Source:  SQL Queries run against Blackboard Advanced System Reporting (ASR) Database – 05/xx/2007;

     Data entered based on information provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.




Marathon J 2007


Course Sections


All Online (Bb, Other, STEP)*

34 (26 courses)

474 (218 unique students)

Bb Supplements**

7 Bb Courses

69 (53 unique students)


  0 ( 0 courses)

   0 ( 0 unique students)


  0  (0 courses)

   0 ( 0 unique students)

All distance formats*

34 (26 courses)

 474 (218 unique students)

All formats and supplements**

At least 41

543 (267 unique students)

*Data provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

   Source: DSTFU8IE, DMSCO4PS and DSTFE6SD Post-Registration Reports from 05/08/2007

**Data provided by the Office of Distance Education.

     Source:  SQL Queries run against Blackboard Advanced System Reporting (ASR) Database – 05/08/2007;

     Data entered based on information provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.



Summer I & Marathon B 2007 Distance Learning Course and Enrollment Data

(Including Blackboard Supplements)


Summer I 2007



Course Sections


All Online (Bb, Other, STEP)*

25 (24 courses)

 554 (487 unique students)

Bb Supplements**

30 Bb Courses (may represent more sections)

457 (420 unique students)


  0 ( 0 courses)

   0 ( 0 unique students)


  0 ( 0 course)

   0 ( 0 unique students)

All distance formats*

  25 (24 courses)

   554 (487 unique students)

All formats and supplements**

At least 55

1,011 (850 unique students)

*Data provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

   Source: DSTFU8IE, DMSCO4PS and DSTFE6SD Post-Registration Reports from 06/06/2007

**Data provided by the Office of Distance Education.

     Source:  SQL Queries run against Blackboard Advanced System Reporting (ASR) Database – 06/15/2007;

     Data entered based on information provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.



Marathon B 2007



Course Sections


All Online (Bb, Other, STEP)*

13 (13 courses)

 295 (262 unique students)

Bb Supplements**

6 Bb Courses (may represent more sections)

62 (60 unique students)


  0 ( 0 courses)

   0 ( 0 unique students)


  0 ( 0 course)

   0 ( 0 unique students)

All distance formats*

 13 (13 courses)

 295 (262 unique students)

All formats and supplements**

At least 19

357 (313 unique students)

*Data provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

   Source: DSTFU8IE, DMSCO4PS and DSTFE6SD Post-Registration Reports from 06/06/2007

**Data provided by the Office of Distance Education.

     Source:  SQL Queries run against Blackboard Advanced System Reporting (ASR) Database – 06/15/2007.

Data entered based on information provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.


JSU Gadsden Director Mr. Ralph Burke attended a workshop June 28, 2007, on Assessment of Non-instructional Units.  The workshop centered on developing assessment plans including evaluating and reporting assessment findings.  Attendance at the workshop is consistent with the university’s long-range strategic planning.

In response to the growing Hispanic population in Northeast Alabama, Mr. Burke has participated in meetings with persons from the Hispanic community in DeKalb County for the purpose of discussing a role JSU might play.  The meetings have centered on JSU offering language, culture, and history studies through Continuing Education for the purpose of preparation for the U.S. Citizenship test.


Career Placement

Career Placement Services sponsored 10 on-campus interview days. Companies included: Steeple Technology, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Russell Manufacturing, Scott Logistics, United States Department of Financial Management, United States Army Officers Training, and Henderson, Hall and Storey Accounting Firm.  65 JSU students interviewed with these companies.


II9 non-teaching jobs have been posted to the Career Placement Services website; 243 teaching jobs have been posted.


The State of Alabama has hired 11 JSU students this quarter.


Ms. White saw approximately 75 students for resume help and job search strategies.  Ms. Turner saw 45 scheduled appointments and approximately 40-50 walk-ins.


Career Placement Services initiated new partnerships with Springs Global, Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce, Parker Hannifin, U.S. Department of Treasury, Small Businesses of Excellence, Dale Jarrett Driving School, RLC Accounting Firm, The Longleaf Style, The Anniston Star, Rainbow Omega, and Washington International Group.


27 students are currently enrolled in co-operative education for Marathon J.


2 students are placed in volunteer roles in local facilities. One student is volunteering at the Jacksonville Medical Center and the other is placed at the Calhoun County Emergency Management Center.


 Honda Manufacturing hired 2 new students for summer.  Honda now has a total of 8 co-op students & a total of 43 associates from JSU.  Southern Tool hired 1 co-op as a full-time associate, beginning late spring.  One student was placed at General Dynamics for summer co-op. 


Ms. Turner spoke to senior social work students regarding resume writing tips.  Ms. Turner attended the Senior Athletics Banquet, Miss Alabama Pageant, Faculty Awards Banquet and the SGA awards Banquet representing Career Placement Services and JSU.


Ms. Turner was guest speaker at the IAACP group of professional women.  Her presentation was “How to Stay Cool, Calm and Collected at Work in the Summertime living in the Deep South”.  Professional dress and current trends were discussed during this presentation.  Ms. Robbie Boggs coordinated this event.


As part of a recruiting effort, Ms. Becca Turner attended the “State of the University Address” Alumni Event in Huntsville at the Space & Rocket Center, as well as Birmingham’s The Club. 

Ms. Turner accompanied Mr. Earl Warren on a tour of Bridgewater Interiors in Oxford, Alabama.  Other on site visits made were RLC, Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce & Mr. Jerry Klug’s office. 


Ms. Turner and Mrs. Janet White met with ANAD to re-educate any new hires on the new policy for cooperative education and records were sent to the Training Office of all JSU students’ status. 


Ms. Turner is an advisor for the AOII sorority, and Ms. White is the sponsor for Campus Outreach Ministries.  


Career Placement Services is currently working with Television Services to finish the DVD that will be used during presentation and recruitment efforts to inform parents, students, business and potential partners about the Office of Career Placement Services.



JSU Police Department

Active Shooter Training: All JSUPD officers attended active shooter training on May 10 and May 31, 2007. The training was a 14-hour block of classroom and practical exercise courses presented by instructors from the Northeast Alabama Police Academy. The instruction included a history of active shooters, methods, motivation, and current police tactics designed to stop the shooting. Officers were given an opportunity to practice the tactics in a series of drills designed to give the officers an opportunity to go through a number of shooting scenarios. Realistic force on force training was used with sub munitions (high velocity paintball training system).


Federal Grant Awarded: JSUPD was notified that it received a Federal grant award from the Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDAP). The program is sponsored and funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Grants & Training (G&T).  The U.S. Army Electronic Proving Ground, Special Programs Office administers the program on behalf of DHS, G&T. The grant was for a handheld (scout) Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) system. The system detects different degrees of temperatures and projects them as a picture on a small screen for viewing by the operator. The system weighs only a couple pounds and uses rechargeable batteries. It can detect body heat at over a hundred yards. The system will be used in search and rescue operations as part of mutual aid agreements. In May, Sergeant Carl Preuninger traveled to New Orleans to get certified in using the FLIR system. His travel and lodging was paid for by the federal government. The system is valued at $17,000.00.


Blast Injury Training: On 5 June 2007, members of the JSUPD attended blast injury training sponsored by the Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency. The training was taught by the Center for Emerging Infections and Emergency Preparedness University of Alabama at Birmingham. The 8-hour class included the history of explosive devices, mechanisms of blast injury, clinical (medical) aspects, scene and victim management, mental health of victims and responders to a blast incident and a table top exercise.



Student Health Center


The Student Health Center participated in Alcohol Awareness Month during April by distributing alcohol awareness material to students.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz presented program to PEER Educators.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz attended the “Lost in Cyperspace” seminar at the Anniston Meeting Center.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz participated on the Relay for Life team.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz attended the UPD Response on Active Shooter Training.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz met with Katie Ingram of Sanofi Pastuer regarding Menactra vaccine.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz attended the interview and lunch with Dr. John Fletcher, candidate for AVP for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz attended the interview and lunch with Dr. Tim King, candidate for AVP for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz attended the interview and lunch with Dr. Richard Walters, candidate for AVP for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz met with GO Leader, Samantha McGee, for an interview on the services of the Student Health Center.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz was interviewed for an article with the Chanticleer.


Ms. Twyla Hobbs and Ms. Shade Nix participated in the 2007 Orientation Browse Sessions.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz participated in the Orientation Parents’ Sessions and Receptions.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz and Mr. Robert Mills attended CPR Certification training and Life Saver Training.


Mr. Robert Mills attended the Appalachian School for Alcohol and Drug Studies (ApSADS).


Dr. Tim Martin is the interim physician while Dr. James Yates completes his tour of duty in Iraq.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz continues to serve on the University Substance Abuse Program Committee, the University Safety and Environmental Health Committee, the Housing Appeal/Petition Review Board, the Intervention Committee and the Wellness Committee.


Mr. Robert Mills continues to serve on the University Personnel Counsel and the Alumni Board.


The total number of client visits this quarter was 742.  This total includes 516 student visits and 222 faculty/staff visits.  The primary care physicians provide services at the SHC 12 hours per week during April and 6 hours per week during the month of May and June.  The gynecologist provides women’s health services 4 hours per week during the month of April.  There is no gynecologist during the months of May and June.  The gynecologist will return in September 2007. 



APR - JUN 2007



















Student Contacts









Total Contacts
















MD - total
















 Nurse - total
















GYN - total






New Patients



Return Patients



Total Patients












Total Contacts






Prescriptions Dispensed








Rash / Bite / Skin




Back / Muscular / Skeletal


Male Problem


Female Problem / Annual








HCG Pregnancy Test


Bladder / Kidney / UTI






Stomach / Bowel


Blood Pressure


Follow Up




Counseling and Career Services

In Counseling and Career Services, we held and completed our interview process for the upcoming 2007-2008 JSU Peer Educators group.  They went through the training process and completed in May.  The new Peer Educators are:

  • Molly Benefield, Junior, Heflin, AL

  • Leah Byars, Senior, Rome, GA

  • Kristina Cothran, Freshman, Trion, GA

  • Ashley Gaither, Sophomore, Trion, GA

  • Jasmine George, Freshman, Birmingham, AL

  • Adrienne Harris, Freshman, Lagrange, GA

  • Meredith Harvey, Sophomore, Hoover, AL

  • Alina Lackey, Sophomore, Atlanta, GA

  • LaToya Meikle, Junior, Brooklyn, NY

  • Amanda Mowery, Sophomore, Hoover, AL

  • Sharonica Neeley, Sophomore, Birmingham, AL

  • DAngelo Smith, Sophomore, Decatur, GA

  • Chris Stokes, Freshman, Dallas, GA

  • Spencer Tinsley, Freshman, Summerville, GA

  • Nicholas Weir, Sophomore, Gadsden, AL

  • Terrence Windham, Sophomore, Aliceville, AL

  • Shevon Young, Freshman, LaGrange, GA

Counseling and Career Services was involved in the Seventh Annual Appalachian School for Alcohol and Other Drug Studies, which was held June 18-21, 2007 at JSU- McClellan.  Mr. Rickey Naugher, Director of CCS, was the Chairperson for this annual conference.  All the other counseling staff played a major role as well, in running this event for the week.  It was one of the largest schools to date, with over 400 registered participants in attendance with 14 concurrent classes being taught.  We worked closely with several agencies in running this school, mainly the Department of Education, State Department of Mental Health/ Mental Retardation, Department of Vocational Rehabilitation as well as private donors. 


Mr. Todd Prater conducted a workshop in May with Social Work majors on career decisions.  Mr. Prater and Ms. Linda Shelton worked together with the Upward Bound Program with career challenges.  Mr. Rickey Naugher presented to the Counseling Education students on understanding substance abuse issues.


The entire department assisted with orientation for incoming freshmen. 



Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions is pleased to announce that the fall application and acceptance numbers are the highest since the application count began in 1990.   A chart titled “Fall Application Count” has been provided with comparison numbers from 1998-2007.


Fall Application Count:






































Not Accepted













































Not Accepted


















Grand Totals:




























Georgia Application Count:






































Not Accepted













































Not Accepted


















Grand Totals:



























Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid has awarded 2474 students aid for the Fall/Spring terms through the Banner system.  Our first awarding began on June 13, 2007 and within a matter of minutes, 1837 students were sent their award letters via JSU email.  For the first time in a very long time, the aid office is current with paperwork submitted by students for their aid. 


Responses from students and parents are very positive with real time information.


The financial aid staff is still very excited about the new system especially for our students.

Department of University Housing and Residence Life

Occupancy Report:

Please see attachment #1 for the May, summer I, and summer II 2007 occupancy report and attachment #2 for the fall 2007 occupancy report.

Staff Report:

The Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) yearly training took place May 2-4.


The Assistant Residence Life Coordinators (ARLCs) yearly training took place June 22-26.


Important Dates:


August 5:                             Football Move-In

August 8:                             Volleyball Move-In

August 10:                           Band Move-In (Rookies)

August 13:                           Soccer Move-In

August 14:                           Band Move-In (Veterans)

August 17:                           Resident Assistant Move-In

August 16:                          Track Move-In

August 17-22:                     Resident Assistant Training

August 21:                           Sorority Move-In

August 23:                           Returning Residents Move-In

August 24:                           New Residents Move-In

August 27-28:                     Desk Assistant Training

August 29:                           First Day of Class


Facilities Report:


Daugette Hall

Most of the carpet has been removed.

All mini-blinds have been removed and are scheduled to be replaced.

The stops for all sinks have been replaced and the faucets removed for replacement.

Holes in the walls are being patched.

The painter has completed painting all rooms on the first floor and the second floor is near completion.

The sinks are scheduled to be glazed once the painter is finished.

The contractor will begin installing the lay-in ceiling in July.

A storefront entrance was installed in the lounge near the staff unit.


Penn House

The remaining two units are currently being renovated.




Programming Dimension: LEARN (Life Skills, Education, Awareness, Responsibility, and Needs)


Program Title: Want to Cool Off? (~40)

Students were invited to cool off with a summer ice cream treat.  They were able to meet and greet during this social event.


Program Title: Exercising Skills (5)

Two RAs that are involved in the military and acrobats demonstrated basic exercising and work-out techniques to residents.


Attachment #1:  May/Summer I/Summer II Occupancy Report





May Term %


Summer I %


*Summer II %

























Campus Inn-Eff








Campus Inn-(1) Bd
















Jax-(1) Bd








Jax-(2) Bd
































Penn House
















Apts. Average %
























Mtn. St. and Cole Dr.
















Total Capacity 
















Overall Average












Attachment #2:  Fall 2007/2008 Occupancy Report as of 6.26.07




Occupancy %





































Campus Inn (Eff)



Campus Inn (1Bd)






Jax (1Bd)



Jax (2Bd)












Penn House















Mtn. Street and Cole Drive















Disability Support Services (DSS)


DSS Staff:            Daniel Miller, Director

                               Stephanie Hatfield, Secretary

                               Stephen Cain, Lead Interpreter

                               Jennifer Yocum, Staff Interpreter

                               Linda Turner, Disability Specialist Transition

                               Cindy Camp, Disability Specialist Deafness

                               Sarah Eiland, Disability Specialist Generalist

                               Katy Goodgame, Disability Specialist LD/ADD/ADHD

                               Katerri Krebs, Interpreter


Mrs. Katy Goodgame presented on the DSS program and services for Instructor Paula Buchanan’s Business 100 course (CBA Orientation) at three sessions in April.


On April 6, Mr. Daniel Miller attended the Education Technology Showcase.


On April 10, Mr. Daniel Miller presented for Peer Education.


Mrs. Linda Turner serves on the Alabama School for the Deaf Vocation Advisory Council and attended this meeting on April 11. While serving on this council, she provides valuable insight to what is needed from employees in today’s work place.


Mrs. Sarah Eiland attended a Microsoft Access continuing education course on April 12.


Serving as secretary of Council of Organizations Serving Deaf Alabamians (COSDA), Mrs. Linda Turner attended the meeting on April 12 in Montgomery. This organization is made up of more than 20 organizations throughout the state. This council provides a communicative network among organizations, a forum for presenting issues and to advocate for improved services for deaf and hard of hearing Alabamians.


Mr. Stephen Cain provided sign language interpreting services while Mrs. Jennifer Yocum provided C-Print captioning services for JSU graduation ceremony on April 27.


On May 12, Mrs. Cindy Camp presented the “Finger-Spelling Web-Cast”.


Mrs. Cindy Camp presented in Austin, TX on May 15 to a group of interpreters from three colleges.


Mrs. Cindy Camp assisted with the coordination and facilitation of the TeleTraining for PEPNet South held on May 22 for the use of remote interpreting services.


Mrs. Stephanie Hatfield attended an initial Banner Training class on May 23.


DSS hosted a Secretary Coffee meeting for all department secretaries to welcome Mrs. Stephanie Hatfield as DSS Secretary to Director on May 24.  Mrs. Hatfield joined the staff on May 14 to replace Ms. Jennifer Pruitt whose last day was April 2.


Mrs. Jennifer Yocum provided C-Print captioning at the ASD graduation on May 30.


DSS Staff, through a collaborative effort with the ADRS (Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services) and AIDB (Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind), hosted
a statewide College Prep for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students from June 3 to 11.  The goal of this effort is to better prepare these students to persevere in the postsecondary setting. Participants followed a college-like course of study. Curriculum included topics such as: self-advocacy; study skills; college survival; nutrition; sex education; money management; technology and effective decision making.


Mr. Daniel Miller attended and was a presenter for the Postsecondary Training Institute Conference sponsored by U-Conn held June 12-18 in Saratoga, NY.


Mrs. Linda Turner, serving on the executive board of COSDA, was also instrumental in the planning process of the annual COSDA Awards Luncheon which was held in Birmingham on Thursday, June 14.


On June 15, Mrs. Cindy Camp helped to coordinate a TeleTraining conference for PEPNet South on the differences between educational and community interpreting.


Miss Katerri Krebs, Mrs. Linda Turner and Mrs. Jennifer Yocum provided interpreter services for the Seventh Annual Appalachian School of Alcohol and Other Drug Studies from June 18 to 21.


On June 25, Mrs. Cindy Camp presented an all day web-cast training at the University of Tennessee on classroom accessibility and captioning.


Mrs. Linda Turner will be attending the first full state-wide meeting of the State Interagency Transition Team scheduled for June 28 at the State Rehab office in Montgomery, AL.


DSS was the host site for orientation parents and drama students groups for the month of June.


Mr. Stephen Cain continues to work toward obtaining his doctorate of Ministry Degree.


In conjunction with TV Services, Mrs. Cindy Camp is working to produce a promotional video for Described and Captioned Media Program.



Student Life


Student Government Association/Multicultural Program


The Alabama YMCA Collegiate Legislature was held March 1-3, 2007, Montgomery, Alabama. Several JSU students attended and 3 were elected into key leadership positions for 2008.


The JSU Star talent competition was sponsored on March 8, 2007, by the SGA. The winner of the event was “Ku Chu Bun Kai.” These students are participants of the English Language Institute.


SGA Spring Elections were held in March for Executive Officers and Senator positions. The newly elected officers are: R. David Jennings, Student Government Association President, Jennifer Nix, Vice President of Student Senate, Brittney Cunningham, Vice President of Student Activities, Destini Mayberry, Vice President of Organizational Affairs, Shalon Hathcock, Director of Publicity and Keyrunta Houston, Chief Justice.


The month of March was brought to closure with plans finalized for the JSU-Jacksonville Spring Fling. The highlight of this event was the Sara Evans Concert held on March 30, 2007 in Pete Mathews Coliseum


Higher Education Day was held on April 5, 2007 in Montgomery, Alabama. Again, for the third consecutive year the SGA was successful in orchestrating the largest number of student delegates to participate in the rally.


The SGA Banquet was held on April 16, 2007. The new SGA officers were administered the oath by Dr. William Meehan. The newly elected officers attended a planning retreat in Chattanooga, Tennessee on April 26-28, 2007.


LeaderShape Conference


The Office of Student Life had the privilege to send five delegates to Alabama LeaderShape Conference which was held May 31-June 5, 2007. Those students were Chelsea Eakin, Rafael Ferrell, Emilee Gossett, Brett Socha, and Kelly Wright.  These five students had the opportunity to attend this conference to achieve more quality leadership growth that will help to enhance their collegiate experience and our campus community.


The LeaderShape Institute is an intensive, energizing, six-day educational experience designed to equip young adults to become extraordinary leaders. Each session of The LeaderShape Institute is comprised of approximately 60-70 students ages 17-25 from diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. The Institute's curriculum is presented by a group of facilitators who are all highly respected in their own professions and serve as excellent role models for the students.  Much of the week's work is done in small groups called "family clusters," which create a safe, supportive learning environment that allows participants to work together, form close friendships, and benefit from new perspectives. Each student in the cluster works to define his/her personal vision an extraordinary commitment to changing or contributing to the world in a positive way.  Based on that vision, participants then develop a blueprint for the action that they will undertake when they return home with the objective of effecting meaningful, measurable change in their organization during the next 9-12 months. With the guidance of LeaderShape facilitators, participants complete a blueprint that identifies the goals, relationships, and action steps that are essential to the project’s success.


Leading Edge Institute


The Leading Edge Institute is a unique leadership development process for young women across the state of Alabama which was held June 4-10, 2007. It is an interactive, educational process that brings together college women to provide them with leadership skill development, expose them to critical issues facing Alabama, and connect them with experienced leaders. More than 30 leaders from corporate executives and scholars to community activists and political officials volunteer to serve as faculty and mentors. Each year, Jacksonville State University selects three distinguished women to represent the university at the Leading Edge Institute.  This year the following young ladies were chosen to represent our university Jasmine George, Madison Phillips, Sabrina Ussery and faculty advisor Ms. Karen Maxwell.


Greek Life


Fraternity and Sorority Life concluded our semester with our annual Greek Week and Greek Awards activities.  This year’s theme entailed “Grateful to be Greek!”  In conjunction with Jacksonville & JSU’s Spring Fling this week added a host of activities for our students.  From Greek Olympics to our Faculty & Staff Appreciation Block Party, this week allotted time for our members to celebrate being Greek. 


At our annual Greek Awards Program, Dr. Bill Meehan awarded $6500.00 worth of scholarships to chapters that excelled in overall involvement, academics, and overall chapter operation.   Those recognized chapters are as follows:

Bronze($250.00)          Silver ($500.00)           Gold ($1000.00)

Alpha Phi Alpha            Zeta Tau Alpha             Kappa Alpha Psi

Delta Zeta                     Sigma Nu                       Alpha Xi Delta

                                                                               Alpha Omicron Pi

                                                                               Delta Chi


Those chapters that excelled in university and community relations were as follows:

Delta Chi

Delta Sigma Theta

Sigma Gamma Rho

Alpha Omicron Pi

Alpha Xi Delta

Zeta Phi Beta

Phi Mu

Kappa Alpha Psi

Zeta Tau Alpha

Delta Zeta

Alpha Pi Alpha


Omega Psi Phi was recognized for the Most Improved Chapter for achieving a 40% increase in program results from last year as well as the most improved GPA.


This year our university awarded more awards in the history of the program. 


Gamecock Orientation (GO!)


Gamecock Orientation 2007 was a huge success.  797 students attended one of the six sessions held in June.  This was an increase of 19 students from 2006.  100% of the parents and students stated that their overall satisfaction with JSU was good or excellent.


The Orientation Advisory board will meet in August 2007 to determine the Orientation Schedule for 2008. 



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