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6 July 2007
Dr. Zettili to Serve as Fulbright Scholar in Algeria

Dr. Nouredine Zettili

By Anne Muriithi
Graduate Assistant
JSU News Bureau

Jacksonville State University continues to be resilient when it comes to expanding its educational boundaries worldwide. Evidence of this can be seen when Jacksonville State University faculty travel out of the country on awards such as the Fulbright Awards. Dr. Zettili, Professor of Physics in the Department of Physical and Earth Sciences, will travel to Algeria on a Fulbright Award.  Dr. Zettili, who originally is an Algerian native, is excited about the opportunity that has been granted to him to go serve as a Fulbright scholar in Algeria.


“I am looking forward to and, indeed, am eager to serve as a ‘Fulbrighter’ in Algeria,” says Dr. Zettili.


Dr. Zettili’s reason for deciding to serve as a ‘Fulbrighter’ in Algeria is that he has always been impressed by Senator Fulbright’s ideals, most notably his vision to establish an international education exchange program that promotes mutual understanding between people of the United States and citizens of other countries.


Having lived in Algeria during his early school years before migrating to the United States, Dr. Zettili was aware of the fact that there was not a lot of collaboration between the United States institutions of higher learning and the Algerian institutions of higher learning.  The main reason for this is because Algeria is a French colony. As a result, institution of higher learning collaborations and exchanges had been taking place between French Universities and cultural programs.  


“The Fulbright award will undoubtedly give me an opportunity to introduce my Algerian colleagues to the US educational system and its successful paradigms.  We take these for granted here in the US, but these paradigms can make a difference in Algeria,” says Dr. Zettili.


Dr. Zettili has always wanted to contribute in initiating or participating in collaborations between American institution of higher learning and cultural programs in Algeria in the hope of helping to enrich and broaden Algeria’s academic, cultural and linguistic horizons.


“An exchange of scholars between the US and Algeria will contribute immensely to a better understanding between American institutions of higher learning and cultural programs with Algeria in the hope of helping to enrich and broaden Algeria’s educational system,” says Dr. Zetilli.


During his sojourn in Algeria, Dr. Zettili will primarily be teaching Physics at the host institution and carrying out joint research work with other professors in Algeria. Dr. Zettili also intends to give public lectures at other universities and, if given the chance, would like to talk to the media about the ideals and mutual benefits of the Fulbright program.


Dr. Zettili’s primary goal is to introduce and publicize Jacksonville State University to the Algerian community of higher learning.  Additionally, he would like to help bridge the gap between the two cultures and help mitigate and, if possible, remove, the misconceptions and misunderstandings that he will come in contact with.


“I look forward to convey and highlight my own personal positive experience in the US, notably in Alabama with its distinctive southern hospitality,” says. Dr. Zettili.  Dr. Zettili is operationally familiar with the culture, traditions, and languages of the host country, and he has the needed scientific credentials. He is confident that he is well equipped with the necessary tools and assets to be an effective ambassador of Jacksonville State University.


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