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27 November 2006

Carr Receives 2006 Alabama Staff Developer Award

Dr. William D. Carr

Dr. William D. Carr, dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education at Jacksonville State University, received the 2006 Alabama Professional Developer award from the Alabama Staff Development Council. The award was given to Dr. Carr in recognition of his outstanding contributions to professional development for teachers and administrators in Alabama. The award was presented to Dr. Carr on November 16 in Birmingham at the associationís annual conference.

Dr. Carr served as president of the Alabama Staff Development Council in 2003 and was a member of executive committee for many years. The council is committed to ensuring success for all students through staff development and school improvement. Its primary goal is that all teachers in all schools will experience high-quality professional learning as part of their daily work.

Dr. Carr has served as dean of JSUís College of Graduate and Continuing Education since 1982. Additionally, he is responsible for the JSU In-Service Education Center which provides professional development for teachers and administrators in 15 public school systems in the JSU service area. Most recently he was responsible for bringing the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) to JSU.

Dr. Carr served twice as acting vice president for academic affairs at JSU, in 1988 and again in 2001-2002. In February, 2003, Dr. Carr received the prestigious award for Outstanding Contributions to Graduate Education in the Southern Region by the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools.

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