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10 November 2006

New Computer Courses Offered in Spring 2007

The MCIS department will offer the following three new computer courses beginning spring 2007:

  1. CS 309M - Net Enhanced Strategy, Architecture, and Design (3) - Prerequisite: CS 201.

    This course focuses on a rich variety of models and strategies for connecting individuals, businesses, governments, and other organizations to each other. The topics covered in the course will span value and supply chain concepts, varying business relationship types, as well as obligations for protection of individual privacy and organizational security.

  2. CS 316M - Web Design I (3) - Prerequisite: CS 201.

    Create and design Web pages using HTML, CSS, and XML. Includes studio component where students analyze, design, and implement Web site.

  3. CS 339M - Game Design I (3) - Prerequisites: CS 201 and EH 102.

    Principles of game design. Covers analysis of genres; gameplay; conceptual design; story and character development; effects of art, lighting, and sound; interface design; level design; and the business of game development.
Please refer to the Student Access System for days/times for these classes.

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