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18 October 2006
VPASA Quarterly Report to the Board of Trustees




Academic Affairs


A record number of students participated in Dual Enrollment at the following schools:

Alexandria High School

Cedar Bluff High School

Cherokee County High School


Jacksonville High School

Oxford High School

Pleasant Valley High School

Sacred Heart

Saks High School


Number of enrollees in Dual Enrollment classes for this fall was 328 compared to last year’s 253.


Department of Military Science


The Department of Military Science commissioned twenty two Army Officers in fiscal year 2006.  This makes JSU the top Army Officer producing institute among every four year University in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana for 2006.  Auburn University and the University of Alabama each produced only 20 Army Officers.  This makes JSU’s achievement even more remarkable when comparing respective student populations. 


A total of 28 freshmen enrolled in the ROTC basic course for the fall 2006 semester, a 33% increase from fall 2005.  Overall, the combined enrollment for freshmen and sophomores has increased 20%.  In a time of war, with recruiting efforts struggling nationwide, this rate of growth is significant and reflects greatly upon the University and its commitment to developing quality leaders for our Army. 


Over the summer of 2006, the department sent fifteen cadets to the Leader Development and Assessment Course at Fort Lewis, WA, three cadets attended the Leadership Training Course at Fort Knox, KY, four cadets attended the Army’s Airborne School at Fort Benning, GA, and two cadets attended the Army Air Assault School at Fort Campbell, KY.  By every measurable standard, JSU Army ROTC cadets excelled when compared to nationwide training and performance averages.  We will continue every effort to market JSU as a “Premiere Officer Training Environment” in the Southeast United States.


Department of Art

The Art Department is planning an exhibit of artwork for Doug Clark and Phil Kesler, new professors who began teaching in the department last year.

Construction began this summer on the new Art Annex building.

Department of Biology

Drs. George Cline and James Rayburn submitted a grant extension entitled ‘Distribution and habitat analysis of eastern hellbenders (Cryptogranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis) in Alabama’ to the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Funded for $41,299.


Mr. Lawrence Nelson III (Dr. Benjie Blair mentor) received a Bowen Biotechnology Research Grant ($500) entitled: Qualitative Analysis of Sea Urchin (Lytechinus variegates) Gut Microflora.


Mr. Jeffery O’Kelley (Dr. Benjie Blair mentor) received a Bowen Biotechnology Research Grant ($500) entitled: The Classification and distribution of small and large intestinal microbiota in the common Alabama water snake (Nerodia spp.) using 16 s ribosomal DNA clonal libraries.


Mr. Jeffery O’Kelley (Dr. Benjie Blair mentor) submitted grant proposal ($500) to DNA Environmental Logistics Corporation entitled: Comparison, Classification and Distribution of Intestinal Microbiota in terrestrial and aquatic Alabama snakes using 16s rDNA Clonal Libraries.


Lawrence Nelson III (Dr. Benjie Blair mentor) submitted grant proposal ($500) to DNA Environmental Logistics Corporation entitled: Comparison of sea urchin (Lytechinus variegates) gut microflora to improve culture methods.


Bernice Moser (Dr. James Rayburn mentor) received a $250 grant from the Alabama Academy of Sciences for a project entitled ‘Determination of Estrogenic Effects in Local Watersheds of Alabama.


Bernice Moser (Dr. James Rayburn mentor) received National SETAC Student Travel Award $190.00 to present her research findings at the annual conference in Montreal, Canada in November.


Ms. Kaci Rodgers (Dr. James Rayburn mentor) received a $250 grant from the Alabama Academy of Sciences for a project entitled ‘Protein Analysis of the freshwater jellyfish Craspedacusta sowerbii’.


Dr. Benjie Blair and Mr. Lawrence Nelson accepted and completed a contract with the US Forest Service (USDA) for water quality analysis at Coleman Lake.  $2300.


Drs. Mark Meade and Benjie Blair submitted a grant proposal to the Beckman Coulter Company for a proteome system in the amount of $120,300.  Funding has tentatively been approved.


Dr. LaJoyce Debro and two undergraduate students received travel grants of $1450 each (August) from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology to attend the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in Anaheim, CA.



Drs. Romano, Blair, Bowen, and Ms. Stacy Blair completed published an online laboratory manual for BY 104 entitled Biological Inquiry (3rd edition). Kendall Hunt Publishing Co.


Dr. Sauterer completed a revision of his BY 413 – Animal Reproduction and Development Lab Manual.  Published internally.


Miss Bernice Moser and Dr. James Rayburn had the following paper accepted for publication in Bios – the journal of the BBB National Biology Student Honor Society; “Evaluation of Developmental Toxicity of Interaction between Caffeine and Pseudoephedrine Using Frog Embryo Teratogenesis Assay-Xenopus (Fetax)”.


Mr. Robert Dafoe and Dr. Frank Romano presented their research entitled: ‘A seasonal and transect survey of leaf litter tardigrade communities from a Gulf of Mexico barrier island (Dauphin Island, Alabama, USA)’ to the 10th International Symposium on Tardigrades sponsored by the University of Catania, Catania, Sicily, Italy in June 2006.


Miss Colleen Mitchell and Dr. Frank Romano presented their research entitled: ‘A life history study of a natural population of Echiniscus mauccii (Tardigrad: Heterotardigrada) in Alabama’ to the 10th International Symposium on Tardigrades sponsored by the University of Catania, Catania, Sicily, Italy in June 2006.


Dr. Christopher A. Murdock, Brian C. Small, A. Lelania Bilodeau, Brian C. Peterson, and Geoffrey C. Waldbieser.  Evaluation of reference genes for quantitative PCR analyses in channel catfish tissues under varying physiological conditions. VIIth International Congress on the Biology of Fish.  St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada (July 2006).


Dr. Blair Presented two talks at DeSoto State Park Campfire Talk during July and August entitled: Invisible Wonders of Little River Canyon and Parasites of Little River Canyon.


Dr. James Rayburn had the following presentation accepted by the National Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC); “The Developmental Toxicity of Resmethrin to embryos of Xenopus laevis”


Miss Bernice Moser and Dr. James Rayburn had the following presentation Accepted by the National Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC); “A preliminary analysis of a novel assay for vitellogenin in Xenopus laevis plasma”.


Dr. Christopher Murdock submitted the following abstract ‘Splice-Variant during Ovarian Steroidogenesis and Development in Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatus’ to the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting (Sept. 2006). 


Dr. Frank Romano presented two talks at DeSoto State Park in September entitled: Endangered Molluscs of Alabama the biology of waterbears (Tardigrades).


Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani completed the second Books for Baghdad project. Nearly twenty thousand textbooks were collected and shipped to Baghdad University in June 2006 with the help of the International Relief and Development. This accomplishment resulted in a collective effort of a large number of JSU faculty, students, and staff. We have received a letter from Baghdad showing their gratitude and appreciation to JSU for leading the effort in rebuilding the education in Iraq.


Dr. Benjie Blair helped established a cooperative agreement with Anniston Family Medicine Residency Program to perform dual research between their residents and our students.


Ms. Joan Ingram (lab coordinator) was inducted to Phi Kappa Phi this year.


Dr. Blair is reviewing abstracts for the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) to be held Nov 8-11, 2006 in Anaheim California.


Dr. Benjie Blair reviewed a manuscript for the Journal of Fish Diseases entitled:  “Mortality and Infection of Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus parasitized with Gyrodactylus niloticus and experimentally exposed to Streptococcus iniae.”


Dr. Frank Romano reviewed two manuscripts for the Journal of Limnology entitled: ‘Limnoterrestrial Tardigrades of the Nerarctic Realm by Meyer and Hinton’ and ‘Nerarctic Freshwater Tardigrades: A Review by McFatter, Meyers, and Hinton’.


Dr. LaJoyce Debro attended an Assessment Conference in San Antonio, Texas (July).


Dr. James Rayburn successfully taught Marine Toxicology for Dauphin Island Sea Lab during July 2006.


Dr. James Rayburn was selected as the Co-Chair of Poster Judging committee at National Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Dr. James Rayburn reviewed manuscripts for Alabama Academy of Sciences.  Dr. James Rayburn was invited to review Student Papers for global Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry for Student award.


Dr. George Cline presented – Amphibians and reptiles of Alabama to the Girl Scouts in June.


Dr. George Cline presented Snorkeling in Talladega National Forest for the Little River Canyon Field Schools in June.


Dr. George Cline presented Skin, Scales, and Scholars – Salamanders of the world to the Anniston Museum of Natural History in July.


Dr. George Cline presented Turtles of Alabama to the 5th Grade of Kitty Stone Elementary School in September.


Drs. George Cline and James Rayburn conducted field surveys for hellbenders (State listed aquatic salamanders) under Section 6 grant from US Fish & Wildlife Service and Alabama Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources from May through September.


Ms. Anissa Delecki (Dr. George Cline mentor) successfully completed her MS Thesis on respiration in 24-hour old anuran tadpoles in June.


Mr. David Delecki (Dr. George Cline mentor) successfully completed his MS Thesis on patterns in turtle shell morphology in May.


Mr. Brent Womack (Dr. Robert Carter) successfully completed his MS thesis on vegetational communities of Horseblock Mountain, Al.


Department of Criminal Justice

A new book is in print by a JSU-CJ author, Dr. Vance McLaughlin, The Postcard Killer, a true-crime thriller about a serial murderer, published by Thunder’s Mouth Press, a unit of Avalon Press of New York City.   The book will be available at the JSU Bookstore.


Dr. Ronald Mellen is an officer of the Southern States Correctional Association and serves on the Research and Grants Committee of that organization.  The Association had its annual convention in Charleston, West Virginia in July 2006 and Dr. Mellen attended.  Dr. Mellen also has been meeting with the Director of Treatment of the Donaldson Maximum Security Unit of the Alabama Department of Corrections to develop treatment and research programs.


Dr. Richard Kania attended the annual meeting of the Southern Criminal Justice Association in Charleston, S.C. in September 2006 to chair a panel and make a presentation on the “Future of Criminal Justice Ethics.”

Department of English


On August 24, the English Department held a day-long retreat at the Old Henry Barn, where such matters as avoiding burn-out, approaches to teaching the surveys, attainable goals in surveys, close reading, and how literature should be taught, were examined.


Dr. Andrea Porter’s dissertation has been nominated for The University of Alabama Outstanding Dissertation Award.  She was also asked to chair the JSU Panhellenic Recruitment Task Force.


JSU Writers Bowl is scheduled for October 25, 2006, and On the Brink, February 10, 2007.


The Jacksonville State University Writing Project has received a $45,000 federal funding grant for 2006-2007. The JSU Writing Project site is beginning its twentieth year, and will hold its twentieth summer institute during Summer I 2007. The site's 2006 Summer Institute, held during Summer II 2006, hosted fourteen master teachers from our area, across grade levels from kindergarten to college and from several academic disciplines. These teachers received intensive professional development training in the areas of professional reading and research, writing, and teacher performance.


The Writing Project also hosted its fifth annual Language Arts Olympiad for students in grades five through eight, in April 2006. Nearly 300 participants competed in such events as public speaking, poetry interpretation, essay writing, grammar games, skits, and spelling bees. Winners were awarded Olympic-style medals, and the top schools also received trophies.


The site also hosted its twentieth Writing Instruction Technology Conference on April 1, 2006. Keynote speaker was Carol Jago, a long-time teacher at Santa Monica High School, who has written several books on the teaching of English.


The Jacksonville State University Writing Project site is directed by Gloria Horton. Co-Directors are Lisa M. Williams and Melissa Shields. Technology Liaison is Rodney Bailey.


Department of History and Foreign Languages


Dr. Jennifer Gross was selected “Professor of the Year” by the JSU chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, history honorary. She has prepared pre-tests and post-tests for the on-line study guide for America Past and Present, one of the major texts in the field. She was featured on the President’s radio show discussing her research on Confederate widowhood.


Dr. Russel Lemmons, Professor of History, was invited to serve on the National Endowment for the Humanities panel that evaluates applications for European history fellowships.


Dr. George Lauderbaugh, Associate Professor of History, presented “German and American Rivalry in Ecuador during World War II” at the South Eastern Conference of Latin American Studies. He has just begun his tenure as the president of the Alabama Association of Historians.


Dr. Harvey H. Jackson, Professor of History. His book, Inside Alabama:  A Personal History of My State, won the C. J. Coley Award, given by the Alabama Historical Association for the best book on Alabama with a local focus.  He made presentations to the East Montgomery County Historical Society and at the first “Alabama Festival of the Book.” He continues to serve on the editorial board of The Anniston Star and write a weekly column on southern politics and culture.  He has also become a regular contributor to the magazine Longleaf which focuses on life in Northeast Alabama.


Mr. Timothy Pitts, visiting Instructor of History, received a Scharnagle Dissertation Fellowship from the history department at Auburn University. Mr. Pitts received his MA from Jacksonville State University.


Dr. Donald Prudlo, Assistant Professor of History, presented “Mothers and the Martyr: The Unlikely Patronage of a Dominican Preacher” at the Medieval Academy of America Annual Meeting in Boston, and “Martyrs on the Move: The Spread of Martyrs Cults in the Middle Ages,” at a conference on Saints’ Cults in Holar, Iceland. He published “Scripture and Theology in Early Modern Catholicism” in Christian Theologies of Scripture.

Institute for Emergency Preparedness

During this quarter, the Institute for Emergency Preparedness (IEP) once more continues to grow academically as well as serve the region through contractual emergency planning services and community and scholarly activities. 


BS-Emergency Management and MS-Emergency Management programs continue to exceed Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) viability standards in both enrollment and program completion projections.


As enrollment numbers of Emergency Management majors for Fall 2005 are compared to numbers for Fall 2006, we show Emergency management undergraduate and graduate student enrollment continue to show an increase.  BS-Emergency Management student enrollment increased 8%, and Emergency Management graduate enrollment numbers, including the MS-Emergency Management, MPA-Emergency Management concentration, and Emergency Management Certificate programs, increased 41%. 

Undergraduate and graduate Emergency Management course enrollment numbers/head counts also show an increase between Fall 2005 and Fall 2006 term comparisons.  Introductory undergraduate and graduate course enrollment numbers show a significant increase as follows:  EM 301 Introduction to Disaster Management increased by 26% and EM 505 Foundations of Emergency Management increased by 60%.  Most other emergency management course enrollment numbers also show a significant increase in enrollment numbers for the specified time-frame.


During this quarter, the IEP has completed one contract, has four on-going contracts and is awaiting task assignment from one newly approved contract, and has one contract proposal. 


One completed contract totaling $50,000.00


  1. Communication Plan for Alabama Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) Counties, Alabama Department of Homeland Security.  In this $50,000.00 contract, IEP will prepare a tactical interoperable communication plan for the six Alabama CSEPP Counties. 

Four on-going contracts totaling $1,041,022.00:

  1. Smallpox and Influenza Vaccine Pandemic Planning, Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH).  This contract for $49,890.00 IEP will administer courses on smallpox/influenza vaccination and pandemic planning.
  1. – 4.  Medical Coordinator for Alabama CSEPP, ADPH.   IEP will continue to work with ADPH to provide medical planning and guidance for the six CSEPP counties in Alabama totaling $991,132.00.

We are still awaiting tasks for the contract for the Johns Hopkins University Consortium, of which Jacksonville State University-IEP (JSU-IEP) is a member, for $5,000,000.00 per year for 3 years for the consortium:


Center for the Study of High Consequence Event Preparedness and Response, Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  The consortium will establish a Center for the Study of High Consequence Event Preparedness and Response.  Final contract arrangements with DHS are anticipated to be completed by March 2006.  This contract will be for $5,000,000.00 per year for 3 years for the consortium.


We have one proposed contract for the ADPH for FY 07 for $351,657.00.  This will involve JSU-IEP continuing to act as medical coordinator for Alabama CSEPP.


Dr. Barry Cox attended conference:  “Alabama Governor’s Safety Conference.”  Orange Beach, AL:  August 2006.


Conference exhibition:  “Alabama Chapter of National Emergency Numbers Association (NENA) Gulf Coast Conference 2006.”  Orange Beach, AL:  October 2006.


Conference exhibition:  “Annual Georgia NENA Conference.”  Jeckyll Island, GA:  October 2006.


Conference exhibition:  “Kentucky Emergency Services Conference.”  Owensboro, KY:  September 2006.


Conference exhibition:  “North Carolina Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO)/NENA Conference.”  Wilmington, NC:  September 2006.


Conference exhibition:  “South Carolina APCO/NENA Conference.”  Myrtle Beach, SC:  October 2006.


Conference exhibition and presentation:  “APCO 72nd Annual Conference and Exposition.”  Orlando, FL:  August 2006.


Conference exhibition and presentation:  “APCO/NENA 2006 Canada Conference.”  Toronto, Ontario, Canada:  September/October 2006.


Workshop presentation:  “Is Your Small Business Prepared for Disaster?”  Anniston City Meeting Center, Anniston, AL:  August 2006.


Dr. Jane Kushma attended conference:  “2006 National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) Conference.”  Orange Beach, AL:  September 2006.


Dr. Kushma presented:  “Reflections on Katrina:  Tough Lessons, Emerging Insights for a Catastrophic Disaster,” International Association of Engineering Insurers Annual Meeting.  Boston, MA:  September 2006.


Dr. Bill Lowe was featured in magazine cover photo of Clayton County Fire Department Alarm, Advanced Rescue Technology magazine, June/July 2006.  (Not included in prior report)


Dr. Fred May “Cascading Threat/Impact Model Applications – Wildfire/Post-Burn Mudflows, Wasatch Front, Utah.”  Proceedings volume, Conference on Advances in Threat Assessment in Forest and Rangeland Management, Boulder, CO, July 18-20, 2006.  Manuscript in review, due October 2006.


Dr. May received a Faculty Research Grant.  Research for book for University Press of Mississippi:  Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast:  The Merry Dance of Escalating Disaster Assistance.  Grant of $1,065.12 available October 2006.


Dr. Jeff Ryan, Bautista, C. T., A. S. T. Chan, J. R. Ryan, C. Calampa, W. B. Sateren, M. H. Roper, A. W. Hightower, and A. J. Magill. Epidemiology and Spatial Analysis of Malaria in the Northern Peruvian Amazon.  America Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. In Press.


J. R. Ryan, S. K. Martin and A. Smithyman.  U.S. Patent No. 7,008,774 B 2.  Practical Serological Assay for the Clinical Diagnosis of Leishmaniasis.  March 7, 2006.  (Not included in previous report)

Department of Mathematical, Computing, and Information Sciences

Dr. Jeff Dodd presented a paper, “Rings and Things,” at the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) MathFest 2006, Knoxville, TN, August 2006.


Three computer science students, Dorothy Brown, Rahjima Francia, and Chrissy Scott, were recently awarded a Collaborative Research Experience for Undergraduates (CREU) research grant for their work entitled “Visualization and Management of Digital Forensic Data.”  Each student will receive a $3000 stipend and an additional $500 for supplies.  These three women will join the ranks of previous research awardees from larger institutions such as UC Berkeley, Harvard University, Duke University, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia, Georgia Tech, and Tufts University.  According to the CREU project director, the JSU proposal was judged to be one of the best projects submitted this year.  The award is jointly funded by the Computing Research Association (CRA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).


Dr. Guillermo Francia and student Tyler Gomez presented a paper, “Steganography Obliterator: An Attack on the Least Significant Bits,” at the 2006 Information Security Curriculum Development Conference, Kennesaw, GA, September 2006.


Dr. Guillermo Francia, Dr. Monica Trifas, and students Dorothy Brown, Rahjima Francia, and Chrissy Scott presented a paper, “Visualization and Management of Digital Forensic Data,” at the 2006 Information Security Curriculum Development Conference, Kennesaw, GA, September 2006.


Dr. J. Fred Kelley attended the ABET Summer Commission Annual Meeting, Arlington, VA, July 2006.

David L. Walters Department of Music

During the reporting period of April, May, and June 2006, the David L. Walters Department of Music, its students, faculty and guest performers participated in the following activities:

Spirit of JSU Drum and Bugle Corps successfully completed a nation-wide tour circuit participating in various competitions sponsored by the Drum Corps International (DCI) organization and were ranked 12th in the country in the final competition events held in Madison, Wisconsin.  The organization continues to represent JSU to a national audience of enthusiasts.

The 21st annual “Southern Classic” Band Competition was held on Saturday, 23 September 2006.  This well established day-long event, under the sponsorship of University Bands and the professional men’s music fraternity Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, attracted high school bands and their supporters from Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.  The Marching Southerners appeared as the featured exhibition band at the conclusion of the event.

Dr. Nathan Wight, baritone, presented a Faculty Recital on 29 September 2006.  The program consisted of Lieder written in the year 1840 (Liederjahr) by Robert Schumann and included the song cycle Dichterlieber as well as others.

Dr. Aaron Hilbun joined the Faculty of Music as Visiting Assistant Professor of Music teaching applied double reeds and Music History.  Dr. Hilbun received the B.M from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the M.A. from the University of Iowa, and the D. M. from Florida State University.  He is very active as a performer on oboe and English Horn and appears regularly with the Orlando Symphony Orchestra, the Jacksonville (Fla) Symphony Orchestra and the Brevard Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. John Loughlin joined the Faculty of Music as Visiting Instructor in Music teaching a variety of courses in the Music Theory Area including Theory, Aural Skills and Counterpoint.  Mr. Loughlin received the B. M. from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, the M.M. from Baylor University and is currently completing his dissertation for the Ph.D degree in Music Theory from the University of Texas at Austin.  He has taught at the University of Mary-Hardin-Baylor and at Central Texas College.  He is an active presenter primarily on topics pertaining to 16th century contrapuntal practice and late 19th century harmonic constructs.

Graduates in August were:

Joan Garrett Burns

Bryan Pigg

Department of Physical & Earth Sciences

Dr. Jan Gryko co-authored a paper “Thermal properties of Si136: Theoretical and experimental study of the type-II clathrate polymorph of Si.  Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics  (2006), vol. 74, 014109/1-014109/10.

Dr. Jonathan Herbert along with Dixon, R. and Brown, R., published a journal article “Historical climatology of south Texas tornadoes: Frequency, magnitude, and vulnerability”. South Texas Studies 17: 100 - 116.

Dr. Miriam Hill along with Dr. Bryan Burgess, Friends of Rural Alabama, received a grant "Create GIS Systems for Mapping and Analyzing Nutrient Loading in Four Water Resource Regions" from the Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC for two years totaling $99,400.

Dr. Hill received another grant "Calhoun County Chamber Map" from The Anniston Star and Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce to produce the Calhoun County Road Map. $5,000

Dr. Al Nichols, Dr. David Steffy, Dr. Mark Meade and Ms. Candice Kohute had a Research article, "Mobilization of Mercury from Contaminated Soil into an Aquatic Food Chain" accepted for publication in the Journal of the Alabama Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Nouredine Zettili and A. Boukahil published a paper “The Ballistic Pendulum: An Alternative Approach,” Bulletin of the American Association on Physics Teachers, Vol. 36, No. 02 (2006), p. 143.

Dr. Nouredine Zettili also presented a paper “Bringing Technology into High School Physics Classrooms,”the 133rd National Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers,July 21—26, 2006, Syracuse, New York.

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Dr. Dan Krejci and Dr. Bill Lester will have their article, entitled ”Incorporating Ethnic and Cross-Cultural Diversity in University Teaching,” published in the Proceedings of the 13th Annual Georgia Conference on College and University Teaching in the Fall, 2006 semester.


Dr. Lester and Dr. Krejci have an article under review, “Federalism and Disaster Response: How Transformative Leadership Can Help Bridge the Gap,” for a special edition of Public Administration Review devoted to disaster relief and emergency management.


Dr. Lester has also received a commitment from Praeger Press to publish a chapter in a new volume dealing with religious expression in their Perspective Series.   


Dr. Lawson Veasey received the “Bill Miller Award” at the Community Development Institute at the University of Central Arkansas (Conway) on July 31-August 4, 2006 for outstanding career contributions in the field of Community and Economic Development.

Department of Sociology and Social Work

Dr. Rodney Friery was selected as the Jacksonville State University Alumni Association’s Faculty Member of the Year for 2006.

Ms. Kim Womack has been serving as Conference Chair for the National Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors’ (BPD) 2006 annual conference in Los Angeles, CA. 

Dr. Nancy Francisco Stewart served as an Alabama Poverty Project Board member, Nominating Committee.  She also served as an Advisory Board member and volunteer for a community project serving adolescent girls in Cleburne County called: Be Extreme: Inside and Out.  Dr. Stewart and Dr. Mark Fagan served on the University Wellness Center Committee.

Dr. Mark Fagan served on the following: Advisory Board for the development of Aging and Disability Resource Centers for The East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission; Advisory Board for the University of Alabama’s MSW Program in Gadsden, AL; Alabama Universities’ Child Welfare Consortium; and as the representative of the Social Work Education Programs in Alabama to work with the Alabama Board of Social Work Examiners on improving social work licensure exam pass rates in Alabama.  He was quoted in The Upper Cumberland (Tennessee) Business Journal, August 2006.

Dr. Maureen Newton made two presentations at the 31st National Institute on Social Work and Human Services in Rural Areas: 1. Rural and Urban Issues for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS and 2. A Preliminary Look at Medicare-D: Seniors Level of Satisfaction, July 19 –21, 2006, Bowling Green, Kentucky.  She was quoted in the Anniston Star, September 17, 2006.

Dr. Tina Deshotels was quoted in the Piedmont Journal on September 19, 2006 and the Jacksonville News on September 20, 2006.

Ms. Julie Nix completed a special study and presented it in July entitled "Permanency." It looked at permanency planning practices in Etowah County for children in foster care. It was completed over the course of two semesters with the assistance of the Student Unit and was presented to the Etowah County Quality Assurance Committee and also sent to the State Department of Human Resources.

Dr. Adrian Aveni completed an external evaluation of a FIPSE grant.  The grant was titled, US-Brazil Technological Initiative.


Dean William T. Fielding attended the Southern Business Administration Association (SBAA) Summer Meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina, July 16-18, 2006.

Dean William T. Fielding attended the Business Council of Alabama (BCA) 2006 Governmental Affairs Conference at the Perdido Beach Resort, Orange Beach, AL, August 25-27, 2006.


Dean William T. Fielding serves as Chairman of the Board of the Northeast Alabama Business Incubator System, Inc.

Department of Finance, Economics, and Accounting Department


Dr. Ronnie Clayton is serving as the Editor of Financial Decisions, a general interest web-based academic journal.  The summer issue is complete and available online at  The summer issue contains four excellent articles that were selected from a number of high quality submissions from authors from various universities worldwide.


Dr. Clayton also serves as the Executive Director of the Southern Finance Association.  Planning continues for the 2006 Annual Meeting that will be held November 15-18, 2006 at the SanDestin Hilton Resort in Destin, Florida.  Dr. Clayton is involved in all aspects of the planning and implementation of the meeting that brings together 200-300 finance academicians and professionals to present and discuss their latest research.


Dr. Clayton’s manuscript entitled “Debt and Equity Market Reaction to Employment Reports” has now been published (September 2006) by the Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies.  The journal is published by the World Scientific Publishing Company.


Dr. Clayton’s manuscript entitled “Estimating Capital Market Parameters: CRSP Versus Yahoo Data” is under review at the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting.  This paper has also been submitted for presentation at the Southern Finance Association Annual Meeting in November in SanDestin.


Dr. Rob Landry co-authored a paper entitled “Consumer Bankruptcy Reform: The Courts’ Turn to Interpret the Legislation,” with Professor Nancy Mardis of the University of Memphis.  This paper was presented at the Academy of Legal Studies in Business Annual Conference which was held August 8-12, 2006 in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Dr. Landry’s article entitled “Individual Chapter 11 Cases after BAPCPA: Can You Still Close the Case Early?” was published in the American Bankruptcy Institute Law Journal in the July/August 2006 edition.


The CCBA and Dr. Cynthia McCarty, Director of the Center for Business and Free Enterprise Education and Entrepreneurship, sponsored 13 workshops on Economic Education for area educators.  170 teachers from 73 different schools attended.  Topics of the workshops ranged from Financial Fitness for Life to Math, Money, and Fun.


Dr. Chris Westley authored two articles for JSU Economic Update, July/August 2006, "The Effect of Emergency Department Regulation on Health Care Costs and Patient Access" and September/October 2006, "Oil and the Apocalypse".


On July 21, 2006, Dr. Chris Westley had an interview with Brandon Hollingsworth, WLJS Radio, on the state of the US economy.


On July 27, 2006, Dr. Chris Westley had an interview with Josh Keller for an Anniston Star story on mass transit in Calhoun County.


Dr. Chris Westley published “Efficiency Wages: A Critical Assessment” (with Dr. Bill H. Schmidt), in the Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies, Summer 2006, 31(2), pp. 163-174.

Dr. Chris Westley authored an 83 question testbank for Thomas J. DiLorenzo's How Capitalism Saved America.


On September 6, 2006, Dr. Chris Westley submitted a referee report for the journal Independent Review.


Department of Management and Marketing

Ms. Paula Buchanan

Ms. Buchanan coordinated two Economic Education Workshops for K-12 teachers.  The workshops were conducted on Wednesday, June 21, 2006; and Tuesday, July 18, 2006.


Dr. Brent Cunningham

Dr. Cunningham had a paper presented at conference: "Influencers Impacting the Diffusion of M-commerce Activities Among Final Consumers," Brent Cunningham, Pat Borstorf, Jim Thomas; Atlantic Marketing Association's Annual Conference, Sept. 27th-Oct. 1.

Dr. Cunningham had a Proceedings Publication "Influencers Impacting The Diffusion of M-commerce Activities Among Final Consumers," Brent Cunningham, Pat Borstorf, Jim Thomas University Committee Membership - Institutional Effectiveness.

Dr. Cunningham is the Faculty Senate Representative for the Management and Marketing Department.

Mr. Mike Featherstone

Mr. Featherstone was selected as a manuscript reviewer for the Proceedings of the Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC), to be held December 4-6, 2006. The conference is hosted at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Dr. David Palmer

Dr. Palmer completed and presented the Football Program SWOT Analysis, Goals and Strategies for 5 Year plan.  Presented to JSU Board of Trustees, July 2006.

Dr. Joann Williams

Dr. Williams received a service award for Outstanding Reviewer in August 2006 from the Management Education Division at the Academy of Management.

Dr. Williams has placed student interns in management and human resource management with Westinghouse, Choice Fabricators, Modern Engineering and Five Star Food Service for Fall 2006.

Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CED)

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)


JSU SBDC Counseling and Training Activities


The SBDC provided counseling to over 100 small businesses; presented training to 142 individuals, and SBDC procurement clients received $12 million in contract awards during this reporting quarter.


Business Assistance to Displaced Workers, Avondale Mills


On July 11, 2006, an SBDC representative addressed workers who were displaced by the closing of Avondale Mills in Sylacauga, Alabama.  The conference, held at Heritage South Credit Union, was sponsored by that organization. Attendees were advised of a number of options available to displaced workers, to include establishing small businesses.


Marketing for Small Business Workshop


The JSU SBDC sponsored a workshop entitled “Marketing for the Small Business” on July 21, 2006, at Regency Pointe Retirement Resort in Rainbow City, Alabama. 


Disaster Preparedness Conference


A seminar entitled “Is your Small Business Prepared for a Disaster?” was sponsored by the JSU SBDC and conducted on August 16, 2006, at the Anniston, Alabama, City Meeting Center. 


Business Council of Alabama (BCA) Governmental Affairs Conference


Pat Shaddix, Director, JSU CED attended the 19th Annual BCA Governmental Affairs Conference August 25 -27, 2006.  The meeting was held at the Perdido Beach Hotel and Conference Center, Orange Beach, Alabama.


SBDC Presentation in Heflin, Alabama


The SBDC, on August 26, 2006, presented information on starting and operating a small business at a seminar presented by the Anointed Deliverance Center in Heflin.  Several business owners also gave presentations on successful entrepreneurship.

Small Business Workshop, Ideas and Entrepreneurs


On September 7, 2006, a workshop was conducted by the SBDC titled “Small Business Workshop Ideas and Entrepreneurs – The Perfect Match for Success.”  The meeting was held in the Joe Ford Economic Development Center, Gadsden, Alabama, and covered the steps in starting a small business with special emphasis on the business plan.

ASBDC 2006 Annual Conference

Robbie Medders, Associate Director, JSU SBDC attended the Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC) 2006 Annual Conference, September 12 -15 in Houston, Texas.  ASBDC is the national association recognized by the federal government as the representative of America’s Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) Network.


Cherokee, DeKalb, Etowah, and Marshall County Economic Analysis


A JSU CED team conducted research and analysis of data for the Economic Analysis of Cherokee, DeKalb, Etowah and Marshall Counties of Alabama.  The analysis, a major economic review and presentation on the above four counties, will be presented to county and state leaders in 2007.


JSU Economic Update, September/October 2006 Issue


During the reporting period both the July/August and September/October 2006 issues of the JSU Economic Update have been published.  Over 4,000 subscribers currently receive the publication.



Dean's Office

The Divisions of Information Technology and Academic Affairs provided funding for a new computer lab in Ramona Wood Hall.  The lab houses 30 computer stations, LCD projector and screen, a networked printer, and a teaching symposium.


Drs. Cynthia Harper and John Hammett attended the Alabama Chapter of the Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (ALACTE) Dean’s meeting in Gulf Shores, Alabama on July 18-19, 2006.


Dr. Cynthia Harper was elected “President Elect” of the Alabama Chapter of the Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (ALACTE) for 2006-2008.  ALACTE is a chapter of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education.


Dr. John Hammett made a professional presentation at the national Live-Text Conference in Chicago, IL, July 12, 2006.


Ms. Patty Hobbs was selected as Director of the JSU Child Development Center, McClellan.  Her appointment began on August 1, 2006.


Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Alabama Partnership for Children meeting in Montgomery, Alabama on August 3, 2006.

Dr. Cynthia Harper accompanied Ms. Renee Robertson to Pell City and Sylacauga on August 15, 2006 to meet with potential contributors to the Capital Campaign and the Ramona Wood Annex project.

Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Conversation on Education Conference sponsored by the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce on August 17, 2006.


Drs. Cynthia Harper, Patsy Lowry, and Jean Pugliese met with staff at the Alabama Commission on Higher Education in Montgomery, Alabama on August 18, 2006 to discuss the Post Implementation Report for the Reading Specialist Program in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.


Dr. John Hammett attended the Praxis II workshop sponsored by the Alabama State Department of Education in Montgomery, Alabama on August 22, 2006.


Ms. Patty Hobbs and the staff at the JSU Child Development Center at McClellan hosted a “Back to School Night” on September 14, 2006 for parents of children enrolled at the Center.

Dr. Debra Goodwin was selected as department head for the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.  Her appointment began September 18, 2006.


Dr. John Hammett, along with Drs. Celia Hilber, Teresa Gardner, Gina Riley, Roland Thornburg, Alicia Simmons and Larson Veasey attend the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education’s (NCATE) Continuing Accreditation Conference in Washington, D.C., September 17-20, 2006.


Dr. Cynthia Harper and Ms. Renee Robertson traveled to Gadsden, Alabama on September 19, 2006 to meet with potential contributors to the Capital Campaign and the Ramona Wood Annex project.


Department of Child Development Center


The JSU CDC has a new Director, Ms. Patty Hobbs, who joined the staff of the Center on August 1, 2006.  Ms. Hobbs is a Weaver native and has earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Jacksonville State University.  She spent the past 26 years in Washington D.C. where she worked in a variety of jobs including several within the U.S. Department of Education.  She has previously worked for (then) Congressman Dick Cheney, President Ronald Reagan and several Secretaries of Education including Dr. Rod Paige.


The JSU CDC also has a new Secretary, Ms. Kim Presson. Ms. Presson began working at the CDC on June 26, 2006.  Ms. Presson lives in Oxford and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Office Administration from Troy University.  She began working at JSU in February, 2005, in the Registrar’s Office.


Ms. JoAnna Cockrell, the Assistant Director at the CDC, returned from maternity leave on September 13, 2006.  Ms. Cockrell son Kaylor was born on July 2, 2006. 


The Child Development Center spent the month of August actively recruiting children between the ages of 2 and 5 by advertising on K-98 radio and in the Anniston Star.  Since that time, enrollment has increased from approximately 57 to the current enrollment of 103.  Due to an overwhelming response to our advertising efforts, the JSU Child Development Center opened a new classroom on September 6, 2006.


On Thursday evening, September 14, 2006, the CDC hosted a “Back to School Night” open house for parents and students.  The evening opened with presentations from Dr. William A. Meehan, Dr. Rebecca Turner, and Dr. Cynthia Harper.  The approximately 80 attendees visited the classrooms and enjoyed punch and cookies in the JSU Room.


Due to the increased enrollment, we continue to hire part-time aides.


At the beginning of the Semester, we gave CDC facility tours to Dr. Tommy Phillips’ FCS 454 - Administration and Supervision of Childcare Programs class, which also meets in our JSU Room twice a week and his FCS 460 Directed Field Experiences students, who also do their practicum here at the Center.


Dr. Elizabeth Engley’s ECE 306 - Practicum in ECE, toured the Center and observed the students in our classes on Monday, September 11.

Department of Communication

As a part of its preparation for national accreditation, the department has plan to bring an ACEJMC-approved consultant this fall who will review the department’s programs to provide a different perspective as the self study is in progress. This consultant is Dr. Beth Barnes, Director of the School of Communication at the University of Kentucky, Lexington.


The Department of Communication has hired a new faculty member to fill the print/generalist position that has been advertised for sometime now. Dr. Jeffrey Hedrick, the new faculty, has joined the department this fall. His area of expertise is law and digital communication. He is adjusting fast and seems to be comfortable. His classes are going well too.


Dr. Kingsley O. Harbor, head of the Communication Department, attended two conferences back-to-back in July/August, 2006. The first, an assessment conference, presented by an organization—the Institutional Effectiveness Associates—led by Professor James O. Nichols, a national guru on assessment, was well attended and contained a lot of useful information. It is particularly useful to Harbor who is preparing his department for program assessment. The second –the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)—is a national/international organization for journalism and mass communication educators. Dr. Harbor presented a paper to the International Communication Division of the AEJMC on Utilitarian Journalism, a new concept developed by him to address the state of journalism in Africa.


Faculty and staff in the department plan to have a student-faculty get-together this fall. This would be mainly an informational meeting (followed by a period of refreshments) and the first of its kind in this department. The essence is to inform and involve students in our numerous departmental activities such as outcomes assessment, accreditation process, departmental policies and regulations as well as other graduation requirements. Students will have an opportunity to informally ask questions and exchange views with the faculty


The department’s self study toward national accreditation has formally begun with committees resuming their various responsibilities in earnest. While the analysis of last year’s assessment data is in progress, the department is revising and refining its measuring instruments in preparation for its second round of learning outcomes assessment.


Through the dean of College of Education and Professional Studies, Dr. Cynthia Harper, the department has been able to purchase four new computers for its smart classrooms (sympodia). This will be installed as soon as the other necessary accessories are bought during the new fiscal year.


Mr. Mike Stedham, the manager of JSU’s student media, has received information that his grant request to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has been approved in the amount of four thousand dollars ($4,000.00) for WLJS. This brings the total grant from CPB to JSU to twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00) for fiscal year 2006. This $4,000.00 is a rural assistance grant for use by public stations that serve largely non-urban areas.

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Celia Hilber conducted Emergency Management classes in Spanish for the City of Talladega.  The dates were as follows:  June 14, June 21, July 5, and July 12.


Dr. Larry Beard made a presentation at the Alabama Mega Conference in Mobile on July 12, 2006.  The topic was Assistive Technology:  Accessibility for Educating All Students in the General Education Curriculum.


Dr. Gena Riley made a presentation at the Live-Text Conference in Chicago, Illinois on July 14, 2006.  The topic was Using Live-Text to Prepare for NCATE Accreditation.


Mrs. Sandra Sudduth attended the Leadership Summit 2006 in San Francisco, California from July 11 thru July 16, 2006.  She represented the City of Jacksonville as part of the Regional Medical Center (RMC) Board.  This conference assisted board members by discussing ways to improve the medical center community.


Dr. Patsy Lowry, Dr. Dale Campbell, Dr. Teresa Gardner, Dr. Celia Hilber, and Dr. Gena Riley attended the opening session of the AMSTI (Alabama Mathematics, Science, and Technology Initiative) Leadership Training week at Jacksonville High School on Monday, July 24th at 8:30 a.m.  Governor Bob Riley, Dr. Meehan, the JSU Board of Trustees, Dr. Carr, and other special guests attended and/or spoke at the event.


Dr. Dale Campbell, Dr. Teresa Gardner, and Dr. Gena Riley participated in the week long AMSTI Leadership Training Academy at Jacksonville High School on Monday, July 24th through Friday, July 28th.  Dr. Campbell participated in Science applications while Dr. Gardner and Dr. Riley participated in Mathematics training.


Dr. Larry Beard attended and represented JSU at the statewide training sessions on the administration of the Early Learning Progress Profile (ELPP) on August 22, 2006 in Pelham, Alabama.  The sessions were conducted for local education agency (LEA) individuals to prepare to administer the profile to preschool (including speech language impaired) students.


Dr. Teresa Gardner attended and represented JSU at the 2006 Fall Leadership Conference for Coordinators of Special Education on Thursday, August 17th through Friday, August 18, 2006 in Montgomery, Alabama.  The conference was sponsored by the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE).


Mrs. Sandra Sudduth attended the Alabama National Academic Advising Association Conference at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama on September 15, 2006.


Dr. Teresa Gardner, Dr. Celia Hilber, and Dr. Gena Riley attended the NCATE Conference in Washington, D.C. on September 15th through September 20, 2006.

Department of Educational Resources

Drs. Nancy Fox, Donna Herring, and Kathleen Friery presented at the National Live Text Conference in Chicago.  The title of their presentation was, “Live Text:  Ten Steps to Creatively Bring your Faculty on Board!”


The Chi Sigma Iota (National Counselor Education Honor Society) Initiation ceremony was held on July 27, 2006.  Several JSU students were inducted at the ceremony.


The Counselor Education faculty announced the 2006 recipients of Student of the Year Awards.  Recipients are:  Ms. Patti Mayne, M.S. Counselor Education Student of the Year and Ms. Deidra Tidwell, Ed.S. Counselor Education Student of the Year.  The faculty also recognized its Alumna of the Year – Mrs. Martha Mitchell, Director of JSU Admissions Office.

The Counselor Education program faculty is working with a CACREP consultant as they prepare to seek CACREP Accreditation for the Counselor Education program of study.

Tommy Turner presented a workshop on “Bullying” to JSU pre-service teachers.

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Mrs. Paula Napoli and Dr. Tommy Phillips assisted with Director’s duties at the Child Development Center at McClellan pending the start date of the new director.


Renovations are complete in the Department Head’s office and new conference room.


Smart Board equipment has been installed in the new classroom 118.


The Child Development Center at JSU has recently received four new computers through the Information Technology Department’s replacement program.  One computer was also received for the new Smart Room.


Advisory committee meetings were held for all concentrations in Family and Consumer Sciences on July 12.  The meeting included lunch and was held in the President’s Dining Room.  There were nineteen guests, including Drs. Harper and Hammett, as well as all Family and Consumer Science faculty in attendance.


On August 11, Mrs. Robbie Boggs attended an advisory board meeting at Bauder College in Atlanta regarding curriculum for program concentrations. 


Mrs. Robbie Boggs attended a meeting of the Atlanta Fashion Group.  The Atlanta group is a chapter of The Fashion Group International, a global non-profit association of over 6,000 professionals of achievement and influence representing all areas of the fashion, apparel, accessories, beauty and home industries. Some of the goals of the organization are:

  • To advance professionalism in fashion and its related lifestyle industries, with a particular emphasis on the role and development of women.
  • To present timely information regarding national and global trends that has an effect on the fashion industries.
  • To promote career opportunities in fashion.

Mrs. Boggs’ participation in Fashion Group provides many opportunities for fashion merchandising students to network with professions in the fashion field.


Mrs. Karen Nemeth attended the Alabama Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Executive Board Meeting on August 10, 2006.  Mrs. Nemeth serves as State Advisor for the Student Family and Consumer Sciences Association.  Also attending was Sonya Jones, JSU Dietetics student.  Ms. Jones is serving as the 2006-07 President of the Student Section.  She is actively involved planning the Alabama Student Family and Consumer Sciences Association Fall Leadership Conference which will be held on the JSU campus in October.  The Fall Leadership Conference will have students attending representing all Family and Consumer Sciences programs across the state.

Dietetic students and faculty are preparing for the Dietetics Program’s 40th anniversary celebration.  It will be held on the 11th floor of the library on October 21st from 5:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.


August 24 was a busy day for everyone in the department as all were invited to attend a luncheon with Dr. Debra Goodwin, candidate for department head of Family and Consumer Sciences.  Following lunch, the faculty attended Dr. Goodwin’s Professional Presentation in Ramona Wood Hall. 


Also on August 24, Dr. Debra Goodwin and Mrs. Karen Nemeth attended a wellness committee meeting.


Mrs. Paula Napoli has been busy in September presenting two programs at area churches.  On September 12, she presented “Trash to Teachables and Treasures” at First Presbyterian Church in Anniston for the Calhoun County Child Care Association.  On September 25, she presented “Brain Development of Preschoolers” to the Preschool Friends Parent Program at Grace Episcopal Church.


Dr. Debra Goodwin attended a meeting of the State Obesity Task Force in Clanton, AL on September 13.


Mrs. Karen Nemeth traveled to Montgomery on September 20 to serve on Praxis II Standard Setting Study Panel for SDE/ETS.


Dr. Tim Roberts attended the Alabama Department of Public Health conference held at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham.


Several members of the department are scheduled to attend Banner training during September.


The fall issue of the FCS Department Newsletter was published and is being distributed to students. It is also available on the FCS Department website.


An article by Dr. Debra Goodwin was printed in the September issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.


Dr. Debra Goodwin was named head of the department of Family and Consumer Sciences effective September 18, 2006.

Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation


Dr. Roland Thornburg Attended the 5th Annual Live-Text Collaboration Conference in Chicago, July 10-14.


Dr. Glenn Roswal attended Camp ASCCA-Easter Seals Board of Directors Meeting in Jackson’s Gap, AL, on July 11, 2006. 

Dr. Glenn Roswal served as a technical delegate at Special Olympics USA National Games in Ames, Iowa June 28-July 8. 


Dr. Jeff Chandler attended the NSCA annual conference in Washington, DC, July 11-15.  Dr. Chandler presented the SCJ Annual Report to the NSCA Board of Directors.  Dr. Chandler chaired the SCJ Editorial Board meeting. 


Dr. Jeff Chandler presented a plan to the JSU Board of Trustees July 24 to develop a minor in Coaching in HPER and involve the coaches at JSU as guest lecturers/guest instructors.


Construction on 5 new offices in HPER is complete.  Faculty members have moved into the offices and are very appreciative of the support from administration. 


All 5 classrooms in the coliseum are now “smart” classrooms.  4 classrooms are now equipped with “Smart Boards”, and one classroom is equipped with a “Sympodium”.


Dr. Glenn Roswal has been selected as the 2007 Erasmus Mundus Scholar.  This is a project of the European Union to consult with students at Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic in May of 2007.  Dr. Roswal will consult with students through coursework, practicums, and research projects regarding individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities.  This is an outstanding opportunity to showcase the JSU Adapted Physical Education program. 


The Division of HPER has been recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association Educational Recognition Program as a provider of an undergraduate education program with an emphasis in strength and conditioning. 


Dr. Jeff Chandler and Ms. Gina Mabrey made a presentation to the Jacksonville City “Health Screening Day” September 14, 2006 on the Health Benefits of Resistance Training.


The HPER curriculum committee will guide the development of three minor programs in the department; Health Promotion, Coaching, and Recreation.


The Division of HPER has named an Ad Hoc committee to evaluate the mission statement of the division and make recommendations regarding an appropriate name for the division.


“Conditioning for Strength and Human Performance”, a textbook published by Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins edited by Dr. Jeff Chandler and Dr. Lee Brown is “in press” with an expected March, 2007 publication date. 


Dr. Roland Thornburg attended an NCATE Conference and Workshop in Washington DC, September 16-20, 2006. 


Dr. Glenn Roswal served as a delegate to the Special Olympics in Beijing, China. August 7-17. 2006. 

Department of Instructional Services

No Report.

Department of Secondary Education

Drs. Jordan Barkley and Denise Richardson presented “E-filing Cabinet for Methods”, at the Live-Text conference in Chicago, Illinois, July 12-13.


Dr. Delisa Dismukes presented “Nobody Told Me That!:  Orientation Guide for Dummies” and “Top Ten Must Do’s:  Creative Uses to Bring Your Staff on Board”, at the Live-Text conference in Chicago, Illinois, July 11-15.


Dr. Jordan Barkley is participating in the 2006 Gamecock Orientation sessions as a faculty mentor.


Dr. Barkley participated in the JSU Alabama Writing Project grant workshop activity.


Dr. Barkley was published in the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) on-line journal “From Student to Advisor: Making the Transition from College Graduate to Advisor of College Students” June, 2006.  This article is listed in the table of contents under the heading of Vantage Point and can be accessed at the following web address:


Dr. Jan Wilson published a refereed article in the summer 2006 issue of Reading Improvement titled “Reading Attitudes and Instructional Methodologies:  How might achievement become affected?” 


Dr. Carol Uline provided training titled “Intervention Strategies for Struggling Students”, at Wellborn High School, August 8, 2006.


Dr. Sheila Anne Webb presented a paper titled “”Tenure:  Property Right or No Rights?” at the University of Oxford Round Table, United Kingdom, August 5-12, 2006.


Drs. Jan Wilson and Jordan Barkley are participating in a curriculum development workshop for Secondary Education and Collaborative Education 6-12 candidates, August 16-18, 2006.


Dr. Jan Wilson attended PRAXIS II training in Montgomery on August 23, 2006.


Dr. Carol Uline attended a planning session to collaborate between JSU and National Board Certification candidates at Handley High School, Roanoke, on August 25, 2006.

Department of the Teacher Service Center

185 Student teachers placed in 17 local systems.


Dr. Kelly Ryan presented at LiveText Annual Conference in Chicago.


Dr. Kelly Ryan served on an SDE review for the University of Mobile.


Dr. Kelly Ryan served on a Subject Area Specialist review team for the SDE.

Department of Technology & Engineering

Mr. Jess Godbey completed OSHA Training Courses to allow JSU to provide students with the opportunity to achieve professional OSHA certification as they complete their major in Occupational Safety and Health.


Equipment is being delivered and installed in the Transportation Technology Center facility.

Department of TV Services

The Fall Registration commercials are approved by Admissions.  Three commercials were produced.  A one minute and two thirty second versions were produced.  These commercials aired in the Birmingham markets as well as locally.

A commercial for the Houston Cole Library is produced.  This commercial is now airing on TV24 and will air over Comcast Sports Southeast this fall during JSU home football games.

Produced and broadcast the 7:30 p.m. Summer Graduation Exercises live on TV24 and live over the Internet.  The ceremonies were also rebroadcast at later dates and times.  DVD copies of the ceremony are being sold through the Campus Bookstore.


A new commercial has been approved, a promo for The College of Commerce and Business Administration. This commercial is now airing on TV24 and will air over Comcast Sports Southeast this fall during JSU home football games.


A new commercial has been approved for The Department of Military Science. This commercial is now airing on TV24 and will air over Comcast Sports Southeast this fall during JSU home football games.

Met with Mark Norman, producer for ABC 33/40, and gave him a JSU commercial, “Best Kept Secret in Alabama, #1” and the JSU Recruiting video, “Best Kept Secret in Alabama” to air during a promo that the station will be doing soon.  The promo will feature Jacksonville, JSU, and the surrounding area.  Similar promos are being done with other communities in Alabama as well.

Taped an accreditation hearing for the University Police Department.

Fulfilled a request from the David L. Walters Department of Music for 60 copies of “The Gondoliers.” This opera was taped on 05/26/06 using the production truck.  The performance was later broadcast on TV24.

DVD copies of the Summer Graduation ceremony were made, checked,        and labeled by TV Services.  These copies were delivered to and are being sold through the Campus Bookstore.

Five more copies of the JSU Recruiting video, “Best Kept Secret in Alabama” were made for Admission recruiters.


Mr. Mike Manley of the Alabama Highway Patrol agreed to take Mr. Keith Thomas up in their helicopter to get aerial footage of JSU.  Keith made this request after being taken up to get aerial footage of the “Relay for Life” event on May 12th.  Keith will be going up as soon as the fall colors change, probably around late October or early November.  This footage will be used for recruiting videos and commercials.

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences commercial is approved. This commercial is now airing on TV24 and will air over Comcast Sports Southeast this fall during JSU home football games.

Mr. Keith Thomas met with Ms. Becca Turner of Career Placement Services to discuss ideas for a recruiting video for their department.  This video will be targeted toward graduating high school students, JSU students, and employers.

The Continuing Education Fall 2006 commercial is approved.  This commercial is now airing on Cable One and TV24.

TV Services purchased a Textron EZGO 1200 Workhorse. This golf cart style vehicle will be used to transport personnel and equipment to various locations on campus.

“Inside Gamecock Athletics,” produced by Television Services is taped. This show will be done weekly during football season.  The program features highlights from the football games, comments from Head Coach Jack Crow and interviews with JSU football players.  “Inside Gamecock Athletics” can be seen during football season on Tuesdays at 8 p.m., Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m., and Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. on TV24.  The program may also be seen at various dates and times on the College Sports Southeast Channel.

A new Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1 Studio System is purchased by TV Services.  This new system will make it possible for all TV Services projects to be edited on the same system shared by Communication students.  This system should also raise production values by speeding up editing in real-time, allow for precision audio editing and sound design with Soundtrack Pro, enhance our motion graphics with Motion, add dazzling visual effects with Shake and create sophisticated DVD titles with DVD Studio Pro.

Three new JSU commercials will begin airing ASAP.  “What Are You Waiting For?”  These commercials will air on TV24 and CSS during JSU home football games.  There is a one minute and two-30 second versions of this spot.

Mr. Keith Thomas will be conducting a workshop for COM 320 classes on how to use the Canon XL 2 cameras and lighting.

Pre-wiring for Paul Snow Stadium continues.


Continuing Education


As of September 12, 2006 the Office of Continuing Education conducted 345 classes with 8625 students, generating 48,966 contact hours.


As of September 2006, the Office of Continuing Education has worked with thirty-two athletic camps.  Two thousand, fourteen students came to campus to participate in camps for soccer, basketball, baseball and softball.


Twenty-two client camps have been conducted for 2,939 students.  Spirit, Inc. from Marietta, Georgia brought in more than 450 individuals, and brought in the drum corps, “Phantom” to participate in the training.  “Phantom,” ranked 3rd place internationally for drum corps, also performed in the JSU stadium on June 21 to a group of over 1,000 spectators.


The Annual Nursing Update Conference was conducted in July 2006 with 130 attendees, 10 presenters and 9 exhibitors.  Conference topics included, “Preparing for Emergencies: Pandemic Influenza/Avian Flu and Bioterrorism,” “Teaching Families to cope with 36 Hours a Day of Dementia Care,” “Being a Caring Professional,” “Superfoods: Was Hippocrates right?,” Medication Reconciliation,” “Pretty Women: Teens Surviving to be Thin,” “Somewhere Over the Rainbow: An Examination of Trends in Teen Behavior,” “Hyperbaric Therapy Today,” and “When to Say, What to Say, and Should You Pray: Spirituality in Nursing.”


UPACE, the University Partnership for Alabama Continuing Education, continues to offer certificate programs for the Association of County Administrators, Association of County Engineers, County Revenue Officers Association of Alabama, E911 Administrators and the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police.  Participating in the program at this time are 203 County Administrators, 118 County Engineers, 117 Revenue Officers, 83 E911 Administrators and 702 police chiefs.


In May, 2006, JSU Continuing Education, along with the UPACE Partnership managed a training program entitled, “Identifying and Reducing Contemporary Risk in Law Enforcement” for the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police at Mobile, Alabama.  One hundred and sixty-six police chiefs attended the training session.  On August 31, a program entitled, “Managing Multiple Priorities,” was conducted in Florence with 170 chiefs in attendance.


On June 15, the UPACE Partnership presented training In Montgomery to 28 county administrators, E911 administrators, and county engineers on “Legislative and Governmental Relations.”  This training is a part of the Certified County Administrators and the Certified County Engineers programs.  In April, 2006 training on “Business Licensing in Local Governments” was conducted in Pelham, Alabama for County Revenue Officers. In attendance were 29 County Revenue Officers and County License Inspectors.


On June 28, a workshop was conducted in partnership with East Alabama Regional Planning Commission entitled, “Settling Employee Discipline Cases.” Forty-two participants attended the workshop. The final workshop of the 2006 year is planned for September 27, entitled “Ethics and the Public Official and Public Employee.”


On July 19, the course, “Code of Ethics” was presented by request for the Calhoun County Board of Realtors.  After the course was developed, it was approved by the State of Alabama Real Estate Commission. Eighteen participants attended the class.


Business and Industry customized training was conducted for Wellborn Cabinet, Dixie Pacific,  Regional Medical Center, and Alabama Specialty Products.

In-Service Education Center


The In-Service Education Center collaborated with the JSU Writing Project to bring Harry Noden, author of Image Grammar to speak with public school teachers and Writing Project participants on July 18, 2006 at JSU McClellan Center.


The In-Service Center presented 214 workshops this quarter with 2,225 public school educators in attendance.


The In-Service Center has collaborated with the Alabama Department of Education to provide monthly training sessions for public schools and school systems failing to make adequate yearly progress.  Those sessions have been conducted in Birmingham and at JSU McClellan Center.  They are attended by School Superintendents, Central Office personnel, Principals, and School Improvement Specialists.


The In-Service Education Center collaborated with the Alabama Department of Education to provide training for educators who are involved in Reading and Math Testing.  Those sessions are at the JSU McClellan Center on September 21, 28, and 29, 2006.

JSU was represented on September 7 and 8, 2006 in Gulf Shores, Alabama at a meeting of The Council of Alabama Regional In-Service Center Directors by Dr. William D. Carr and Vicky Brown.

Jacksonville State University held the first summer institute for Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiation (AMSTI) at Jacksonville High School July 17 through July 28, 2006.  A total of 229 teachers and administrators from 75 public schools were trained in math and science.  The institute was conducted by twenty-three trainers from across the state. Governor Riley was the keynote speaker at the opening session held on July 24, 2006.  Dr. Joe Morton, Dr. William Meehan and Dr. William Carr were among the other speakers during the opening session. 


In the two weeks following the institute, the AMSTI staff assembled 154 math and science kits.  The science teachers received 64 GLOBE kits along with the AMSTI science kits.  Today there are 204 math and science kits in classrooms.  The first round of kits will be returned to the AMSTI site the second week of October.   Thirty science kits grades first through fifth will be restocked and sent out to 30 different teachers for classroom use.  In December, 18 sixth through eighth grade science kits will return to our site to be restock and sent to other teachers in January. 




Student Enrollment.  The College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) experienced growth in student enrollment during the 2005-2006 academic-year.  The following table illustrates the 92% increase in student enrollment from fall 2001 to fall 2006.












Spring 2006



BSN:    174

STEP:      9

MSN:      27

Total:    210


BSN:    189

STEP:    11

MSN:     24

Total:   224


BSN: 194

STEP: 12

MSN:  20



BNS:      202

STEP:       9

MSN:      29

Total:    240


BSN:  244 

STEP:  54

MSN:    36

Total:  334


BSN:     252 

STEP:     69

MSN:      28

Total:    349


BSN:               238

STEP:             100

MSN:                 44

UNA MSN Transient:           21

Total Students:      403


The greatest increase in student numbers occurred in the STEP program.  In considering the headcount for the nursing major, it is important to note that virtually all generic BSN students are full time as that is a “traditional” program.  There is a blend of full and part time students in the STEP and MSN programs; most of the students in these two online programs also work full time.  In fall 2006, there were 21 University of North Alabama (UNA)  MSN students enrolled in 442G Transcultural Nursing as part of JSU’s collaborative arrangement with UNA.  Analyses of these data should consider that the 21 transient UNA students are not degree seeking and the number of UNA students may vary greatly from semester to semester.  The collaborative arrangement between UNA and JSU, finalized during the 2005-2006 year, stipulates that UNA students will take up to four courses through the CNHS MSN program.


The extraordinary growth in the CNHS has been generously supported with increased numbers of faculty, computers, desks and renovation of space to accommodate the ever growing student numbers.  There are 21 nursing faculty, three of whom were hired beginning fall 2006:  Instructors Ms. Honey Holman, RN, MSN, Ms. Peggy Bone, RN, MSN, and Ms. Janel Crawford, RN, MSN.  In addition to faculty the professional staff consists of a full time Media Specialist, a full time clinical associate, a Director of Student Services for the BSN program and approval for a Director of Student Services for the RN-BSN and MSN Programs.  For more than 25 years, there has been an individual coordinating Student Services for the generic program; the exponential growth of the STEP program necessitated the addition of a Director of Student Services for RN to BSN (STEP) and MSN Programs. 


A total of 147 participants attended “The 10th Annual Continuing Education Conference” on July 14, 2006 at Wallace Hall, Jacksonville State University.  A total of 6.6 contact hours of ABN approved continuing education was awarded to each registered participant who completed the day’s activities.  One of the most common reoccurring positive comments we receive about the conference year after year is the diversity of the subject matter presented by the speakers.  The keynote speaker, Dr. Kingsley Sathiakumar, spoke on avian influenza, a topic that has been a top news story in the nation for the last year.  His highly entertaining as well as informative lecture covered the facts about avian flu, the risks of exposure and spread, and the State of Alabama’s preparations for that and/or other pandemic infectious disease threats including bioterrorism.


Assistant Professor Dr. Phyllis Waits attended "Innovations in Curriculum Development for Nurse Faculty" Workshop, Louisville, KY, May 22-24, 2006, THE Forum "Keeping in Tough in Technology 2006" Conference, Baton Rouge, LA, April 22-24, 2006, and "Promoting Palliative Care in Advanced Practice Nursing", Pasadena, CA, June 21-23, 2006, End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium Graduate Training Program, sponsored by City of Hope National Medical Center & AACN.  Instructors Ms. Mendy Wright and Ms. Christie Shelton attended the 16th Annual Institutional Effectiveness Intensive Workshop Series, San Antonio, TX, July 31-August 2, 2006.  Attendance at these conferences is part of an overall CNHS plan of faculty development.


Dr. Sarah Latham attended Assessment, Accountability and Retention Conference June 16-19, 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona.  Dr. Latham was sponsored by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment in her role as a member of the Program Review subcommittee of Institutional Effectiveness Committee.  Dr. Latham also served as an internal reviewer for Program Review for the departments of Human Resources and Disability Support Services.


The College of Nursing and Health Sciences completed the JSU Program Review process.


The CNHS has been highly visible at state and national level conferences.  The following table highlights scholarly presentations made by nursing faculty since the last BOT report.  Support of scholarly presentations is part of an overall CNHS plan for faculty development.


Faculty Presentation Summary Summer 2006












Drexel - "From Classroom to Clinical Arena-Turning Ordinary to Extraordinary", Providence, RI, June 9-12, 2006






Drexel - "From Classroom to Clinical Arena-Turning Ordinary to Extraordinary", Providence, RI, June 9-12, 2006



Villanova-"The Greatest Generation: Gerontological Sensitivity Training for the Classroom and Beyond", Philadelphia, PA, June 15-17, 2006



ASNA Conference, Auburn, AL,  "A Personal Journey: From Diagnosis of Hepatitis C to organ Transplantation", September 28, 2006






Drexel - "Gero for a New Generation", Providence, RI, June 9-12, 2006






Nursing Update 2006, summer conference, "Somewhere over the Rainbow: An Examination of Trends in Teen Behavior", JSU, July 14, 2006






Nursing Update 2006, summer conference, "Pretty Woman: Teens Starving to be Thin", JSU, July 14, 2006






Nursing Update 2006, summer conference, "When to Stay, What to Say, and Should You Pray: Spirituality in Nursing", JSU, July 14, 2006






Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN) Convention, "Patient Satisfaction: The Patch Adams' Way", Orlando, FL, April 7-9, 2006.






FACES - "From Diagnosis of Hepatitis C to the Organ Transplant Process", Montgomery, AL, April 24-25, 2006



ASNA Convention, Auburn, AL, "A Personal Journey: From Diagnosis of Hepatitis C to Organ Transplantation", September 27-28, 2007






Drexel - "From Classroom to Clinical Arena-Turning Ordinary to Extraordinary" and "Gero for a New Generation", Providence, RI, June 9-12, 2006



Nursing Update 2006, summer conference, "Pretty Woman: Teens Starving to be Thin", JSU, July 14, 2006


The CNHS plan for faculty development, which includes attendance at relevant conferences, support for scholarly work, and pursuit of terminal degrees continues.  Nursing instructors in doctoral programs represent almost 1/3 of the faculty and include Ms. Mendy Wright, Ms. Carrie Elkins, Ms. Michelle Garcia, Ms. Christie Shelton, Ms. Betsy Gulledge, and Ms. Shawn Wilson.

Office of Distance Education

Faculty/staff accomplishments:   Dr. Sherri Restauri attended the Campus Technology 2006 conference from July 3, 2006 through August 3, 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts. The conference emphasized technology in higher education as it relates to enterprise strategies, security, IT infrastructure and support, funding, and e-learning.

A. New Instructional Technology & Design Laboratory: The new Instructional Technology and Design Laboratory is currently being enjoyed by faculty, staff, and students.  The 15 person lab will be used in both instructional design training, in online and hybrid course preparation, and for other instructional technology purposes.  Along with groups of faculty from diverse academic disciplines across campus, this laboratory is also used in individualized instruction with faculty at JSU.  In addition to the new hardware and software purchased to support the ITDL, a high speed DVD duplicator has also been purchased and placed into the lab for supporting instructional and departmental material duplication needs. The ITDL is also currently being utilized for the Annual Fund Phonathon.

B. Webinars: The Office of Distance Education hosted two web seminars during the reporting period that were widely attended by both faculty and staff.  The E-Portfolios webinar was presented on August 9, 2006.  Faculty, staff, and administration in attendance were shown how an e-portfolio can be used to share research and class projects with audiences both within and outside the University.  E-portfolios were shown in this webinar to also be of increasing value in the accreditation process, when implemented within the suggested manners offered through this webinar.

The Office of Distance Education also hosted another webinar, entitled Facebook on Campus:  Understanding the Issues.  The webinar provided faculty, staff, and administration in attendance with an understanding of the role that Facebook, which “is an online directory that connects people through social networks,” plays. Facebook, along with MySpace, both play a significant role in the lives of students, and this webinar focused on how best to react, as faculty members,with students using these types of Internet-driven, social networking tools.  Legal issues related to disclosure of personal information on these online social networks were also discussed from an academic standpoint.

Faculty, staff, and administration completing each webinar received a certificate indicating their experience in the topic covered in the webinar.

C. Blackboard workshops continued to be offered to faculty and staff.  A Blackboard Level III workshop was conducted on July 13, 2006.  The title of the workshop was Blackboard:  Communication and Student Management Tools.  Faculty learned about asynchronous communication, discussion boards, synchronous communication tools, and how to manage multiple course sections. On July 20, a Blackboard Level IV, Assessment workshop was conducted.  Topics included courses statistics, tests construction, question pools, grade book management, and student tracking. Faculty completing each workshop received a certificate indicating their expertise in the specific areas of Blackboard covered in the session.

D. Videoconferencing: Jacksonville State University is now able to offer videoconferencing to other locations utilizing the latest industry standard at the Oxford Videoconferencing site. 

E. Advertising via Charter Media in Calhoun, Marshall, and Etowah counties began running in July and August of 2006. These commercials highlighted the new JSU Online (, or website, where complete online programs are listed. Statistics gathered during the first two months of JSU Online going live indicated that this website was frequently visited by prospective students.  The table below shows the increasing number of visits (“hits”) to the JSU Online website over the months of July 2006 and August 2006.




Reported period

July 2006

First visit

05 Jul 2006 - 03:00

Last visit

31 Jul 2006 - 23:59


Unique visitors

Number of visits





Viewed traffic *


(1.46 visits/visitor)

(4.18 pages/visit)

(20.54 hits/visit)

92.57 MB
(65.37 KB/visit)








Reported period

August 2006

First visit

01 Aug 2006 - 00:00

Last visit

31 Aug 2006 - 23:36


Unique visitors

Number of visits




Viewed traffic *


(1.49 visits/visitor)

(3.23 pages/visit)

(19.11 hits/visit)

242.42 MB
(59.3 KB/visit)



F. Enrollment: The Office of Distance Education continued to positively impact the University enrollment as shown in the following tables:

Fall 2006 Distance Learning Course and Enrollment Data



Course Sections


All Online (Bb, Other, STEP)*

141 (116 courses) – 156 sections offered

 3,564 (2,253 unique students)

Bb Online (includes STEP)**



Other Online**



Bb Supplements**

299 Bb courses (may represent more sections)

7,648 (4,878 unique students)


  19 (4 courses) – 22 sections offered

 123 (119 unique students)


    3 (3 courses)

   82 (80 unique students)

All distance formats*

163 (123 courses)

3,769 (2,385 unique students)

All formats and supplements**

At least 462

11,417 (6,336 unique students)

*Data provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

   Source: DSTFU8IE, DMSCO4PS and DSTFE6SD Post-Registration Reports from 9/6/2006

**Data provided by the Office of Distance Education.

     Source:  SQL Queries run against Blackboard Advanced System Reporting (ASR) Database – 9/6/2006;

     Data accumulated in Office of Distance Education from MS03 and other IT report;

     Data entered based on information provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.


NOTE:  The data above does not reflect the conversion of 1 Videoconferencing course (3 sections) to traditional format after the semester had already begun and data was generated.


The Marathon S enrollment is shown below:


Marathon S 2006 Distance Learning Course and Enrollment Data


Course Sections


All Online (Bb, Other, STEP)*

2 ( 2 courses)

18 (18 unique students)

Bb Online (includes STEP)**

1 (1 courses) – 1 offered


Other Online**

1 (1 courses)


Bb Supplements**

2 (may represent more sections)

44 (44 unique students)


 0 (0 courses)

  0 (0 unique students)


 0 (0 courses)

  0 (0 unique students)

All distance formats*

2 (2 courses)

  18 (18 unique students)

All formats and supplements**

At least 4

62 (62 unique students)

*Data provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

   Source: DSTFU8IE, DMSCO4PS and DSTFE6SD Post-Registration Reports from 8/8/2006

**Data provided by the Office of Distance Education.

     Source:  SQL Queries run against Blackboard Advanced System Reporting (ASR) Database - 8/8/2006;

     Data accumulated in Office of Distance Education from MS03 and other IT report;

     Data entered based on information provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.


G. iTunes U: As noted in the last Board of Trustees report, the Office of Distance Education had applied to become an iTunes University. This application has now been officially approved by Apple, Inc. iTunesU is a free, hosted Internet-based service for colleges and universities that provides easy access to archived educational content, such as professors’ lectures, demonstrations, and interviews. The most valuable aspect of this service for traditional, hybrid, and distance education college professors alike is that instructors can post lectures for students to download onto their computers, as well as onto their handheld iPods (a brand of portable digital media player designed and marketed by Apple Computer). It is anticipated that the iTunesU @ JSU will begin piloting in spring 2007.


New ergonomically correct workspaces and furniture were installed in Technical services creating a healthier and more attractive work environment.

A new server was purchased to upgrade the library’s EZ Proxy system.

A total of 150 library instruction sessions, workshops, and seminars were conducted or hosted by Houston Cole Library faculty since July.

Library Public Services Department

Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis participated in SirsiDynix Web conference at Houston Cole Library July 13, “Wiki:  The Ultimate Tool for Online Collaboration.”


Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis participated in Thomson Gale Web conference “PowerSearch” held at Cole Library on July 14.


Mr. Doug Taylor attended the ISI Web demo on July 27.


Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis took part in ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) e-learning Webcast “Technology Trends in Academic Libraries,” July 27.


Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis attended Webinar presented by the Office of Distance Education, JSU, “Facebook on Campus:  Understanding the Issues” August 2.


Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis is preparing for a presentation on Blogs and RSS feeds for Academe on September 25.


Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis submitted “Checking Out  The Impact of a Digital Trend on Academic Libraries,” manuscript written with Laurie Charnigo.  Accepted for publication by Information Technology and Libraries.


Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis created a Web site for Calhoun County 4-H program, and learned to use Adobe Contribute software to be able to show Extension personnel how to maintain the site.


Mr. John-Bauer Graham submitted a proposal for presentation/proposal accepted:  2006 LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) National Forum’s Poster “A Light in the Blackboard® Jungle:  Maintaining Your Library’s Presence Within an E-learning Software Platform.”


Ms. Hanrong Wang submitted a manuscript on “Library Orientation for International Students in Houston Cole Library” to be included in an upcoming issue of the Educators’ Spotlight Digest, College Connection Section.


Library Technical Services Department


Ms. Bethany Skaggs, Jodi Poe, and Kimberly Stevens published “One-Stop Shopping:  A Perspective on the Evolution of electronic Resources Management” in OCLC Systems and Services:  International Digital Library Perspectives, 2006 (22:3) 192-206.


Ms. Kimberly Stevens reviewed “Golden Gate Mysteries: A Bibliography of Crime Fiction Set in the San Francisco Area” in Reference Reviews, 2006 (20:5) 33-34.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs reviewed “Journal of the HMS Endeavor” in Reference Reviews, 2006 (20:5) 61.


Ms. Jodi Poe reviewed “Information and Referral Services:  A Brief History” in The Southeastern Librarian, 2006 (54:1) 36-41.


Ms. Jodi Poe published “Tech Notes:  Ode to Passport” in The Alabama Librarian, 2006 (56:2) 5.


Ms. Jodi Poe reviewed the “Internal Revenue Service Web Site” in Choice, 2006 (43:11/12) 2042.


Ms. Jodi Poe, Mary Bevis, John-Bauer Graham, Bethany Skaggs, and Kimberly Stevens’ proposal for a chapter in The Handbook of Research on Library Electronic Resource Management was accepted by Idea Group Reference, Hershey, PA for publication in 2007.




Admissions Office

The Office of Admissions is pleased to announce that undergraduate applications are at a record high for the 2006 fall semester with 4007 students applying for admission. The number of new students accepted is the second highest ever with 3619 acceptances. The number of freshmen enrolled for the fall semester is the second highest since admission requirements were implemented in the early 1990’s. A chart labeled “Office of Admissions, Final Fall Figures” has been provided in your packet of information.

JSU Police Department

CALEA Reaccreditation Onsite


The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies conducted an onsite evaluation of the Jacksonville State University Police Department 12 through 16 August 2006. The team consisted of 3 certified police evaluators who inspected 446 performance and management standards. A written recommendation stating that the police department is in full compliance with all standards and should be granted reaccreditation was forwarded to the CALEA National Office by the evaluation team. Members of the Police department and a representative from the JSU Administration will attend the next scheduled CALEA national conference to appear before a reaccreditation panel. The panel recommendation will be forwarded to the full commission for their vote on reaccreditation.


UPD Communications System Upgrade


The University Police Department has received a microwave antenna, new handheld radios, and mobile 800 Mhz radios as part of a county wide communications system upgrade. The microwave antenna system is designed to provide a clear and reliable communications. The County wide communications system upgrade is part of a Federal CSEPP grant and is provided at no cost to the County or users.


Student Life


Freshman Forum


The JSU Freshman Forum is currently undergoing the selection process for the 2006-2007 Freshman Forum members.  There were 113 applications turned in, and we will be selecting 40 of those students to serve as members.  The first Freshman Forum meeting is September 27, 2006.  There are already numerous campus and community service projects planned that the forum will take part in such as visiting the nursing home and helping out with SGA committees.  We will also be continuing our annual INSPIRE program where the members visit area high schools to inform students on the transition from high school to college.  We are looking forward to another exciting year of Freshman Forum!


Multicultural Programming/Student Government Association


The transition of new Student Government Association officers began in April along with the wind down of events. During the month of April the SGA continued with it’s tradition of contributing to the Holocaust Remembrance.


The semester was concluded with a “Spring Fling” celebration designed to bring about total campus involvement. The event had a range of activities that included a dunking booths, cotton candy machine and even live entertainment for those that just wanted to sit and observe.


The Student Government Association Executive officers planning retreat was held in May, It is during this time that we brainstorm ideas to promote quality entertainment that is inclusive of all students.


September is Hispanic Heritage Month. We are working with the International Student Organization to co-sponsor this month of celebrations. Such events on tap for the month include two movies depicting Latino life, a Latin Dance party and a soccer game with the SGA.


Greek Life


At the close of Spring 06 we held our annual Greek Awards Ceremony recognizing chapters for their accomplishments in 2005.  Through this ceremony President Meehan awards $6500.00 worth of scholarships to chapters.  Those chapters were Alpha Phi Alpha, Phi Mu, Delta Chi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Zeta, Kappa Alpha Order, Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Zeta Tau Alpha.


Panhellenic Council (PC) –


Sorority recruitment was August 21 – 24, 2006.  Marketing tactics leading up to this event consisted of the following:


-          Telemarketing

-          Greek Life Interest Sessions (Orientation)

-           Bulk mail out of this year’s Greek Book to 2700 incoming students.


91 women registered for formal recruitment with 55 women receiving bids at its conclusion. 


Gamecock Orientation (GO!)


Gamecock Orientation 2006 was a huge success.  757 students attend one of the six sessions held in July and August.  This was an increase of 21 students from 2005.  100% of the parents and students stated that their overall satisfaction with JSU was good or excellent.


Gamecock Orientation GO! 2007 will be held during the month of June in 2007 instead of July. This marks the first time in recent years that Orientation activities will be held in June. The earlier orientation will give new students more time to prepare for the fall semester after they attend orientation.


The dates are as follows:


-- June 7 Transfer

-- June 11-12 Session A

-- June 14-15 Session B

-- June 18-19 Session C

-- June 21-22 Session D

-- June 25-26 Session E

-- June 28-29 Session F


Plans are underway for the selection of the GO! Team.


Department of University Housing and Residence Life


Occupancy Report:


Please see the attached occupancy report for fall 2006.

Please note the continuous improvement in percentages since fall ’03.  The occupancy rate has made sufficient increases each year.

Fall 2003:  80%                      Spring 2004:  86%

Fall 2004:  89%                       Spring 2005:  82%           

Fall 2005:  95%                        Spring 2006:  93%

Staff Report:


We hired three new staff members:

Ms. Brandy Roberts, Clerk Assistant III

Mr. Wesley Todd, Residence Life Coordinator for Crow and Dixon Hall

Mr. Andy Chudy, Residence Life Coordinator for the Apartment Area


Facilities Report:

In conjunction with the Physical Plant, the Department of University Housing and Residence Life has completed several projects throughout our facilities this summer.  These projects are carefully planned in order to continue enhancing our living environment. 

  1. Sparkman Hall interior rooms were painted.
  2. Sparkman Hall opened this fall as a co-ed and continuous housing facility.
  3. Fitzpatrick Hall and Daugette Hall will no longer be continuous housing.
  4. College Apartments were renovated and received new furniture.
  5. Curtiss Hall was successfully reopened as a residence hall and underwent renovations.  All sororities currently located in Sparkman relocated to Curtiss.
  6. Logan Hall received new mattresses.
  7. Patterson Hall received new mattresses.
  8. Fitzpatrick Hall lobby, TV lounge, and first floor study lounge furniture was replaced.






# of Residents

Occupancy %















































# of Residents

Occupancy %

Campus Inn (Eff)




Campus Inn (1Bd)








Jax (1Bd)




Jax (2Bd)
















Penn House






















# of Residents

Occupancy %

All Houses



















Occupancy %






Recreational Sports Department

During the 2005-06 academic-year over 40,000 people within the university community utilized Stephenson Hall, Pete Mathews Coliseum, and the multi-purpose gym located in Kennamer Hall. Stephenson Hall provided over 87 hours per week of fitness and recreation opportunities.

Recreational Sports continues to receive positive comments on the new Cybex weight equipment. The cardiovascular room continues to be a heavy utilized area. During peak hours there is a demand for more cardiovascular equipment. We are also looking at relocation of some rooms in the facility to accommodate this huge demand.

Recreational Sports has had numerous requests to include free-weight equipment at Stephenson. Unfortunately, space is an issue for this request. They are are currently studying the possibility of adding a wing to the North side of the facility that could be utilized for this purpose. If the wing could be two storied, it could also accommodate the need for a better aerobics and instruction area.

The department continues to offer instructional classes in aerobics, yoga and fitness. However, the participation would increase if the classes were held in more of a secluded area. Currently, the classes are still taught in the gym.

Stephenson Hall had over 120 separate reservations for the Gamecock Center to hold seminars, meetings, and dinners. New tables and chairs for the Gamecock Center have assisted in making these meetings and dinners more accommodating. The department was also able to obtain more rectangular tables which will assist in preview days and other university functions.

Stephenson Hall had over 100 different reservations for meeting rooms and classrooms. The Tom Roberson gymnasium was used for special events such as Preview Day, Educational Career Fairs, Small Business Fairs, Physical Education classes, as well as an inclement weather facility for football practice and other sport camps. Stephenson Hall was reserved on numerous occasions for evening use by Winter Guard, band camps and the Upward Bound program.

Recreational Sports continues to be one of the largest on-campus job opportunities for students seeking part-time work. There are usually over 40 students each semester that are hired to assist with the day-to-day operations of the campus recreation program.

As facility manager for Pete Mathews Coliseum, the department administered the refinishing of the arena playing surface. It also purchased new chairs for team benches, scoring and media personnel.

For the thirteenth straight year, Recreational Sports hosted the Alabama High School Athletic Association regional basketball tournament. Forty-eight teams competing in front of approximately 30,000 fans from across the state participated in the tournament.

The department also serves as host for the Calhoun County High School basketball tournament which drew over 10,000 fans to the campus.

Neither of these events would be successful without the gracious cooperation of Athletics, Physical Education, Security and other departments on campus. The Coliseum recreation facilities which are shared with Physical Education were open 15 hours per week for use. Some of the weight equipment in the Coliseum has been upgraded to help with the demand of classes and recreational use. There is a need to move the free weight equipment to Stephenson to allow for more utilization.

Recreational Sports continued to offer free water aerobics classes that were a favorite of not only our students and staff, but also JSU retirees.

The department’s intramural program continues to be a favorite for the University community. Over 125 teams participated in leagues and tournaments throughout the year. There were over 24 champions recognized. The department also recognized groups and individuals for their performance and achievement during the Intramural Sports year.

There were a record number of participants for this year's Spring fishing tournament. The summer golf league continues to be a favorite for faculty and staff. The league increased from 32 participants last year to 40 participants this year. The league is played on Tuesday afternoons, after work, at Silver Lakes on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.

Recreational Sports continues to work cooperatively with the Athletic department with the utilization of the renovated multi-purpose building in Kennamer Hall. This facility is not only utilized by athletics but also by recreational sports and other university groups for many activities such as intramural sports, Physical Education classes and other special events.

Student Health

The Student Health Center served a total of 4,306 students, faculty and staff during 2005-2006. This is a 9% increase in the number of clients served since last year.

The Student Health Center:

  • Contracted with a gynecologist to provide women's health services to the campus community during the fall and spring semesters.

  • Conducted presentations during orientation and recorded a 19% increase in the number of immunizations administered.

  • Instituted a new health promotion and wellness program.

  • Distributed over 4,000 Student Health 101 handbooks to students by the health center staff, peer educators and resident assistants. These handbooks address health issues that students face during their college experience.

  • Sponsored the Save a Life Tour, along with Counseling Services and University police, which was presented before Spring break to increase awareness of the effects of alcohol use and abuse.

  • Conducted numerous outreach efforts. These included providing 1,500 promotional items to Kitty Stone Elementary School and Eura Brown Elementary School for Red Ribbon Week, a drug awareness program for schools. Breast Cancer Awareness month was observed by distributing pink lapel pins and other promotional items.  

  • Donated first-aid supplies to residence hall advisers, university offices and to the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville.

The Student Health Center continues to provide clinical experiences for medical and nursing students.

Submit items for news releases by using the request form at