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02 October 2006

Dr. Lori Owens Publishes Book
on Politics of Judicial Appointments

Dr. Lori J. Owens, assistant professor of political science at Jacksonville State University, has published a book, Original Intent and the Struggle for the Supreme Court: The Politics of Judicial Appointments, which was released recently by The Edwin Mellen Press.

Her study examines the judicial philosophy of original intent and how the 1987 Robert Bork hearings impacted the judicial nomination and confirmation process. This research profiles the scholarly literature on the emergence of the original intent debate, the exchange of words between Edwin Meese and William Brennan, the confirmation process prior to 1987, the Bork hearings, how the Bork hearings impacted post-Bork nominations and confirmations, Bill Clinton's nominees to the federal judiciary, and the current status of original intent.

Interviews with participants on both sides of this debate are included in this study.

Dr. Owens said, "It is common for court observers to assert that the 1987 Robert Bork confirmation hearings altered the nomination and confirmation process, but this book explains how the process actually changed. Moreover, it offers 'real-world' insight into the timely topic of judicial appointments by including interviews from scores of individuals who directly impact this debate. The book, while scholarly, is also geared toward citizens who are genuinely interested in the process of federal judicial appointments."

Dr. Owens earned a Doctorate in Political Science and an outside minor in U.S. Constitutional History from The University of Alabama in 2001, where she also earned her Masters Degree in Political Science. She has an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Jacksonville State University. Dr. Owens serves on the Faculty Senate and the Political Relations Committee at Jacksonville State University. She also serves on the Alabama Women's Commission and is an Academic Associate for The Atlantic Council.

Dr. Owens is the advisor for pre-law students and the Pre-Law Society, the Political Science Model Arab League Team, and the College Republicans. Dr. Owens also supervises all undergraduate internships. Dr. Owens was hired as an assistant professor at Jacksonville State University in 2001.

Dr. Owens teaches Introduction to American Government, Introduction to State and Local Government, Introduction to the Law, Introduction to Comparative and International Politics, Governments of Latin America, Governments of Africa and the Middle East, American Diplomacy to 1900, Twentieth Century American Foreign Policy, Southern Politics, and The Judicial Process.





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