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29 September 2006


PRISM Updates and Training Available

PRISM is Jacksonville State Universityís information management system for planning, budget requests, and reporting. JSU units document operational goals, objectives, budget requests, strategies, methods of assessment/evaluation, and use of results. Operational and learning goals, objectives and results are entered into this on-line system. Annual reports including significant accomplishments provide summary data. PRISM provides decision-makers with relevant reports, making JSUís comprehensive system of continuous improvement visible, viable, and meaningful. To access PRISM go to: Users must have a username and password, which are assigned to each unit department head, director, or dean.

For those new assigned PRISM users and those needing a refresher, PRISM Basics Training sessions will be available on Thursday, October 12th at 2pm and Friday, October 20th at 9am. Please call 782-8144 to reserve a seat.

PRISM is available for 2007-2008 planning now. All unit plans and budget requests should be in PRISM and completed by December 15, 2006. If you have any questions, please call 8144.

The following new features were added to the PRISM system and will affect unit planning and budget requests.

Funding Request Type:

For each budget request units must now select from the drop down box on the right of the request. The budget request categories are:

-- Travel

-- Faculty

-- Staff

-- Graduate Assistant

-- O&M (General)

-- Travel

-- Assessment

-- Accreditation

-- Technology

-- Facilities and Grounds

-- Other

E-mail Notification: After reviewing funding requests, Deans and Vice Presidents can now notify the unit by sending an email to the unitís contact person. The e-mail prompts the user to log into PRISM and check the status of the request.

Objective Funding Status: A new table for each objective now shows the funding status of each budget request. Units can see if their request has been reviewed, approved, funded or disapproved. In each case units are also able to see who reviewed, approved and funded the request along with the total amount funded.



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