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22 September 2006

'The War Tapes' at
Zannie Theatre Oct. 26-28

Special Engagement - Meet Sergeant Zack Bazzi.

Straight from the front lines in Iraq, THE WAR TAPES is the first war movie filmed by soldiers themselves. While thousands have died or have been injured in Iraq, hundreds of thousands have returned alive.

The film will be shown Thursday - Saturday, October 26 - 28, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $8. The Zannie Theatre is located at the Buckner Center, McClellan, 412 Buckner Drive, Anniston.

THE WAR TAPES is the untold story of the soldiers that never makes the evening news or the morning paper. It is the story shared by every surviving warrior in history—about how they stumbled, how they triumphed, how they became something greater than they imagined possible, and how they lost (and strengthened) a part of themselves in the process.

THE WAR TAPES is Operation Iraqi Freedom as filmed by Sergeant Steve Pink, Sergeant Zack Bazzi and Specialist Mike Moriarty. Steve is a wisecracking carpenter who aspires to be a writer. Zack is a Lebanese-American university student who loves to travel and is fluent in Arabic. Mike is a father who seeks honor and redemption. Each leaves a woman behind—a girlfriend, a mother, and a wife. Through their candid footage, these men open their hearts and take us on an unforgettable journey, capturing camaraderie and humor along with the brutal and terrifying experiences they face. Winner Best Documentary Feature, Tribeca Film Festival 2006.

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