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19 July 2006

Discounts Offered
in JSU Faculty/Staff Dining Program

Lunch bucks provide a way for Sodexho to continue offering meals to the JSU faculty and staff at much lower rates than the cash door price. In the past Sodexho has offered two different rates at Hopper Dining Hall, one for the faculty/staff and one for the students and guests. The two different rates allowed Sodexho to offer the faculty/staff a substantial discount.

The meal rates have been restructured and as a result, only one door price is offered when you pay cash upon entering the dining hall. The new door price rates when paying cash for meals has increased effective August 1. New cash door price rates for meals are as follows: Breakfast - $4.75, Lunch - $5.75, and Dinner, $6.75.

So that faculty and staff may continue to receive a discounted rate, Sodexho has created the "lunch bucks" declining balance program. When you purchase the lunch bucks, they are added to your JSU faculty/staff ID card. There is a minimum purchase of $20 to start and/or reload your account. When you purchase the lunch bucks they are added to your JSU faculty/staff ID card, and you use it just like a debit card.

The lunch bucks program offers many advantages:
  • It's more convenient. There's no more digging around searching for change. Just present your ID card.

  • It's less expensive. Best of all you will save money. You'll gain the immediate rewards of the faculty/staff discount.

  • It's a deal. Where else can you go for lunch and get an all-you-can-eat buffet for only $4.00 per person?

  • It's secure. The bucks are tracked by computer so you won't lose your bucks, even if you lose your card. To get started on the lunch bucks program, call Sodexho at 782-7242. Stop by the office at Hopper Dining Hall and fill out your registration form. Sodexho accepts cash, check, Visa MasterCard and Discover.

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