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14 September 2005

Photo Feature by Jonna VanDeWalker

Definitely Not Shy!

This past weekend, Mike and Jonna VanDeWalker encountered a hungry hummer who was not a bit shy. This photo was snapped by Mrs. VanDeWalker as her husband held the feeder. Photographed at Cold Water Cove Campground in the Oregon Cascades about 75 miles east of Eugene, Oreg. Mike VanDeWalker said, "The hummer found the feeder within two hours of our hanging it on the side of the motorhome. She would perch either on a branch about 20 feet from the feeder or on the stick that was holding up the feeder itself. She was feeding about every five minutes morning and evening, and about every 15 minutes at mid-day. She was definitely building body fat for her trip south for the winter. She had no fear of me at all. I'm sure she is a wild bird and not a city dweller." The fat little hummer below is the same one -- VanDeWalker says "she leans out in flight."

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