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7 December 2005

Lost in Northeast Jacksonville Area: Labrador Retriever in Auburn's Canine Detection Program

Auburn established the Canine Detection Training Center at Ft. McClellan, AL to further the technology transfer and training components of the institute;s mission.  The Center trains dogs, handlers, trainers and program managers in the  performance of all facets of canine detection work.  Auburn is the U.S. government’s primary source of research related to canine detection and information from the research established the scientific precedent supporting the use of detector dogs and the detection of explosives and other hazardous materials.  Furthermore, the institute is a primary source of information and problem solving for the detector dog community responding to 100 or more e-mail, phone, and mail requests for information or guidance regarding the use of detector dogs each year.

            This program selectively breeds dogs to be successful in detection work to enhance the quality of detector dogs and ensure a resource for such dogs.  Auburn has produced 21 litters of Labrador Retriever Puppies from which more than 50 successfully trained detector dogs have been paired with law enforcement handlers.  This program is made possible through the support of dozens of volunteers to house, care for, and provide these puppies with particular experiences to enhance their trainability.  See Auburn University Canine Detection Research, Development, and Training Program.

Scott Becket, of JSU's Teaching Learning Center, and his wife were working with one of these Labrador puppies. During a training exercise in the northeast section of Jacksonville near the Chimney Peak area, this puppy was lost. She is a female, jet black Labrador Retriever. She weighs about 40 pounds. Her name is "Inky" and she has a red collar identifying her as part of the Auburn Canine Detection Program.

If you happen to spot "Inky," please call either the Auburn Canine Detection Program at (256)820-8251 or Kim Beckett at 256-237-4011. Any help in finding this puppy will be greatly appreciated.

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