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25 October 2005
Weight Watchers Survey of Interest

Weight Watchers recently contacted Human Resources about the possibility of again starting a Weight Watcher’s at Work Program. It would be a 15-week program for a total cost of $150 and no registration fee. The meetings would be held during lunch hour at a convenient location on campus.

In order to get this program started Human Resources must have a minimum number of participants sign up, so they are polling employees to get an idea of how many are interested in participating. If you are interested, please respond by sending your answers to the questions below to KaSandra Russaw, Human Resources, at
  1. Would you be willing to participate in Weight Watcher’s at Work?

  2. Is lunch hour the best time for you? If no, what is a better time?

  3. Comments - Please feel free to email any additional comments you may have regarding this program.
If you are seriously interested in participating in the Weight Watchers At Work Program please include your NAME, DEPARTMENT and EXTENSION NUMBER in your email response.

Thank you for taking time to respond to this survey.

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