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21 October 2005

Important Notice Regarding PEEHIP Premium Deductions


We have been notified by PEEHIP that they will not be able to provide, in a timely manner, the monthly invoice that is necessary to deduct the appropriate insurance premiums from employee’s paychecks.  Many of you had concerns regarding the premium deductions from your last payroll, unfortunately, as a result of this delay many of you who made changes/additions/deletions during the open enrollment period will not see the changes reflected on this next check. This will mean that premium deductions may be more or less than elected. New hires that have not had their first premium deduction will not see that deduction on their October 25th check either.  Any catch up premiums due will be deducted from the November 11th check.  This only affects new hires and those that made adjustments during the open enrollment period.


PEEHIP apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused.  They are hoping to have this corrected as soon as possible.  Once the invoice has been corrected we will be able to go forth with making the appropriate premium adjustments to those affected.









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