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18 October 2005

VPASA Report to Board of Trustees








Department of Art


Julian Jenkins has designated a scholarship for the Art Department.


The Art Department has two new faculty members who began teaching Fall 2005 semester.


The Art Department currently has 166 majors.


Department of Biology


No Report


Department of Criminal Justice


Dr. Robert Evans and Dr. Ronald Mellen’s article “Neurotransmitter Dysfunction & Criminal Behavior” has been accepted for publication in the next issue of Southern Concourse (Southern States Correctional Association). 


In August 2005, Dr. Ronald Mellen and Mrs. Nancy Mellen attended neurofeedback training in Atlanta, Georgia, and in September 2005, they attended the annual meeting of the International Society for Neuronal Regulation in Denver, Colorado.


Dr. Ronald Mellen was recently asked to be a member of the Southern States Correctional Association’s Research & Grants Board that will meet during the association’s mid-winter conference in West Virginia.  Off campus Dr. Mellen was appointed to the vestry of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Jacksonville, Alabama.


Department of Drama


No Report


Department of English


Mrs. Gena Christopher and Mrs. Jennifer Foster presented a one-hour seminar for the English faculty concerning trends in online instruction and the English Department’s future in Distance Education.


Dr. Carmine Di Biase’s final manuscript of his book, Travel and Translation in the Early Modern Period, has just been turned in to Rodopi Press (Amsterdam).  The book will appear in about six months as part of their long and distinguished series (it will be #25) called Approaches to Translation Studies.  This book is a result of the conference held here two years ago that went by the same title.  Sixteen contributors came from Canada, the US and Europe.


Mrs. Gloria Horton had an article, “Do All Things Really Have to Come to an End?” published as the feature for the May edition of the Alabama Council of Teachers of English newsletter, /Council-Grams. /  She also did several workshops for teachers in the area during the summer.  In July, she presented a three-hour workshop, “A Step Above:  Beyond Memorization in the Teaching of Vocabulary,” for thirty-three teachers.  On August 8, she presented a two-hour version of the same workshop for the entire faculty of Saks Elementary School, and on August 9, she presented a two-hour workshop on reading comprehension strategies for the 38-member faculty of Walter Wellborn High School.


Mrs. Gena Christopher, Dr. Randall Davis, and Dr. Steven Whitton are preparing for the JSU Writers Bowl scheduled for October 27, 2005.  Dr. Whitton conducted a Teacher Seminar on Arthur Miller and All My Sons for Alabama Shakespeare Festival and Alabama Humanities Foundation May 5, 2005 in Montgomery.  He spoke at the State Days of Remembrance May 5, 2005 in Montgomery for the Alabama Holocaust Commission.  Dr. Whitton has also written 13 film reviews since May for the Anniston Star.


Department of History and Foreign Languages


Dr. Russel Lemmons, Professor of History, presented a paper titled “ ‘Imprisoned, Murdered, Besmirched’: The Controversy  Concerning Berlin’s Ernst Thalmann Monument and German National Identity, 1990-1995,” at the annual meeting of the European Section of the Southern Historical Association.


 Dr. Harvey H. Jackson, Professor of History, spoke on “Remembering the Great Depression” at the Writing Our Lives series sponsored by Sylacauga’s Comer Library and the Alabama Humanities Foundation and on  “From Court House to Poutin’ House: Political Folklore in Clarke County Alabama” at the annual meeting of the Alabama Folklife Association.  He was featured on “Bookmarks” on Alabama Public Television. He continues to serve on the editorial board of the Anniston Star and write a weekly column on southern politics and culture. 


Dr. Phillip Koerper, Professor of History, serves on the Board of Directors of the Alabama Archaeological Society and is President of the Coosa Valley Chapter of the group. He is also co-chair of the Anthropology section of the Alabama Academy of Science.


Dr. Donald Prudlo, Assistant Professor of History, was awarded an honorarium to attend the Liberty Fund Conference on “Liberty and Voluntary Death” which was held in Portland, Oregon.


Institute for Emergency Preparedness


During the 2005 fiscal year, the Institute for Emergency Preparedness (IEP) continues to grow academically as well as serve the region through contractual emergency planning services.  The efforts of the IEP faculty and staff have helped the IEP to successfully meet, and even exceed in some instances, all of the stated objectives for this time-frame.


Continual increases in both undergraduate and graduate Emergency Management enrollment were observed during the 2004-05 academic school year.   Emergency Management students comprise approximately 1000 +/- members of the JSU student population, and faculty and staff of the IEP are largely responsible for a significant portion of the enrollment growth of the University. 


Emergency Management students are typically mid-career professionals and do not come from the traditional JSU student population; therefore, the increases in IEP undergraduate and graduate enrollment are largely due to the recruiting efforts of the IEP faculty and staff. 


The Institute for Emergency Preparedness, Jacksonville State University (IEP-JSU), has maintained its position as a national leader in emergency management education.  Our new undergraduate and graduate degree programs have exceeded Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) viability standards, and the internet-based academic programs offered through IEP-JSU allow us to serve a diverse body of students globally. 


The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management program is in the 3rd full academic year after its approval in October 2002 by ACHE.   There are currently over 500 undergraduate students enrolled in the BS-Emergency Management program, and this number increases each term.  Furthermore, there have been 12 graduates to-date, exceeding ACHE viability standards.  This is particularly impressive given most students in this program are mid-career professionals who are only able to attend school part-time.


In December 2004, a new minor in Homeland Security was approved.  This is the 3rd minor available 100% distance learning through the IEP.   To-date, the only minors available 100% online through Jacksonville State University are those available through the IEP.  These minors continue to be of great interest to students studying in a variety of academic disciplines outside of Emergency Management. 


Over 400 students were enrolled in graduate level Emergency Management programs this year.  Of special note, with the exception of the College of Education, this year witnessed the IEP as having more advanced degree graduates than any other department on campus.


The Master of Science in Emergency Management program is in the 2nd full academic year since being approved by ACHE in August 2003.  This program, too, has exceeded ACHE projections by 128%.  The first MS-EM students were awarded their degrees in the Fall 2004 term.  To-date there have been 16 graduates, or more than double the viability standard, from this program. 


The Emergency Management concentration within the Master of Public Administration (MPA) is the IEP’s most mature program.  This Emergency Management concentration continues to be the largest of the MPA program.  This year, out of a total of 35 graduates from the MPA program, 13 - or 37%, were Emergency Management concentrations. 


During the 2005 fiscal year, the IEP worked on contracts totaling $1,592,234.56.  The following is a list of projects IEP has completed, those in which we are presently engaged, and those proposed which are currently under review:


Response Planning Requirements for the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP), Talladega County.


Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program Planning for Special Needs Populations, Subcontract with Argonne National Laboratory (ANL).  


Implementation of the Talladega County Citizen Corps Council, Talladega County. 


Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training, Talladega County. 


Phase I, United Defense. 


Response to Hurricane Ivan, State of Alabama Emergency Management Agency (AEMA). 


Smallpox and Influenza Epidemic Vaccination Training, Department of Public Health (ADPH). 


Two On-going Contracts:


Medical Coordinator for Alabama CSEPP FY05, ADPH.


Phase II, United Defense. 


Four Proposed Contracts totaling $5,717,543.00:


Smallpox and Influenza Vaccine Pandemic Planning, Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH).  This contract for $49,890.00 proposes that the IEP would administer courses on smallpox/influenza vaccine pandemic planning.


Center for the Study of High Consequence Event Preparedness and Response, Department of Homeland Security.  As a member of the Johns Hopkins University Consortium, IEP-JSU is the lead in submitting the proposal to establish a Center for the Study of High Consequence Event Preparedness and Response.  If awarded, this will be for $5,000,000.00 per year for 3 years for the consortium.


Communication Plan for Alabama CSEPP Counties, Alabama Department of Homeland Security.  In this $50,000.00 contract, IEP will prepare a tactical interoperable communication plan for the six Alabama CSEPP Counties. 


Medical Coordinator for Alabama CSEPP FY05, ADPH.   IEP will continue to work with ADPH to provide medical planning and guidance for the six Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) counties in Alabama in this proposed contract totaling $617,653.00.


In February 2005, the IEP successfully completed its move to the JSU-McClellan Center.  The relocation of the IEP to the JSU-McClellan Center will facilitate interaction with the Center for Domestic Preparedness and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Noble Training Center. 


In response to the diverse needs of our students and the educational needs of the field, IEP faculty developed 7 new course offerings this year.  In addition, the IEP faculty and staff had a combined total of 12 publications plus 3 pending and attended, exhibited, and/or presented at 27 conferences during this time-frame.


IEP faculty, staff and students have a rather extensive involvement in disaster response across the nation.  Numerous IEP faculty, staff and students responded to the impact of Hurricane Katrina in either volunteer or work-related capacities.  Virtually all facets of the emergency response community were represented through the IEP population, either via responding directly to the scene on the U.S. Gulf Coast or assisting evacuees in other states (e.g., local/state EMAs, FEMA, Red Cross, military, police, fire, emergency medical response, hospital response, search and rescue, recovery, shelter/mass care operations).


Learning Services


Dr. Claudia E. McDade, Director of Learning Services, gave a workshop entitled, “Celerating Academic Skills: Basic or Advanced” on Tuesday, September 6th. On Friday September 9th, Dr. McDade also presented a paper entitled, “Appling Behavior Analysis in a University Setting: Success Breeds Success” which showcased a DVD entitled: “Precision Learning at Jacksonville State University” produced by JSU Television Services. Both presentations were in Gdansk, Poland at the Second Conference of the European Association for Behaviour Analysis.


Learning Services assisted thirty-nine students through the 2005 ExSEL Program. Thirty-six of these students are currently enrolled at JSU.


Department of Mathematical, Computing and Information Sciences


The department received accreditation from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) for its computer science and computer information systems undergraduate programs.  These are newly accredited programs and extend retroactively from October 1, 2003.


Dr. Guillermo A. Francia, III had a refereed paper, “Computer Forensic Tools and Techniques”, accepted for publication and presentation at the 2005 International Conference on Security and Management in Las Vegas, July 2005.


Dr. A. Monica Trifas had a paper, “Medical Image Enhancement”, accepted for publication and presentation at the 9th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics in Orlando, July 2005.


Dr. Jan Case, Dr. David Dempsey, and Mrs. Marilyn Johnson, in conjunction with members of the College of Education and Professional Studies, received approval from the Alabama Commission for Higher Education for the EMCAT (Exploring Mathematical Concepts Applications Technology) grant, which originally came from President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act.  Secondary math teachers, represented by eleven school districts, attended the training in July 2005.


Dr. Edwin H. Smith had a paper, “A New Packing Density Bound in 3-Space, Discrete and Computational Geometry”, published in September 2005.

Dr. Guillermo A. Francia, III attended the 14th USENIX Security Symposium for training in the latest advances in computer systems security, August 2005.


Department of Music


No report


Department of Physical and Earth Sciences


Dr. Jan Gryko was invited to present a paper along with Dr. Benji Blair titled “Using Scanning Electron Microscope in Undergraduate Chemistry” at the American Chemical Society Fall Meeting, Washington, D.C.  August 28, 2005. 


Dr. Jonathan Herbert co-authored a paper titled, “A Tropical Weather Vulnerability Assessment for Texas Coastal Counties”, published in the Texas Journal of Science 57(2): 187 -196.


Dr. Miriam Helen Hill and Dr. Bryan Burgess received a $5000 grant from Rivers Unlimited of Cincinnati, Ohio to construct a spatial database and website to provide environmental information for mapping and analysis.


Dr. Miriam Helen Hill had three poems, "Thank You, Teach," "In the Face of Adversity," and "What is Life?" published in the Journal for the Liberal Arts and Science 9 (3): 60 and 61.


Drs. Al Nichols and Nouredine Zettili were named as consultants on the 1.6 million dollar grant awarded to JSU.


Dr. Nouredine Zettili presented papers at the following two conferences:


First paper was titled "Improving Physics Teaching in Secondary Education" and the second paper was titled "How to Improve Physics Education in College". Both papers were presented at the Annual Summer Conference of the American Association of Physics Teachers, Salt Lake City, August 08-11, 2005.


The second conference Dr. Zettili presented "The Nuclear-Born Oppenheimer Method and Nuclear Rotations" and "An Outreach Initiative to Improve High School Physics" on September 20, 2005 at the Joint Conference of the Nuclear Physics Division of the American Physics Society and the Japanese Physical Society, Maui, Hawaii, September 18-22, 2005.


Department of Political Science and Public Administration


Dr. Barnett, Dr. Krejci, and Dr. Veasey will present papers at several conferences this fall (Southeast Conference on Public Administration, Southwest Social Science, and the Midwest Political Science conventions).


Dr. Veasey will be working with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Office for Domestic Preparedness) through Titan Corporation conducting training and exercises concerning terrorism in Iowa in September, 2005.


Dr. Owens is completing her book on the confirmation process for Supreme Court nominees and is working steadily for the Women’s Committee as part of Governor Riley’s Task Force.  


Department of Psychology


No report


Department of Sociology and Social Work


Ms. Kim Womack has been serving as 2005 Conference Chair for the National Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors’ (BPD) where she has facilitated two national planning meetings (Austin, TX and Los Angeles, CA).  She served on the Finance Committee for BPD at two national planning meetings (June in Austin, TX and September in Los Angeles, CA) where she helped to set the national 2006 budget for BPD.  She also served as a Mental Health Support Person for Hurricane Katrina Evacuees at the McClellan Center in September.


Dr. Nancy Francisco Stewart co-coordinated community services on a Red Cross Disaster Emergency Team for victims of Hurricane Katrina and she participated on the Northeast Alabama Critical Incident Response Team.


Dr. Mark Fagan received the following publicity: (nationwide circulation and World Wide Web), July 28, 2005; The Eufaula (AL) Tribune, September 18, 2005; The Chattanooga (TN) Times Free Press, July 31, 2005; Column 2 by Bill Brown in Anniston Star, Dothan Eagle, Jasper Daily Mountain Eagle, Talladega Daily Home, Heflin News, Demopolis Times, and the Dadeville Record, July 24, 2005; and Column 1 by Bill Brown in Anniston Star, Dothan Eagle, Jasper Daily Mountain Eagle, Talladega Daily Home, Heflin News, Demopolis Times, and the Dadeville Record, July 17, 2005.


Dr. Ann Callahan co-coordinated community services on a Red Cross Disaster Emergency Team for victims of Hurricane Katrina and she participated on the Northeast Alabama Critical Incident Response Team.  She also co-organized a call for proposals after being selected to edit a symposium on workplace aggression for the Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior.


Dr. Maureen Newton made the following presentation at the 30th National Institute on Social Work and Human Services in Rural Areas on July 6-9, 2005, in Shepherdstown, WV; Juvenile Conference Committees: Community-Based Alternatives for Low-Risk Juvenile Offenders.


Dr. Clark Hudspeth began teaching Introduction to Sociology as an online course.  He had the following publication: Journal of Family Issues, The Timing of First Marriage: Are There Religious Variations? in July.

Jonathan Adams served as a faculty representative at a follow-up meeting to assist in the development of Core Child Welfare Competencies for the State of Alabama and in conjunction with the Higher Education Consortium on Child Welfare.  He conducted a study and presented, with Mr. James E. Powe, the results of this statewide study of social worker safety for the Alabama Department of Human Resources.  This was presented to the State Safety Coordinator, Mr. Charles Johnson.  Finally, he served as the faculty representative at a Child Welfare Retreat for the development of Core Child Welfare Competencies for the State of Alabama and in conjunction with the Higher Education Consortium on Child Welfare.





Dean William Fielding attended the Business Council of Alabama (BCA) Meeting in Point Clear, Alabama, August 5-7, 2005.


Dean Fielding attended and participated in the Choccolocco Economic Activity Zone Advisory Board Meeting on August 9, 2005


Dean Fielding attended the Dean’s Retreat at 3181 McClellan on August 10, 2005.


Dean Fielding toured Parker Hannifin on August 25, 2005.


Dean Fielding made a presentation on the Alabama Automotive Industry at the Choccolocco Economic Activity Zone Meeting at the Anniston Meeting Center on September 22, 2005.  Governor Bob Riley attended the meeting.



Finance, Economics, and Accounting Department


The CCBA and Dr. Cynthia McCarty, Director of the Center for Business and Free Enterprise Education and Entrepreneurship, sponsored 8 workshops on Economic Education for area educators.  105 teachers from 57 different schools attended.  Topics of the workshops ranged from interest rates to the stock market.


Dr. Angela Sandberg’s article, “Congruence between Evaluation and Decision Models in Capital Budgeting Decisions: It’s Not the Accountant’s Fault,” has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Accounting and Finance Research.


Dr. Sandberg authored the Instructors Manual for Financial Accounting, Harrison and Horngren, Prentice Hall, Sixth edition.


Dr. Chris Westley did a book review of Thomas E. Woods’ The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy, in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Vol. 8, # 4 (Winter 2005), pp. 95-97.


Dr. Westley had an article entitled, “The End of Unions” to be published in The Free Market, Vol. 23, # 9 (September 2005), pp. 7-8.


Dr. Westley was a guest on “The Ricky Ware Show,” on KTSA out of San Antonio, Texas to discuss FEMA on September 12, 2005. 


Dr. Westley was a guest on “Morning Air with Sean Harriott,” Relevant Radio Network, to discuss gasoline prices on August 25, 2005.


Dr. Jeff Zanzig’s article entitled “New View on GAAP Requirements for Non-Public Companies” has been accepted for publication in an upcoming edition of The CPA Journal.


Dr. Bill Scroggins made a presentation entitled “Cultural and Recreational Attractions” at the Choccolocco Economic Activity Zone Conference held on September 22, 2005 at the Anniston Meeting Center.



Department of Management and Marketing


Dr. Patricia Borstorff


Dr. Borstorff attended an official briefing at the World Bank which was most informative for international business classes.


Dr. Borstorff attended an official briefing at the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC. She received much information to include how to assist our students in the process of being an intern at the international headquarters.


In September Dr. Borstorff is teaching a Human Resource Certification study course to Human Resource professionals from northeast AL. This is a preparation course for national certification. Dr. Borstorff  currently holds the highest level of national certification, Senior Professional in Human Resources.


Dr. Borstorff has  assisted in the summer at the Glen Addie Mission in west Anniston in preparing and serving breakfast.


Dr. Borstorff has assisted in preparations for a job fair for hurricane Katrina refugees in our area.


Dr. Borstorff represented the AL Society of Human Resource Management on a Hill visit Sept 12 and 13. The group  visited all the AL Senators and Congressmen, discussing human resource issues, including job fairs and job assistance for hurricane Katrina refugees, defined benefit pension plans, paperless medical records, and various health care issues and their funding.  Dr. Borstorff spoke to several of our representatives personally about JSU.


Dr. Brent Cunningham


Dr. Cunningham has been selected as the Mgt/Mkt rep. to the Faculty Senate


Dr. Cunningham is in the process of completing three (3) research studies (one with JSU faculty, one with University of South Carolina faculty, and one with faculty from the University of Teesside of Middlesbrough England)


Dr. Cunningham continues his community service work with Boy Scouts of America, United Way and his church


Mr. Michael Featherstone


Mr. Featherstone presented a paper “The Abundance of Simple Business Models on the World Wide Web”, at the 11th Australasian World Wide Web conference, July 2005.  The paper was selected as the outstanding paper in the e-Business track.


His paper “The Abundance of Simple Business Models on the World Wide Web” was selected for publication in the peer reviewed Conference Proceedings of the 11th Australasian World Wide Web Conference.


His paper “The Abundance of Simple Business Models on the World Wide Web” was selected for publication on the web site ‘’.  This site is hosted at North Carolina State University and is used as a teaching resource at hundreds of universities from every part of the world.


Mr. Featherstone was a co-author of the paper “Employee Perceptions of E-Harassment and E-Privacy”. Citation Follows: Borstorff, P., D. Smith and  M. Featherstone, Employee Perceptions of E-Harassment and E-Privacy. E-Business Review 5 (2005), no. 1, 35-39.


Dr. Joann Williams


Dr. Williams received Best Reviewer award in August from the Management Education Division of the Academy of Management.  This award recognizes the quality of her reviews for this division during 2005.


Dr. Williams has been asked to serve as a Resource Reviewer for the Learning and Education Journal of the Academy of Management.  Her first review should appear in 2006.


In August, Dr. Williams presented "Basic Knowledge of Human Resources and Legal Issues" to the supervisor training class at Wellborn Cabinets Inc. in Ashland, AL.



Dr. Williams has been elected to the position of Program Evaluator Elect for the Management Education Division of the Academy of Management.  She will automatically become Program Evaluator in 2007. This position will be held for


3 years. As part of her duties, Dr. Williams will serve as a member of the Executive Board of this division.


Dr. Williams, along with Ann Callahan of JSU, will serve as a co-editor for a special issue on workplace aggression for the International Journal of Organizational Theory and Behavior.


Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CED)


Small Business Development Center (SBDC)


The Choccolocco Economic Activity Zone (The Zone), a newly formed, regional economic development initiative, held its first annual economic Exposition on September 22nd with Governor Bob Riley as the keynote Speaker.   Over one hundred and fifty area leaders from business, economic development, chambers of commerce, industry, and government spent the day learning about present economic conditions and economic growth in the three-county area included in the Zone.  The Counties are Calhoun, Cleburne, and Talladega.


The Zone is an outgrowth of the JSU Center for Economic Development (CED) and is designed to promote area wide economic development through the collection, analysis, and dissemination of data to area leaders, especially those working in economic development.   The Center will monitor and provide leaders with updated information on a regular basis.


In the past year, CED staff members have been gathering and analyzing data to help determine the economic health of the area.  The Center has published a report resulting from the research which provides details of the various segments of the economy.  


In his talk, Gov. Riley pointed out that The Zone is “a good start in joining the economic and political life of Calhoun, Cleburne, and Talladega Counties with the JSU research, preventing the development of a “football rivalry” that can stifle economic growth.”  He also stated that by joining forces in a regional effort to increase development, everybody wins.


Oversight for The Choccolocco Economic Activity Zone is an advisory board chaired by JSU President – Dr. William A. Meehan.  Other members and their affiliations include:  Honorable Anna Berry, Mayor, the City of Heflin; Mr. Greg Brown, B.R. Williams Transportation; Mr. Dennis Buckner, Regions Bank (retired); Mr. Bill Curtis, East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission; Mr. Larry Deason, Farmers & Merchants Bank; Honorable Jerry Fielding, Talladega County; Mr. Don Hopper, Calhoun County Economic Development Council; Honorable Chip Howell, Mayor, City of Anniston; Mr. Calvin Miller, Talladega County; Mr. Bill Newman, Oxford Lumber/Ace Hardware; Mr. Jim Robbins, Jr., Southtrust Bank; Mr. Curt Sasser, Fort McClellan Credit Union; Honorable Leon Smith, Mayor, City of Oxford; Mr. Ronnie Smith, Alabama Power Company; Ms. Sherri Sumners, Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce; and Mr. Randy Wood, Alabama State Representative, District 36.


During the reporting period, the SBDC hosted five nights of loan clinics in conjunction with the Small Business Administration.  A combined total of 62 people attended the clinics.   Another eighty one were provided one-on-one professional counseling by SBDC staff members.


For the year, the SBDC hosted held 32 workshops, clinics and conferences with a total of fourteen hundred and eighty five people attending.  In addition, four hundred and eighty seven were provided with one-on-one professional counseling by SBDC staff members.





Dean’s Office

The College of Education and Professional Studies (Education Unit) is preparing for the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) re-accreditation visit scheduled for November 5-9, 2005.  Board of Examiners from NCATE and Alabama State Department of Education (SDE) team members will be on campus to review all teacher education programs.

Representatives from ALFA visited campus on September 20, 2005 as a part of the Capital Campaign.  The College of Education and Professional Studies provided the group a tour of Ramona Wood Hall. During the visit, distinguished ALFA representatives including Mr. Jerry Newby, ALFA President and CEO, visited classrooms and interacted with various faculty and staff.  Their generous contribution ($250,000) to the College of Education and Professional Studies will provide financial support for the new Education Annex that is a part of the Capital Campaign.

Dr Cynthia Harper and Dr. John Hammett, along other JSU faculty and staff attended the Institutional Effectiveness Workshop/Conference in New Orleans July 31-August 4, 2005.

Dr. Cynthia Harper and Dr. John Hammett attended the Alabama Dean’s Meeting in Montgomery on August 8, 2005.

Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the JSU Dean’ Retreat at McClellan on August 10, 2005.

Dr. Cynthia Harper was invited to participate as a member of the Alabama State Department of Education’s Special Education Task Force to review criteria for special education on August 15, 2005 in Montgomery, Alabama.

Dr. Cynthia Harper represented the College of Education and Professional Studies at the University sponsored Recruiting Luncheons on August 18 in Marshall County, August 19 in Etowah/Cherokee County, August 24 in Calhoun County at Classics on Noble, September 2 in Fort Payne, September 8 in Jackson County, and September 9 in Madison County.

Dr. Cynthia Harper participated in the Early Care (Alabama Partnership for Children) meeting in Montgomery on August 30, 2005.

Dr. Cynthia Harper was invited to participate in the Governor’s Reading Summit held in Birmingham on September 15, 2005.

Dr. Cynthia Harper and Dr. John Hammett hosted the NCATE Board of Examiner’s chair and consultant, Dr. Billie Blair (California State University System) and Dr. Ann Jones (SDE) on September 22, 2005 to finalize plans for the upcoming NCATE and SDE review.

Dr. Cynthia Harper, along with colleagues from across the University, represented Jacksonville State University at the Women’s Conference in Montgomery on September 28, 2005.

Department of Child Development Center

The JSU Child Development Center has an enrollment of 101 children ages six weeks through school age. There are nine instructional classrooms opened.  There are currently thirty three instructional teachers, three administrative personnel and two maintenance personnel employed at the Center. All nine classrooms consist of a fully credentialed lead teacher and teacher assistant.  Teachers conduct daily lesson plans and provide quality childcare to the community.


Thirteen of the Center’s employees are currently enrolled in Gadsden State Community College pursuing their Child Development Associate diploma (CDA).  All thirteen employees are attending on a scholarship that they received from the T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Alabama, Alabama Partnership for Children.  The course work for this program is taught by Mrs. Cindy Goggans of Gadsden State Community College.  The classes meet each Monday night from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Child Development Center.  The Center is very proud to assist these professionals in their efforts to continue to grow professionally.  Good quality programs require well qualified teachers and administrators.


The Center is currently hosting the following J.S.U. practicum classes: Child Growth and Development 352 (approximately 40 students), Early Childhood Education 306 (approximately 12 students) and Family and Consumer Science 460 (3 students).  We are also offering two optional, extra curricular activities for our three and four year olds.  Ms. Sharon Carroza comes to the Center each Monday and holds basic computer classes. These classes are held in the computer lab.  Mrs. Stephanie Carroll of Carroll’s Gymnastics visits on Wednesdays and holds basic tumbling classes in our indoor play area.  Parents must enroll their children in these classes in order for them to participate.


Plans are ongoing in the Center’s efforts to become accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  The NAEYC’s primary goal is to act on behalf of the needs and interests of young children by providing developmental and educational resources to adults who work with children from birth through age eight.  NAEYC accreditation has grown enormously since its inception and now involves thousands of early childhood schools and centers that represent the broad diversity of types of settings available for young children and their families.  The NAEYC accreditation is an effective strategy for improving program quality and identifying high quality programs for parents, families and policy makers.


Department of Communication

The Department of Communication conducted two programs--the General Workshop and the Minority Workshop--for its 2005 Summer Journalism Institute. The General Workshop began on Monday, 6/13/05, and ended on Thursday, 6/16/05 with an awards luncheon. It had six attendees from different high schools in the area. Some of them are currently writing for a local newspaper—The Scene. The Minority Workshop began on Friday, June 17, 2005 and ended on June 21, 2005. It had five attendees, one of whom also works for The Scene. This workshop also ended with an awards luncheon. Both workshops drew a lot of praise from attendees—students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators. This year’s institute witnessed applicants with very high grade-point averages for both workshops. For the Minority Workshop—a project sponsored by the Alabama Press Association—2005 was the year it debuted.


This summer the department had one of the largest groups of interns—27 in number—doing their internships in 27 different organizations in various cities in the country. This large number also translated to one of the largest graduating classes the department has witnessed recently.


WLJS-FM, the campus radio station, has begun airing Alabama state news from the Alabama Public Radio network. The state morning news comes on at 7:04 and at 8: 04 a.m., Monday through Friday. At the bottom of the hour—7:33 and 8: 33 a.m.—there are headlines that last for about two minutes. The station has also added the Alabama Report—a daily wrap-up of the news—from 5 p.m. to about 5:06 pm., Monday through Friday. Further improvements in terms of program automation are expected. Work has also begun on a new radio production studio with the new equipment previously donated to the station by the National Public Radio.


The Department of Communication has resumed serious search to fill the existing vacancy for a print/generalist communication faculty. The department’s spring 2005 search came to a halt at the end of the 2004-05 academic year when the top candidate most likely to fill the position dropped out of the search at the last minute.


During the summer, the Department of Communication, with the help of the Television Services Department, advertised and accepted bids for the (Communication) department’s television editing equipment. The winning bid was seventy-five thousand eight hundred and forty-eight dollars and forty-six cents ($75,848.46). The order has been placed and is expected to be delivered shortly. This new equipment will upgrade the department’s television facility to the state-of-the-art in the field—a much-needed status as the department works toward unit accreditation.


The Ayers chair of broadcasting, Ms. Terasha King, stayed quite busy this past summer. As a fellow of the Radio Television News Directors’ Association (RTNDA), she attended a four-week fellowship which allowed university-level broadcast educators to work in radio and television newsrooms across the nation in order to refresh their skills and master new technologies. The aim is to improve “the flow of information between journalists and educators that is necessary for sustained, high-quality journalism education.” Upon completion of that, she almost immediately, began a workshop on multimedia production held at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication.


Dr. Kingsley O. Harbor, head of the Communication Department, attended a six-day conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) this past summer. The meeting encompassed all areas of journalism and mass communication education. Several sessions were devoted to accreditation and the new standards. The Accrediting Council for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC) recently reduced its accreditation standards from 12 to 9, and the 9th standard is the assessment of students’ learning outcomes. This year (2005-06) will be the first time that the accrediting agency will use student learning assessment as part of its accreditation standards. As such, it was an interesting meeting observing most people grapple with the issue of outcomes assessment as the landscape is still being defined for journalism and mass communications.

Dr. Harbor also attended a special meeting in Chicago on ACEJMC (Accrediting Council for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication) accreditation from the 1st to the 3rd of September, 2005. This is an annual meeting of the accrediting committee during which numerous issues are discussed, and decisions made concerning Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) accreditation. The meeting was open to the public and schools whose (accreditation) visits are imminent were invited to attend.


Department of Curriculum

Dr. Teresa Gardner has accepted the position of faculty member in the Collaborative Teacher/Special Education program area.  She is coming to JSU from the Gadsden City School System.  She completed her doctoral program at the University of Alabama in 2000.  She attended the new faculty orientation on Friday, August 26th and has already started teaching classes in the SPE program area.

Dr. Celia Hilber presented at the Pi Lambda Theta International Conference in New Orleans, LA July 28-31, 2005.


Dr. Celia Hilber has been appointed by Governor Riley to serve on the Talladega Civil Service Board.  She was sworn in by the Major of Talladega on September 8th.  Her term of office will expire on 5/4/08.


Dr. Nina King presented at the Pi Lambda Theta International Conference in New Orleans, LA July 28-31, 2005.


Dr. Gena Riley attended LiveText Conference in Chicago, IL July 19-22, 2005.


Mrs. Sandra Sudduth was appointed to serve on a state committee for the Alabama League of Municipalities.  She was sworn in on September 15th.  She will represent the city of Jacksonville.


Department of Educational Resources

Dr. Lester Bivens – Wrote article for publication, “Improving Student Achievement Test Scores”.  Article submitted to Georgia Association of Educational Leaders, April 2005.

Dr. Hayden Center, Jr., - Sustaining Prevention Innovations.  Presentation made at the Drug-Free Communities New Grantees Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Sustainability of Prevention Innovations.  Presentation made at the Congressional Earmark and EOCD New Grantees Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Emerging Issues in Prevention.  Workshop conducted at the Southeastern School of Alcohol and Drug Studies, Athens, GA

Prevention Innovations.  Presentation made at the Grants to Reduce Alcohol Abuse Program (GRAPP) Regional Meeting, Charleston, S.C.

Science-Based Prevention.  Presentation made at the Showcase of Prevention Programs, Statesboro, GA. 

SAPST Training for Georgia Therapeutic Child Care Workers.  Presented at the State Georgia Therapeutic Child Care Workers Meeting, Macon, GA. 

Risk Factors for Adolescent Substance Abuse. Presentation made at the Appalachian School of Alcohol and Drug Studies, Jacksonville, AL

Emerging Issues in Prevention.  Workshop conducted at the Florida School of Addiction Studies, Jacksonville, FL.

Building Capacity for Sustainable Prevention Innovations.  Presentation made at the State Incentive Grant Meeting, Jackson, MS.

Science-Based Prevention.  Presentation made at the Chapter V meeting of the Alabama Counseling Association, Jacksonville, AL

Uniting Spirituality and Sexual Counseling, article published in the Family Journal, vol. 12, 4, p. 419

Dr. Charlotte Eady – Prepared (for submission) a manuscript that discusses the perceptions of rural principals on the evaluative measures required by NCLB. 

Dr. Eady also attended the Blacks in Higher Education Conference held in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Isreal Eady – Prepared a manuscript along with Dr. Jan Wilson that was published in the Education Journal on “The Influence of Music on Learning”.

Career Counseling.  Presentation made at public schools. High School Success.  Presentation made at community events.  Recruiting and Retaining Quality Faculty and Staff.  Presentation made at the Blacks in Higher Education Conference held in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Nancy Fox – Formal presentation at the Alabama Counseling Association Annual Conference. Research project of completing the article entitled, “Community Service and Academic Achievement” was completed during 2004-2005.  The research portion of the article was conducted by Dr. Fox.  Counselor Education program faculty at JSU worked together to submit the finished article to the Professional School Counselor journal.  The manuscript has been submitted for publication review (March 2, 2005).

Dr. Donna Herring – Scrapbooking the Educational Portfolio.  Presentation made at the Alabama Educational Technology Conference.

Scrapbooking the Educational Portfolio.  Presentation made at the National Educational Technology Conference.

Blackboard Tips and Tricks.  Presentation made at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference.

Enhancing Educational Websites with JAVA Scripts.  Presentation made at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference.

Evaluation Websites.  Presentation made at the Mid-South Educational Research Association.

Evaluation Software.  Presentation made at the Mid-South Educational Research Association.

Show What You Know:  Scrapbooking for Educational Portfolios.  Presentation made at the Florida Educational Technology Conference.

Enhancing Educational Web Pages with JavaScript.  Presentation made at the Florida Educational Technology Conference.

Enhancing Teacher Education through Technology.  Presentation made at the Society for Informational and Teacher Education Conference.

Organizing and Managing the Online Course.  Presentation made at THE Forum:  Keeping in Touch with Technology Conference.

Wrote grant to the Mathematics and Science Partnership Program requesting $300,000.00.  Grant funded for $90,000.00.


Dr. Jerry Kiser – Uniting Spirituality and Sexual Counseling.  The Family Journal:  Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families, 12(4), 419-422.

Publications PendingPrinciples by Which to Live an Effective Life (Book)

Spirituality – Labyrinths:  A Tool for Clinical Intervention in Counseling (Article)

ACA Ethics and PAS (Article) Uniting Spirituality and Sexual Counseling:  Eastern Influence (Article) Academic Achievement and Community Service (Article).

Dr. J. Gordon NelsonGender Trends in Internet Courses.  Presentation at the Mid-South Educational and Research Association Conference in Baton Rouge, LA. Cognitive PowerPoint Presentations.  Presentation at the Alabama Educational Technology Conference in Birmingham, AL. The Calhoun County LINC Program.  Presentation made at the National Sheriff’s Annual Conference in Louisville, KY. Research paper with Dr. Frank King sent for publication:  Gender Difference in Computer Knowledge. Research paper with Dr. Mary Stinson sent for publication:  Results of the Calhoun County LINC Program.


Dr. Stephen Nowlin – School Law.  Presentation made to Dr. Denise Richardson’s School and Society class at JSU.

Attended two conferences of the Alabama Association of Professors of Educational Leadership in Montgomery and Birmingham, AL.


Dr. Tommy Turner – Publication in the Family Journal:  “Uniting Spirituality and Sexual Counseling” Article in progress:  “Ethics:  Physician-Assisted Suicide”.

Bullying.  Presentation each semester to pre-service teachers at JSU.


Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and the Dean’s Office of the College of Education and Professional Studies hosted a book signing reception to honor Dr. Virginia Yocum, author of Simple Southern Recipes on June 30, 2005.  Dr. Yocum was a long-time faculty member in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.  Dr. Yocum served as Department Head of the Department of Family & Consumer Sciences from 1983-1996.  She retired from Jacksonville State University in May 1997 after teaching 33 years, with 26 of those years at Jacksonville State University.


Ms. Karen Nemeth attended the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 23-26.  She served as a facilitator in the Re-Structuring and Re-Organization Focus Group Meeting.  She also represents Jacksonville State University at the Higher Education Unit meeting.


Dr. Debra Goodwin was a speaker at the annual conference of the School of Nursing, Friday July 15, 2005.  She presented “Weight-Loss Supplements:  Myth, Magic, or Mayhem.”  The major emphasis of the presentation was the incidence of obesity in the United States and current pharmacological treatments.  The discussion included the current anti-obesity drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration as well as recommendations relating to popular non-prescription or over-the counter weight-loss supplements


Dr. Tim Roberts was involved in a collaborative research project, “Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation on Athletic Performance” with colleagues in the Jacksonville State University Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation and the Jacksonville State University Athletic Department.


The Dietetics program in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences received Accreditation for the Didactic Program in Dietetics in 2003.  Assessment activities during the past year gathered data used in an interim accreditation report to the American Dietetics Association submitted September 2005.  Specifically, alumni, student, and employer surveys were conducted and analyzed.  Dr. Debra Goodwin Serves as Director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.


Ms. Robbie Boggs serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Bauder College in Atlanta Georgia.  She attended the Advisory Board Meeting/Curriculum Development on July 14, 2005.


Ms. Paula Napoli presented for Pi Lambda Theta 2005 Leadership Conference in New Orleans, LA on July 28 – July 31, 2005.  Her presentation was entitled “Bridging the Gap; Using Art, Music, and Dance with English Language Learners”.


The Child Center at Jacksonville State University (Mason Hall) has participated in "Supplies for the Refugee Children of Katrina".  Gifts of toys, markers, etc. were delivered to Salvation Army officials at McClellan by a parent volunteer from the center.  All donations were selected and purchased by the three and four year old children and their parents of the Child Center at Jacksonville State.  A special thanks to all.


Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation


Dr. Glenn Roswal completed Research in Special Olympics and Trends for Future Research," paper presented at the 15th International Symposium on Adapted Physical Activity, Verona, Italy. "Special Olympics in the University Curriculum", seminar presented at the 15th International Symposium on Adapted Physical Activity, Verona, Italy.  "Special Olympics University Project", paper presented at the 15th International Symposium on Adapted Physical Activity, Verona, Italy.


Dr. Roland Thornburg--presentation at the national LiveText conference in Chicago, July 2005; presentation at the Pi Lambda Theta conference in New Orleans, July 2005.

The HPER department initiated the online M.S.Ed program in physical education fall semester 2005.

Department of Instructional Services

No Report

Department of Secondary Education

Dr. Jan Wilson and Dr. Charles Notar published “Multimedia Software Evaluation Form for Teachers” in Education, Vol. 126, Fall/2005, No. 1.

Department of the Teacher Service Center

Dr. Kelly W. Ryan presented at the LiveText conference in Chicago in July.

Dr. Kelly W. Ryan presented at the Pi Lambda Theta conference in New Orleans in July.

Dr. Kelly W. Ryan served on the Subject Area Specialist Team for the State Department of Education.

The TSC placed over 175 preservice teachers in Northeast Alabama and West Georgia.

Technology & Engineering

Mr. Jess Godbey and Dr. Dana Ingalsbe had a paper accepted for publication through the National Association of Industrial Technology. 


The department contracted with Doncasters, Ltd. to provide consulting services and safety training for selected employees.


On September 16th, the Federal Transit Administration authorized allocation of $ 994,100 to JSU to aid in the establishment of the Transportation Research Center on the JSU campus.

The department began classes in the new Ayers facility starting this fall semester. 


Department of TV Services

A two-hour special production of the July 18th “Spirit of America Drum & Bugle Corps Competition” held at Oxford High School aired on TV24 during the following dates and times… 4 p.m. Saturday, August 6, 7 p.m. Wednesday, August 10, and 4 p.m. Saturday, August 13

Television Services, along with JSU students, produced the event for Spirit, JSU’s drum and bugle corps.                                               

Television Services attended the “Rocket City Digital Showcase” at the Huntsville Marriott in Huntsville, Alabama.  Seminars on HD Production and Final Cut Studio Editing were given as well as manufacturers showing off their latest products.

Television Services produced the Summer Graduation Exercises seen live over TV24 and the internet.  TV24 also rebroadcast the event at later dates and times.  The ceremony was also archived for two weeks following the event on the JSU Website.  DVD’s of the event were made for those graduates who ordered a copy. DVD’s were sold through the campus bookstore.

Two new JSU Fall 2005 Registration commercials were created and approved by Admissions.  These commercials aired in the Birmingham market on ABC 33/40, NBC 13, and various cable systems.  The commercials were also seen on TV24 and heard on 92J as well as K98 and numerous other local radio stations.

A new JSU commercial, “Our Best 2005” was also approved by Admissions.  This commercial began airing after the Fall Registration commercials stopped their run.

The College of Education & Professional Studies video was approved.  Four new commercials for the college were also approved and are now airing on TV24. The premiere showing of the long-form video was at the annual college faculty/staff meeting on Monday, August 29th.  DVD copies will be burned for The College and Admissions to use during accreditation efforts and for recruiting purposes.

The new Continuing Education commercial, “Fall Registration 2005” was approved and aired on Cable One and TV24.

The Learning Services program was approved.  This presentation will be shown and distributed at workshops for European behavior analysts on September 6th in Gdansk, Poland.  Similar workshops will be held in November in Pittsburg and one in May 2006 in Vancouver, BC, where the same presentation will be made.

A second student worker, Jonathan Sikes, was hired for the semester.  Jonathan replaces Anthony Rhodes who graduated.

“Inside Gamecock Athletics” produced by Television Services is taped weekly during football season.  The program features highlights from the football game, comments from Head Coach Jack Crow and interviews with JSU football players.  “Inside Gamecock Athletics” can be seen during football season on Tuesdays at 8 p.m., Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m., and Thursdays at 11 p.m. on TV24.  The program may also be seen at various dates and times in Florence, Gadsden, and Huntsville over local cable systems as well as on the College Sports Southeast Channel.

Taped the luncheon presentation of Alfa representatives pledging $250,000 towards the JSU Education Annex.  Speeches were given by Dr. Cynthia Harper, Dr. Rebecca Turner, President Bill Meehan, and Alpha President Jerry Newby.  Some of the footage aired on the TV24 News on Wednesday, September 21st and copies of the entire presentation were given to Alpha and to the Capital Campaign at JSU.

Mr. Ted White is assisting Communication Professor Jerry Chandler with teaching the use of Adobe Audition 1.5 in the audio editing classes.

Taped President Meehan presenting Governor Riley the “Economic Development Person of the Year” award during a luncheon hosted by the Choccolocco Economic Activity Zone.  Footage was shown on the TV24 News and also given to the News Bureau and Publications Office.



Continuing Education


As of September 30, the Office of Continuing Education conducted 339 classes with 7,948 students generating 30,638 contact hours.


In July 2005, The College of Nursing and Health Sciences and the Office of Continuing Education conducted the Annual Nursing Update Conference with 130 attendees.  Conference topics were the following: “The Human Face of Medical Errors: Stories of Survivors,” “Hepatitis A to E,” “Teaching Families to Cope with Dementia,” Update on Hemodynamic Monitoring,” “Real Malpractice Reform: Making Medical Errors as Rare as Possible,” “Weight Loss Supplements,” “From Classroom to Clinical Arena,” “Recognizing and Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions,” and “A Cultural Perspective on People Who Are Deaf.”


The Office of Continuing Education sponsored, along with East Alabama Regional Planning Commission, a workshop on “Community Diseases:  Bioterrorism or Natural Outbreak” in July and “Conflict Management” in September.  The workshop was directed to individuals who work with public agencies and municipalities, elected and appointed officials, and non-profit groups.  One hundred, five people attended the two workshops.


The Office of Continuing Education managed 23 overnight summer camps on the JSU campus with 3000 participants. Sixteen athletic camps and 12 academic camps were planned.  Academic camps and athletic camps were sponsored by Jacksonville State University and overnight camps were conducted by groups outside the university. The largest overnight camp was Spirit, Inc. which had 547 participants who came from Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee.


Business and Industry customized training was conducted for Dixie Pacific, Fruit of the Loom, Jacksonville Medical Center, Honeywell, and Regional Medical Center.


UPACE, the University Partnership for Alabama Continuing Education, continues to offer certificate programs for the Association of County Administrators, Association of County Engineers, County Revenue Officers Association of Alabama, and the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police.  Participating in the program at this time are 154 County Administrators, 105 County Engineers, 42 Revenue Officers and 366 police chiefs.


In July 2005 at JSU McClellan, two classes were conducted for the UPACE Partnership.  These were “Media Relations” and “External Communications in a Police Environment.” Both sessions were attended by 20 participants.


In August 2005,  JSU Continuing Education, along with the UPACE Partnership on behalf of the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police,  managed a training program at Auburn University entitled, “Police Leadership:  Employment Interviewing Techniques.”  One hundred sixty-eight police chiefs attended the training session. 


On September 14-15, the UPACE Partnership presented training in Montgomery to 28 county administrators and county engineers on “Orientation and Overview of Administrators’ and Engineers’ Duties and Responsibilities.” This training is a part of the Certified County Administrators and the Certified County Engineers programs. Twenty-one participants attended this session. 


Because of the volume of activity handled through UPACE with the Police Chiefs, County Administrators and County Engineers, Continuing Education was able to enhance the Aceware registration system.  This enhancement, made possible through a public safety grant, includes on line registration and the capability of doing e-mail blasts to those public safety personnel involved in the UPACE project.



JSU In-Service Center


The In-Service Center cooperated with the Alabama Department of Education to provide "Data Driven School Improvement,' on August 30-31 for 84 public school teachers and administrators at JSU McClellan.


On September 15, Vicky Brown represented the JSU In-Service Center at the Governor's Reading Summit in Birmingham.  The Alabama Regional In-Service Centers were recognized by the Governor Bob Riley and State Superintendent, Dr. Joe Morton for contributions to the success of the Alabama Reading Initiative.


The Alabama Department of Education awarded Jacksonville State University a $484,311 planning grant for fiscal year 2006, to fund JSU as an Alabama Math, Science, and Technology (AMSTI) site during fiscal year 2007.  AMSTI will provide three basic services to math and science teachers:  professional development, equipment and materials, and on-site support to teachers from university faculty and AMSTI-trained professional educators.  The project will serve the 15 school systems in the JSU In-Service Education Center service area.  Dr. William D. Carr, Director of the In-Service Center, is the project's principal investigator.


The In-Service Center hosted 135 workshops for 1,919 teachers and administrators during summer of 2005.

Distance Education

Faculty/staff accomplishments:  The paper by Ms. Sherri Restauri, Dr. Gordon Nelson and Dr. Franklin King, entitled, “Gender as a Factor in Online Education:  Is Self-Selection a Determining Factor in Enrollment & Successful Student Outcomes” was selected for presentation at the MSERA annual meeting.  Due to Hurricane Katrina, the 2005 MSERA conference in Baton Rouge, LA was canceled.  The paper, however, will be resubmitted for the 2006 MSERA conference.

The Office of Distance Education was very much involved in Phase 1 of the Calhoun County fiber optic proposal.  The intent of the proposal was to interconnect high schools in Calhoun County with the local community and the university to enable high school students to enroll in dual enrollment classes.  The project will install fiber cable between the university and Jacksonville High School, and also between Gadsden State Community College, Ayers Campus and Oxford High School.  The project will facilitate videoconferencing, enhance Internet capabilities and provide for the exchange of data between participating institutions.  Upgrades to existing videoconferencing equipment at the university and Oxford High School will take place.  The upgrades will enable the university and the participating schools to use the newest internet protocol.

Several Blackboard Training Workshops were offered during the reporting period. These workshops included introductory, intermediate, and advanced level training sessions, each lasting 3 ˝ hours.  Due to overwhelming interest in the Blackboard system spawned by the recent integration process, multiple sections of the Introductory Workshop were offered to accommodate the increased interest in the system. Faculty completing each workshop received a certificate indicating their expertise in the specific areas of Blackboard covered in each session.

Individual training sessions between the Instructional Media Specialist and faculty interested in the Blackboard system, instructional design issues, course construction, and other pertinent instructional technology concerns were offered during the reporting period. The Instructional Technology & Design Laboratory continued to be used extensively by faculty members, in conjunction with the Distance Education staff, for one-on-one training on Blackboard, as well as instructional design and instructional technology assistance.

Videoconferencing classes were offered at 14 different sites in Alabama and Georgia.  Videoconferencing classes were offered by the College of Education and Professional Studies and the College of Commerce and Business Administration.  Students taking video-based courses will be offered the choice between VHS tapes and DVDs.  It is anticipated that the video-based program will soon be offered only in the DVD format.

Distance Education had a significant impact upon both students and faculty during the reporting period as demonstrated by the following data:

Fall 2005 Distance Learning Course
and Enrollment Data


Course Sections


Bb Online (includes STEP)



Other Online



Bb Supplements

Not available

Not available


30 (4 courses)






The table represents 1,974 unique students.




A wireless laptop computer/scanner unit was tested as a portable system to be used in the stacks for book inventory and shelf reading.  Testing in three areas of the library produced very promising results for future use of this system.

Ten microfilm reels of The Jacksonville Republican, covering 1837-1895, were digitized and produced on CD-ROM.  These will be placed on a library server for online access when space is available.

Ms. Jodi Poe and Ms. Bethany Skaggs completely redesigned the library website with more attractive graphics while maintaining its functionality and ease of navigation.

Mr. William Hubbard was appointed by ACHE to a three-year term on the Alabama Virtual Library Advisory Council.

Mr. John-Bauer Graham was initiated into Omicron Delta Kappa, a national leadership honor society, at the University of Alabama.

Mr. John-Bauer Graham, Ms. Bethany Skaggs, and Ms. Kim Stevens published “Digitizing a Gap:  A Case Study in the History of a Statewide Repository Project and an Increase in Liaison Activity for One Medium-Sized Academic Library” in Reference Service Review, V. 33, no. 3 (2005).

Mr. William Hubbard and Mr. Donald Walter published “Assessing Library Services With LibQUAL+” in The Southeastern Librarian, V. 53, no. 1 (2005).

Mr. William Hubbard co-authored with Ms. Rosemary Arneson “An Electronic Gateway to Information:  A Five Year Report Card” published in The Alabama Librarian, V. 55, no. 2 (2005).

Ms. Hanrong Wang and Ms. Sonja McAbee made a virtual presentation of “Cultural Changes Within Houston Cole Library as a Response to the Presence of International Students” to the Fifth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations, University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece, July 19-22, 2005.

Ms. Laurie Charnigo presented “From Library Instruction to Finished Paper:  Tracking Education Students’ Awareness and Use of Information Sources” at the Georgia Conference on Information Literacy, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, September 30, 2005.






Ms. Sumer Gaymon, RN, MSN, was employed as an Instructor in Nursing.


An Advanced Education Professional Nurse Traineeship to fund tuition and other related expenses for graduate students enrolled in the MSN program during the 2005-2006 academic-year was funded for $18,522.00


A total of 101 participants attended “Nursing Update 2005” on July 18, 2005 at Wallace Hall, Jacksonville State University.  The audience included 69 registered nurses (68.3%), 29 licensed practical nurses (28.7%), and 3 other (0.1%).  This year’s featured speaker was Rosemary Gibson, author of the book Wall of Silence: The Untold Story of the Medical Mistakes that Kill and Injure Millions of Americans.  Ms. Gibson presented the keynote presentation, “The Human Face of Medical Errors: Stories of Survivors”.  Following the morning concurrent sessions, Ms. Gibson presented “Real Malpractice Reform: Making Medical Errors as Rare as Possible”.  The morning and afternoon concurrent sessions consisted of 3 presentation choices respectively, followed by an afternoon plenary session. 


In the College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS), enrollment increased 39.5% from Fall 2004 to Fall 2005 (from 240 students to 335)!  Most remarkable is the increase in the RN to BSN program (STEP).  In Fall 2004, there were 8 students in STEP.  The Fall 2005 STEP program enrollment is 54 with a projected spring enrollment of 84! 


An examination of the last 12 admission cycles (since spring 2000) reveals a startling and encouraging trend.  Between Spring 2000 and Spring 2002, the average class admitted was 40.8 students.  The 2002-2003 academic-year was a period of transition with an average admission class size of 47.5. Since Fall 2003 every admitting class, in Fall and Spring terms, has been filled to capacity (64 students); 157 qualified students have been denied admission due to lack of resources (faculty, classroom, and clinical sites). The CNHS mirrors national trends.  Enrollment figures from Fall 2004 to Fall 2005 are illustrated in the following table.


Fall 2004 Enrollment

Spring 2005 Enrollment

Fall 2005


















*data on 9/8/05


Although the traditional BSN program is filled to capacity, the CNHS STEP and MSN programs can accommodate expansion if adequate, qualified nursing faculty are available since both programs are completely online.


Proposals for changes in the CNHS curriculum were developed during a series of faculty retreats during the summer.  The major curricular changes that will be presented to the JSU Curriculum Committee include:  changes in prerequisites to ensure compliance with AGSC regulations, an increase in semester hours for pharmacology, an increase in senior practicum hours from 80 to 240, and an increase in the nursing program from four semesters to five.


The annual Faculty Retreat was held on August 25, 2005.  Using General Systems Theory, the components of the nursing program were examined so that areas in need of improvement could be addressed.  As part of the Tighten Every Component (TEC) program, ongoing improvement continues.  The focus of the August 25 retreat was improving outcomes (e.g. NCLEX pass rates) by examining the NCLEX-RN Test Plan.  The afternoon session focused on test item analysis and Sherri Restauri conducted an in-service on new changes in Blackboard.


Faculty development and scholarly activities continued throughout the summer.  Instructors Ms. Carrie Elkins, Ms. Jennifer Frank, Ms. Mendy Wright, Ms. Kristi Beam and Assistant Professor Dr. Kay Williams were invited to present scholarly papers at the Drexel University Nursing Education Institute in Atlantic City, NJ in June 2005.  Three faculty members who are also nurse practitioners, Ms. Dorinda Black, Ms. Shannon Morrison, and Dr. Debbie Curry, were invited to participate as test item writers in pharmacology and pathophysiology for the National League for Nursing in New York in July 2005.


In response to the CCNE Accreditation Report, “area of concern with compliance for Standard II -E”, the following strategies were implemented: 


Seven faculty were given summer 2005 contracts for scholarly products.  These faculty either submitted articles for publication to refereed professional journals or submitted abstracts for presentations at the state or national level. 


JSU provided funding for 3 faculty to attend “Boot Camp and Beyond:  Best Practices for Nurse Educators”, July 25-28, 2005 Albuquerque, NM.


International consultant Sylvia Rayfield, conducted a workshop on June 20-21, 2005 to address strategies for improving NCLEX test scores. 


JSU provided funding for 5 faculty members to take the online Sigma Theta Tau program “Becoming a Published Author”. 


Three faculty (Ms. Lynn Hillhouse, Ms. Katie Brothers, and Mrs. Shannon Morrison) will have a reduction in workload for full time doctoral study in the 2004-2005 academic year.


In response to hurricane Katrina, nursing Instructors Mrs. Mendy Wright and Mrs. Carrie Elkins provided nursing care through the American Red Cross in Citronelle, Alabama, September 7-13, 2005.


Six CNHS faculty, including nursing Instructors Ms. Lynn Hillhouse, Ms. Becky Bertalan, Ms. Kristi Beam, Ms. Carrie Elkins, and Assistant Professors Dr. Phyllis Waits and Dr. Debbie Curry, are supervising 19 senior nursing students as they participate in Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts at Jo-Elen Smith Convalescent Center, New Orleans, LA, September 29-October 2, 2005.  CNHS faculty not traveling to New Orleans are participating with relief efforts by providing financial support (more than $1400 was donated for gas, food, and supplies) and by supervising course activities for traveling faculty.  CNHS faculty and students have united in these efforts which reflect both a humanitarian response and an exemplary clinical experience as they participate in the medical response to mass disaster.  Additionally, $600 in Wal-Mart gift cards was given to two families of students with massive losses as a result of Hurricane Katrina.


NU 400 Research and NU 422 Leadership and nursing electives are now offered in fall, spring, May, and summer semesters as part of an overall plan to facilitate student success.  Evaluation of factors that impact graduation/attrition revealed that students could benefit from taking a reduced load of nursing courses during fall and spring. 


Career Day is scheduled for October 24, 2005.  Recruiters from approximately 30 health care agencies across the state and in northwest Georgia will participate. 







Counseling and Career Services


The Appalachian School for Drugs and Other Alcohol Studies had its 5th anniversary this summer with over 300 in attendance, the largest school thus far.  There were 14 ongoing classes held during the week and the school received some of the highest evaluation marks to-date. 


The JSU Peer Educators group, for the third year in a row, was named “Area 8 Bacchus & Gamma Program of the Year”.  The group was also listed in the Area 8 Newsletter as a model program.  They have been asked by several universities in Alabama and Mississippi for information on how we run our program and how it became so successful in just three years.  The Director of Counseling, Rickey Naugher, was named “Area 8 Advisor of the Year” by Bacchus and Gamma.  He has been asked to serve on the advisory committee to try to build Area 8 up and have more representation at the National Bacchus and Gamma Conventions. 


The CCS counselors are assisting at the Oxford Civic Center, in counseling the misplaced evacuees from the Gulf Coast area.


Student Life


Greek Life


Panhellenic Council


Formal Panhellenic sorority recruitment was August 23 – 26, 2005.  Marketing tactics leading up to this event consisted of the following:



Greek Life Interest Sessions

Mailed out this year’s Greek Book to 2700 incoming students.


We had 79 women registered for formal recruitment with 58 women receiving bids at its conclusion.  Since then, all 5 Panhellenic chapters have sponsored their own individual recruitment functions.  This resulted in 40 additional women accepting membership bids.


Interfraternity Council


The Interfraternity Council (IFC) began their recruitment with a fall Music Festival.  This event was an incentive for any interested men to converge on Paul Carpenter Village (Fraternity Row) to get information on Fraternity Life at JSU; while enjoying food and music.  Also, all 6 chapters participated with new student move-in on August 26, 2005.  Additionally, IFC has sponsored recruitment signup tables, and they have actively encouraged all chapters to send interested candidates through fall recruitment. Fall recruitment was September 13-15, 2005, which concluded with 65 men accepting bids from all chapters.


National Pan–Hellenic Council


These service based organizations are preparing for NPHC week, which will be September 26-30, 2005.  This week will include various service initiatives that have been adopted nationally by all 8 organizations.  In addition, they have planned campus activities for our students.  These events include skate night, a step tease, Greek parade, and a student mixer.  Also, the NPHC ball will be held October 7, 2005 in the Theron Montgomery Building (TMB) auditorium.   Moreover, our annual NPHC Homecoming Step Show has been set for October 29, 2005 in the Pete Matthews Coliseum.  Admission is $7.00 for JSU students and $10.00 for general admission.  Tickets are on sale now in Student Life!


As a community we have allotted money to award an independent incoming student a book scholarship.  This money was raised last spring during Greek week.  Requirements are as follows:

Incoming freshman students

Registered for at least 12 credit hours (full-time)

Have at least a 3.0 high school grade point average


Orientation for the summer of 2005 was a great success. “Welcome to Fabulous Jacksonville State University!” proved to be one of the best orientations yet and set a new standard for orientations to come.  Orientation 2005 saw an increase of 72 students this year bringing the total number of students to attend one of our 6 First-Year Student Sessions to 757.   With this new standard, the orientation program has adopted a new name. The new name is “GO!” which is an acronym for Gamecock Orientation. Along with this name change Peer Counselors and Faculty Mentors will now be referred to as GO! Leaders and GO! Advisors.

Several new changes have been made to the upcoming orientation program starting with the selection of two new coordinators, Dana Roberts and Matt Morgan. These two, along with Casie Sanders and Kenny Reighard who were last year’s coordinators, Don Killingsworth Coordinator of Academic Advisement, and Terry Casey Director of Student Life, already have plans underway for Orientation 2006. The following is the GO! schedule for orientations to be held for 2006:

Session A         July 20-21

Session B         July 24-25

Session C         July 27-28

Session D         July 31-August 1

Session E         August 3-4                

Session F         August 7-8

Freshman Forum


The JSU Freshman Forum is currently undergoing the selection process for the 2005-2006 Freshman Forum members.  There were over 95 applications turned in, and we will be selecting 45 of those students to serve as members.  The first Freshman Forum meeting is September 26, 2005.  There are already numerous campus and community service projects planned that the forum will take part in such as visiting the nursing home and helping out with Hurricane Katrina relief.  We will also be continuing our annual INSPIRE program where the members visit area high schools to inform students on the transition from high school to college.  We are looking forward to another exciting year of Freshman Forum!

Student Government Association/Multicultural Programming

Welcome Week 2005 events beginning with Get on Board Day, Game Day, Pep Rally, Tailgate Party, Movie Night, Open Mic Night and the Involvement Meeting were a great success and very well attended by a diverse group of students. Positive responses were received by the Student Government Association for their efforts to program events that had an overall appeal to the entire campus. This semester the SGA has begun the process of forging a relationship with the students from the English Language Institute. Contact was made with Dr. Philip Perkins with the intent of addressing any issues or concerns the students may have experience thus far at Jacksonville State University. The SGA has every intention of seeking input for programming events that are of a cultural interest to the students of E. L. I.

The Student Government Association has diligently worked on and completed events to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. The duration of these events will span from September 15-October 15, 2005.  For this month of recognition and celebration, the Student Government Association has partnered with the International Student Organization. After meeting with the I.S.O. it was agreed upon by all to kick off the month of events on September 15th with I.S.O. co-sponsoring Movie Night with the SGA. The movie that was selected was “Motorcycle Diaries.” The I.S.O. felt this film depicted a pretty accurate adaptation of Latinos. A competitive game of soccer between the SGA and I.S.O. is slated for September 22nd. To culminate the end of Hispanic Heritage Month there will be a Salsa Dance demonstration on October 12 in the TMB auditorium.  The SGA and I.S.O. will enlist the help of local restaurants to provide Hispanic cuisine samplers for the event.


The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office recently launched the Calhoun County Criminal Justice Mobile Data Network.  UPD will join the Criminal Justice Mobile Network as part of the mutual aid agreement with the Sheriff’s Office. Soon contractors will be installing the laptop system in each patrol car.  This wireless system will allow officers to check driver’s license and vehicle registration from their patrol vehicle. Officers will also have the capability to confirm outstanding warrants through other law enforcement agencies on the system. Also, University Police officers will have the option of completing routine paperwork in the field.  At the end of the shift, routine paperwork will be uploaded to the centralized records management system.  This procedure will keep officers more visible to the campus community.


Admissions Office


The Admissions Office is pleased to announce that undergraduate applications and acceptances are at a record high for the 2005 fall semester. The enrolled freshman numbers are the highest since admission requirements were implemented in the early 1990’s.  A chart titled “Office of Admissions, Final Fall Figures” which contains the applied, accepted, and enrolled numbers has been provided in your packet of information.  Campus tours are also at a record high with 484 tours being given from September 2004 through August 2005.

Department of University Housing and Residence Life


Staff Report:


We have two new Residence Life Coordinators:


Kelvin Bradford, Crow and Dixon Hall

Iyisha Hampton, Fitzpatrick and Daugette Hall



Completed Projects:


In conjunction with the Physical Plant, the following summer projects have been completed.


Crow Hall:            Interior was painted.

Dixon Hall:            Interior was painted.

Jax Apartments:  All exterior windows were replaced.

Sparkman Hall:    Carpet in corridors on the 2nd-6th floors was replaced.

Corridors and elevator lobbies on the 2nd-6th floors were painted.

                                    First floor corridor, lobby, and lounge were painted.

                                    All mini-blinds were replaced.

Lay-in ceilings, exhaust fans, and lights were installed in individual restrooms.

Rubber baseboards in the stairwells and corridors were replaced.

Shower heads, toilet paper dispensers, shower curtains and rods were replaced.

Isolation valves for the plumbing stacks were replaced.

Lobby ceiling tiles were replaced.


The following furniture was replaced by the Department of University Housing and Residence Life.


Sparkman Hall:    Each room received (2) beds, (2) mattresses, and (2) desk chairs.  The first floor lobby and TV lounge furniture was replaced.


Penn House:        Each unit received a sofa, chair, dresser, and a full-size bed and mattresses.


The Department of University Housing and Residence Life’s webpage was updated, and we completed a new 2005-2006 Informational CD.


Program Report:


Programming Dimension: LEARN (Life Skills, Education, Awareness, Responsibility, and Needs).


Program Title: Hurricane Katrina Relief

One RA from each hall formed a group to make banners and drop boxes for their hall’s drop off location for Hurricane Katrina relief victims at Fort McClellan and the Oxford Civic Center.  Students were encouraged to donate items for sheltered residents.


Program Title:  Meet the Internationals

Residents leaned about the country of Jordan’s culture through a presentation and interaction with international students during an Ice Cream social.


Program Title: Test your skills; compete to learn.

Residents played board games to challenge their minds while allowing them to get to know each other.


Program Title: Poker Night

Residents learned how to play “No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker”.


Program Title: What is Your Personality Type?

Residents learned personality types and how to understand themselves and others in their community.


Residence Hall Association (RHA) Report:


During Fall 2005 check-in, 5 RHA members set-up registration tables in the Apartment/Hall lobbies for RHA Membership.  RHA T-Shirts were given to residents that joined. RHA currently has 70 active members.


2005-2006 RHA Executive Branch Elections were held Sept. 13th:

President: Sa'de McClaney

Vice President: Alfonso Ross III

Secretary: Jennifer Evans

Treasurer: Todd Hamerlinck

NCC: Heather Nicole Junkins


RHA worked with the Coordinator of Athletic Special Projects to increase resident participation at JSU sporting events.  RHA held competition to challenge the apartment and hall residents to have the most representatives attend the JSU vs. Tennessee-Chattanooga home game.  An estimated 190 residents signed the RHA attendance sheet.


RHA worked with the JSU Counseling and Career Services to increase resident participation at the “Bring a loved one/friend to the Health Fair.” An estimated 110 residents signed the RHA attendance sheet.



Current and Ongoing Event(s)/Project(s):

Face painting at the games

Apartment/Hall Banners

2 RHA members and 2 Advisors will attend Mini-ALURH at University of Alabama on October 8, 2005.

Exam Care Packages

Apartment/Hall competitions






Fall 2005 Occupancy Report as of 9/22/2005




# of Residents


Fall 2005











































































# of Residents


Fall 2005


Campus Inn (Eff)







Campus Inn (1Bd)














Jax (1Bd)







Jax (2Bd)














Penn House






































# of Residents


Fall 2005


All Houses














Specialty Houses



# of Residents


Fall 2005


International House







Panhellenic House

































Fall 2005











The Fall 2004 overall occupancy average was 88.4%

*The Fall 2003 overall occupancy average was 79%.


Career Placement Services


Career Placement Services will host its annual Fall Fair October 6th, "Putting Together Your Future."  Over 30 companies and agencies will be participating.  Redstone Arsenal will be conducting on-campus interviews on September 29th.  First Commercial Bank will be here on October 13th, and Target will be on campus October 14th.  CPS will host its annual alumni panel discussion, "Secrets for Success" on November 6th in Houston Cole Library.





Registrar’s Office


After a national search Ms. Kelly Osterbind was selected for the Registrar position.




Lieutenant Colonel Henry M. “Chip” Hester is the new Cadre Leader for JSU Senior ROTC. 

Lieutenant Colonel Henry M. “Chip” Hester is a 1985 Distinguished Military Graduate of Wake Forest University where he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in Field Artillery.  He holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma.


After graduating College, Lieutenant Colonel Hester’s first assignment was as a platoon leader with the 2d Infantry Division in South Korea.  He subsequently served in a variety of Command and Staff positions with the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas; 3rd Infantry Division in Germany, Coalition Joint Task Force Kuwait, and the IIId Armored Corps Artillery at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  His most recent assignment was as Deputy Operations Officer (J3) and Chief Information Officer for the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Garmisch, Germany.   


Lieutenant Colonel Hester is married to the former Kelly Christina Kim of Copperas Cove, Texas.  They have two children, Kathryn (11 years) and Robbie (9 years).   


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