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18 October 2005

Another Bicycle Driver Safety Program Oct. 22


Safety & Confidence
for Adult Bicyclists

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The Jacksonville State University Police Department will co-sponsor a LAB Bicycle Safety Course with the Calhoun County MPO.

           October 22, 2005 - Saturday

              8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  

              at the JSU Police Department

              Jacksonville, AL

This 4 hour course is targeted to riders of all ages.  It's the classroom portion of the nationally recognized Road One Bike Class.  No bicycle is required. You are expected to know how to ride one.)

Bicycle selection, fit, operation, and accident avoidance techniques will be taught by a nationally certified cyclist with over 200,000 miles of cycling experience.  Put the fun back in your cycling. 

Learn what our culture has largely forgotten about the joys of proper cycling.  I'll attempt to answer such questions as: How can I drive a bicycle so that I can cooperate with other drivers and drive around those who otherwise would cause me trouble. What simple, easily learned bicycle driving techniques or style allow me to get to my destination in reasonable time with good cooperation with other drivers -- while avoiding many faults of other drivers. 

Pre-registration is requested as class size is limited.  The course and textbook are FREE

For info & registration-contact Dr. Charlton Jones at (256) 236-6993 or by e-mail at 

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