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30 September 2005

Program for Candlelight Vigil Ceremony

Prelude Minister Micheal Walker
  NAAN Production
  Faith Outreach Ministries

Welcome/ Sandra Sudduth
Proclamation Vice Mayor, Jacksonville
Dr. Rebecca Turner
  JSU Vice President for Academic
and Student Affairs

Scripture Minister Tradale Jefferson
  Faith Outreach Campus Ministry
  JSU Pep Squad

Prayer Wesley Foundation

Selection Mr. Michael McDonald
  JSU Music Department

Speaker Jake Argo
  Assistant District Attorney
  Calhoun County
Domestic Violence Task Force

Alabama State Dr. Barbara B. Boyd
Representatives Mr. Les Fite
Mr. Randy Wood

Dramatization Baptist Campus Ministry

Selection Mr. Michael McDonald

Keynote Speaker Rhonda K. Hardegree
  Licensed Professional Counselor
  Founder, Daybreak
Crisis Recovery Center

Candlelight Vigil Ceremony

Acknowledgements and Closing Remarks

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