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21 September 2005
IT Introduces Online
Computing Knowledge Base

The Division of Information Technology, through the department of Academic Computing and Network Support, is now providing a self help style web-based IT (information technology) computer knowledge base.

The purpose of this knowledge base is to provide university employees with a centralized location to find tutorials about standardized university software, find procedures for various IT related issues, and to provide a quick resource for the downloading of various free software items such as web browsers and software service packs. As new software is released and new IT related issues are addressed, the knowledge base will grow to meet these concerns.

The knowledge software provides a means for employees to bookmark, print, or email a relevant article to a departmental co-worker or university friend.

University employees are encouraged to e-mail the knowledge administrator with requests for tutorials or software downloads to be added to the knowledge base.

Requests to add web based computer tutorials should be e-mailed to Fred Coble at

The new knowledge base can be accessed by pointing your web browsers to A link can also be found under Academic Computing and Network Support on the JSU website.

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