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14 September 2005
New Mileage Rate for Official Travel

Effective September 13, 2005, the per diem rate of $50.00 for one overnight stay and $66.66 per day for two consecutive overnight stays has been rescinded. The overnight rate of $75 per day, or portion of a day of travel, will apply. September 13, 2005 is also the effective date for the increase in travel from 40 1/2 cents per mile to 48.5 cents per mile.

Partial day per diem is as follows:

  1. For less than six (6) hours duration:
    Mileage only

  2. Over six (6) hours and up to twelve (12) hours:
    Mileage plus $11.25

  3. Over twelve (12) hours but less than overnight
    Mileage plus $30

Please note that after September 15, requests for travel reimbursement must be sent to the Office of the Comptroller and not entered into the system.

If you or others in your department will be traveling on September 30, contact Accounts Payable by e-mail ( with an estimate of expenditures through that day. Failure to do this could result in non-payment of the FY 2005 portion of the trip.

A revision to the Policies and Procedures Manual will be forthcoming in the next few days.

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