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12 September 2005
JSU Professors Spearhead Physician Assistance for Evacuees

Jacksonville State University's Dr. Safaa al-Hamdani and Dr. Nancy Francisco Stewart successfully formed a team of 30 volunteer physicians who are giving free care to survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

Al-Hamdani, professor of biology, and Dr. Stewart, assistant professor of sociology and social work, coordinated the effort which found volunteer physicians within the local Islamic community. The doctors made a commitment to provide free assistance as needed at facilities available at the Lenlock Center.

"Survivors were being turned away from health clinics because they were being asked to pay, and they did not have money," said al-Hamdani. "So, we turned to the community for assistance and found physicians who were able to help for free and who were also willing to provide medicines, baby formula, inoculations, and many other critical items. JSU faculty, in working with the Red Cross, the Islamic community, and other groups, have been able to respond with a volunteer network of people who are willing to give their time as it is available."

Al-Hamdani is the organizer of Anniston Islamic Center, and Dr. Stewart volunteers her time with the Red Cross.

"To put together this network, we simply turned to the organizations we knew best," said al-Hamdani. "But this is not just an Islamic effort, nor is it limited to any group -- many others are helping, and we need everyone who is able to assist to join in."

Al-Hamdani said other physicians, nurses, and assistants who would like to volunteer should contact him at 782-5801 (or send e-mail to or Dr. Stewart at 782-5344 (or
The Islamic Center issued the following joint statement: "We, the Islamic community of Northeast Alabama, express our deepest sorrow and sadness for the suffering resulting from Hurricane Katrina.  We are impacted emotionally and our prayers go to those affected with this disaster."

The following Muslim physicians have volunteered to provide their services free of charge for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  For more information, please contact the following Muslim physicians:

  1. Mohammad Kamran, MD  256-238-1154
  2. Mohammad Jasser, MD   256-238-1154
  3. Saema Mirza, MD   256-480-6300
  4. Mohammad Salame, MD   256-238-1154

  5. Ayman Zayed, MD   256-236-5631

  6. Ghaith Ajamoughli, MD  256-546-4868

  7. Bashar Hakim, MD   256-249-6050
  8. Haroon Shaikh, MD    256-237-1001

  9. Adnan  Syed, MD   256-357-2111

  10. Rashid Attasi, MD   256-839-5900
  11. Mohammad Aldaher, MD  256-245-5241
  12. Muzamil Babiker, MD   256-236-5631
  13. Mohammad Ismail, MD   256-236-0397
  14. Adetkunpo Ladipo, MD  256-236-3031
  15. Abayomi Sanusi, MD    256-236-3031

  16. Ghayas Habash, MD   256-761-2955

  17. Hisham Hakim, MD   256-362-7009
  18. Wael Hamo, MD   256-249-0091
  19. Amir Torabi, MD   256-237-7659

  20. Khalid Khan, MD   256-362-1590

  21. Ebba Ebba, MD   256-435-9422
  22. Mohammad Elbahesh, MD  256-593-3404
  23. Mohammad Festok, MD   256-435-5325
  24. Maher Gao, MD   256-447-2800
  25. Irfan Rahim, MD   884-2260
  26. Mohammad Siddiqui, MD  256-362-1725
  27. Rubina Siddiqui, MD   256-884-2260

  28. Mazin Hakim, MD   256-543-3877
  29. Ammar Shaheen, MD   256-249-0061

  30. M. R. Pacha, MD   256-245-2269

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