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8 September 2005
JSU Gains
$1.6 Million
from Dept. of Education

The Alabama Department of Education awarded Jacksonville State University a $383,100 planning grant to fund JSU as an Alabama Math, Science, and Technology (AMSTI) site during fiscal year 2007. 

The funds will be released to JSU in October 2005, followed by an additional $1,250,000 to be awarded in October 2006, according to Dr. William D. Carr, dean of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, the project's principal investigator. AMSTI provides three basic services to math and science teachers: professional development, equipment and materials, and on-site support to teachers from university faculty and AMSTI-trained professional educators. 

The project will serve the 15 school systems in the JSU In-Service Education Center service area.  Dr. Carr said the grant money appropriated this fiscal year will permit time to select and train staff, provide orientation to business partners and site council, renovate a building to house the project, and prepare for implementation by visiting other AMSTI sites. 

JSU departments collaborating on the project include the College of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, College of Education and Professional Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, the In-Service Education Center, Alabama Science In Motion, Alabama Technology In Motion, and the Little River Canyon Field School.    

Partnering with JSU and the Alabama Department of Education in this endeavor are the Anniston Museum of Natural History, Honda Manufacturing, Anniston Army Depot, Acker Electric, and Westinghouse Anniston. 

"Business partners will provide the link between the classroom and using math, science, and technology in the workplace," Dr. Carr said.  

Dr. Veronica Carr served as lead writer for the grant proposal.  Serving on the writing committee were Dr. Jan Case, Dr. Carol Uline, Mrs. Vicky Brown, Dr. William Carr, Dr. Gena Riley, Dr. Jan Wilson, Dr. Patsy Lowry, Dr. Phyllis Taylor, Ms. Lisa Williams, Dr. Allen Smith and Dr. Eric Mackey, superintendent of Jacksonville City Schools. Additional JSU faculty who will participate in the implementation of AMSTI JSU are Dr. David Dempsey, Ms. Marilyn Johnson, Dr. Alfred Nichols, and Dr. Nouredine Zettili.

An Alabama Department of Education press release said, "Studies show AMSTI makes a significant difference in increasing student achievement as measured by standardized tests in math and science.  Although AMSTI focuses on math and science, test data indicate its beneficial effects spill over into reading and language.  AMSTI also increases dramatically both student and teacher interest and excitement for math and science.  AMSTI has a proven track record for helping students develop the math and science skills and knowledge necessary for success in the workforce and postsecondary studies."

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