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Three Students Trapped in Elevator Friday Night

Lacie Estes, Donald Johns, and Phillip Cruce mug for the camera following their episode with an elevator.

Lacie Estes is assisted off the elevator through the service panel in the car's ceiling.

Photos and Story
By Alex Stillwagon

5 November, 2004 -- Three JSU students who got stuck in the service elevator at JSU's Houston Cole Library Friday night around 8:30 were rescued after about half an hour.

Lacie Estes, Donald Johns, and Phillip Cruce were on the way down from the 11th floor after finishing a catering job when the elevator suddenly stopped, trapping them between the fifth and sixth floors.

Three University Police Officers, Officers Faun, Meier, and Turley, responded to rescue the students. The students were told to wait approximately 30 minutes for a local elevator repairman to arrive.

After waiting about 20 minutes, Donald Johns escaped through the car's service door in the ceiling.

"I've seen it in movies and I figured I could try it," he said.

Once he got out and on top of the elevator he released the outer doors and was able to get onto the sixth floor. The remaining students were then assisted by the UPD before the repairman arrived.

What did they talk about in the stuck lift? Mr. Johns said of Ms. Estes, "She was a blessing. We talked about God while we were in there." He said the incident has left him with numerous memories.

Ms. Estes said she was just glad to get out.

Officers said a report would be filed. The elevator repairman was at work when the students left.

The problem occurred on the service elevator, not on one of the main lobby cars.

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