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Photo Feature By Mike VanDeWalker

Covered Bridges, Historic School,
'51 Studebaker

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Crawfordsville Bridge near Crawfordsville, Oregon. A two-lane bridge built in 1938. Replaced by a modern flat top bridge and is no longer in use. Photographed Sun., Oct. 31, 2004.

Ernest Bridge, built in 1932 near Marcola, Oregon. The one-lane structure is still in use today. Photographed Sun., Oct. 31, 2004.

Courtney Creek School between Crawfordsville and Brownsville, Oregon. Established 1850. No longer in use as a school but well maintained. Photographed Sun., Oct. 31, 2004.

A '51 Studebaker Champion two-door sitting in a farmers field next to the school above. Photographed Sun., Oct. 31, 2004.

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