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Photo Feature By Dr. Roger Sauterer

How to Photograph Lightning

All photos copyrighted by the photographer. Please contact Dr. Roger Sauterer for permission for commercial use.

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Dr. Roger Sauterer's lightning photos have "sparked" a lot of interest and questions. We asked him to reveal his technique. Here's what he shared:

The lightning shots are time expossures....generally I set the camera at F 9.5 (for really distant storms) to about F 22 for close-in or active storms. Exposure times vary...the hard part is to catch bolts without overexposing the clouds themselves due to internal lightning. That's why I prefer to use the slower f-stops such as 19 and 22 in many cases. Also, don't get greedy....capturing a few good bolts in an image is enough....close the shutter and go on to the next...this helps prevent over-exposed clouds. The big thing about lightning photography: It's 5% composition, 5% technical skill, and 90% dumb luck!!! Check these out.....They were taken a few hours after sunset....that srtorm was a monster!!

Night storm, Sanibel Island.

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