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Photo Feature By John Castleberry

Artistic Scenes

All photos copyrighted by the photographer. Please contact John Castleberry for permission for commercial use.

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John Castleberry, the photographer, writes:

I am currently a history graduate here at JSU. I am from all over. I am a military brat raised in places like Thailand, Japan, California, Washington state, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and a couple more I cannot remember.

Photo taken at Manatees Spring in Florida. The park was flooded
and nature gave some natural mirror images to shoot.

Chesspieces backlit by the sun were shot at UNA's Baptist
Campus Ministry.

Playground at a small park in Florence, Ala.

The waterdrop picture was actually a spigot in a lighted
water fountain at McFarlane Park in Florence, Ala.

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