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Second Saturday Space Safari:
Star of Bethlehem

1 December, 2004 — Travel back in time with Dr. Laura Weinkauf to Bethlehem at the birth of Christ. Look at the night sky and consider astronomical events that might have been the "Star of Bethlehem" which guided the wise men on their miraculous journey in search of the Christ child.

Meet "Jingle", Dr. Darling's African pygmy holiday hedgehog.

This program is one of a NEW six-month series of planetarium programs that allow participants to travel through space and explore planet Earth during exciting programs for families and children. Dr. Kelly Gregg, Dr. Laura Weinkauf (JSU Earth Science Department) and JSU Field School’s Renee Morrison (as the zany world explorer, Dr. Darling) will be leading these programs as kids learn about outer space, watch exciting dome films about Earth and its creatures, and sometimes meet live animals. Families who attend will receive a “Space Travel Passport” to gather information from these six thrilling astronomy programs! Children who collect three or more stamps on their passport will receive a surprise gift at the end of the series.

To learn about the JSU planetarium, visit our website.

  • Date of Event: 12/11/04
  • Time of Event: 1:30 p.m.
  • Location of Event: JSU Planetarium - 3rd Floor Martin Hall
  • Admission Charge: $5 adults/$2.50 children
Groups or families with more than 5 participants are encouraged to pre-register with JSU Field Schools. For more information contact Renee Morrison, LRCFS, at 782-5697 or

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