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Beware of Internet Fraud

3 November, 2004 — University students, faculty, and staff are currently being targeted by an internet “fishing scam”. Hackers are targeting university internet users by posing as legitimate businesses. Hackers are contacting internet users via e-mail posing as financial institutions or prominent businesses. In the e-mail to the internet user, the hacker requests that the recipient update their financial information online. If the users update their financial records, the hackers gains access to all financial information related to the user. The hackers use the information from the e-mail to draft financial assets and to set up fraudulent checks and credit cards.

"We have received a report that a member of the JSU community has been victimized by a scam of this nature, but we have not been able to confirm it”, said Corporal Neil Fetner.

If you receive this e-mail or an e-mail of this nature, immediately delete the e-mail from your inbox and delete it from your deleted items. Report all e-mail’s of this nature to the financial institution in question immediately.

If you have questions about this scam, please contact the University Police at 782-5566.

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