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UPD Steps Up Decal Enforcement

26 October 2004 -- The University Police Department is increasing their efforts to get everyone at JSU to register their vehicles. Officers have been forced to boot 14 vehicles in the last three weeks. Many students have failed to register for their decal this semester.  In an effort to motivate students to register their vehicles, the Chanticleer will begin printing the names of persons who are booted each week.  To avoid having your name on the boot list, register your vehicle online at 
“We will begin stepping up decal enforcement over the next month to ensure that all faculty, staff, and students who park on campus have a current parking decal.  If you observe a vehicle parked on campus that does not have a 2004-2005 decal, please contact the University Police and we will have a parking service officer cite the vehicle for having no decal," said Corporal Neil Fetner of UPD.
Many students are under the impression that UPD does not have the ability to track vehicles and violations, but the new automated parking enforcement system makes it easy for parking enforcement officers to identify and track violators. 

“Once a vehicle receives five parking citations, we will deploy the boot and immobilize the vehicle.  The boot will not be removed until all fines are paid in full at the Bursar’s Office and a decal is purchased," said Officer Buddy Smith.  
Some people believe that if they buy a parking decal after they receive citations the initial citations will be voided. "If you received parking citations prior to registering for your parking decal, the parking citations will stand and will not be voided," said Officer Smith.

If you have purchased a decal online and you have not received it within 5 business days, please contact Bobbie Gaddy at 782-5050 regarding the status of your decal.

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