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VPASA Quarterly Report to the Trustees







associate vice president for academic affairs


Coordinator of Academic Advisement

During summer orientation, for first-time freshmen students, we had twelve faculty members from across campus participate in assisting freshmen students along with their parents in transitioning to Jacksonville State University. The Faculty Mentors work alongside peer counselors to make sure that freshmen students are knowledgeable in all facets of JSU academic and student life.  These Faculty Mentors assisted 803 students in making this transition.  The twelve Faculty Mentors and the departments they represented are:


Mrs. Jennifer Foster                          English

Dr. Rodney Friery                              Sociology

Dr. Mike Marker                                 Management

Dr. Ed Bellman                                  Technology

LTC Herschel “Doc” May                  ROTC

Dr. Wendy Channel                           Music

Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou                      Biology

Mr. Mark Brandon                             Music

Dr. David LoConto                           Sociology

Mr. Aaron Garrett                              MCIS

Mrs. Rhonda Kilgo                            MCIS

Mr. David Myer                                  English

Military Science

The Military Science Department’s vision is to recruit the very best students available for Jacksonville State ROTC.  We retain those students through a challenging curriculum, quality mentoring, and a positive program that encourages leadership, scholarship, individual responsibility and Battalion camaraderie.  We train and develop our cadets to ensure they are fully prepared to accept the responsibilities of a commissioned officer and to effectively lead America’s sons and daughters.  We strive to commission the very best lieutenants that enter the Army each year.

Battalion recruiting efforts were very successful this year and our student retention exceeded the Army averages at all grade levels.  We expect to exceed our commissioning mission this year and, at a minimum, meet our commissioning mission next year which increased from 15 to 17 commissions.  Ten members of our junior class are cadets who attended and completed the Leaders Training Course (LTC) at Fort Knox, Kentucky this summer.  Jacksonville State led non-military junior college programs in the number of students we sent to LTC (11) and in the number of graduates who actually entered the program after completion of the course.  Recruiting efforts for this year are already underway, as department personnel have accompanied University Recruiters to several college fairs in the surrounding counties.  Cadre members are also visiting individual high schools to recruit for JSU and the department.   

The department commissioned five new Second Lieutenants in August, bringing the total number of officers commissioned at JSU to 1351 since the inception of the program.  The five August commissionees brought the number of new Lieutenants to fifteen for the year.  For the fifth time in the last six years, the department met or exceeded its commissioning goals.   

Eighteen seniors completed the challenging Leader Development and Assessment Course at Fort Lewis, Washington, taking one more step toward completing their commissioning requirements.  All JSU cadets either exceeded or achieved standards during the course.  Nationally, approximately one-third of all cadets attending LDAC are rated as “needs improvement.”  

Ten cadets attended and completed Airborne school this summer, significantly more than attended in previous years.  Two students served three weeks with active Army units at Fort Hood, Texas and Fort Lee, Virginia, gaining valuable leadership experience in a real-world environment.         

Ms. Lynn Hillhouse from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences visited Fort Lewis and observed the ROTC Nurse Summer Training Program as a JSU Institutional Representative.  She was very impressed with the training she observed and participated in at Fort Lewis.  Subsequently, she addressed new upper division nurses about the opportunities in Army nursing.   

Major Dean Shackelford recently returned from Fort Monroe, Virginia where he served as an instructor at the Recruiting Operations Course.  Major Shackelford was one of three officers selected from Recruiting and Enrollment officers from 272 universities to teach the course.  Lieutenant Colonel May has been selected to teach the Professor of Military Science preparatory course at Fort Monroe in December.

The Gamecock Battalion is again sending a team to compete in the Army Ten-Miler in Washington, D.C.  The eight-student team has been preparing for the October 23rd race since August.  Major Greg Scott coaches and will accompany the team during the weekend trip as will Lieutenant Colonel May.  The Greater Washington D.C. Area Alumni Chapter will host a dinner for the team in conjunction with a chapter meeting and will arrange a District tour for the team.  Dr. Meehan will attend the chapter meeting. 

Eight exceptionally qualified students were awarded ROTC Alumni Scholarships for the fall semester.  Each student received $1000 to assist with tuition and expenses for the fall. 

The interior and exterior appearance of the building continues to improve.  The exterior was pressure washed over the summer, removing dirt and stains.  New furniture was purchased for the administrative area and furniture will soon arrive for the reception area and several of the offices.   

Lieutenant Colonel May will serve as the Department’s Faculty Senate Representative this year and on the Senate’s Honors Committee.  He will also serve on the University’s Who’s Who Committee. 

The Gamecock Battalion continues to strive for excellence in all we do to ensure that all our cadets in the program and all our Lieutenants who depart here are outstanding representatives of and superb Ambassadors for the University.



The Art Department had 5 students graduate in July, 2004.  One of these students graduated with “summa cum laude” honors and “special honors in Art”.

The Art Department is planning a show for Lee Manners, “Then & Now,” to be presented on Tuesday, October 5th until Wednesday, October 27th.

Criminal Justice

In the Department of Criminal Justice, Fall 2004 undergraduate enrollment increased over Fall 2003 from 1368 to 1399, a 2.27% increase.

 We now have 78 students pursuing the Master of Science with a major in Criminal Justice degree.  In addition, we also have 19 MPA students pursuing a concentration in Criminal Justice.


JSU Drama Department opened the 2004-2005 theatre season on October 7th with a classic comedy by William Shakespeare, As You Like It.  The cast for this production included Jason Skinner, Brian Seitel, Matt Thompson, Rick Gwin, Casey Campbell, Steven DiBlasi, Stephen J. Williams, Brian Roberson, Andrew Cayse, Ben Whitehead, Russell Reeps, Joe Carter, Dustin Stilwell, Jordan Christenot, Jessica Sanborn, Amanda Kirker, Amy Mitchell, Sara Murdock, Lora Roberts, Casey Bryant, Shannon Carter, and Nikki Meroney.  This production was the drama department’s entry into the Alabama State Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, which was hosted by JSU Drama October 14-16.  The production was directed by Dr. Wayne H. Claeren. Lighting and scenic design was by technical director, David Keefer.  Costumes were being designed by Freddy Clements.  Other students involved in this festival production were Lindsay Jacks, stage manager; Rachel Belk, sound board operator; Amy Richter, light board operator; Josh Sirten, properties; along with many other student workers and class members who put in numerous hours building sets, hanging lights, painting, and searching for props.  The production ran October 7th through 11th with a festival performance on Friday the 15th at 10:00 a.m.

JSU Drama hosted a visiting reaccreditation team for the National Association of Schools of Theatre, the only professional theatre accrediting association, October 6-8.

Other productions for the drama department’s 2004-2005 season include A Doll’s House, The Mystery OF Edwin Drood (the musical), Heroes (the Southern Playwright’s winning play), and On the Verge or the Geography of Yearning.  Season passes are still available for this family-friendly season.

JSU Drama awarded academic scholarships for the fall 2004 term to the following four students: Stephen J. Williams, Jessica Sanborn, Lindsay Jacks, and Heather Norton.  The department was able to award partial tuition scholarships to 17 other drama majors.

Summer graduates for JSU Drama included Taylor Hyatt and Krystal Pike.


Southern Playwrights Competition, national playwriting contest, in its 15th year.

ON THE BRINK, regional writers conference, 8 authors and their works, 10th year.

JSU Writers Bowl, October 28, 2004, high school students from around the state, day-long writing competition.

History and Foreign Languages

Dr. Llewellyn Cook, Assistant Professor of History, has been invited to lecture on “Napoleonic Strategy and Policy” at the Naval War College. Lectures will be delivered in Can Diego and Port Hueneme, California and Seattle, Washington, October 25-28. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Consortium on Revolutionary Europe. 

Dr. Jennifer Gross, Assistant Professor of History, is creating an on-line Study Guide for American Past and Present (Longman Press, 7th Edition).

Dr. George Lauderbaugh, Assistant Professor of History, finished a successful three-year tour as the coordinator of LASTING. His work involved JSU in a major federal program to improve the teaching of history in Calhoun County public schools. In October he will deliver a paper entitled “The Bolivarian Nations in World War II: Issues and Perspectives” at the annual Congress of the Latin American Studies Association.

 Dr.  Harvey H. Jackson, Professor of History, is President of the Alabama Historical Association. He continues to serve on the editorial board of the Anniston Star and write a weekly column on southern politics and culture. He has also been named editor of the “Recreation” section of the new edition of the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture.

Institute for Emergency Preparedness

Academic Programs

The Internet-based academic programs in the IEP continue to grow.  We started the undergraduate program in the fall of 2000 with 2 classes and 23 students. To date, 652 undergraduates and 474 graduate students (for a total of 1116 students) have been admitted to the program.  We have students from 49 states, 4 provinces of Canada, and several other countries.  According to the director of the FEMA Higher Education Project, we have the highest enrollment of any Emergency Management program in the United States.  Our goal is to maintain our leadership role in emergency management education and expand our offerings in the homeland security arena.

To date, 135 individuals have received higher education opportunities and completed programs.

  • 78 students have received the APCO International Certificate
  • 9 individuals have received associate degrees from Gadsden State Community College
  • 4 baccalaureate degrees
  • 34 masters’ degrees and
  • 10 graduate certificates in Emergency Management have been awarded by Jacksonville State University 

For the fall 2004 semester, we have 239 undergraduate students enrolled.  We are offering 12 PST classes, 5 EM undergraduate classes and 15 general education classes.  

With the addition of the Master of Science in Emergency Management our graduate enrollment is demonstrating increased growth.  This semester, we have 125 graduate students enrolled in 7 EM graduate classes and 2 PSC graduate classes.  For both the graduate and undergraduate programs, the total student headcount for this semester is over 800.

Our relationship with APCO International continues to flourish.  In August 2004, President Meehan, Dean Wade, Dr. Cox and GSCC President Culverhouse, along with John Blue, were invited to attend the annual APCO International Conference in Montreal to recognize the 2004 Emergency Management and Public Safety Telecommunication graduates. President Meehan addressed the opening session of the conference and presided over a brief graduation ceremony. 

Emergency Management Related Contract Support

The Institute for Emergency Preparedness (IEP) continues its leadership role in providing Emergency Management and Homeland Security Contractual Support to local and state agencies as well as the private sector.  Our efforts in this arena provide an added measure of safety and security to the citizens of Alabama in the event of a disaster or terrorist event. 

The following is a summary of projects IEP has completed and those in which we are presently engaged:

Completed Projects

We have successfully completed Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) plans for the Alabama counties of Coffee, Butler, Clay, Etowah and Talladega. These plans provide the logistical procedures necessary to distribute vaccinations and other critical medications in the event of a biological mass emergency in the state.

For the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), we recently completed a contract to assess the current CSEPP Medical Emergency Operation Center (MEOC) Plan and make recommendations for modifications and improvements.  This plan will be activated in the event of a Level IV CSEPP event at Anniston Army Depot to provide prioritization and coordination of medical assistance to the general population.

For the State of Alabama Emergency Management Agency (AEMA), we have recently completed a contract to provide specific planning and guidance support to various county EMA’s as well as for AEMA’s Headquarters in Clanton, AL.

·        IEP served as the lead contact for all county emergency management agencies within the state to provide guidance for the completion of a self-assessment of each county local emergency management program. This assessment, the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) is derived from standards developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 1600) with support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). IEP orchestrated several workshops, three of which were conducted at JSU, in which county EMA personnel completed their assessments on-line. IEP personnel consulted with each county EMA director to ensure their responses were accurate.

·        As the selected contractor, IEP completed Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) for the Alabama counties of Butler, Lamar, Macon, Sumter and Winston. Each of these projects required extensive discussions and on-site visits with local county officials and emergency responders as well as with emergency management officials from AEMA.

We recently completed a contract with the Huntsville/Madison County EMA in which we revised their countywide resource database.  Through a process of surveying and followup contact with over 600 resource providers, IEP designed and constructed an entirely new database using Microsoft Access software. This database details the available resources that are available in the event of a disaster or major emergency in the county.

We recently brought to a successful conclusion IEP’s work to provide Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) related support to the Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency (EMA).  Over a twenty-four month period, the IEP:

  • Developed specifications for emergency respiratory protection devices to be distributed to populations within the identified CSEPP risk zones—the first such distribution of this type of equipment to civilian populations in the United States.

  • Developed the requirements for CSEPP Event Chemical Detection Instruments.

  • Developed Standard Operations Procedures for all EMA Operations and Equipment.

  • Redefined and upgraded all Calhoun County School Bus Routes and prepared On-Bus Driver Instructions for In-Route Bus Evacuation during a CSEPP Event.

  • Upgraded all Jacksonville City School Bus Route Maps with up-to-date software (Microsoft MapPoint) for CSEPP Alerting and Evacuation Planning.

  • Completed all planning and consultation with local emergency response organizations to revise the Calhoun County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). This EOP was approved by the Alabama Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) and adopted by the Calhoun County Commission on August 13, 2004.

On-going Projects

We are in the final stages of a subcontract with Argonne National Laboratory to provide assistance to individuals with special needs in the Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) CSEPP community.  This project addresses the additional measures that would be needed to assist special needs individuals in the event of an accident/incident involving Chemical Weapons stored at ANAD.

We have begun the second year of our contract to provide the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) related support to the Talladega County’s Emergency Management Agency. Specific projects underway consist of:

  • Finalization of the Talladega County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP): All planning, consultation and documentation work is complete. The plan was approved by the Alabama Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) and the Talladega County Emergency Management Agency (TCEMA) director.

  • An all-hazardous Recovery Plan for Talladega County has been written and is pending final review.

  • In the process of preparing training workshops to illustrate how the EOP is designed to function for some 450 individuals representing law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency medical, emergency management and local volunteer agencies and state agencies located within Talladega County.

  • Creating a countywide electronic resource database to facilitate TCEMA’s access to various types of resources are located if required in a disaster response effort.

  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all EMA Operations and Equipment.

  • Developing Memos of Agreement/Understanding with TCEMA and Ambulance Services within the county for CSEPP Events.

  • Upgrading Talladega County School Bus Route Mapping for TCBOE pertaining to CSEPP Event Alerting and Evacuation. 

  • Developing Operating Procedures for Talladega County Evacuation Reception Centers, Backup EMA Emergency Operations Center and all county Volunteer Fire Departments newly installed Public Tornado Shelters.

  • Performing site visits of all Talladega Schools along with representatives of the TCEMA and the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) to ensure those designated schools met all requirements to serve as emergency shelters.

  • Working to upgrade program deficiencies identified within TCEMA’s Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) assessment. Twenty-two areas will be addressed through written guidance and further consultation to ensure compliance with EMAP standards.

  • Developing a Talladega County Homeland Strategic Guide (TCHSG) to be used by the Talladega County Homeland Strategic Planning Committee (TCHSPC) to assist local agencies in meeting their national compliance requirements.

  • Contract with the TCEMA to provide Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training to one hundred first responders. 

We are currently working on a partnership with United Defense to provide assistance regarding facilitating the acquisition and use of surplus military vehicles for homeland security by civilian agencies.  These vehicles have unique characteristics which make well suited for certain types of emergency response scenarios. IEP designed and conducted a survey of all current owners of these specific military vehicles requesting information to develop a customer and sales projection database.

We are currently working on a contract with ADPH to assess four Mass Vaccination Exercises that will be conducted in the state of Alabama.  These exercises will assess the ability to rapidly vaccinate large numbers of citizens in the event of a biological emergency.

The IEP staff is also involved with the recovery effort from Ivan.  Two members of the IEP contractual staff are on emergency loan to the Alabama State Emergency Management Agency to assist with the recovery effort. 

Learning Services

Dr. Claudia McDade, Director, was awarded a Fulbright-Hayes Summer Seminar abroad; she spent five weeks in Bulgaria on the educational exchange with 13 other American educators.

Keys to Success at Jacksonville State University, a customized textbook for our Academic Success Skills course (LS 104), was edited by Mr. John M. Brown and is being used in this fall’s classes.

Learning Services’ highly effective summer developmental program, ExSEL, served 32 students in Summer '04.  Nine students who entered JSU through the ExSEL program currently play on our football team.

Mathematical Computing and Information Sciences

Mr. Erion Hasanbelliu – had a refereed poster presentation, "A Multi-Dimensional Visualization Tool for Understanding the Role of EMG Signals in Head-Movement Anticipation" at the international SIGGRAPH 2004 conference, Los Angeles, CA.  He also participated in the ACM Graduate Research Competition at this conference.

Dr. Guillermo Francia – had a refereed paper,  "The Design and Analysis of a Dynamic Hybrid Ad-hoc Wireless Routing Algorithm," (with M. Vashi, A. Kilaru, and P. Le) accepted for presentation at the 8th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (SCI 2004) in Orlando, FL.  It is published in the Vol III Communication and Network Systems, Technologies and Applications:264-269.

Physical & Earth Sciences

Dr. Bryan Burgess, Adjunct Professor of Geography, received a grant from Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. for technical support for the American Environmental Geographic Information System.  They funded the travel for their technician Sajit Thomas to travel and work on our system to get the ArcIMS application on line at

Dr. Miriam Hill, Associate Professor of Geography, has been appointed to serve on the Faculty Senate to serve a 3-year term. Also, Dr. Hill, published a map "National Council for Geographic Education Members: 2004-U.S.A." in "Membership Trends" Michal LeVasseur, Perspective 32 (6): 10.

Dr. Harry Holstein and Mr. Hunter Johnson attended the initial meeting of volunteers to preserve the historic Davis Farm site.  The Friends of Davis Farm committee was formed in conjunction with the Archaeological Conservancy and the Alabama Historical Commission.

The Archaeological Resource Laboratory has secured contracts since July 2004 under the direction of Harry Holstein, Hunter Johnson, and Keith Little in the amount of $54,027.00.

Mr. Hunter Johnson, Instructor of Anthropology, presented a paper titled “The Hammonds Site (1Dk71): A Mortuary Conundrum in Wills Valley” at the annual meeting of the Alabama Association of Professional Archaeologists and the Alabama Historical Commission. Mr. Johnson is also the Coordinator for the Northeast Alabama Archaeology Week.  The week begins September 25th at Cathedral Caverns State Park and concludes on October 2nd with several events taking place at Jacksonville State University.

Dr. David Steffy, Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences, along with Dr. Rayburn, submitted a manuscript, Remediation of LNAPL-contaminated sand by using humic acid as a surfactant, Journal of Contaminated Soil.

Dr. Steffy also appeared as an expert witness in the case Snellgrove vs. Forest Lawn Cemetery, Calhoun County Court, September 2004.

Dr. Nouredine Zettili, Associate Professor of Physics, Presented two papers, “Improving High School Physics Teaching Through an Outreach Initiative” and  “Methods Mastering Physics and Mathematics Study Skills,” Contributed paper presented at the 129th National Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers, Sacramento, CA, July 31, 2004—August 05, 2004.

Dr. Zettili, Principal Investigator, sole grant writer, and Project Director of a 2005-2006 “No Child Left Behind” Grant entitled IMPACTSEED III (Improving Physics And Chemistry Teaching in Secondary Education): Submitted September 22, 2004 to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. Implementation period: March 2005-June 2006. Budget  $138,362.98.

Political Science and Public Administration

Dr. Owens continues to serve on the Alabama Women’s Commission for Governor Bob Riley.  She is continuing to gather information for her upcoming book regarding Senator Allen and the legislative process.  Dr. Owens is also a candidate for the Cherokee County Commission.

Dr. Hope Davis was reappointed as JSU’s representative to the athletic conference and tests and advises coaches regarding athletic policies.

Lee Rudolph, JD recently joined the department teaching online courses in public administration and political science this past summer.  Mr. Rudolph will also teach full time for the department during the fall, 2004 semester.

Dr. Veasey continues to serve as a political consultant to Channel 24.  He is also working on the development of the MPA Advisory Committee.  He served as a faculty member and a member of the curriculum committee at the annual Community Development Institute (CDI) in Conway, AR this summer.  Dr. Veasey participated in the Office for Domestic Preparedness (U.S. Department of Homeland Security) full-scale exercise on terrorism in Bismarck, ND in August.


Dr. Steve Bitgood:


Workshop on visitor orientation and circulation, Visitor Studies Conference, Albuquerque, NM.

Exhibits as Persuasive Devices, Visitor Studies Conference, Albuquerque, NM.

Committee Involvement: Professional development in visitor studies.

Presentation to Birmingham Museum of Art staff on meeting goals related to visitors.

Professional Editorial Work

Editorial Board, Environment and Behavior (Sage Publications).

Visitor Studies Today (Visitor Studies Association).


Report, Birmingham Museum of Art, Exit Survey for Impressionists/European Masters Exhibition (May, 2004).

Staff Presentation, Birmingham Museum of Art, Possible ways to meet visitor-related goals in strategic planning (August, 2004).

Assisted North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences preparing NSF proposal (Spring, 2004).

Assisted Sci-Quest Science Center (Huntsville, AL prepare NSF proposal (Spring, 2004).

Dr. William Palya:

Editorial Reviews for Journals

Serving on Board of Editors of the journal Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior,  (reviewed  2 manuscripts).

Serving on Board of Editors of the journal Behavior Research Methods, & Computers,  (reviewed  7 manuscripts).

Guest Reviewer for 1 research manuscript for the journal Behavioral Processes. Bulletin and Review of Behavior.

Manuscripts submitted for publication:

Palya, W. L.  & Bowers, M.  IRT structures in variable-ratio and variable-interval schedules.   Submitted to Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior  (working on revision).

Palya, W. L.  & Walter, D.  Concurrent and sequential influences on linear analysis  (working on revision).

Palya, W. L.  Contingency versus contiguity effects.  To be submitted to Learning Behavior.

Leadership Activities in National and Professional Organizations

Nominated to SEAB, the governing board for the journals: Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior and Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Executive Committee member for the Society for the Quantitative Analyses of Behavior; Program Committee Co-Chair for the Association for Behavior Analysis Annual Convention representing Area II: behavioral pharmacology, experimental analysis of behavior, education, teaching behavior analysis, theoretical, philosophical and conceptual issues, and verbal behavior.

Co-Webmaster (with Don Walter) for the following sites: PSYCHOLOGY.ORG, Society for the Quantitative Analyses of Behavior (SQAB), Southeastern Behavior Analysis Center's  Psychology Server.

Dr. Michael Clayton:

Two presentations with JSU students at international conference in Boston (ABA):

  • Jeremy Hof & Mike Clayton "A Survey of Treatment Integrity in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis: 1991-2003"

  • Mike Clayton & Jeremy Hof "The Transfer of Emotional Functions Through Equivalence Classes"

Department of Sociology and Social Work                       

Ms. Kim Womack has been serving as Program Chair for the National Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors’ (BPD) annual conference in Detroit, MI. 

Dr. Nancy Francisco Stewart presented at the annual Fall Conference on Social Work at the University of Alabama on August 24, 2004.  Her presentation was titled: Prioritizing Families: A Looking Glass in Leadership.  She also made a presentation at a meeting of the National Association of Social Workers Coosa Valley Unit on September 29, 2004.  This presentation was titled:  Political Action for Candidate Election and the National Campaign for Voter Registration.

Dr. Mark Fagan had the following publication:  Retirement Development at the Former Fort McClellan, Alabama, through the Center for Economic Development at Jacksonville State University, August 2004, (165 pages).  He was also quoted in the following publications:  Where To Retire magazine, September-October 2004; The Greensboro (NC) News-Record, August 8, 2004; The Anniston Star, August 18, 2004; and Fifty Steps to a Richer Retirement by Greg Daugherty, July 2004.

Dr. David LoConto had the following publications: (for 2005) Wadsworth’s Sociology Online Resources and Writing Companion for Kendall’s Sociology in Our Times, 5 th edition. With Michele Adams, David J. Ayers, George Van Pelt Campbell.  Thomson/Wadsworth.  ISBN: 0-534-62637-8; (for 2005) Wadsworth’s Sociology Online Resources and Writing Companion. with Michele Adams, David J. Ayers, George Van Pelt Campbell.  Thomson/Wadsworth.  ISBN: 0-534-636282-9; and (for summer 2004) The Gamecock Guide.  ISBN: 0-536-82020-1. Pearson Custom Publishing.




The College held a Fall Faculty/Staff Convocation on Monday, September 27, 2004.


During the Convocation, Dr. William Fielding, Dean, presented four faculty members in the college with $500 awards for excellence:  Dr. Chris Westley, Assistant Professor of Economics, 2003-2004 recipient of the Bob and Lou Kennamer Award for Excellence in Teaching; Mr. Jeffrey A. Parker, Instructor of Marketing , 2003-2004 recipient of the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching; Dr. James Thomas, Associate Professor of Marketing, recipient of the 2003-2004 Dean’s Faculty Award for Excellence in Research; and Dr. Cynthia Sneed, Associate Professor of Accounting, recipient of the 2003-2004 Dean’s Faculty Award for Excellence in Service.

Certificates for Excellence in Teaching during the 2003-2004 Academic Year were awarded to Dr. Doris Bennett, Dr. Patricia Borstorff, Dr. Shawn Carter, Dr. Ronnie Clayton, Dr. Brent Cunningham, Dr. Frank Fuller, Dr. Ben Hardy, Dr. Mark Hearn, Mr. Floyd Kirby, Dr. Michael Marker, Dr. Cynthia McCarty, Dr. James McIntyre, Mr. Gene Padgham, Mr. Jeffrey A. Parker, Dr. Angela Sandberg, Dr. Bill Schmidt, Dr. Cynthia Sneed, Dr. John Sneed, Dr. James L. Thomas, Dr. Chris Westley, Dr. Joann K. Williams, and Dr. Jeff Zanzig.

Certificates for Excellence in Research during the 2003-2004 Academic Year were awarded to Dr. Patricia Borstorff, Dr. Brent Cunningham, Dr. Kenneth W.H. Day, Dr. Deborah H. Francis, Dr. Mark Hearn, Dr. John Sneed, and Dr. James L. Thomas.

Certificates for Excellence in Service during the 2003-2004 Academic Year were awarded to Dr. Doris Bennett, Dr. Patricia Borstorff, Ms. Debra Carmack, Ms. Lori Carter, Dr. Shawn Carter, Dr. Ronnie Clayton, Dr. Brent Cunningham, Ms. Suzanne Donaldson, Mr. Mike Featherstone, Dr. Deborah H. Francis, Ms. LaRue Gamble, Dr. Carl Gooding, Mr. Glenn Graham, Dr. Ben Hardy, Dr. Mark Hearn, Ms. Debby Jones, Mr. Floyd Kirby, Ms. Mary Klug, Dr. Mike Marker, Ms. Robbie Medders, Dr. Cynthia McCarty, Mr. Gene Padgham, Mr. Jeffrey A. Parker, Ms. Pam Pope, Ms. Kelly Roberts, Ms. Clarice Smith, Dr. Cynthia Sneed, Dr. James L. Thomas, Dr. Chris Westley, Dr. Joann K. Williams, and Dr. Jeff Zanzig.

Finance, Economics and Accounting Department

Dr. Jeff Zanzig had an article entitled “Hands-on Training in Relational Database Concepts” published in the Journal of Accounting Education this summer.

Dr. Zanzig provided a five-hour continuing professional education seminar to assist an Albertville CPA firm in meeting their CPE requirements.

Dr. John Sneed and Dr. Cynthia Sneed co-wrote an article entitled “Politics of Fiscal Illusion in the Bible Belt” that was published in the Journal of Accounting and Finance Research.

The CCBA and Dr. Cynthia McCarty, Director of the Center for Business and Free Enterprise Education and Entrepreneurship, sponsored 8 workshops on Economic Education for area educators.  110 teachers from 32 different school systems attended.  Topics of the workshop ranged from Chocolate Economics to Preparing for the Social Studies Graduation Exam.

Dr. Cynthia McCarty spoke to a group in Montgomery at the State Department of Education about Economic Education in Alabama on July 14. 

Dr. McCarty made a presentation to superintendents from seven counties on Economic Education on August 20.

Dr. Ronnie Clayton, as Executive Director of the Southern Finance Association, and Dr. Bill Schmidt, as Co-Vice President for Local Arrangements, are heavily involved in the planning and administration of the Annual Meeting of the Association to be held in November at The Registry Resort in Naples, Florida.  The meeting was originally planned for the South Seas Resort on Captiva Island, Florida, however, a direct hit from Hurricane Charley required a hurried change in venue.  The meeting brings 250-300 Finance scholars from the United States and from around the world to present their latest research.

Dr. Ronnie Clayton, Editor of Financial Decisions, a web based academic journal continues to evaluate submitted manuscripts, select individuals to conduct blind reviews of the manuscripts and evaluate the reviews.  Ten manuscripts have been received and evaluated during the month of September 2004.  The Fall 2004 issue of Financial Decisions is nearing completion as of the end of September 2004.

Dr. Clayton’s manuscript entitled “Dynamic Long Term Equilibrium Relationship Between T-Bond rate and the Mortgage Interest Rate,” with Asim Ghosh, has been published with the following citation: Journal of the Academy of Finance, Summer 2004, pp 119-127.

Dr. Clayton, in his capacity as Executive Director of the Southern Finance Association, is coordinating the search for a new editor of the Journal of Financial Research.  The Journal is co-sponsored by the Southern Finance Association and is internationally recognized as a high quality Finance publication.

Dr. Chris Westley reviewed Jeffrey Perloff’s Microeconomics (3rd ed.) for Addison-Wesley, September 2004.

Dr. Westley served on the dissertation committee for Glen Tenney (Ph.D. candidate, Touro University) for the last year.    Mr. Tenney successfully defended his dissertation (“The Effect of Interest Rate Ceilings on Competition in the Pawn Industry”)before his committee on August 3, 2004.

Management, Marketing and Information Management/E-Commerce

Dr. Patricia Borstorff

Dr. Borstorff was invited to be a member of the 40 member Oxford Round Table at Oxford University in Oxford England. She attended from Aug 1-6th and presented a paper: "US Opinions of Globalization: Disputes, Outsourcing, and Disputes."  It is currently being reviewed for publication by Oxford University Press.

Dr. Borstorff is attending the Calhoun County Industry Tours on Sept 24 with the Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Borstorff was co-author with Mike Featherstone and Allan Ellis of an article entitled "The Role of E-Commerce in Business Education, published in the Australasian Journal of Business and Social Inquiry, Summer 2004, Vol 2, No. 2.

Dr. Borstorff was Chairperson of the Methodist Church Missions Fair held September 19 where 24 mission groups were represented and 300 people attended.

Mr. Michael Featherstone

Mr. Featherstone presented a paper “The Undiscovered Country: An Exploration of the Conduct of Business on the Internet in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United Statesto the students and faculty of the Graduate School of Management, Southern Cross University, Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia.  This presentation was in conjunction with his continuing work toward the degree of Doctor of Business Administration through Southern Cross University.

Mr. Featherstone was first author on an article published in the June 2004 issue of the Australasian Journal of Business and Social Inquiry, a peer reviewed journal published in Australia.  He collaborated on the article with Dr. Allan Ellis of Southern Cross University, NSW, Australia and Dr. Patricia Borstorff, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama.  The article was titled “The Role of E-Commerce in Business Education.”

Mr. Featherstone was invited by President Bill Meehan to participate on JSU Information Technology Steering Committee.  Ultimately the efforts of the IT Steering Committee will result in recommendations for administrative software applications for the University community. 

Mr. Featherstone developed and implemented two new courses for the College of Commerce and Business Administration.  These courses were offered for the first time in July and August 2004.

The first course offered was IME 380 “Project Management.”  This course was unique and innovative as it offered students the opportunity to virtually manage an Information Technology implementation project through the use of sophisticated project simulation software.  The students also acquired skills in the use of Microsoft Project software, the standard in the field.

The second new class offered was IME 420 “The Virtual Enterprise.”  Once again this was an innovative class offering the students ‘hands-on’ experience working with virtual management software suites which included managing with virtual team-rooms and the extensive use of instant messaging and presence awareness software.   Students participated in class projects with both co-located and remote located colleagues.

In conjunction with the development of the IME 380 class (above) Mr. Featherstone collaborated with Dr. Diane Parente of Penn State University (one of the co-authors of the SimProject simulation software and textbook) to enhance and customize the simulation software for inclusion in our courses.

Mr. Featherstone attended one advanced class provided by JSU to augment my skills with the JSU Blackboard software used in conjunction with my e-commerce classes.

Mr. Featherstone has integrated the JSU blackboard software program into the structure of all my classes.  This allows students to take tests electronically and to become familiar using the computers for business research purposes.

He participates in bi-monthly conference calls with former colleagues (managers and executives) at IBM in order to maintain currency in the e-commerce development and consulting profession.

Dr. Deborah Francis

Dr. Francis attended Academy of Management conference in New Orleans in August. As treasurer of the International Management Division, she had to prepare and present a report to the IMD Executive Council and at the business meeting for the general membership.

Dr. Francis attended the USASBE board meeting for which she is the Vice President of the International Entrepreneurship Division.

Dr. Francis also attended the business meeting for Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice on whose case review board she serves.

Dr. Francis ran an election for the USASBE International Entrepreneurship Division and supervised the reviewing process for the January 2005 conference. She reviewed workshop proposals for that conference. She wrote the treasurer's column for the AOM International Management Division's newsletter and reviewed a case for Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice.  

Dr. Francis is the new faculty advisor for Rotaract. She is the guest speaker at the first general meeting, September 29  th  , 2004.

Dr. Joann Williams

In August, 2005, Dr. Williams attended the Academy of Management Annual Meetings in New Orleans. While there, Dr. Williams served as a chair for a session on Leadership Development.  She was also a discussant in a session on learning and assessment strategies. Finally, Dr. Williams served as a facilitator of a round table discussion on testing and teaching.

Dr. William’s manuscript "So what does dance have to do with it? Using dance to teach students about leadership" was published in the fall issue of Decision Science Journal of Innovative Education. This manuscript was co-authored with Dr. Tim O. Peterson of Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Williams oversees three students who have been placed in management/human resource internships for the Fall 2004 semester. 

Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CED)

Small Business Development Center (SBDC

During the reporting period the “Economic Impact Analysis of the Historic Union Yarn Mill” was completed for the City of Jacksonville.   The study was done by the CED staff and Dr. William Fielding.   Dr. Fielding and Mr. Willard Butterworth gave a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the findings to the Jacksonville City Council members in July.   Copies of the complete study were distributed to city council members for further review.

At a recent press conference in Montgomery for the launch of the “Alabama Advantage for Relocation” magazine, Mr. John Harrison, Director of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, recognized the retiree attraction efforts of Jacksonville State University during his presentation.

The JSU Small Business Development Center (SBDC) held 2 workshops this quarter for a total of 33 workshops having been provided for the small business community in a 7-county area.    The SBDC provided management counseling to 35 clients this quarter and ended the year with assistance being provided to a total of 1,998 clients by staff members.

CED staff members have done in-depth research for the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce project, “Economic Analysis of Calhoun, Cleburne, and North Talladega County Urbanized Area,” to be presented to the Chamber in November.    Staff members are currently finalizing this study of the economic health of the area.

CED and SBDC staff members have finalized all details of presenting the 2004 American Association of Retirement Communities (AARC) Annual Conference.  The staff is now awaiting word as to whether or not the Perdido Beach Resort can still host the conference as it was heavily damaged during Hurricane Ivan.


Dean’s Office

Television Services is preparing a new Recruitment Video for the College of Education and Professional Studies.

All classrooms (13) in Ramona Wood Building are now equipped with Smart Boards, Computers, and LCD machines.

Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Governor’s Reading Summit July 28, 2004 in Birmingham.

Drs. Cynthia Harper, John Hammett, Kathleen Friery, Patricia Lowry, Jean Pugliese, Kelly Ryan, and Ms. Lynetta Owens visited Troy University on August 2, 2004 to review the College of Education’s NCATE Exhibit Room.

Dr. Cynthia Harper participated in the university-wide recruitment activities for Marshall County, Cullman, Gadsden and Etowah County, Calhoun County, and Madison County.  The activities were sponsored through the Office of Admissions.

Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the ALAPT3 Technology Summit in Birmingham August 26-27, 2004.

The College of Education and Professional Studies sponsored a New Student Orientation Seminar for education majors on September 11 and September 25, 2004 in the Houston Cole Library.

Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the JSU In-Service Board of Director’s meeting on September 22, 2004 in the Houston Cole Library.

Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the area Superintendent and Principal’s fall meeting on September 22, 2004 in the Houston Cole Library.

Dr. Cynthia Harper attended a meeting in Montgomery, Alabama sponsored by the Alabama Education Association concerning the impact of the 2004 Second Amended Consent Decree on Teacher Education Programs at Alabama Colleges and Universities on September 24, 2004.

Thirty College of Education and Professional Studies department heads and faculty attended a two day LiveText Training Session on September 27-28, 2004 in Ramona Wood Hall.  College solutions is a complete development, management, and assessment solution specifically designed for colleges and universities who face the challenges of accreditation.

Department of Child Development Center

The Center is pleased to welcome JoAnna Cockrell as our new assistant director.  She comes to JSU from TCRC Child Care Corporation where she served as the director.  She holds a M.S. degree from the University of Alabama majoring in Human Development and Family Studies and a B.S. degree from Auburn University in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in child development. 

The JSU Child Development Center has an enrollment of 112 children ages six weeks through six years of age.  There are nine instructional classrooms opened.  Each classroom has a fully credentialed lead teacher and two teacher assistants to conduct daily lesson plans and provide quality childcare to the community.

As children enroll at the Center, the parents are issued a password that enables them to go on line and view their child in their classrooms via internet.  This unique feature is not available in any other childcare facility in the area.  The cameras provide ultimate safety and advancement toward perfecting teaching skills performed and observed daily.

The Center has received a 100% rating for our August and September visits from the Calhoun County Health Department.  Food preparation has begun on site. We have recently purchased a new freezer and refrigerator for the kitchen of the Center.

All employees employed at the Center have undergone fingerprinting and criminal background checks by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation.  This information is currently on file at the Center.  Employees are encouraged to take continuing education and professional development courses throughout the year.  Fifteen employees will be attending a Saturday workshop sponsored by Child Care Central on September 25, 2004.  Nine employees of the Center are currently enrolled in local Universities to further their education.  Two employees are receiving tuition remission from JSU.

Mr. Grant Cockrell from Child Care Central is providing consultation concerning becoming accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  He will also be conducting a workshop for our fall staff development day on October 11, 2004 regarding issues we will need to address in order to achieve our goal of accreditation. 

The Center has purchased and installed childcare management software.  This software provides fingertip access to vital information on the children enrolled and the employees.  Information such as medical history, birthdays, classroom groups, payments of tuition and certification information is stored and readily available.  On September 22, 2004, Mr. Chris Luz conducted a teleconference on the features of our new software with the administration of the CDC.

The Center is currently hosting the following J.S.U. practicum classes:  Child Growth and Development 352 (approximately 40 students), Early Childhood Education 306 (approximately 12 students), Nursing 324 (4 students) and Family and Consumer Science 460 (3 students).

JSU CDC has also established a successful partnership with the JSU Continuing Education Department.  We hosted six courses during the months of June and July. 

Department of Communication

The Department of Communication placed 18 interns during the summer of 2004 in a variety of communication jobs in various markets across the states of Alabama and Georgia. All successfully completed their internships. Most seemed happy with their internships, and some secured permanent jobs through their internships.

Communication senior, Ms. Katja Sunnaborg, one of the interns with the Jacksonville News, produced a 16-page compendium titled “People  Serving our Community.” It was published by the Jacksonville News on June 30, 2004. It was a collection of notable public officials in Calhoun County showing their profiles and accomplishments for the county. Sunnaborg graduated on July 30, 2004 with a BA in Communication. She has returned to her native Finland.

Ms. Terasha King, the new Ayers Chair of Communication, has joined the Department of Communication  this fall (2004). She is currently settling down with her classes and getting to know her students and finding her way around. She appears happy with her new position.

Search for a print/generalist faculty in communication is underway: the search committee is currently working to select finalists for campus interview.

Dr. Kingsley O. Harbor, head of the Department of Communication, attended an international conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) in Canada (August, 2004). The conference included a one-day workshop on measurement. Harbor’s major focus at the conference was on the journalism and mass communication accreditation process and its consequent administrative issues. On both issues, the conference was very productive.

The Department of Communication graduated 18 students this summer (2004). Of this number, 13 responded to an exit interview conducted by the department  head. Results of that interview indicate that:

  1. of the 13 respondents, 8 (62%) had a job offer immediately upon graduation,

  2. the remaining 5 (38%) strongly believed that it is “most likely” that they would be offered a job in six months from their time of graduation, and

  3. on their perception of the “overall strength of the program, preparation for a career, intellectual growth, and faculty strength,” 11 out of 13 (85%) perceive the department as outstanding, while 2 out of 13 (15%) perceive it as average.

If, as experience suggests, satisfied graduates go on to become supportive alumni, then the department hopes to count on at least 85% of its summer 2004 graduates to become supportive communication alumni in the future.

The Communication Department has completed its Assessment Plan (AP) for assessing student learning in the department, and has begun its implementation.

 The department faculty met earlier this week and approved the AP, after making some changes to the document.

Regarding its accreditation schedule, the department will devote this academic year, 2004-05, to the collection of data--particularly direct-measures—in an effort to assess student learning in the department.

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Steve Armstrong attended State Department meeting in Montgomery, AL concerning State Improvement Grants September 28-30, 2004.

Dr. Dale Campbell has accepted the position of faculty member in the Elementary Education program area.  She is coming to JSU from the Marshall County School System.  She completed her doctoral program at the University of Alabama in 2000.  She attended the new faculty orientation on Friday, August 27th and has already started teaching classes in the EED program area.

Dr. Patsy Lowry is serving on the Strategic Planning Committee at Jacksonville City Schools.

Dr. Judy McCrary was elected to serve on Scottsboro City Board of Education beginning October 1, 2004.

Mrs. Sandra Sudduth attended the National Convention of Delta Sigma Theta in Las Vegas, Nevada July 26-27, 2004.

Mrs. Sandra Sudduth was re-elected to serve on Jacksonville City Council.

Mrs. Phyllis Taylor attended the Alabama Course of Study:  Science Committee Meeting in Montgomery, Alabama, September 2 nd and 3 rd .  She is serving as a member on the Committee to revise curriculum standards for K-12 science.

The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) conducted its first meeting this year on Thursday, September 23rd, at 12 noon in Room 302 RWB.  The speaker was JoAnne Pope, the Executive Director of the ARC of Calhoun and Cleburne Counties.  Lunch was served.

Department of Educational Resources

The following faculty presented at National Conferences:  Dr. Charles Notar and Dr. Donna Herring.

The following faculty presented at State Conferences: Dr. Donna Herring, and Dr. Gordon Nelson.

The following faculty presented locally:  Dr. Donna Herring.

The following faculty had articles accepted for publication:  Dr. Jan Wilson and Dr. Kathleen Friery.

Dr. Mary Montgomery attended the Educational Law for Superintendents and University Instructors course in Troy, Alabama.

Dr. Charles Notar attended the 3 rd Annual College & University Social Studies Teacher Instructors Conference at Alabama A & M University .

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Dr. Debra Goodwin completed the doctoral program at the University of Alabama.  She received her Ph.D. in Health Education/Health Promotion on August 16, 2004.

Ms. Paula Napoli hosted open house for the Child Center at JSU on Wednesday, September 1, 2004.  All children enrolled and their parents were invited.

Ms. Karen Nemeth is serving a two-year term on the Alabama Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers Association (ALAFACS) Executive board.  She serves as the Higher Education Vice-President.

Ms. Karen Nemeth made a presentation entitled “Reality College” at the Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Section meeting of the Alabama Career/Technical Education Professional Development Conference July 19, 2004 in Birmingham, AL.

Ms. Karen Nemeth attended the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences in San Diego, CA June 25-29, 2004.  Ms. Nemeth gave a presentation for the APU meeting.  She served as the 2004 nominating chair of the Affiliate Presidents Unit of AAFCS.

Ms. Robbie Boggs serves as an Advisory Board member of Bauder College in Atlanta, GA.  She attended a board meeting on July 8, 2004 and the grand opening of their new location on July 22, 2004.

Ms. Karen Nemeth serves on the Alabama Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Executive Board as well as the 2004-05 Awards Chair.

Dr. Debra Goodwin serves on the Alabama Dietetics Association Executive Board.

Ms. Paula Napoli participated in the Calhoun County Child Care Association Workshop in Anniston on September 14, 2004.

Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Dr. William Hey attended an AAHPERD conference in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Hammett attended the AAHE Assessment Conference in Denver, CO.

Dr. Thornburg and Mr. Hill were awarded a grant from Cleburne County Schools for physical education programming.

Dr. William Hey and Ms. Donna Hey attended a Southern District - American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance leadership conference in Little Rock, AR.

Mr. Kory Hill is conducted an in-service workshop for Cleburne County physical education teachers. 

Dr. William Hey and Ms. Donna Hey have had papers accepted for the AAHPERD conference in Hawaii.

Mr. Kory Hill conducted an in-service workshop for Cleburne County physical education teachers. 

Dr. Roswal  attended the 2004 Pre-Olympic Congress in Thessalonica, Greece and led a symposium on "Special Olympics and the University Partnership."  He served as a delegate at the International Council on Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) annual meeting in Greece.  Dr. Roswal also conducted a Special Olympics tennis clinic with top-ranked ATP player Lleyton Hewitt at the Legg-Mason ATP Tennis Tournament in Washington, DC.

Department of Instructional Services

 Faculty/staff accomplishments:  Mr. Mike Zenanko has been requested to present a master tutor trainer workshop at the Association of the tutoring Profession Conference in April, 2005.

Mrs. Penny has ordered various reading books along with computer software to support the Clinical Experiences programs. Classroom instructional materials requested by Drs. Riley, Hoppe, Campbell, and Zenanko were also purchased.

Mr. Stan Cates and Mr. Jimmy Harville, a graduate student worker, installed the hardware for nine Smart rooms in the CE&PS. The Ramona Wood Building now has thirteen Smart rooms and one smart conference room. Family and Consumer Sciences has one and Health, PE, and Recreation has two. These Smart classrooms have SMART Boards, computers, Internet and Ethernet connections, LCD projectors, and Combo DVD,VHS,CD and MP3 players allowing instructors to call upon multimedia to support their classroom instruction. 

Mrs. Dorothy Phillips reports that the Teaching/Learning Center has 157 tutors working with community children.  Another thirty three children will attend the Reading Diagnosis reading tutorials

Department of the Teacher Service Center

The TSC placed 197 interns in school systems throughout Northeast Alabama and Northwest Georgia.

Dr. Ryan attended the Alabama SDE Technology Summit in Birmingham.

New Orientation Course for Teacher Education Admission was develop and implemented.

The Teacher Service Center recruited at Northeast Alabama Community College, Snead State Community College, and Southern Union Community College.

The TSC employed 5 prorata faculty to provide supervision for interns.

Department of Technology & Engineering

 Mr. Terry Marbut and Mr. Lyle Barnard had a paper accepted for publication.

Mr. Jess Godbey and Mr. Jim Harris (Honeywell, Industrial Partner) had a paper accepted for publication.

Dr. Noureddine Bekhouche had a paper accepted for presentation at the annual conference for the National Association of Industrial Technology.

The department received $13,700 for curriculum development through an NSF grant in partnership with a consortium of community colleges.

Department of TV Services

Mr. Keith Thomas is appointed to serve a three-year term on the Staff Advisory Council beginning July 1, 2004 and ending June 30, 2007.

The new commercial, “JSU Fall Registration 2004” began airing on ABC 33/40, Fox 6, NBC 13, Charter Cable, and TV24 in August.  The commercial aired once each day during the Olympics broadcast. The air dates are as follows…NBC 13: Aug 2-29, Fox 6: Aug 2-29, ABC 33/40: Aug 2-27.  This is the first time a JSU Registration commercial has ever aired in the Birmingham market.

Mr. Michael Edwards traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to tape footage of the Ohio Valley Conference Media Day. Portions of Media Day will air during this fall’s “Inside Gamecock Athletics” weekly show produced by Television Services.

The new commercial, “Continuing Education Fall 2004” starting airing in August over TV24 and Cable One.

Summer Graduation is broadcast live over TV24 and streamed live for the first time ever over the internet.  Graduation is also archived for a couple of weeks afterwards on the internet so that viewers who could not see it live had the opportunity to watch the event at a time convenient for them.  The television broadcast also played at later dates and times.  

The Aerospace Development Center makes the video, “NASA’s Destiny Classroom” available for viewing on their website.  TV Services produced this video.

Mr. Michael Edwards completed the editing of the 2004 JSU Soccer highlights video.  This is the second year in a row Michael has done a video for them.  The video will be used at their sports banquet, to give to athletes, and for recruiting.

Mr. Keith Thomas wrote two commercials and a promo script for the University Police Department.  A shooting schedule is being discussed.

The live/archived graduation ceremony was a huge success as the site received over 3,000 hits.  Viewers from as far away as the Marshall Islands in the North Pacific Ocean, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Arizona were able to watch Graduation.  This is the first time in the history of Jacksonville State University that commencement has been broadcast over the internet.

Mr. Mike Hathcock and Mr. Keith Thomas met with Mr. Joe Serviss and university media consultant Mr. Tim Garner to discuss a video for the JSU Capital Campaign. Current plans for this fund raising video include on camera appearances by President Meehan and Mr. Randy Owen.

Ms. Stephanie Morgan is developing a new brochure for TV Services.

Shooting for the new recruiting video for the College of Education and Professional Studies is underway.  Dr. Cynthia Harper was videotaped in the studio as she gave an overview of the college.

Mr. Mike Hathcock passed a driving test that will allow him to drive remote television trucks.  This skill is a necessity for TV Services as we will be housing and operating one of Crosscreek Productions remote trucks for future remotes. 

Student worker Mr. Anthony Rhodes is editing a commercial for Fall Preview Day 2004.

Shot a “Click It or Ticket” commercial for the University Police Department. Currently, the spot is being posted.

Assisted the University Police Department in coordinating the airing of a “You Drink and Drive, You Lose” statewide Labor Day Commercial Campaign.  This commercial is produced by OIT – Media Production Group from Auburn University.

The JSU/Emporia State football game is taped.  The game will be replayed on TV24 at later dates and times.

“Inside Gamecock Athletics” by Television Services is taped.  The program features highlights from Saturday’s football game, comments from Head Coach Jack Crow and interviews with JSU football players.  “Inside Gamecock Athletics” can be seen during football season on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m., Wednesdays at 3 p.m., Fridays at 1 a.m. and 2 p.m. on TV24.  Horizon Communications in Marshall County also broadcast the show.

Sent two commercials to Fox SportsSouth for airing in the Saturday, September 18th OVC Football Game of the Week.  The two commercials are “JSU Percussion” and “Student Athletes”.  FSS reaches 11 million households.

The UPD (long form video promo) script is approved.


Graduate Studies

The 2004 Fall semester graduate student enrollment was 1,792, which represents a 2.9% increase over the 2003 Fall semester.  The 1,792 graduate enrollment is a new fall semester record and represents 20% of the total students enrolled for this Fall.

Office of Continuing Education

Jacksonville State University’s Office of Continuing Education has just completed its 2 nd 10 day school for auctioneers.  It was conducted August 20-29 with seven students graduating on August 29.  As part of the curriculum, students conducted an auction in which they handled all aspects, from tagging all items cleaning up after the sale.  This auction was conducted at the McWhorter Center of the First United Methodist Church, Jacksonville, Alabama.  The auction generated $1,525.00 for the Jacksonville Christian Outreach Center and $335.50 for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program.  Concessions were also available and generated an additional $156.50 for the JCOC.  Items for the auction were donated by individuals in the community to assist in fundraising efforts for the JCOC and RSVP.


Nursing Update 2004 was held July 16, 2004 in Wallace Hall.  Over 100 participants rated the continuing education program as “outstanding.”  Ms. Michele Deck, RN, a nationally known speaker who specializes in creative teaching methods was the keynote speaker.

Dr. Jane Cash and Dr. Jane Freeman retired.  The following MSN prepared instructors were employed:  Ms. Becky Bertalan, Ms. Michelle Halpin-Garcia, Ms. Jennifer Frank, Ms. Dorinda Black, and Ms. Shannon Morrison.  Ms. Kristi Beam, RN, MSN and Ms. Carrie Elkins, RN, MSN were re-classified from Visiting Instructor to Instructor.  Ms. Amanda Bonds was employed as a Clinical Associate. 

An instructor position was dedicated to Strategic Teaching for Enhanced Professional Preparation (STEP) Coordinator.  The STEP Program is a completely on-line RN to BSN completion program.  Ms. Dorinda Black will be responsible for coordination of the STEP program and will teach classes in the program.

An intensive, two-day seminar was conducted August 31 and September 1 for clinical associates and clinical adjunct instructors.  The seminar focused on Foundational Premises of the Program (mission, goals, objectives), Orientation to JSU and the College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS), The Art and Science of Teaching Nursing, Generational Differences, Creative Teaching Strategies, Clinical Evaluation, and Managing Student Problems.  One hundred percent of the 18 adjuncts/clinical associates attended.

The annual Faculty Retreat was held on August 18, 2004.  The CNHS will begin drug testing and criminal background checks on all upper division students and faculty.  After reviewing feedback from the University attorney, the faculty adopted policies congruent with clinical agency requirements.  Strategies were discussed for responding to the increased numbers of students.  Plans for the accreditation Self Study were developed.

“Brown Baggin’ with Faculty” was instituted the first week of class.  This weekly, informal seminar with students and faculty focuses on the affective domain of nursing.  These faculty-led discussions explore ethical dilemmas, problem solving, professional values, and decision making.  Purposes are to establish rapport with students, facilitate lines of communication, and mentor students in the professional role of registered nurse.

“Teaching Together” is a structured, weekly, 11/2 hour session developed to “teach new instructors how to teach.” This training session, which will be offered both fall 2004 and spring 2005, is designed to facilitate team building, problem solving, and sound pedagogical practices in a stimulating and supportive learning environment.

A new course elective, Transcultural Nursing, was offered for the first time this summer.   One section was taught for traditional BSN students and another offered as NU 442G for MSN students.  Both sections were taught on-line.

Dr. Deborah Curry completed degree requirements for the Nursing Doctorate from Rush University in August 2004.

The Jacksonville Association of Nursing Students (JANS) sponsored breakfast for the incoming upper division students on August 31.  On September 27, JANS sponsored “Fall In.”  Activities at Fall In included a cookout in the parking lot and games and activities.  This activity is designed to welcome new students, foster networking among different levels of students, and establish cordial relationships between students and faculty.

Ms. Marilyn Bougere will develop and implement “Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Populations” in the CNHS.  This project is designed to identify barriers and facilitators in recruiting and retaining minority students in nursing. An action plan will be implemented to enhance the diversity among nursing students. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has endorsed the final report of the Sullivan Commission on Diversity in the Healthcare Workforce and is encouraging the nation's nursing schools to intensify their efforts to increase diversity in programs that prepare nurses.  As the report notes, though 30 percent of the U.S. population comes from minority backgrounds, only 12 percent of nurses are from African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American communities. The call to attract more diverse students into nursing and expand capacity in baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs is gaining in importance given the government's projected need for more than one million new and replacement nurses by 2012.

The Status Report to ACHE on Post-Implementation Conditions for the Master of Science in Nursing program was submitted.  It was reported that for the year 2003-2004, there were 23 new admissions and 11 continuing students for a total of 34 students enrolled (14.37 FTE). 

Career Day is scheduled for October 11, 2004.  Recruiters from health care agencies across the state and in northwest Georgia will participate. 

In preparation for the CCNE Accreditation Visit in March 2005, the physical appearance of the CNHS was enhanced.  Faculty offices were painted and new lobby furniture was purchased.  In anticipation of increasing numbers of students, all classrooms were expanded to full capacity.  The number of computers in the student lab was doubled from 16 to 32.  Seventeen new faculty computers were installed.

There were 13 RN to BSN (STEP) students who graduated in summer 2004.

There is an overall increase of 14 students in the three nursing programs (BSN, STEP, and MSN).  The following table illustrates enrollment for fall 2003 and 2004.


Fall 2003 Enrollment

Fall 2004 Enrollment













Faculty/staff accomplishments:  Dr. Frank King and Ms. Sherri Restauri will be presenting at the Mid-South Educational Research Association in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in November 2004. The topic of their presentation is, "How to Distribute, Collect, and Analyze a Survey on the Web."

Organizational items:  The Office of Distance Education has worked extensively in conjunction with the Academic Computing Services department in investigation of an integration between JSU's current mainframe registration system and the Blackboard Content Management System. Meetings and feasibility inquiries have led to the decision to move forward with integration some time within the next several academic terms.

Other:  Distance Education has made a significant impact upon both students and faculty at Jacksonville State University.  During the reporting period, 7,846 enrollments occurred in courses and in supplements.  Over 4,572 individual students were impacted in distance learning classes and in courses supplemented by distance learning technologies.  Three hundred courses were affected by distance learning experiences and 379 sections were impacted. 

When compared to the fall 2003 statistical data, significant gains in enrollments were observed.   As an example, in the fall 2003 semester, 3,769 enrollments in courses supplemented by Blackboard were recorded.  By comparison, in the fall 2004 semester, 5,136 enrollments in courses supplemented by Blackboard were observed.

Eighteen new courses were added to the Electronic Campus course listing for the summer reporting period, while 15 new courses were added during the Fall 2004 term. JSU is currently advertising over 100 unique courses through the SREB's Ways In Mentor/Electronic Campus websites, bringing students from the southeast region of the United States, as well as all over the country. 

The Blackboard Training Workshop series continued on July 7 and through August 5 with an Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced workshop that included record numbers of attendees in each session. The first workshop of the series for the Fall 2004 term, the Introductory Blackboard Workshop, is being offered on September 29 for faculty and staff and also boasts a larger than usual enrollment. As well, a number of student orientation sessions with the Blackboard Course Management system were conducted to orient students to the proper use of the system prior to beginning their coursework. Over 50 individual training sessions on the Blackboard system, instructional design issues, course construction, and other pertinent instructional technology concerns were offered during this reporting period. The Instructional Technology & Design Laboratory continued to be used by faculty members for one-on-one training on Blackboard, as well as instructional design and instructional technology assistance.

During the reporting period, videoconferencing classes were offered at 11 different sites in Alabama and Georgia.  There were 4 videoconferencing classes scheduled for the College of Education and Professional Studies and the College of Commerce and Business Administration.  Videoconferencing workshops were conducted with individual faculty members to familiarize them with appropriate technology.

Distance Education Enrollment Data:

Enrollment Data – 07/02/04

Summer II 2004:

Blackboard Online –  398 enrollments;  13 courses ( 13 sections)

Blackboard Supplements –  601 enrollments;  22 courses ( 22 sections)

Other Online Formats -  31 enrollments;  1 courses ( 1 sections)

Blackboard Ongoing Workshop Type Courses During This Period – 22 (enrollment varied)

870 actual students supported in all Online Courses and Blackboard supplement courses in Summer II 2004.

College By Cassette – 44 enrollments; 1 course ( 1 section)

Enrollment Data – 08/06/04

Marathon S 2004:

Blackboard Online –  0 enrollments;  0 courses ( 0 sections)

Blackboard Supplements –  15 enrollments;  1 course ( 1 section)

Other Online Formats -  0 enrollments;  0 courses ( 0 sections)

Blackboard Ongoing Workshop Type Courses During This Period – 23 (enrollment varied)

15 actual students supported in all Online Courses and Blackboard supplement courses in Marathon S 2004.


Enrollment Data – 09/10/04

Fall 2004:

Blackboard Online –  2,093 enrollments;  71 courses ( 71 sections)

Blackboard Supplements –  5,136 enrollments;  204 courses ( 263 sections)

Other Online Formats -  228 enrollments;  15 courses ( 15 sections)

Blackboard Ongoing Workshop Type Courses During This Period – 23 (enrollment varied)

4,572 actual students supported in all Online Courses and Blackboard supplement courses in Fall 2004.

(Note:  No consideration was given for 0 enrollment courses.  The data reflects courses offered.)

College By Cassette – 154 enrollments; 4 courses ( 4 sections)

STEP Program – 16 enrollments; 2 courses (2 sections)

Videoconferencing – 196 enrollments; 4 courses ( 24 sections)


A diesel generator was installed and tested to power the emergency lighting system.

Thirty medium oak end panels were purchased and installed on the new shelving on the 3rd and 4th floors.

The Department of Information Technology purchased a wireless network access point to be installed on the 12th floor.  The AV Center acquired a wireless laptop computer and projector for use with the wireless network.

A digital scanning microform reader/printer system was installed on the 2nd floor.

Six state-of-the-art computers were installed in Acquisitions, Circulation, and Administration to replace obsolete equipment.

The Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs funded fourteen state-of-the-art computers to replace obsolete equipment in the 10th floor SGA computer lab.  Old equipment was recycled as net appliances throughout the library.

The Library hosted a very successful statewide workshop on the Cornerstone Project, which entails digitizing unique Alabama documents.

John-Bauer Graham, Jodi Poe, and Kimberly Weatherford published “Functional by Design:  A Comparative Study to Determine the Usability and Functionality of One Library’s Web Site” in Technical Services Quarterly, Vol. 21, no. 2.

Laurie Charnigo published with Margaret Stieg Dalton “Historians and Their Information Sources” in College and Research Libraries, Vol. 65, no. 5.

Jodi Poe published “Review of Thinker 50” in Choice, Vol. 41, no. 6.

John-Bauer Graham and Jodi Poe presented “Going the Distance:  Interactive

CD-ROMs for Library Instruction” at Academe, Jacksonville State University, May 19, 2004.

John-Bauer Graham was appointed to the editorial board of the prestigious Journal of Academic Librarianship.

Student Affairs

Office of Admissions

We are extremely proud of the new recruiting CD that was developed by JSU staff.  The CD will be used along with other recruiting material to promote the university at college fairs this fall.  A copy has been provided for you.

Career Placement Services

June/July, 2004 Mrs. White and Mrs. Aultman participated in orientation sessions to present information about co-op and additional services available to parents.

July 8, 2004 Rex Trewin from Monstertrak and Elizabeth Sutton from Enterprise met with CPS staff to discuss expanding services to include the Interviewtrak system. The cost of this expansion would be covered by Enterprise. Contracts are currently under review to move this process forward.

July 30, 2004 Mrs. Aultman and Mrs. Roberts attended a Monstertrak/Interviewtrak training seminar at Georgia Tech to learn about the benefits/capabilities of the new system and network with other career professionals.

August 18, 2004.  Ms. Sherrie Johnson from The Bridge in Gadsden visited JSU to explore co-op as well as professional employment opportunities.

August 19, 2004. Representatives from the Anniston Army Depot interviewed 8 students for co-op openings in the business field. These interviews led to 6 new-hires for the Fall, 2004.

September 2, 2004.  Mrs. Aultman presented a seminar on Career Placement Services for 200 student teachers in Leone Cole Auditorium

September 8, 2004.  Mrs. Aultman presented a seminar on resume assistance and Career Placement Services for 25 senior students the Department of Technology.

September 9, 2004.  Mrs. Aultman presented a seminar on resume assistance, co-op opportunities and Career Placement Services for 40 students in the Department of Technology.

There are currently 47 students participating in the Co-op program with 16 different companies.

During the months of July, August and September, The staff of Career Placement Services has seen over 175 individual students for resume assistance, co-op or professional placement information.

Career Placement Services will be hosting several exciting events for the Fall Semester. The upcoming events will all be focused on helping students transition from college into real-world employment. Door prizes will be given to event attendees including watches from Fossil and business suits from Casual Corner and Men's Wearhouse. The schedule is as follows:

  • September 21st
    9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    305 TMB

Students were able to drop in any time during the day with a copy of their resume and learn how to transform it into a professional and effective job search tool! Career Placement staff and English faculty were on hand to answer any individual questions.

  • September 23rd
    5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
    "Etiquette Meal"
    President's Dining Room

This was a 4-course meal designed to help students learn the dinner etiquette and networking skills needed in the professional world of corporate America.  Ms. Cassandra Burke of Mobile provided the lively instruction to a full house of students as well as representatives from corporate sponsors.

  • September 29th
    3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
    4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
    "Federal Employment Workshop"

Timothy Grey, the Director of Personnel and Training at the Redstone Arsenal, will personally lead the sessions in order to provide students with valuable information about the benefits of Federal Employment. Students that attend this workshop will have the opportunity to ask specific questions as they access the computers and complete the application process with step-by-step instruction.

  • September 30th
    2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
    "Alumni Panel Discussion"
    101 Merrill

JSU students will have the opportunity to learn the "Secrets of Success" from some of JSU's best and brightest alumni.  Attendees include professionals from Gazelle Consulting, Redstone Arsenal, Russell Corp, ALFA Insurance, and the US Department of Education!

  • October 7th


      “Projecting Future Success”  Fall Career Fair

      Lobby Merrill Bldg.


JSU students will have the opportunity to visit and network with 25+ companies as they begin their job search.

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services is actively serving 246 students this fall – 56 of whom are new to JSU.

In July, Ms. Dee Johnston, was selected from a national pool to be one of the Interpreters at the National Association of the Deaf Conference.

In July, Mr. Dan Miller and Ms. Sue Muller attended a state-wide Visual Impairment Stakeholders Conference.  This purpose of the conference was to plan and implement in the near future changes in services for Blind & Visually Impaired Alabamians.

Ms. Cindy Camp attended a Captioned Media Program Media Evaluation workshop in July (the CMP Library originally housed at the AL School for the Deaf has been moved to the CMP Library here at JSU).

Ms. Cindy Camp attended Mental Health Interpreter Training in August; and attended a PEPNet Focus Group Facilitator Training Workshop in September. 

Ms. Dee Johnston received Certification in Mental Health Interpreting.

In August, Ms. Linda Turner, Mr. Dan Miller, and Ms. Dee Johnston worked with the Alabama School for the Deaf on their week-long Leadership Training Seminar for high school juniors and seniors

In September Ms. Linda Turner conducted three workshops throughout the State for the L.I.F.E. Project.  These workshops are designed to help prepare students for transition from high school to college to the work force.

Multicultural Services

The Office of Multicultural Services, University Housing, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and the African American Association sponsored a Student Appreciation and Fun Day on the Quad to begin the semester and prepare the students for upcoming semester on September 9, 2003.  Approximately 700 plus students enjoyed a free cookout dinner, entertainment by a local DJ who entertained the students and faculty/staff to the latest sounds, and participated in sporting activities.

The Office of Multicultural Services sponsored the President’s Reception for Minority Freshmen on September 30, 2003 at 3:30 p.m. in TMB Auditorium.  All incoming minority freshmen and peer advisors and BEST tutors were encouraged to attend.  Dr. William Meehan, Eleventh President of Jacksonville State University, welcomed the new students, and minority student organizations were on hand for questions and answers.

Upcoming Events

In celebration of Native American Month in November, the Office of Multicultural Services will host the second annual Pow Wow on the lawn in front of TMB on November 12-14, 2004 featuring Indian drummers, dancers, headmen and headladies and Native American crafts. 

Homecoming Stepshow will be held on November 6, 2004.  Over 1500 students and guest attended the show last year. 

University Police Department

New Rules on Parking Violations

The University Police Department has purchased a new parking enforcement system to track those who habitually violate university parking policies.  In the past, parking violations have been allowed to accumulate before violators received the boot, a locking device that prevents the car from being driven.  However, this year violators will be limited to five unpaid, un-appealed violations. The new system will immediately notify the parking officer of outstanding, unpaid violations upon issuance of a parking citation.

On-line Sale of Parking Decals

The UPD reports that decal sales have surpassed 5000 in the first month.  The automated decal process has been a tremendous success. The system is completely online and after registering their vehicle, the student receives their decal at the JSU post offices boxes or at a designated address if the student does not have a JSU post office box. Faculty and staff decals are mailed via campus mail directly to the faculty and staff members department. Faculty, staff, and students were given a three week grace period before the police department will begin issuing citations for parking violations. Numerous comments have been received regarding the ease and convenience of the automated system.

New Mutual Aid Agreement Signed

The University Police Department and the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office recently signed a mutual aid agreement that allows either of the agencies to request and receive assistance from the other should an emergency situation arise that seriously strains the resources of the requesting agency.  


Improvised Explosive Device (IED) awareness training was taught on 29 September for Calhoun County First Responders. Training was conducted by the Explosives Ordnance Detachment (EOD) from Anniston Army Depot.

Bicycle Safety Training was conducted on 18 September 2004. Training was held at the University Police Department.

Calhoun County Sheriff’s office K-9 and the Auburn K-9 Training Center have conducted several combined drug detection training operations at JSU.

University Housing and Residence Life


Total Capacity


Total # of Residents


Occupancy %


Fall %













































































Total Capacity

Total # of Residents

Occupancy %


Fall %


Campus Inn


















Pannell Efficiency






Penn House




















# of Houses

# of Houses Occupied

Occupancy %


Fall %









Specialty Houses

Total Capacity

Total # of Residents

Occupancy %


Fall %


International House






Panhellenic House




















*The Fall 2004 overall occupancy average is 88.4%

*The Fall 2003 overall occupancy average was 79%.



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