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President's Quarterly Report to Trustees

OCTOBER 18, 2004


Ayers Hall Renovation

Chorba Contracting replaced their mechanical subcontractor, Mid-State II. The replacement contractor, Modern Heating and Air Conditioning of Gadsden, is making significant progress in addressing the mechanical components of the project. We expect to get this building in late February or early March. The departments of Technology, Mathematics and Computer Information Systems, and Psychology will move into their renovated facilities during the summer of 2005.

Multi-Purpose Building

Tom Roberts Construction turned over the weight room portion of the project on September 1. The weight room will be dedicated this afternoon and will be open to the public. The remainder of the facility underwent a final inspection with the State Building Commission on October 12, 2004. The Athletic Department is scheduled to move into its new offices October 19th.

McClellan Building

Dawson Building of Rainbow City has diligently attempted to complete Gadsden State's wing for occupancy. Their occupancy schedule has slipped from mid to late November. The remainder of the building is progressing very well but a lot of work remains to be accomplished. Overall completion percentage is 84%. Jacksonville State University will occupy its facilities in the Spring 2005 Semester.

Houston Cole Library Interior Improvements

Hudak & Dawson has completed approximately 95% of the project. The original electrical subcontractor was replaced with Christian Electrical in order to complete the remaining work and close out this project.

Field House Renovations

Hudak & Dawson is making progress on the exterior portion of the building. The upstairs portion will become available to the contractor when the Athletic Offices relocate to the Multi-Purpose Building starting on October 19. Preliminary design for the rear porch extension and relocation of the scoreboard is being evaluated by our architect for consideration at the January Board meeting.

Little River Canyon Field School

Funding from NASA was appropriated and authorized for use in the amount of $1.78 million. Project scope and construction documents are being developed by our architect in concert with the University's Office of Environmental Policy and The National Park Service. Additional appropriations through NASA are expected later this academic year.

Roof Replacement 2002

Standard Roofing returned to JSU on October 6 to review and formulate a corrective action plan for the continuous problems at Stephenson Hall. Their plan will include remediation efforts to resolve and correct leaks and associated problems created from roof leaks in the building.


Fall Enrollment Report

Our Fall Semester 2004 enrollment was disappointing as total headcount was 101 less than last Fall Semester 2004. Fall headcount enrollment was 8,930 students equaling the second highest enrollment in Fall Semester 2002. The University gained students in the classifications of Accelerated High School, Seniors, and Graduate students but these were not enough to offset losses in other classifications of Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors. Although this is only a 1% decrease in enrollment, it will not deter us from our goal of 10,000 students.

Dr. Turner, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, gave up her time for her Academic Affairs Report so that Mr. Tim Smith, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, Mrs. Martha Mitchell, Director of Admissions, and Dr. Bill Scroggins, Chairman of the Enrollment Management Committee, can provide you with current information about our enrollment, admissions and recruitment strategies in planning for our goal of 10,000 students.

Housing Report

University Housing reported residence hall occupancy for Fall Semester 2004 is 10% above last Fall Semester 2003. Apartment occupancy rate is 24% above last fall. Fall occupancy rate for houses is below last fall as one of the University's nine houses is currently off-line for repair; all others are occupied for an 88.9% occupancy rate.

Institutional Advancement Report

Our institutional advancement staff, working with J. F. Smith and Associates in our Capital Campaign, have made significant progress. We have a progress report as of October 13. This was a very good week as we received a $6 million gift from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous and a $1 million gift from our architect Julian Jenkins.Dr. Meehan requested Vice President Joe Serviss provide additional information.

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