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JULY 2004







Department of Art


The Art Department and the Visual Art Society held its 12th Annual Gala/Auction on  May 7, 2004 to raise money for Art scholarships and for support of the Art program.     


The Art Department’s graduating seniors presented their Senior Show to family and friends on March 30th and April 13th with great success.


The Art Department had 8 students graduate in April, 2004.  One of these students graduated with “summa cum laude” honors, two students had “cum laude” honors and five of these had “special honors in Art”.

Department of Biology




Dr. Al-Hamdani, S. H. 2004.  Influence of Varies Nacl Concentrations on Selected Physiological Responses of Kudzu. Asian Journal of Plant Science. 3(1):114-119.


Dr. Al-Hamdani, S. H. and Blair, S. 2004. Influence of Copper on Selected Physiological Responses of Salvinia Minima and Its Potential Use in Copper Remediation. American Fern Journal. 94 (1):1-9.


Dr. George R. Cline. May 2004.  Eastern Hellbender, pp 20-21, In: Alabama Wildlife Vol. 3: Imperiled Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals.  Ralph E. Mararchi, Mark


A, Bailey, Thomas M. Haggerty, and Troy L. Best, Ed.  The University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, AL.  225 pp.


Dr. George R. Cline. May 2004.  Green Salamander, pp 29-30, In: Alabama Wildlife Vol. 3: Imperiled Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals.  Ralph E. Mararchi, Mark A,


Bailey, Thomas M. Haggerty, and Troy L. Best, Ed.  The University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, AL.  225 pp.


Dr. George R. Cline. May 2004.  Eastern Hellbender, pp 148-149 , In: Alabama Wildlife Vol. 4: Conservation and Management Recommendations for Imperiled Wildlife.  Ralph


E. Mararchi, Mark A, Bailey, Jeffery T. Garner, Thomas M. Haggerty, Troy L. Best, Maurice F. Mettee, and Patrick O’Neil, Ed.  The University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, AL.  221 pp.


Dr. George R. Cline. May 2004.  Green Salamander, pp 152 , In: Alabama Wildlife Vol. 4: Conservation and Management Recommendations for Imperiled Wildlife.  Ralph E.


Mararchi, Mark A, Bailey, Jeffery T. Garner, Thomas M. Haggerty, Troy L. Best, Maurice F. Mettee, and Patrick O’Neil, Ed.  The University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, AL.  221 pp.


Dr. George Cline.  Contributions to Amphibians and Reptiles (pp. 101-132) In: Alabama Wildlife Vol. 1: A Checklist of Vertebrates and Selected Invertebrates: Aquatic

Molluscks, Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals.  Ralph E. Mararchi, Ed.  The University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, AL.  209 pp.


Qi Ye, Yul Roh, Dr. Benjamin Blair, Jizhong Zhou, Chuanlun L. Zhang and , and Matthew W. Fields.  Isolation and characterization of a novel, alkaliphilic, metal-reducing bacterium, and possible implications for alkaline chemotrophy.  Appl. Environ. Micro. (In Press).


Research Reports:

Carter, R.E. and A. Londo.  Community analysis of pitcher plant bogs of the Little River Canyon National Preserve.  Investigators Annual Report submitted to the National Park Service.


Carter, R.E. and A. Londo.  Remnant fire disturbed montane longleaf pine in west central Georgia.  A report submitted to the Flint River Council, Boy Scouts of America.


Grants Awarded:

Dr. S. Al-Hamdani as part of the Alabama View Consortium submitted a research proposal to the American View and were awarded $121,428.78.


G. Cline, M. Hamissou, M. Meade, J. Rayburn, & F. A. Romano: Received a University Grant to study "the Comparison of Freshwater Jellyfish from four Different Sites in Alabama/Georgia" ($635).


Hunter Johnson, K. Little, S. Shewood, S. Meeks. Dr. M. Hamissou.  Joint Grant Proposal, accepted "to Conduct Phase III Archeological Investigation at 1Fr4 Franklin County, Alabama"

Grant Proposals Submitted:

Drs. George R. Cline and James R. Rayburn.  Biology and Habitat Assessment of the Eastern Hellbender (Cryptobranchus allegeniensis) in Alabama.  ~$303,000.  USFWS through Alabama State Wildlife Grant program.


Dr. Carter, R. E.  Providing Forest Ecology Education for Spring Semester Ecology Students at Jacksonville State University.  A proposal to Alabama Forests Forever Education Grant.  Amount requested: $1,100.00


Dr. Carter, R. E.  Providing Forest Ecology Education for Fall Semester Ecology Students at Jacksonville State University.  A proposal to Alabama Forests Forever Education Grant.  Amount requested: $7,146.00.


Dr. Carter, R. E.  Promoting the Education about the Montane Longleaf Fire Forests Through Artistic Rendering.  A proposal to Alabama Forests Forever Education Grant.  Amount requested: $9,995.00.



Dr. George Cline presented a workshop to Alabama Science in Motion teachers at Alabama A & M University entitled ‘Amphibians and Reptiles of Alabama’ in April 2004.


Dr. Frank Romano presented a workshop to Alabama Science in Motion teachers at Alabama A & M University entitled ‘Invertebrate Zoology’ in April 2004.


Mary Millwood, Shaka Shakes, and Dr. Roger Sauterer, (2004).  Effects of water and sediments near the Anniston (AL) Monsanto plant on developing frogs embryos by the FETAX assay and immunoblotting for CYP 1A.  Association of Southeastern Biologists (ASB) 64th Annual Meeting, April 14 - 17, 2004, Memphis, TN.


Dr. Roger Sauterer (2004).  Investigating the role of calcium ions in sea urchin fertilization - a laboratory exercise.  Association of Southeastern Biologists (ASB) 64th Annual Meeting, April 14 - 17, 2004, Memphis, TN.


Shaka Shakes, Mary Millwood and Dr. Roger Sauterer (2004).  Analysis of sediment and water samples from Snow and Chocolocco Creeks, Anniston, AL by the FETAX assay and immunoblotting for cytochrome P-450 1A.  Joint Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Southeast and Carolina Chapter conference, Kennesaw, GA March 24 -27, 2004.


Jenne, K. and Dr. R. E. Carter.  Age and structural characteristics of old-growth stands of Longleaf pine, Pinus palustris, in Talladega National Forest of northeastern Alabama.  Association of Southeastern Biologist, Memphis, TN.


Boyer, T.E., Dr. Carter, R.E, H. McCoy, and A. Londo.  Community analysis and species responses to fire in pitcher plant bogs of the Little River Canyon National Preserve, Alabama, USA.  Association of Southeastern Biologist, Memphis, TN.


Womack, W.L. and Dr. R.E. Carter.  An historical perspective on the montane longleaf pine forest of Alabama and Georgia.  Association of Southeastern Biologist, Memphis, TN.


Dr. Cline, G., Dr. R. Carter, and J. Adams.  Analysis of calling frog communities in northeastern Alabama.  Association of Southeastern Biologist, Memphis, TN     


Howard C., E. Cohen, S. Setser, and Dr. R.E. Carter.  Dendrochronological analysis of montane longleaf pine stands on Weisner Mountain, AL.  Association of Southeastern Biologist, Memphis, TN.


Dr. Carter, R.E. Management of natural resources based on landscape scale ecosystems.  A presentation to the Properties management Board, Flint River Council, Griffin, GA.


Dr. Carter, R.E and A. Londo.  Landscape scale classification of remnant fire disturbed montane longleaf pine forest in West Central Georgia.  Association of Southeastern Biologist, Memphis, TN.


Conferences Attended:

Dr. T. Hamissou and Dr. S. Al-Hamdani attended the AAHE Annual Conference on Assessment in Denver, Colorado, June 12-15, 2004.


Drs. Carter, Rayburn, Sauterer, Romano, Whetstone, and Cline attended the annual meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists in April.



Dr. S. Al-Hamdani received the University Research Award.


Dr. T. Hamissou received a 2003-2004 Faculty Research Award


Professional Development:

Dr. R. Carter completed REC 495 AB - Wilderness in the American Context for graduate credit 3 hours via the University of Montana (online course).



Dr. B. Blair will present ‘Invisible Wonders of Little River Canyon’ at the DeSoto State Park Nature Center on June 25.


Dr. B. Blair will present ‘Parasites of Little River’ at DeSoto State Park Nature Center on June 26.

Dr. Cline presented ‘Amphibians and Reptiles in Your Backyard’ to the Cottaquilla Council of the Girls Scouts of America.  June 2004.


Dr. Cline presented ‘Amphibians and Reptiles in Your Backyard’ to the Jacksonville Senior Citizens’ Center.  June 2004.


Dr. R. Carter served as a Guest Editor for the journal Southeastern Naturalist.


Dr. R. Carter served as a Guest Reviewer for the journal Natural Areas Journal

Department of Drama


JSU Drama announces an “Around the world tour” with it’s 2004-2005 season.  Plays included are:  AS YOU LIKE IT, A DOLL’S HOUSE, THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD (musical), HEROES (winner of 2004’s Southern Playwright’s Competition), and ON THE VERGE OR THE GEOGRAPHY OF YEARNING.


JSU Drama awarded academic scholarships for the fall 2004 term to the following four students, Heather Norton, Lindsay Jacks, Jessica Sanborn, and Stephen Williams.  The department was able to award partial tuition scholarships to 22 other drama majors.


Graduates for JSU Drama included Cris Morriss, Paula Pierce, and Jared Wright.


JSU Drama students who have acquired positions working for regional summer theatre programs include:  Daryl Pauley-Virginia Shakespeare; Lindsay Jacks-Utah Shakespeare; Judy Holt-Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation; Amanda Kirker-Horn in the West in North Carolina; Rick Gwin-Highlands Playhouse North Carolina; Kristen Atkinson-Shenandoah Musical Theatre; Casey Campbell-Theatre West Virginia.


Recent graduates who have also received summer positions include: Cris Morriss-Tecumseh for the summer and then Virginia Stage in the fall; Jonathan Lawson will also be heading to Tecumseh for the summer; Candice Carter is working for Hangar Theatre in New York; Jeremy West is at Shenandoah Shakespeare; and Fabio Pires is at Virginia Shakespeare.


Recent JSU Drama graduate, Joe Fuselli, has been accepted to the famed Actor’s Studio in New York.


Drama graduate Michelle Johnson, is touring with Feld Entertainment, Inc. on the inaugural production for Disney Live!, WINNE THE POOH AND THE PERFECT DAY. Her tour includes New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, Europe, and the UK, and then they will return to the US for a national tour.


Drama graduate Kim Kuykendall is now working on the CBS production of CSI:MIAMI.


Drama graduate, Fabio Pires, has completed coursework for his MFA at the University of South Carolina.  He will be an acting intern at the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre in Wisconsin in the fall.


English Department


The next issue of Alabama English, edited by Dr. Robert Felgar and Mrs. Deborah Prickett, with the assistance of Michelle Burr, will appear soon.


Dr. John H. Jones, Associate Professor of English and Director of the College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program, and four students from his Honors Literature course participated in the Alabama Honors Council conference at the University of West Alabama, Livingston, February 20-22, 2004.  This is the first time that JSU students participated in an AHC conference.  The students were Jonathan Dorough, sophomore mass communications major, Loren Girman, sophomore history major, Jami Hill, freshman psychology and geoarcheology major, and Robert Jenkins, sophomore computer science major.


The College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program also graduated its second student, Scott MacMillan, criminal justice major, English minor.


Dr. Jones completed a chapter on William Blake and book production for the Palgrave Advances in William Blake Studies, edited by Dr. Nicholas Williams,

University of Indiana at Bloomington, to be published by the Palgrave Macmillan in early 2005.


The Southern Playwrights Competition chose its 14th winner this April under the direction of Dr. Steven Whitton.

History and Foreign Languages


Dr. Llewellyn Cook, Assistant Professor of History, attended the annual meeting of the Consortium on Revolutionary Europe. He serves on the Board of Directors for the organization.


Dr.  Jennifer Gross, Assistant Professor of History, presented a paper titled “The United Daughters of the Confederacy, Confederate Widows, and the Lost Cause” at the “Widows Might” international conference on widowhood held at the Research Center for Historical Analysis at Rutgers University, under the auspices of a grant from the Research Center.   She also accompanied the “LASTING” cohort on its travel to Williamsburg and Civil War sites in Virginia and Pennsylvania.


Dr. Russel Lemmons, Professor of History, attended the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies Seminar on Using Primary Sources for Teaching the Holocaust which will be held in Washington, D.C. in June.


Dr. Harvey H. Jackson, Professor of History, is co-author (with Leah Rawls Atkins) of Alabama: The History, Geography, Economics and Civics of an American State, a 4th grade text book published by Crystal Clear Press of Montgomery. He also assumed the office of President of the Alabama Historical Association. He continues to serve on the editorial board of the Anniston Star and write a weekly column on southern politics and culture.


Dr. Michael Morris, Assistant Professor of History, participated in a conference on the Southern Colonies that was held at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia.


The Department continues to provide support and instruction in the LASTING program which, in cooperation with the Calhoun County School Board and the help of a major grant from the Department of Education, helps local teachers develop new and more effective ways of teaching. Dr. George Lauderbaugh coordinates the program. He, Dr. Gross, and Mrs. Joanne Bruer accompanied the group on their trip to Williamsburg and Civil War sites.

MCIS Department

Dr. Jan Case – has a refereed paper, “The Virtual Lab:  applications of Online Simulations in Applied Probability Distributions” accepted for presentation at the Hawaii International Conference on Statistics, Honolulu, Hawaii.  The paper will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

Dr. Mario Aguilar and Mr. Joshua New – have a refereed paper, “Med-LIFE: A Diagnostic Aid for Medical Imagery” accepted for presentation at the 2004 International MultiConference in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Las Vegas NV.  The paper will be published in the Conference Proceedings.  Mr. Joshua New will give the presentation.

Dr. Mario Aguilar and Mr. Erion Hasanbelliu – have a refereed paper, “Using EMG Signals to Anticipate Head Motion via Recurrent Neural Networks” accepted for presentation at the 2004 International MultiConference in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Las Vegas NV.  The paper will be published in the Conference Proceedings.  Mr. Erion Hasambelliu will give the presentation.

Dr. Mario Aguilar awarded a faculty fellowship for May at NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA.

Mr. Erion Hasanbelliu, Graduate Assistant, awarded a graduate fellowship for May at NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA.

Dr. Guillermo Francia  and Mr. Le Phong – have a refereed paper, “Network Performance Tools” accepted for presentation at the 2004 International MultiConference in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Las Vegas NV.  The paper will be published in the Conference Proceedings.  Le Phong will give the presentation.

Dr. Guillermo Francia– has a refereed paper, “RFID Based Assess Tracking System” accepted for presentation at the 2004 International MultiConference in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Las Vegas NV.  The paper will be published in the Conference Proceedings.  Le Phong will give the presentation.

Dr. Guillermo Francis – served as a Computer Science faculty consultant/reader for the Advanced Placement(AP) Computer Science Program for the Educational Testing Service at Clemson University, June 2004.

Ms. Amy Franklin – presented research on “making choices” at the American Educational Research Association, San Diego CA.

Department of Music


During the reporting period of April, May and June 2004 the David L. Walters Department of Music, its students, faculty and guest performers participated in the following activities:




A Cappella Choir and JSU Alumni Choir Concert, 3 April 2004, First Methodist Church, Anniston.  The program included “Requiem” by John Rutter.


JSU Gospel Choir, 4 April 2004, Leone Cole Auditorium.  Dr. Myrtice Collins, Director.


Jacksonville Faculty Brass Quintet, 5 April 2004, First Presbyterian Church, Anniston. Members were Dr. Chip Crotts, trumpet, Dr. John Merriman, trumpet, Mr. Jeff Solomon, horn, Dr. James Roberts, trombone, Mr. Chris Hosmer, tuba.


Jazz III Big Band and Combo Concert, 6 April 2004, Mason Hall Performance Center.  Mr. Errick Prince and Dr. Chip Crotts, conductors.


Calhoun County Civic Chorale Spring Concert, 6 April 2004, St. Michael and All Angels’ Episcopal Church, Anniston.  Dr. Patricia Corbin, conductor, Dr. Wendy Channel, piano and Dr. Nathan Wight, baritone, featured soloist in “Five Mystical Songs” by Ralph Vaughan Williams.


Jazz II Big Band Concert, 7 April 2004, Mason Hall Performance Center.  Mr. Mace Hibbard, conductor.


JSU Community Orchestra Spring Concert, 13 April 2004, Mason Hall Performance Center.  Mr. Michael Gagliardo, conductor.


JSU Mallet Ensemble, Mr. Clint Gillespie, conductor and JSU Percussion Ensemble, Mr. Tracy Tyler, conductor in Spring Concert, 14 April 2004, Mason Hall Performance Center.


JSU Chamber Winds, Mr. Kenneth Bodiford, conductor and JSU Jazz I Ensemble, Dr. Chipp Crotts, conductor in Spring Concert, 16 April 2004, Mason Hall Performance Center.


JSU Wind Ensemble in Spring Concert, 18 April 2004, Mason Hall Performance Center.  Mr. Clint Gillespie, conductor featuring Dr. Jerryl Davis, oboe, featured soloist.


Encore! Vocal Ensemble in “Love and Legends” Spring Concert, 19 April 2004, Mason Hall Performance Center.


JSU Jazz I Ensemble Final spring Concert, 16 May 2004, Mason Hall Performance Center.



Degree Recital, Joshua Robert Boyd, trumpet, 1 April 2004

Degree Recital, Lesley Alice Cunningham, soprano, 2 April 2004

Degree Recital, Jesse Tiner, tuba, 4 April 2004

Degree Recital, Erinn Keyes, flute, 5 April 2004

Degree Recital, Adam Brumberg, trumpet, 15 April 2004

Degree Recital, Bradley Phillips, trombone, 22 April 2004

Degree Recital, Bryan Pigg, trumpet, 15 May 2004

Degree Recital, Dwight T. McDonald, Jr., baritone,  22 May 2004


Student Performance Hour presentations occurred on:

9 April 2004, 16 April 2004.


Sigma Alpha Iota, Professional Music Fraternity for Women presented Spring Musicale, 7 April 2004, Mason Hall Performance Center.


Studio Recital by the voice students of Dr. Nathan Wight in “A Gilbert and Sullivan Recital” with Dr. Wendy Channel, piano, 18 April 2004, Mason Hall Performance Center.




Honor Choir 2004 with clinicians Dr. Patricia Corbin and Dr. Larry Hardin featuring over 250 students from Alabama public schools ages 11 – 17 years.


Honor Band 2004.  For this annual event over 700 students from 119 Alabama public school were selected from over twice as many applicants.  The event featured six student bands as well as a Jazz component.


JSU Opera presented two one-act operas, “Down in the Valley” by Jurt Weill and “Signor Deluso” by Thomas Pasatieri on 27 and 28 May 2004, Stone Center Theater,  Dr. Nathan Wight, conductor and director, Mrs. Teresa Cheatam Stricklin, assistant director and Dr. Wendy Channel, accompanist.



Judy Holt, third year voice student of Mrs. Teresa Cheatam Stricklin performed at a master class during the MENC (Music educators National Conference) national convention in Minneapolis, MN on 14-18 April 2004.  She was one of 29 students selected from across the nation to participate in this event.


Dr. David L. Walters, Professor Emeritus of Music, was honored at a banquet in the Gamecock Center on 25 April 2004 in recognition of his years of service to JSU and his significant contributions to the field on music and music education.  The event was attended by numerous friends, family, former students, faculty, and University officials including JSU President, Dr. William  Meehan and JSU Trustee, Hon. Jim Bennett.

After a 15 year absence, opera returned to JSU.  JSU students under the direction of Dr. Nathan Wight performed two one act operas, “Down in the Valley” by Kurt Weill and “Signor Deluso” by Thomas Pasatieri on 27 and 28 May 2004


Physical & Earth Sciences


Dr. Harry Holstein was the guest speaker at Russell Cave National Monument Indian Heritage Weekend and at the Huntsville Gem and Geological Society.


Mr. Hunter Johnson attended a public forum in Montgomery for Senate Bill 243.  This hearing was regarding the Alabama Underwater Cultural Resources Act, which is the only state law that preserves underwater archaeological sites.

He also attended the annual summer meeting of the Alabama Archaeological Society at Ft. Toulouse, Wetumpka, Alabama.


Department of Political Science

Dr. Owens was appointed to serve on the Alabama Women’s Commission by Governor Bob Riley and is currently serving in that capacity.  She also spent the legislative session gathering information on her upcoming book regarding Senator Allen and the legislative process.


Dr. Savage continues to write on the consequences of the war/peace and recently returned from the Ukraine where he updated his class material regarding European politics.


Dr. Hope Davis recently attended the Academy of Criminal Justice Science Meeting in Las Vegas to update his classroom information regarding Constitutional and administrative law.


Dr. Lani Malysa and Lee Rudolph, JD recently joined the department teaching online courses in public administration and political science.  Mr. Rudolph will also teach full time for the department during the fall, 2004 semester.


Drs. Hunter and Veasey are currently working with the IEP in Emergency Management on contracts with United Defense Inc. and the Alabama Department of Public Health.


Sociology and Social Work

On June 13, 2004, the national Council on Social Work Education voted to reaffirm accreditation for 8 more years for the Baccalaureate Social Work Program at JSU.  The program also is not required to submit any progress reports on issues of concern within the program.  This is the best report an undergraduate social work program can receive from CSWE. 


Dr. Mark Fagan was quoted in the following publications: AARP Bulletin, Western Region, May 2004; Consumer Reports, Money Adviser, May 2004; University of Alabama School of Social Work, Alumni News, Spring 2004; CBS Market Watch online, May 25, 2004; USA Today, April 19, 2004; Charlottesville, Virginia Daily Progress, May 15, 2004; Greene County (Virginia) Record, May 6, 2004; and the Birmingham News, June 9, 2004


Dr. Maureen Newton received the College of Arts and Sciences University Service Award.  She was also appointed to the Board of Directors for the Health Services Center for the Northeast Alabama Region.


Ms. Dee Barclift presented at the Alabama State Family Service Center Annual Training Conference.


Dr. David LoConto had the following publication: "Wadsworth's Sociology Online Resources and Writing Companion," a supplement that will accompany the text Understanding Social Problems, 4E by Mooney/Knox/Schacht.   He served on the following professional committee: Membership Committee for the Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association.





In April, Dean William Fielding conducted Exit Interviews with graduating business students.


Dean William Fielding with the Center for Economic Development prepared a study on the Center for Domestic Preparedness, April 2004.


The CCBA hosted the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours on May 18.


Dr. Bill Scroggins (Professor of Finance), Dr. Robert Landry (Assistant U.S. Bankruptcy Administrator), and Dr. William Fielding (Dean/Professor of Economics) had an article “Proposed Chapter 11 Reform and Application of Economic Analysis in the Evaluation of the Small Business Debtor” accepted for publication in the Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives.


Finance, Economics and Accounting Department


Dr. Ronnie Clayton has submitted a paper for publication to the Journal of the Academy of Finance entitled “Dynamic Long-Term Equilibrium Relationship Between the T-bond Rate and the Mortgage Interest Rates.”


Dr. Clayton presented the above paper at the Midwest Business Administration Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois March 14-17.  While at the Annual Meeting, Dr. Clayton chaired a session on Financial Education.  He also served as a Discussant in a session on Corporate Finance.


Dr. Clayton attended the European Financial Management Association Meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, June 1-5, 2004.  He presented a paper entitled “The Relationship Between the Consumer Sentiment Index and the Stock Market.”  Dr. Clayton served as a Discussant in a session on Relationships, Information, and Potential Conflicts of Interest.  He also chaired a program session on Relationships, Information, and Potential Conflicts of Interest.


Dr. Clayton is currently serving as the coordinator of the search for the new editor(s) of the Journal of Financial Research.  This journal is considered an A category journal in Finance.  The current editor has served for six years.  The new editor will be identified during the latter half of 2004 to begin service in 2006.  


Dr. Clayton is also negotiating a contract with publisher Thompson-Southwestern to write a Financial Institutions and Markets textbook.


The Summer 2004 Issue of the journal that Dr. Clayton edits, Financial Decisions, is currently in the final stages of preparation for publication.  The Journal can be found at 


Dr. Clayton also continues to serve as Executive Director of the Southern Finance Association, an academic association dedicated to with worldwide membership dedicated to financial research and education.  Information concerning the Southern Finance Association can be found at


Dr. Christopher Westley wrote an article for the May/June 2004 issue of JSU’s Center for Economic Development ‘s  Economic Update entitled  “Working Overtime in Alabama.”


Dr. Westley had an article published in The Birmingham News on May 23, 2004, p. C1 entitled “New Overtime Rules Create Burdens.”


April 2004, Dr. Jeff Zanzig completed the requirements for and earned a Certificate in Computer Information Systems at JSU.  This course of study represents the equivalent of an undergraduate degree in computer science with a concentration in information systems.


Department of Management, Marketing and Information Management/E-Commerce


Dr. Patricia Borstorff

On April 7th,, 2004, Dr. Borstorff sponsored a trip for students to Honda for a tour of the manufacturing facility. Over 30 people, mostly students, attended.


On April 13th, Dr. Borstorff arranged and coordinated the joint meeting of Calhoun and Etowah Counties Society of Human Resource Management groups. Our speaker was Amani Council, a legislative representative from Washington D.C.


On May 7th, 2004, Dr. Borstorff was co-leader of Relay for Life team from Jacksonville Methodist Church.  We raised over $7000 for cancer research.


On May 12, 2004, Dr. Borstorff attended the half day Export Seminar led by the AL Development Office from Montgomery.


Dr. Borstorff attended the AL state Society of Human Resource Management Conference held in Birmingham on May 13, 2004. I was able to get six full scholarships for JSU management seniors for the day.


Dr. Deborah Francis

Serving as director of USASBE, Dr. Deborah Francis attended the Delta Epsilon Chi national conference in Nashville in April 2004.  Delta is an association for college students promoting competition, leadership, and scholarship. 


Dr. Francis reviewed a textbook chapter for Prentice Hall in April, 2004.


Dr. Deborah Francis traveled to Minot, North Dakota in April, 2004, to evaluate a US Department of Education grant for Minot State University.


Dr. Carl Gooding

Dr. Gooding was re-elected to a second four-year term on the Board of Governors of Beta Gamma Sigma, the honor society for business programs which are accredited by AACSB International.  This occurred at the biannual BGS meeting in Montreal in April, 2004.


In April Dr. Gooding represented the Beta Gamma Sigma Board to install a new chapter at Lander University.


Dr. Gooding attended a meeting of the Academic Advisory Board of Southern Wesleyan University in April, 2004.


In May, Dr. Gooding attended an AACSB International seminar on maintenance of accreditation in Tampa, FL.


Dr. Mark Hearn

Dr. Mark Hearn presented an update on the Calhoun County Economy to the Matrix Environmental Services Group for the Joint Powers Authority at  McClellan on April 23, 2004.


Dr. Joann Williams

In April, Dr. Williams finished the class "Legal Issues to Supervisors" for the supervisory class at M & H Valve. She also presented "Understanding and Preventing Workplace Violence" to this same group.


Dr. Williams presented "Compensation and Benefits Management" to the Associations of County Engineers and Administrators in Montgomery, AL in April, 2004.

From April 30 through May 2, Dr. Joann Williams attended the AACSB seminar of assessment in Niagara Falls, NY. This seminar provided valuable information regarding developing an assessment program that will meet the AACSB accreditation standards. This seminar was financially supported by Institutional Effectiveness.

On May 13th, Dr. Williams attended the Annual Society for Human Resource Conference in Birmingham.

Dr. Williams arranged for Mr. Roger Baldwin, Human Resource Director of M & H Valve to speak to the Mgt. 490 - Collective Bargaining class regarding the collective bargaining process from the employer’s perspective. This was during May Term.

On June 23, Dr. Williams presented "Are you prepared for the NEW overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act?" to the Eastern Alabama Planning and Development Commission in Anniston AL.  This presentation was done at the request of Continuing Education Department.

During Marathon G, Dr. Williams taught Mgt. 301 - Principles of Management as an Internet based course.  This was the first time that this class was taught solely on the Internet.

Dr. Williams has been supervising a student completing Management Internship through the month of June.  Ms. Cicily Caldwell is working with Shelley Cofield at Hunjan Manufacturing in Anniston.


Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CED)

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)


Mr. Pat Shaddix, SBDC Director, participated in a planning meeting for the Alabama Small Business Development Consortium (ABBDC).     He met with Mr. Bill Campbell, ASBDC State Director, and Dr. Bill Stewart, ASBDC Consultant, at Regency Pointe in Rainbow City.


 Mr. Keith Lowe attended monthly meetings of the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Committee at the Chamber of Commerce.


Mr. Pat Shaddix was appointed to an unprecedented 5th term as a member of the Oxford City Board of Education.   Mr. Shaddix has served as a member of the board longer than any individual in the history of the board.


Mr. Ben Boozer attended scheduled meetings of the East Alabama Regional Planning Commission’s Revolving Loan Fund.


Mr. Mike Self and Mr. Penn Wilson participated in the Road Map to Retiree Attraction and Relocation conference in Dothan.   The JSU CED and the American Association of Retirement Communities (AARC) cosponsored the event along with several other state organizations.


Mr. Penn Wilson was interviewed and quoted in an article in The Dothan Eagle about the “Road Map to Retiree Attraction and Relocation” conference.


Mr. Mike Self participated in several steering committee meetings of the Gadsden/Etowah Industrial Development Authority TIP (Tapping Industrial Potential) program.   The committee develops the questionnaire and oversees the surveying of industries throughout Etowah County every three years.    He also teamed with Dr. Bob Baker and Dr. Renee Culverhouse, both of Gadsden State Community College, to conduct five industry interviews for the program.


The CED/SBDC staff met with and presented an overview of services to three Rotary Exchange students from Taiwan.


Mr. Pat Shaddix participated in the 2004 Allied Academies Conference in New Orleans.


Ms. Robbie Medders was interviewed for an article in The Anniston Star about small business which was printed on April 16, 2004.


Mr. Keith Lowe participated in the Calhoun County Economic Development Council’s industry surveys.   He conducted interviews with Parker-Hannifin Corp. and Piedmont Pallet Exchange.


Mr. Pat Shaddix participated in a quarterly ASBDC directors meeting Birmingham.   Directors of each SBDC office meet quarterly to review the operations and results of the centers.


Mr. Pat Shaddix was interviewed via telephone by Katy Koontz of Where To Retire magazine on the impact of retired volunteers for communities.  The article is to be published in a future issue.


Mr. Penn Wilson participated in a Central Alabama Community College Economic Development Summit.


Mr. Mike Self, along with numerous faculty and staff of JSU, attended the dedication ceremony of the Joe M. Ford Center for Economic Development.


Mr. Penn Wilson participated in a Calhoun County Chamber Military Affairs Committee meeting and toured the Anniston Army Depot.


Mr. Pat Shaddix and Mr. Willard Butterworth attended the East Alabama Commission’s Area Agency on Aging annual meeting in Rockford.


Mr. Mike Self met with Ms. Sharon McGruder, Gadsden coordinator for the Housing & Urban Development Historically Black Colleges or Universities to discuss and plan several entrepreneurial workshops.


Mr. Pat Shaddix, Mr. Ben Boozer, Mr. Keith Lowe, and Ms. Robbie Medders participated in the 2004 Small Business Directors Association annual meeting in Tunica, Mississippi.  Mr. Boozer and Mr. Lowe served as panelists on the program.


Mr. Keith Lowe and Mr. Ben Boozer attended the Calhoun County Annual Small Business Awards Luncheon in Anniston.


Business Opportunities 2004 was presented in May at JSU’s Stephenson Hall.   The event is sponsored annually by the JSU SBDC and Anniston Army Depot.   Representatives from state and federal agencies/installations and companies such as Honda Manufacturing and United Defense, toured the booths of small businesses desiring to sell their products/services to government buyers.   Over 335 participants attended this trade fair and its associated seminars.   All SBDC/CED staff assisted in presenting the event.    Ms. Robbie Medders of the JSU SBDC and Ms. Sandra Turner of the Anniston Army Depot Procurement Office spent countless hours planning, organizing, and coordinating the event.   Many local and state officials also attended the trade fair.


Mr. Willard Butterworth and Mr. Keith Lowe attended the Alabama League of Municipalities annual convention in Birmingham.   Mr. Butterworth manned a booth representing JSU and the AARC.


Several staff members served on and met with their respective CCBA committees during the reporting period.


Mr. Pat Shaddix, Mr. Penn Wilson, Ms. Robbie Medders, and Ms. Debby Jones participated in AARC strategic planning and 2004 conference program meetings in June.


Ms. Robbie Medders was interviewed by The Anniston Star regarding an article on the Senior Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) which was published on June 7, 2004.


Ms. Robbie Medders attended a reception in Birmingham introducing the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) new district director.


Mr. Pat Shaddix, Mr. Penn Wilson, Mr. Willard Butterworth, and Mr. Mike Self participated in the 2004 summer conference of the Economic Developer’s Association of Alabama in Point Clear.


Ms. Robbie Medders attended monthly meetings of the Senior Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) at the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce.


Mr. Mike Self staffed the Joe Ford Center for Economic Development during the quarter for both the JSU Center for Economic Development and Small Business Development Center.


Mr. Willard Butterworth attended the monthly meetings of the East Alabama Regional Planning & Development Commission of which he is a board member.


Mr. Pat Shaddix and Ms. Robbie Medders attended monthly board meetings for the Northeast Alabama Business Incubator System (NABIS) at the Entrepreneurial Center during the quarter.


The SBDC completed the second quarter of its fiscal year having worked with over 370 clients.   SBDC assistance is offered through individual counseling as well as through training sessions on a variety of topics pertinent to small business owners.  


Two issues of JSU Economic Update were printed and distributed statewide during the quarter.    Mr. Penn Wilson is the editor.


The SBDC presented 17 workshops/conferences with a total of 790 participants during the reporting period.   Additional workshops are scheduled for the next quarter.




Dean’s Office


Drs. John Hammett, Steve Armstrong, Kathleen Friery, Kelly Ryan, Judy McCrary, and Ms. Lynetta Owens attended the Accreditation, Accountability, and Quality Professional Development Conference sponsored by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education in Washington, DC, April 21-24, 2004 in preparation for the College’s Fall 2005 NCATE review.


Drs. Cynthia Harper, John Hammett, and Kelly Ryan attend the Alabama Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (ALACTE) state meeting in Montgomery, Alabama, April 19-20, 2004.  Discussion topics included the proposed Alabama State Code for Teacher Education Programs.


Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Alabama Partnership for Children’s annual board meeting on April 27, 2004 at the Harris Early Learning Center in Birmingham, Alabama.  Mr. Van Richey and Mrs. Gail Piggott presented a PowerPoint presentation that reviewed the history of the Early Learning Commission Report and its recommendations as well as accomplishments to date and opportunities and challenges that remain.


Dr. Cynthia Harper and Mrs. Kristi Triplett attended the Calhoun County Small Business Awards Ceremony on May 7, 2004 at the Anniston County Club.  The Jacksonville State University Child Development Center was nominated for Calhoun County Small Business of the Year Award.


Ms. Linda Love made a professional presentation to secretaries employed in the College of Education and Professional Studies on May 11, 2004 at a luncheon at the Barn in Jacksonville.  Presentation topics included strategies for managing office procedures, professionalism in the work place, and techniques to improve office proficiency.


Dr. Cynthia Harper served as the chair of the Graduating Senior Scholarship Committee for the Piedmont Education Trust.  Scholarships ($20,000) were awarded to Piedmont High School graduating seniors at the annual Awards Day on May 18, 2004.


The College of Education and Professional Studies offered three Web Design Seminars for faculty during May, 2004.  Dr. Donna Herring provided the instruction for the professional development activities.


Dr. Cynthia Harper and Ms. Kristi Triplett visited the Harris Early Leaning Center in Birmingham on May 28, 2004.


Department of Child Development Center


The JSU Child Development Center has an enrollment of 97 children ages six weeks through six years of age.  There are nine instructional classrooms opened.  Each classroom has a certified lead teacher and two teacher assistants to conduct daily lesson plans and provide quality childcare to the community.


As children enroll at the Center, the parents are issued a password that enables them to go on line and view their child in their classrooms via internet.  This unique feature is not available in any other childcare facility in the area.  The cameras provide ultimate safety and advancement toward perfecting teaching skills performed and observed daily.


New equipment for the two outside playgrounds and the two indoor playrooms has been installed at the Center.  All equipment is safety certified and age appropriate for the students who are served at the Center.  Additional trees and landscape timbers are being placed on the playground to give additional “shade” and “padding” for the children.


The Center has received a food permit from the Calhoun County Health Department.  Food preparation has begun on site. Budget planning is underway to purchase a new freezer and refrigerator for the kitchen of the Center.


All employees employed at the Center have undergone fingerprinting and criminal background checks by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation.  This information is currently on file at the Center.  Employees are encouraged to take continuing education and professional development courses throughout the summer.


Eight computers have been purchased and installed in the computer lab at the Center.  Each classroom has an opportunity to visit the computer lab weekly.  Mrs. Sharon Caroza provides weekly individualized computer lessons in our lab.


Mr. Grant Cockrell from Child Care Central is providing consultation concerning becoming accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). 


The Center has purchased and installed childcare management software.  This software provides fingertip access to vital information on the children enrolled and the employees.  Information such as, medical history, birthdays, classroom groups, payments of tuition and certification information is stored and readily available.  Ms. Suzanne Larocca, JSU’s internal auditor, visited the Center on May 12th.  She is assisting with installment of data into our childcare manager software.


The Center is currently hosting several J.S.U. practicum classes.  Two new classes were opened at the June 1, 2004, Center-wide promotion day.  A “pre-toddler” and “school age” class was established to fulfill a need of childcare for these age groups.


The Center has entered into a summer camp partnership with the JSU Continuing Education Department.  We are hosting six courses during the months of June and July.  Continuing Education provides the instructor for each course offered and if students enrolled need child care at the conclusion of each course, the Center is available for care until 6:00 p.m.


Mrs. Kristi Triplett was a guest on TV 24 morning show on June 2, 2004.  She discussed the various courses offered through Continuing Education hosted at the Center that will be on going during the summer


Department of Communication


A candidate has been selected for the Ayers chair, and a contract sent to her for her signature. We are currently waiting to receive her signed contract. This position begins in August, 2004.


Search for a faculty member to fill the position vacated by Dr. Ralph Carmode, who retired at the end of May 2004, is underway.


The Department of Communication had its 2004 Communication Week during the week of April 5th  through the 8th . Each of the first three days was devoted to each of the concentration areas represented in the department—Public Relations, Electronic Media and Print Media, and the fourth day was the Grande finale—the Awards Luncheon.


This year’s luncheon had the highest attendance so far with a total of 112 people (87 of them students) in attendance. There were over 20 awards presented to students. The keynote speaker for the luncheon was Mr. Roy Williams of The Birmingham News who received a standing ovation and a plaque following his speech. In attendance were several dignitaries including President and Mrs. Meehan as well as JSU’s Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Rebecca Turner.


The Department of Communication has received a check for the sum of $2,250.00 from Alabama Press Association for the department’s Summer Journalism Institute: A Journalism Workshop for Minorities.


All communication classes for the First Summer met the minimum summer enrollment requirement; classes are ongoing and now getting ready to conclude in about one week.


Ms. Katja Sunaburg, a senior in communication (journalism concentration) has been hired as a (paid) intern with The Jacksonville News in Jacksonville, Alabama.

Send-off party for Dr. Ralph Carmode, who retired from the JSU Department of Communication at the end of May this year, was held on Wednesday, May 26, 2004. It was attended by faculty, staff and students of JSU as well as Dr. Carmode’s family.


Dr. Augustine Ihator received a research award from Jacksonville State University during this year’s faculty awards recognition.  During this year’s faculty recognition, Dr. Kingsley O. Harbor, head of the Communication Department, was recognized for receiving both promotion and tenure.

Dr. Ralph Carmode was also recognized during this year’s faculty recognition for his then-impending retirement.


Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Steve Armstrong attended NCATE Training in Washington, D.C. April 20-23, 2004.


Dr. Larry Beard presented at the CEC Convention in New Orleans, LA April 12-17, 2004.


Dr. Rita Boydston presented at the CEC Convention in New Orleans, LA April 12-17, 2004.


Dr. Elizabeth Engley presented at Association for Childhood Educators International Conference in New Orleans, LA April 16-18, 2004.


Dr. Judy McCrary attended NCATE Training in Washington, D.C. April 20-25, 2004.


Mrs. Lynetta Owens attended NCATE Training in Washington, D.C. April 20-25, 2004.


Dr. Gena Riley presented at the CEC Convention in New Orleans, LA April 15-18, 2004.


Mrs. Sandra Sudduth attended the Alabama League of Municipalities meeting in Birmingham, AL May 24-25, 2004.


Department of Educational Resources


The following faculty presented at National Conferences:  Dr. Charles Notar, Dr. Donna Herring, and Dr. Sondra Yarbrough.


The following faculty presented at State Conferences: Dr. Donna Herring, Dr. Gordon Nelson.


The following faculty presented locally:  Dr. Donna Herring and Dr. Isreal Eady.


Dr. Denise Richardson attended the National Science Teacher’s Association Conference in Atlanta, GA.


Dr. Jan Wilson served as an external evaluator of the ET3 grant.


Dr. Dennis Zuelke participated in an assessment meeting with the director of the “Partnership for a Drug Free DeKalb County”.  Dr. Zuelke also participated in the report meeting of the SACS visiting team at Drew Middle School in Lincoln, AL, for which he

facilitated the self-study.


Dr. Donna Herring has written a request for the HP Mobile Technology Grant.


Dr. Kathleen Friery attended the NCATE Review Conference in Washington, D.C. in April 2004.               


Dr. Kathleen Friery served as co-chair of the Fourth Annual Appalachian School of Alcohol and Other Drug Studies hosted on the campus of JSU.


Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

A reception was held in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences on April 14, for graduating seniors in this department.  Seven (7) Outstanding Awards were given including the Dr. Virginia Yocum Award for Excellence. There were a number of students inducted into the Family and Consumer Sciences Honorary Society.    Two (2) scholarships were awarded for the fall 2004 semester.


Mrs. Karen Nemeth served on a Business Industry Certification (BIC) team for the Alabama State Department of Education.  This team conducted a site visit of Gadsden City Schools’ Career Technical Education programs.


Mrs. Paula Napoli gave a presentation for Children’s Services in Anniston on April 17 entitled “Preschool Science”.


Mrs. Robbie Boggs gave a presentation at the Hokes Bluff High School on April 19 entitled “Careers in the Fashion Industries”.  She also spent time recruiting for Family and Consumer Sciences.


Mrs. Karen Nemeth and Mrs. Robbie Boggs attended the Grisham Trentham Lecture at Auburn University on April 22.  This lecture featured an international designer.


Dr. Tim Roberts served on the Auburn University Dietary Managers Advisory Committee.


On Friday, April 16, 2004, the JSU Child Center toured the JSU Field House and Paul Snow Stadium.  Thanks go to student and football player, Nate Paulk for organizing and leading this trip.  Highlights included meeting various specialty coaches and Head Coach Crowe, visiting the weight room, and trying on football uniforms and pads.  The children watched football film clips and shared cookies with Mr. Fuller who stopped by to meet the children.


Four faculty were recognized with Faculty Research Awards—Mrs. Debra Goodwin, Mrs. Paula Napoli, Mrs. Karen Nemeth, and Dr. Tim Roberts.


Mrs. Karen Nemeth attended a Board Meeting of the Alabama Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences at Riverchase Middle School on June 1, 2004. 

Mrs. Karen Nemeth serves as the Higher Education liaison on the Alabama Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (AATFACS) board.  Mrs. Nemeth is the Higher Education Chairperson for AATFACS.  She will make a presentation at the AATFACS Summer Conference.


Mrs. Karen Nemeth serves as the 2003-04 Nominating Chair for the Affiliate Presidents Unit.


Mrs. Debra Goodwin served on the Alabama Dietetics Association Executive Board.  She participated in a day-long Strategic Planning Workshop on June 10, 2004.


The FCS-350 (Life Span and Human Development) class toured the facilities of two assisted living centers.  They visited The Meadows, located in Jacksonville and NHC Place in Oxford.  They will also tour the funeral home of K.L. Brown in Jacksonville.


Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation


Dr. Roland Thornburg and Mr. Kory Hill are assisting Cleburne County Schools with a federal grant-writing project for Health and Physical Education programming.


Ms. Kelly Nye is the JSU finalist for the PKP National Graduate Scholarship Award.


Ms. Catundra Walton (REC major) was elected to the JSU SGA Senate.

Dr. Glenn Roswal served as Competition Director at the Special Olympics Southeast Region USA Tennis Championships, Hilton Head, South Carolina.  He also served on the USTA Plan for Growth Steering Committee and the USTA Special Population Committee at the USTA Annual Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico.


The students enrolled in Dr. Glenn Roswal’s PE 403 Special Olympics course participated as volunteers at the Special Olympics Southeast Regional Tennis Championships held at Hilton Head Island, SC.  Letters of appreciation for the invaluable work on the part of these students and Dr. Roswal were received from event directors.


Ms. Gina Mabrey and Ms. Amy Hinton (ESW student) were guests on the closed circuit broadcast of Anniston Army Depot's morning show. They discussed the importance of exercise and ways to incorporate exercise into daily life.


The following HPER faculty members presented at the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) national conference in New Orleans: Mr. Kory Hill, Ms. Donna Hey, Ms. Gina Mabrey, Dr. Willie Hey, and Dr.John Hammett.  Dr. Glenn Roswal, Dr. Roland Thornburg, and Ms. Lori Thornburg attended the conference.


The following HPER faculty members presented at the Alabama State Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (ASAHPERD) conference in Orange Beach, AL: Dr. William Hey, Mr. Kory Hill, Ms. Donna Hey, and Ms. Gina Mabrey.


The HPER Honor Society conducted its spring 2004 induction and awards ceremony on Wednesday, April 28, 2004.  The following undergraduate students were inducted: Ms. Candice Scruggs, Ms. Molly Sosebee, Mr. Phillip Kirsch, Ms. Kim Halbach, Ms. Tammy Hazelwood, Ms. Racheal Doak, and Ms. Jennifer Young.  Mrs. Brenda Vinson was the only graduate student inducted.  The following undergraduate students received graduation awards: Mr. James Strickland, Ms. Christina Simpson, Ms. Kelly Nye, Ms. Julia Troxtel,  Mr. James Denson, Ms. Celia Whitaker, and Ms. Haylee Higgins.  Graduate students receiving awards were Ms. Andrea Martin and Ms. Tiffany Moseley.   The outstanding undergraduate student award recipient was Mrs. Christina Simpson.  The outstanding graduate student award recipient was Ms. Tiffany Moseley.  Ms. Kelly Nye received the Ronnie Harris award for outstanding service to the HPER Club.

Dr.Glen Roswal taught a course for the University of Alaska-Anchorage on "Principles of Coaching Special Olympics." 

As the ASAHPER President-elect, Dr. William Hey will travel to Washington June 16-20 with representatives from other states to meet with senator and state representatives regarding HPE issues in the public schools.  The primary initiative is childhood obesity.

Ms. Donna Hey conducted a Track and Field class practicum/in-service workshop with Piedmont Middle School.

Dr. Ronnie Harris will be traveling to Lake Tahoe to serve as a cycling coach for the Leukemia Society in the 100 mile bike ride.

Department of Instructional Services


Faculty/staff accomplishments:  Mr. Mike Zenanko along with 11 other tutoring professionals created a new non-profit organization the “Association of the Tutoring Profession” (ATP). The association went public on February 14, 2004. Currently there are 75 members.  Mr. Zenanko serves as a member of the Executive Board of the ATP and the Publications Chair. The ATP website is located at


Mr. Zenanko along with Dr. Gordon Nelson presented “A vision of PowerPoint,” at the Alabama Educational Technology Conference in Birmingham, Alabama.


Mr. Stan Cates, Mrs. Dorothy Phillips served as judges for the JSU Technology Fair.


The Learning Resource Center has added over 40 books through a Scholastic Book Fair. Mrs. Penny Lane has worked to update the LRC inventory.


During the spring and May semesters, The Teaching/Learning Center had 254 tutors working with 186 community children.  A total of 2,540 hours of free tutoring was provided. 


The Multimedia Instructional Laboratories now has updated to Microsoft Office 2003.


Department of the Teacher Service Center


No Report


Department of Technology & Engineering


The following students were recognized for special awards during the 2003-04 academic year:


Mr. Dale Kilgo – Outstanding Senior Award, Occupational Safety and Health

Mr. Phillip Chaviers – Outstanding Senior Award, Industrial Technology Management

Mr. Blaine White – Outstanding Senior Award, Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Mr. Paul Oswalt – Outstanding Senior Award, Electronics


Mr. Terry Marbut and Mr. Lyle Barnard had a paper accepted for presentation at the National Association of Industrial Technology (NAIT) national conference scheduled for October 2004.


Mr. Jess Godbey and Mr. Jim Harris (Honeywell, Industrial Partner) had a paper accepted for presentation at the NAIT conference scheduled for October 2004.


Department of TV Services


The recruiting video is converted to CD so that it can be given to prospective students in that format as well as video.


The new fiber optic line and the fiber transmitter are in place and being used successfully for live radio and television broadcasts at the softball field.


Thirty-second commercials for May, Summer I and Summer II Semester Registration are broadcast.


TV Services works with Al Harris of the News Bureau & Publications Office to set up some media themed photos for use on JSU’s website.


Ted White assists the University Police Department in capturing photos from video of an individual committing identity theft.  This individual is believed to be a JSU student.


The recruiting video is shown continuously during Preview Day activities at Stephenson Hall.


Michael Edwards edited a video for fifth year Education Major Carnell Spradlin. Mr., Spradlin is student teaching Glencoe Elementary 4th Graders. The video features footage of Carnell and others skydiving.


Mr. Jason B. Wright, Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, toured TV Services facility.  Mr. Wright was on campus to speak to an Emergency Preparedness class.


Mr. Mark Morrison’s lecture is videotaped.  Mr. Morrison spoke to Communication students as part of the Third Annual Communication Week Program.  Mr. Morrison is the Director of Public Relations for Honda of Alabama.


Mr. Lantz Croft and Ms. Elizabeth Chandler spoke to Communication students as part of the Third Annual Communication Week Program. Mr. Croft and Ms. Chandler are both Broadcast Journalists with WBRC-TV in Birmingham. Mr. Croft is an Assignment Editor and  Ms.Chandler produces the 10 p.m. Newscast.  TV Services videotaped the event.


TV Services received a thank you letter from David A.Neisler. Mr. Neisler owns the McDonalds in Jacksonville and Piedmont. He expressed his thanks to TV-Services for digitizing a security tape and making photo images to assist in the prosecution of a recent theft case.


Mr. Matt Korade, Senior Writer for The Anniston Star, spoke to Communication students as part of the Third Annual Communication Week Program. Mr. Korade’s topic was “Local Connections to International Stories.”  TV Services videotaped the event.  The Third Annual Communication Awards Luncheon was taped. Mr. Roy Williams was the keynote speaker.


Ms. Stephanie Morgan, Mr. Keith Thomas and Mr. Ted White participate as judges for this year’s Technology Fair.  Stephanie judged the General Applications category while Keith and Ted judged the video category.


Graduation is televised live on WJXS-TV24. The ceremony is re-broadcast numerous times.  Graduation is a combined production of TV Services, TV24 and CrossCreek Productions.


TV Services taped the “Relay for Life” ceremonies for the American Cancer Society.  The ceremony was held at Oxford Stadium.  Footage aired on the TV24 News and will be used later to put together a commercial and possibly a video promoting the event.


A JSU promotional commercial, “JSU Percussion” will begin airing soon on Fox 6 and NBC 13 in the Birmingham market.  This is the first time that JSU promotional spots have run in the Birmingham Network market. Admissions is scheduling the run dates and times.


Continuing Education’s Summer Camps 2004 commercial is now airing on TV24 and Cable One.


The winning play for the Southern Playwright award, “Wise Women” was taped for the Drama Department.


Dr. Cynthia Harper met with Mr. Mike Hathcock and Mr. Keith Thomas to discuss plans for a new recruiting video for the College of Education and Professional Studies.  Research is currently underway to develop a treatment and outline.  Scriptwriting for the video will begin after the treatment and outline have been approved.


A new audio console in video control is installed.


“NASA’s Destiny Classroom and the Community Partnership Program” is produced for JSU’s Aerospace Development Center.  The video is targeted at local businesses to raise funding for educational programs designed to motivate K-12 students to learn.  The objective is to teach math, science and technology by using aerospace for sparking excitement. 


Mr. Mike Hathcock and Mr. Keith Thomas met with Mr. Neil Fetner of the University Police Department to discuss TV Services producing two 30-second commercials and a promotional video for the UPD.





Office of Continuing Education


The Fourth Annual Appalachian School for Alcohol and Other Drug Studies was conducted on the JSU campus June 22-25, 2004, with 262 enrollees.  It was an annual week-long conference providing continuing education hours for licensed professional counselors, addiction counselors, employee assistance counselors, nurses, and social workers.


In May 2004, Ann Wells, along with the UPACE Partnership managed a training program entitled, “Generational Differences” for The Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police at Point Clear, Alabama. There were 230 Alabama police chiefs who attended this training session. 


The Office of Continuing Education co-sponsored with East Alabama Regional Planning Commission a workshop on April 28 entitled, “A Practical Guide to Successful Media Relations” with 44 participants, and on June 28, “An Urgent Update on the Federal Labor Standards Act” with 73 people in attendance.  The workshops were directed to individuals who work with public agencies and municipalities, elected and appointed officials and non-profit groups. 


The Office of Continuing Education has managed 32 summer camps on the JSU campus with 2,591 participants as of June 30.  Academic camps and athletic camps were sponsored by Jacksonville State University and overnight camps were conducted by groups outside the university.


The Office of Continuing Education conducted on May 20 the first M & H Valve Corporation  graduation ceremony for seven employees who completed a year-long Supervisory Preparation Course.


The Office of Continuing Education sponsored the Protocol School of Alabama as one of its summer camps. On June 18, after a week of classroom instruction on the rules of etiquette, eight students participated in a formal luncheon and graduation ceremony on June 18. 


As of June 30, the Office of Continuing Education has conducted 300 courses with an enrollment of 4,527 and 25,344 contact hours generated.





Dr. Martha G. Lavender, Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, began a one-year leave of absence May 1, 2004.  Dr. Sarah V. Latham is serving as Acting Dean in the interim.  Dr. Lavender is serving as Deputy Program Manager-Resident Training, EAI Corporation, Center for Domestic Preparedness, US Department of Homeland Security. 


Dr. Martha G. Lavender received the 2004 Distinguished Professional Service Award at the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) Convention on June 27, 2004 in Tampa, Florida.  AWHONN is comprised of 22,000 members across the US, Canada, and Armed Forces worldwide.  The Distinguished Professional Service Award is AWHONN’s highest honor.


The Director of Student Services reported 719 active, pre-nursing advisees.  Active is defined as “having sought advisement within the last year”.  The advisee file increased by 226 from January 2004 to March 2004, and by 136 from March to June, 2004.


The College of Nursing and Health Sciences had123 applicants for 54 seats in the Fall 2004 class. Of the 118 qualified applicants, 64 were denied admission.  Of the 64 denied admission, 28 had >=3.0 GPA.


The Spring 2004 graduating class had 37 members.  The increase in upper division applicants is remarkable as seen in the following table.


Applicants to Upper Division Nursing




















Fall 2004


Projected Spring 2005

Projected Fall 2005

Upper Division Applicants











100 + 64 denied admission for Fall 04




The PCB Health Study is gaining momentum in the Anniston community. The current focus is registering participants in the “health study registry” to examine the effects of PCBs.  Juneteenth was celebrated in Anniston’s Zinn Park on June 19 with participation from the PCB Health Study staff; Community Awareness Day will be July 17.


An unprecedented number of nursing faculty were recognized May 17, 2004 at the Faculty Recognition Reception:  Ms. Katie Brothers, Ms. Mylinda Brown, Dr. Jane Cash, Ms. Deborah Curry, Ms. Sherron DeWeese, Ms. Susan DiBiase, Ms. Carrie Elkins, Ms. Kim Gregg, Dr. Beth Hembree, Ms. Lynn Hillhouse, Ms. Monika Hossain, Dr. Sarah Latham, Ms. Christie Shelton, Ms. Mendy Wright.


The RN to BSN program for Registered Nurses (STEP) will graduate 13 students in August, 2004.  This is the inaugural class for the totally on-line program.


The first course in the Certificate in Nursing Education program was taught in Marathon J 2004 with 8 students enrolled. 


A new elective, Transcultural Nursing and Health Care was offered Marathon J.  The undergraduate section had an enrollment of 24 students, while the graduate section had 21 students.


Eight new students were admitted into the MSN program in Summer 2004.


The MSN program will begin total on-line delivery of coursework Fall 2004.


The MSN Clinical Specialist Program for Rural, Underserved Populations continuation grant for $460,469 was approved but not funded.


The Status Report to ACHE on Post-Implementation Conditions for the Master of Science in Nursing program was developed.  For the year 2003-2004, there were 23 new admissions and 11 continuing students for a total of 34 students enrolled (14.37 FTE). 


The Jacksonville Association of Nursing Students (JANS) received the Gold Circle Award from the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) for attaining a membership above 100.  JANS has 122 active memberships.  Three JANS members attended the NSNA national convention March 31-April 4, 2004.


Ms. Mary Miller, Jacksonville Association of Nursing Students (JANS) President, has been appointed to the NSNA (National Student Nurses Association) Resolutions Committee. As a 2004-2005 NSNA Appointed Representative, she will work with school and state constituents from around the country, aiding their efforts in preparing resolutions to be presented to the House of Delegates in April 2005.


JANS prepared an extravagant brunch for faculty in honor of Nurses Day, May 6, 2004.


Dr. Becky Turner, Dr. Beth Hembree, Ms. Debbie Curry, and Dr. Sarah Latham met with Dr. Roy Johnson, Chancellor, Alabama College System, and representatives from Troy State University in Montgomery on June 2, 2004.  The focus of the discussion was the development of a JSU/TSU/ACS collaborative effort to increase the numbers of Registered Nurses with Associates Degrees completing the BSN.  A follow up meeting between JSU and TSU was held June 29, with a proposal to be presented to Dr. Johnson on July 14, 2004.


The 2004 Summer Conference, Nursing Update 2004, is scheduled for July 16, 2004.  The keynote speaker is Ms. Michele Deck, RN, a nationally known speaker who specializes in creative teaching methods.  Approximately 200 nurses are expected to attend.


The MSN Advisory Committee met on May 11, 2004 to discuss issues pertinent to advanced practice nursing.  Dr. Jeanette Lancaster, HRSA grant consultant, has reviewed the MSN program in preparation for the March 2005 CCNE accreditation visit.


Tighten Every Component (TEC), an Operational Plan for Excellence was launched April 20, 2004, 9-3:30.  The faculty were charged with examining every component of the nursing program, identifying weaknesses, and developing strategies for improvements.  Faculty were divided in to teams:  Curriculum, Classroom Delivery, On-line Delivery, Testing, Clinical/Nursing Arts Lab, Clinical Associates/adjuncts, and Affective Dimensions.    The teams reported recommendations May 24, 2004, 9-12.  All faculty will complete a 16 contact hour test writing course developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.  All adjuncts/clinical associates will attend a mandatory 2-day Clinical Teaching seminar developed by the TEC team. 


A Staff Appreciation Breakfast was held May 24, 2004.  Faculty prepared a lavish brunch and staff members described their responsibilities and how faculty could best assist them in their duties. 


Ms. Carrie Elkins submitted a $ 9125 grant, Healthy Environment for a Healthy Tomorrow, to Legacy, Inc., Partners in Environmental Education.  Status is pending.





All elevators have been replaced.


All floors except the lobby level have been recarpeted.


54 sections of new shelving have been installed on the 3rd and 4th floors.  Collections have been shifted to fill new shelves and create space for growth.


The library is digitizing the Harry Strange Collection of Alabamiana for inclusion in the statewide Cornerstone Project.


14 obsolete out-of-warranty computers have been replaced.


Four computers have been installed in the northeast lobby and three new computers have been installed in the Music Listening Room to access the Classical Music Library streaming system.


Mr. Don Walter attained Endeavor 300 level system manager certification.


Ms. Sonja McAbee and William J. Hubbard published “The Current Reality of National Book Publishing Output and Its effect on Collection Assessment” in Collection Management, V. 28, no. 4, December 2003.


Ms. Hanrong Wang, Guiling, Niu, and William J. Hubbard published “Current Status of Reference Services in Mainland China:  A Web Analysis” in International Information and Library Review, V. 36, no. 2, 2004.


Ms. Laurie Charnigo published “Review of Letters to the Next President on the Crisis in Education” in the EBSS Newsletter, V. 19, no. 1, Spring 2004.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs published “Review of The Diary of Samuel Pepys” in Reference Reviews, V. 18, no. 3, 2004.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs published “Review of The Gallery of the Open Frontier” in Reference Reviews, V. 18, no. 4, 2004.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs published “Review of American Journeys” in Reference Reviews, V. 18, no. 4, 2004.


Mr. William J. Hubbard made a presentation on LibQual+ at the Alabama Library Association Annual Conference in Montgomery.


Mr. John-Bauer Graham made a presentation on Interactive CD-ROMs for Library Instruction at Academe, JSU.


Ms. Laurie Charnigo made a presentation on Historians and Their Information Sources at the Alabama Library Association Annual Conference in Montgomery.


Ms. Laurie Charnigo made a presentation on Instructional Swap ‘n Shop at the Alabama Library Association Annual Conference in Montgomery.


Ms. Laurie Charnigo made a presentation on World Cat Rules at Academe, JSU.


Ms. Laurie Charnigo made a presentation on Popcorn and Picture Books for Children’s Book Discussion Program, JSU.





The following report is submitted:


Student activities:  NA


Faculty/staff accomplishments:  Dr. Franklin King and Ms. Sherri Restauri of the Office of Distance Education both received Faculty Research Awards for the 2003-2004 Academic Year. Several members of the Office of Distance Education attended the infoComm Conference in June 2004 in Atlanta, GA. Ms. Sherri Restauri represented the Office of Distance Education at the United States Postal Service Employee Career Fair in May 2004 in Birmingham, AL. Mr. Mark Camp presented on Distance Education business applications to the Gadsden Rotary Club in June 2004.


Organizational items:  NA




Distance Education has made a significant impact upon both students and faculty at Jacksonville State University.  During the reporting period (May - June 2004), 2,998 enrollments (1,940 individual students) were noted in distance learning classes and in courses supplemented by distance learning technologies.  One hundred and twenty-eight courses were affected by distance learning experiences and 184 sections were impacted.  


Implementation of the Southern Regional Electronic Board's new Ways In Mentor web portal occurred during this reporting period. The Office of Distance Education made necessary modifications to its website ( to support the new portal that will be used by distance learning as well as traditional students for location of courses and programs across the 16 states in agreement with the Electronic Campus organization. As well, the Office of Distance Education became involved with the Alabama Mentor division of the WIM organization, which allows for greater access to students within the state of Alabama. Eighteen new courses were added to the Electronic Campus course listing for the summer reporting period. JSU is currently advertising over 100 total courses through the SREB's Ways In Mentor/Electronic Campus websites. 


The Office of Distance Education presented the first annual Blackboard Showcase on May 20.  The showcase provided examples of best practices in online instructional strategies and course construction that could be utilized in Blackboard online, supplemental, and workshop courses.  In addition, it recognized the unique talents of the faculty members who presented during the Showcase. The showcase had excellent attendance by faculty, staff, and administration from across campus. The Office of Distance Education plans to offer the Showcase on an annual basis each May from this point forward. 


The Office of Distance Education offered an Intermediate Blackboard Training Workshop on April 12 for faculty and staff.  The Office of Distance Education also offered an Advanced Blackboard Training Workshop for JSU faculty and staff on April 19. Over 30 individual training sessions on the Blackboard system, instructional design issues, course construction, and other pertinent instructional technology concerns were offered during this reporting period. The Instructional Technology & Design Laboratory continued to be used by faculty members for one-on-one training on Blackboard, as well as instructional design and instructional technology assistance.


The Office of Distance Education continued to work on highly innovative projects including the implementation of an area wide broadband communication infrastructure for education and economic development.  The Calhoun County Area-wide Fiber Feasibility Study was completed on April 30, 2004.  The findings of the study suggested that an area-wide broadband fiber network throughout Calhoun County is entirely feasible.  The County has a compelling need, a viable value proposition and the talent to deliver the return on investment.  There were no apparent show-stoppers.  The infrastructure can support distance learning, telemedicine, video surveillance and video arraignment, Internet services (email and web-hosting), e-Government services, possibly business broadband services including voice, video and data applications.  County stakeholders included twelve high schools, six county seats, two institutions of higher learning, and three hospitals.


In May 2004, the Office of Distance Education began working collaboratively with the Gadsden Museum of Art to investigate the offering of art and history classes to K-12 students across the state of Alabama through the utilization of distance education technology. The Office of Distance Education also continued to work collaboratively with various Colleges across the JSU campus for large-scale projects such as an Orientation CD for the Master's level Nursing program, the Office of Admissions recruitment CD, and the text-to-electronic media conversions of a student course manual for a Blackboard supplemented course within the College of Education and Professional Studies.


During the reporting period (May - June), videoconferencing classes were offered at 12 different sites in Alabama and Georgia.  There were 4 videoconferencing classes scheduled for the College of Education and Professional Studies and the College of Commerce and Business Administration.  Videoconferencing workshops were conducted with individual faculty members to familiarize them with appropriate technology. ­­­­­­­­­­ One new videoconferencing site was added in Cedar Grove, Georgia.

Distance Education Enrollment Data (May – June 2004)

(Divided by format, subdivided by term, with grand totals at the end)


Blackboard and Online Courses Enrollment Data

(Note:  This data includes the STEP Online Courses.)

As of 5/6/04:

May 2004

Blackboard Online –  366 enrollments;  11 courses ( 11 sections)

Blackboard Supplements –  686 enrollments;  26 courses ( 31 sections)

Other Online Formats -  0 enrollments;  0 courses ( 0 sections)


Marathon A 2004

Blackboard Online –  117 enrollments;  6 courses ( 6 sections)

Blackboard Supplements –  162 enrollments;  5 courses ( 27 sections)

Other Online Formats -  1 enrollment;  1 course ( 1 section)


Marathon G 2004

Blackboard Online –  319 enrollments;  8 courses ( 8 sections)

Blackboard Supplements –  0 enrollments;  0 courses ( 0 sections)

Other Online Formats -  0 enrollments;  0 courses ( 0 sections)


Marathon J 2004

Blackboard Online –  142 enrollments;  12 courses ( 12 sections)

Blackboard Supplements –  58 enrollments;  5 courses ( 6 sections)

Other Online Formats -  92 enrollments;  9 courses ( 9 sections)


Blackboard Ongoing Workshop Type Courses During This Period – 12 (enrollment varied)


1,411 actual students supported in all Online Courses and Blackboard supplement courses in May, Marathon A, G & J 2004 (including STEP Online Courses.)


As of 06/04/04:

Summer I 2004

Blackboard Online –  60 enrollments;  2 courses ( 2 sections)

Blackboard Supplements –  482 enrollments;  25 courses ( 25 sections)

Other Online Formats -  23 enrollments;  1 course ( 1 section)


Marathon B 2004

Blackboard Online –  148 enrollments;  8 courses ( 8 sections)

Blackboard Supplements –  18 enrollments;  1 course ( 1 section)

Other Online Formats -  0 enrollment;  0 course ( 0 section)


Blackboard Ongoing Workshop Type Courses During This Period – 22 (enrollment varied)


637 actual students supported in all Online Courses and Blackboard supplement courses in Summer I and Marathon B 2004.


Marathon H 2004

Blackboard Online –  119 enrollments;  3 courses ( 3 sections)

Blackboard Supplements –  32 enrollments;  2 courses ( 2 sections)

Other Online Formats -  0 enrollments;  0 courses ( 0 sections)


Blackboard Ongoing Workshop Type Courses During This Period – 22 (enrollment varied)


105 actual students supported in all Online Courses and Blackboard supplement courses in Marathon H 2004.


Videoconferencing Courses Enrollment Data


As of 5/6/04:

Marathon A 2004

Videoconferencing Courses – 124 enrollments; 2 courses (24 sections)


93 actual students supported in all Videoconferencing Courses in Marathon A 2004.


Marathon G 2004

Videoconferencing Courses – 17 enrollments; 1 course (3 sections)


17 actual students supported in all Videoconferencing Courses in Marathon G 2004.


As of  06/18/04:


Marathon H 2004

Videoconferencing Courses - 12 enrollments; 1 course (3 sections)


12 actual students supported in all Videoconferencing Courses in Marathon H 2004.


Video-Based Courses Enrollment Data


As of 06/04/04:

Summer I 2004

Video-Based Courses - 20 enrollments; 1 courses (1 section)


20 actual students supported in all Video-Based Courses in Summer I, 2004.


Grand Totals

Total of 1,940 actual students supported constituting 2,998 enrollments) in 128 courses (184 sections) of online courses (including STEP), blackboard supplements, video-based courses, videoconferencing courses and Blackboard based workshops during the reporting period (May - June).



OFFICE OF THE ASSOCIATE Vice President for Academic Affairs


Department of Military Science


The Military Science Department’s vision is to recruit the very best students available for Jacksonville State ROTC.  We retain those students through a challenging curriculum, quality mentoring, and a positive program that encourages leadership, scholarship, individual responsibility and Battalion camaraderie.  We train and develop our cadets to ensure they are fully prepared to accept the responsibilities of a commissioned officer and to effectively lead America’s sons and daughters.  We strive to commission the very best lieutenants that enter the Army each year.   

The Gamecock Battalion conducted its annual Spring Awards Ceremony in April, where 25 patriotic and civic organizations presented awards to cadets who excelled in leadership, athletics and academics. In addition to these recognitions, our cadets earned over 150 Battalion and Cadet Command awards.  Five new lieutenants were added to the brotherhood of arms during our Spring Commissioning Ceremony, bringing our total to ten new officers so far this year.  We anticipate commissioning five to six additional lieutenants in August, enabling us to meet our commissioning goal for the year of fifteen.


The Battalion awarded 17 scholarships to deserving students for the upcoming year, and we are hopeful of additional funding from Cadet Command for more scholarships.  Two incoming freshman won four-year scholarships, one incoming freshman won a three-year advance designee scholarship, six prospective juniors won two-year scholarships, and we awarded eight ROTC Alumni Scholarships to outstanding juniors and seniors in the Battalion.


The Department recruited and sent eleven students to the Leaders Training Course (LTC) at Fort Knox this summer, exceeding our Cadet Command mission.  Eighteen of our advanced course cadets are currently undergoing training at the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC, formerly Advanced Camp) at Fort Lewis, Washington.  Five cadets are slated to attend Basic Airborne Training at Fort Benning, Georgia later this summer, and one cadet will train for three weeks with an active Army unit at Fort Hood, Texas as part of the Cadet Troop Leadership Training Program.  Two cadets will support Exercise Robin Sage, serving as OPFOR for the Special Operations Exercise at Fort Bragg.   


Gamecock Cadre are involved in student development and cadet training locally and across the nation throughout the summer.  Lieutenant Colonel Doc May is the Western Region Liaison Officer at LDAC and will serve as a Faculty Mentor during freshman orientation when he returns.  Major Greg Pass is also at LDAC as a Regimental Executive Officer, Captain Ronnie Preston is there as a Platoon Tactical Officer, and Sergeant Joseph Pyland is serving at LDAC as an administrative NCO.  Master Sergeant Jerald Walker is the noncommissioned officer in charge of the Rappelling and Rope Bridge Committee at Leaders Training Course at Fort Knox. Captain Dean Shackelford supported Junior ROTC Summer Camp at Fort McClellan and attended Alabama Boys State this summer to recruit these outstanding high schoolers for ROTC.  


Major John Nolan and Sergeant First Class Harold Young are departing this summer.  Major Nolan will move to the Army Material Command at Fort Belvoir, VA and SFC Young will retire to the Atlanta area.  Both served the Battalion in an outstanding manor and we will miss them personally and professionally.  Major Greg Scott will replace Major Nolan; a replacement for SFC Young is not yet identified.


The Gamecock Battalion continues to recruit prospective students for our fall classes and looks forward to another year of outstanding training and leader preparation.


Office of the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs


Dr. Joe Delap successfully completed the Leadership Calhoun County program on May 21, 2004.  Drs. Meehan and Turner attended the graduation ceremony, which also included Mr. Greg Seitz, JSU Assistant AD for Media Relations.





Career Placement Services


Mr. Tim Grey, JSU alum and Chief of Staff of Civilian Employment at Redstone Arsenal conducted application workshops for JSU students on April 14, 2004.   Mr. Grey demonstrated the on-line federal application process to pre-registered students.

American Cast Iron and Pipe Company from Birmingham recruited graduates on April 6th.


The Pollard Agency conducted an on-site visit to recruit criminal justice majors on April 15th.


Honda Corporation visited campus to recruit accounting majors on April 20, 2004.


Ms. Sarah Aultman attended the 2004 Southeast Regional Cooperative Education Conference at Lake Lanier, Georgia, May 19-21, 2004.


Ms. Janet White visited the Cheaha Career Center in Anniston on May 27, 2004 to coordinate a placement partnership.


Coca-Cola Human Resource Manger, Gail Williams visited Career Placement Services on June 3, 2004 to discuss co-op opportunities as well as graduate placement.


Ms. Janet White and Ms. Sarah Aultman visited the University of West Georgia on June 24, 2004 to share professional ideas and policies.


James Freer and Deborah Richburg of Honda conducted 20 interviews in the Career Placement Office on June 23, 2004 to secure co-ops for the fall and spring semesters.


Several students in the areas of Accounting and Computer Science have interviewed at the Anniston Army Depot for fall co-ops.


Approximately 300 students visited the Career Placement Services office for various needs during April, May and June.



Multicultural Services


Two JSU students of the College Chapter of the NAACP attended the 95th Annual NAACP Convention in Philadelphia, PA from July 11-16, 2004.  The two students were Mr. Corey Boler, a senior, and president of the college chapter and Ms. Japonica Reed, a senior, vice president of the college chapter. 


The Office of Multicultural Services, Kappa Alpha Si Fraternity, and the African American Association sponsored a Student Appreciation and Fun Day on the Quad to end the semester and prepare students for upcoming finals on April 12, 2004.  Approximately 600 + students enjoyed a free cookout dinner, entertainment by DJ Gregory who entertained the students and faculty/staff to the latest sounds, and participated in sporting activities.  Another Appreciation and Fun Day on the Quad is scheduled for September 9, 2004 to welcome the students back. 

Department of University Housing and Residence Life


The Department of University Housing and Residence Life operates (7) halls, (5) apartment complexes and (9) houses.  The hall area structure consists of (3) co-ed halls, Dixon, Logan, and Patterson; (2) female halls, Sparkman and Fitzpatrick; and (2) male halls, Crow and Daugette.  The apartment area consists of Campus Inn, College, Jax, Pannell, and Penn House.  Also, the International and Panhellenic Houses are within the Department of University Housing and Residence Life.


The Fall 2004 occupancy rate is currently 68.85% in the halls, 82.87% in the apartment area and 89.00% in the houses.


Occupancy %

Available Beds



















International House

















Occupancy %

Available Beds

Campus Inn









Pannell Efficiency



Penn House











# of Houses

# of Houses Occupied

Occupancy %







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