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President's Quarterly Report to Trustees




JULY 12, 2004


Ayers Hall Renovation

Chorba Contracting is having sub-contractor problems on the job site, which is negatively impacting job progress.††† A mechanical sub-contractor, Mid-State, has filed for bankruptcy and left the job.††† This action has delayed the project since the mechanical work is critical to the overall project completion. Late Spring Semester 2005 is the projected completion date for the new home for the departments of academic computing services, computer science and mathematics, psychology, and technology.

Stephenson Multi-Purpose Building

Tom Roberts Construction should be completed in the Weight Room area on July 15.†† The remainder of the building is progressing but several more weeks are required to complete the project.†† Completion date is scheduled for mid September.

McClellan Building

Dawson Building of Rainbow City is scheduled to have Gadsden State's wing completed and ready for occupancy in mid September.†† Work is progressing very rapidly on the remainder of the building with project approximately 80% complete.

Library Interior Improvements

Hudak & Dawson have four new elevators functioning and operating in accordance with the schedule.†† Mechanical, electrical and air conditioning work is nearing completion in the Penthouse/elevator room on top of the building.†† Project is approximately 90% complete.

Field House Renovations

Hudak & Dawson are pushing very hard to have the training area completed by August 1stfor the return of our team and football practice. The basement area, football locker room and team meeting room should be finished and available in time for the first home game. The exterior facade work is in process however; the upper level interior work cannot begin until the Athletic Department's functions are relocated to the Multi-Purpose Building when those spaces are available for occupancy in September.

Little River Canyon

Funding has been requested and approved. NASA has the funds, which are in process to JSU. Project scope and construction documents will be developed by the architect once funding is received.

Roof Replacement 2002

The contractor, Standard Roofing, has performed remedial work on the ceiling in Stephenson.†† Contractor is also working on several roof leaks.

Chimney Peak Observatory

University officials are currently studying the site location for the Chimney Peak observatory with respect for the need to add a one to two acre buffer area south of the tower. This land, once owned by the University would help prevent the addition of towers that might block the observatory. The construction documents for the observatory are in the development phase.


Fall Application Report

Our Fall Semester 2004 application count as of July 7th was slightly above last yearís total. New student applications for first time freshman and transfer students are eight above last year. We are looking forward to new student orientation, which begins Thursday of this week.

Housing Report

University Housing reported residence hall reapplication for next Fall Semester 2004 is progressing well. Fall occupancy rate is currently 81% within residence halls, 82% in apartments and 89% in houses.

Continuing Education

Ann Wells, Jacksonville State University 's Director of Continuing Education along with Troy State University Dothan and the University of North Alabama received the Distinguished Program Award for Association for Continuing Higher Education Region VII at the 2004 Conference in Atlanta on April 19.The award was for the project known as the University Partnership for Alabama Continuing Education (UPACE).Located in three different regions of the state, the three universities have combined efforts in the UPACE Partnership and are offering certificate programs for the County Administrators, County Engineers, Alabama Association of Police Chiefs, and Alabama Association of Revenue Officers.

Social Work

The National Commission on Accreditation of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) reaccredited Jacksonville State Universityís Social Work Program. The programs first accreditation began in 1992 and was retroactive to 1988. The last reaccredidation took place in 1996.

We would like to thank Vice President Turner, Dean Wade, Dr. Fagan and our social work faculty and staff for their hard work. This program has graduated over 800 students since 1988 and has more social work majors than any university in the state.

Dr. Cynthia Harper, Dean College of Education and Professional Studies

Jacksonville State University's Dr. Cynthia Harper recently elevated from acting dean of the College of Education and Professional Studies to dean. Dr. Harper, who joined the JSU faculty in 1975, has demonstrated exceptional competence during her employment at JSU. She has exceptional energy, impressive leadership qualities, and the vision needed to lead the College of Education and Professional Studies.

The College of Education and Professional Studies is one of JSU's largest, with 34% of the JSU student population. In addition to teacher training, the College includes several professional studies programs including technology, engineering, communication, and family and consumer sciences.

Dr. Harper has served as associate dean of the College since 2000. She holds a B.S. in secondary education and a master's degree in counselor education from JSU. She earned an Ed.D. in special education from the University of Alabama. During her years of service to JSU, Dr. Harper has served as head of the College's Department of Curriculum and Instruction and as associate dean. She became acting dean in October 2003.

Institutional Advancement Report

Our Institutional Advancement staff has been working with J.F. Smith and Associates since approval of the Capital Campaign. I will now call on Vice President Joe Serviss for an update.

Academic Affairs Report

Dr. Turner presented two special presentations as part of the Academic Affairs Report.

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