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13 March 2008

Photo Feature provided by Steve Latham

Highlights of Sulzberger Lecture - 2008 Ayers Lecture Series


Arthur Sulzgerger, Jr., publisher of the New York Times and chairman of the New York Times Company, was the keynote speaker for the 2008 Harry M. and Edel Y. Ayers Lecture Series in JSU's Houston Cole Library, March 12, 2008.

H. Brandt Ayers, chairman of the board and publisher of Consolidated Publishing Co., left, chats with members of the audience while Mr. Sulzberger, center, shakes the hand of JSU President, Dr. William A. Meehan.

Mr. Sulzberger, left, chats with Ron Reaves, Executive Editor of the Gadsden Times, a New York Times Regional Media Group.

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