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28 February 2008

How to Determine Local Calling Area from JSU Campus

With the rapid addition of new area codes and telephone prefixes, it's getting harder to tell if a number is a local call for you or a toll call. The rapid increase of cell phone utilization has made this even more complicated. More and more people are dialing phone numbers that they think are local, only find out later—when they receive their bill—that they were toll calls.

If you'd like to avoid these "surprises" on your phone bill, you need to know before you place a call if it is a local or toll call for you. Telephone Services  has compiled the telephone exchanges under the local area codes for five local communities in the University's calling area.

A telephone call made from any JSU campus telephone on the main campus to a McClellan campus local calling area is charged as a local call.  Calls made to the JSU-Gadsden campus are billed as long distance charges.

Telephone calls made from JSU campus non-student telephones to a local calling area number are charged for a local call. There is no charge for telephone calls made from JSU campus student telephones to a local calling area number.

If you are a customer calling from JSU, your Local Area Calling includes the communities of Anniston, Ohatchee, Oxford, and Piedmont in addition to the Jacksonville community. Telephone numbers beginning with the following prefixes listed below corresponding to each of the communities considered to be in Jacksonville's Local Area Calling--including prefixes for cell phone numbers--all qualify as being in the University's local calling area.

Local Calling Areas by Local Communities

Prefixes for Jacksonville Community Local Area Calling

365 435 644 782

Prefixes for Piedmont Community Local Area Calling

447 645 792

Prefixes for Ohatchee Community Local Area Calling

330 581 639 892

Prefixes for Oxford Community Local Area Calling

241 285 831 832 835 846

Prefixes for Anniston Community Local Area Calling

210 225 231 235 236 237
238 239 240 282 283 291
294 310 342 343 371 403
405 419 452 453 454 473
499 525 591 624 629 676
741 770 808 820 847 848

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