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2 June 2008

JSU Professor Honored
with Prestigious Martial Arts
Historical Figure Award

Dr. Larry Beard shown here accepting Historical Figure Award presented to him by the International Board of Grandmasters at a ceremony held in San Antonio, TX on the 2008 Memorial Day weekend.

Dr. Larry Beard, associate professor of Special Education, Jacksonville State University, and faculty advisor/head instructor of the JSU Judo-Jujitsu Club, was recently honored by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council Hall of Fame as one of the few instructors to receive the Historical Figure Award.

The Historical Figure Award is awarded to people by an International Board of Grandmasters who have attained the title of “Grandmaster”, who have been involved in the martial arts for over 40 years and have made positive contributions. Candidates were nominated at large, and the final selections were announced at a Black Tie ceremony held in San Antonio, TX over the Memorial Day weekend.

The World Head of Family Sokeship Council (WHFSC) is an exclusive union of the top Grandmasters of 9th or 10th degree black belt ranking or the equivalent from around the world who wish to communicate and support one another. Membership includes some of the best martial artists in the world and at least 19 different countries are included among its membership.

The WHFSC was founded in May of 1993 by Professor Frank E. Sanchez of Guam and is, without a doubt, the most elite Grandmasters/Soke organization in the world with the most recognizable martial arts names in the history of any Soke or Grandmasters Council currently in existence.

Some of the more notable members include Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Jackie Chan, Bill Wallace and Reylson and Rickson Gracie. Dr. Beard holds the title of Grandmaster in Budoki Junari Jujitsu as well as an eighth dan (blackbelt) in Judo, making him the second highest ranking active American Judo instructor in the world. He also holds black belts in yusool, hapkido and karate.

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