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21 May 2008
Showcasing Cast Members of The Mikado
Staged in Japanese Costumes and Setting

The Mikado

The complicated plot of The Mikado centers on what happens when a fictional Emperor of Japan decrees that flirting is punishable by death. After a series of deceptions and misunderstandings no one dies and everything is resolved. The Mikado's Japanese setting and costumes masked the fact that it was a parody of British customs and pretensions.

The Mikado is best known for its wit and British humor, which poke fun at social conventions, the law and romance of the late 19th century. The plot twists and turns around the romance of young royal love, interfered with by prominent Noble citizens of an older, less desirable nature.

One of the most important features of The Mikado production are the costumes. Colorful Japanese costuming, gigantic silk fans and authentic Japanese parasols will take you on a journey to a Japan of long ago. 

The magnificent gold-embroidered robe and petticoat of the Mikado was a faithful replica of the ancient official costume of the Japanese monarch; the strange-looking curled bag at the top of his head was intended to enclose the pig-tail.  Cast members playing the part of Japanese ladies generally walk, run or dance in tiny steps with toes turned in, as gracefully as possible while spreading and snapping their fans displaying either wrath, delight, or homage, often just to giggle behind it--expressing their every emotion by the evolutions of the fan.

The Jacksonville Opera Theatre's production of The Mikado opens in the Pell City Center in Pell City, Alabama on Friday-Saturday, May 23rd-24th at 7:00 p.m.  The Mikado” then travels back to JSU’s campus, where performances will run Thursday – Saturday, May 29th-31st at 7:30 p.m. in the Ernest Stone Performing Arts Center.  Sunday’s matinee on June 1st will begin at 2:30 p.m. 

Tickets for the Pell City performances may be purchased by calling the Pell City box office at 205-338-1974 or visiting the website at  Tickets for the JSU performances may be purchased by calling 256-782-5876. 

For more information on “The Mikado”, please check our website out at

The following scenes of The Mikado highlight the following talented cast members while showcasing their Japanese costumes: Haley Arrington, of Glencoe, AL appearing as Yum-Yum; Estefania  Cuevas, of Wellborn, AL cast as Pitti-Sing; Ellie Mellen, of Jacksonville, AL playing the role of Peep-Bo; and Matt Headley, of Oxford, AL appearing as the Mikado

Cast member Matt Headley makes his appearance as Pooh-Ba and is portrayed as a corrupt official. In one passage, he exclaims he was born "sneering and is a particularly haughty and exclusive person of pre-Adamite ancestral descent." He also discloses he "retails state secrets at a low figure."

Cast members display their costumes designed as colorful Japanese kimonos while spinning their traditional parasols. Shown here (from left to right) are Ellie Mellen playing the role of Peep-Bo, Haley Arrington appearing as Yum-Yum, and Estefania Cuevas appearing as Pitti-Sing.

Cast members pictured here (clockwise)  playing leading roles are Jarrod Lee, center, appearing as the Mikado; Haley Arrington appearing as Yum-Yum, Estefania Cuevas appearing as Pitti-Sing  and Ellie Mellen  playing the role of Peep-Bo.

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Source: Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

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