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20 May 2008

Alabama Library Association
Presents Distinguished Service Award
to Jodi Poe

Jodi Poe

At the 2008 Alabama Library Association Convention held in April, Jodi Poe received the Association’s Distinguished Service Award. The Distinguished Service Award is presented to a librarian in recognition of leadership in a specific and noteworthy project that has resulted in a significant contribution toward the development of library service within the state of Alabama.

Ms. Poe has demonstrated her leadership, professionalism, and service to the Alabama Library Association repeatedly. She has served as a coordinator for the AVL, and as a mentor and a recently appointed board member for the University of Alabama Library School Association. It is a combination of her service in these areas that comprise her “significant contribution.”

Within the Association she has served many roles; most significant is her willingness to serve as the Association’s Web Administrator. She has done an outstanding job keeping the site exceptionally current. Further, her technical skills and dedication led her to take the lead as moderator for the Association’s listserv and coordinator for the first test of electronic elections. Most recently, she created a complete revision of the entire Web site and writes a column entitled “Tech-Notes” for the Alabama Librarian. Currently, she is overseeing the implementation of an online management system for the Association.

In 2006 Ms. Poe volunteered to serve as President of the Scholarship and Loan Board. As such she was able to research and audit the Board’s and the Association’s accounts which resolved questions concerning the Association’s debt to the Board. This issue had been debated since 1999.

As an Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) Training Coordinator she has promoted, scheduled, and hosted numerous training sessions. In addition, through speaking engagements and personal contact she has served as a mentor to students involved with the SLIS Association. Further evidence of her service throughout the state is her participation on various committees of the Network of Alabama Academic Libraries.

Ms. Poe also represents the state through her participation in regional and international organizations. She is a prolific scholar with numerous publications and programs to her credit.

Ms. Poe is an Assistant Professor and the Houston Cole Library’s Distance Education/Electronic Resources Manager.

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