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6 May 2008
Conroy Selected as 1st for Georgia Leadership Program

Pete Conroy leads a recent “Unity Day” discussion with US Forest Service leaders at McClellan.

Atlanta, GA - April 25, 2008—Pete Conroy is going back to school!

“The Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership (IGEL), Inc. is very proud to announce that Mr. Pete Conroy, Jacksonville State University - Alabama, has been selected as the very first out-of-state class member in the program’s history,” announced Ross King, Chair of IGEL and also Deputy Director of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia.

IGEL is an annual environmental collaborative program conducted by the J.W. Fanning Leadership Institute - University of Georgia and the Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership (IGEL), Inc. Each annual class is composed of approximately 33 individuals representing a cross section of academia, federal, state and local government, private sector, environmental organizations and trade associations. This year’s class will include individuals from places like the Turner Foundation, the Georgia Governor’s Office, the US EPA and the Georgia Aquarium. The program was initiated in 2001 and now has over 180 alumni members from across Georgia.

“Mr. Conroy will be a member of our seventh class which will commence in early May,” said King.

The program is conducted over four interactive sessions, each three days in length. The May session will be conducted on the campus of the University of Georgia in Athens followed by a July session in Southwest Georgia (Albany), a September session in coastal Georgia (Sapelo Island) and a November graduation session conducted in the Atlanta metro area.

“It’s a real honor to have been asked to participate in this program because while I like the idea of partnering with other people and places, I especially like partnering with our next-door neighbors,” said Conroy.

The IGEL, Inc. Board voted last year to expand the program's scope by allowing at least one participant to be selected from a contiguous state, and Conroy was a unanimous choice to serve as the first official out-of-state IGEL participant.

“He is clearly a Southeastern U.S. regional environmental leader with an impressive list of professional accomplishments. He will indeed be an asset for our program, and we feel that his participation will be a tremendous benefit for him, too."

For more information about IGEL, go to or contact JSU’s EPIC at 256-782-8010.

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