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5 May 2008
Sherry Kughn's Book Signing:
Faith Flight for Empty Nesters

Joy Christian Supplies
1430-A Pelham Road South
Jacksonville, AL
Friday, May 16, from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Sherry Kughn

Sherry Kughn, JSU alumna and former writer for the JSU News Bureau, will be signing her second book on Friday May 16, from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at Joy Christian Supplies, 1430-A Pelham Road South in Jacksonville. The book, Faith Flight for Empty Nesters, is published by Lambert Book House in Florence and was only recently released (April 17, 2008). The book picks up where her first book Heart Tree for Empty Nesters left off – using personal and biblical stories to explore how mature mothers can be effective in their family relationships and in their influence on others as Christian women.

“We Christian mothers of mature age,” said Kughn, “have new opportunities to use our faith to become more effective in our relationships and in unexplored areas of our lives.”

Faith Flight for Empty Nesters is priced and sized for use in Bible classes or as devotional reading, $8.95. The inspirational trade paperback is written in 13 chapters with questions at the end of each chapter that offer additional opportunities for Bible study. The book has stories of Bible characters who teach us lessons about relationships. For example, lessons come from examining King David’s refusal to acknowledge family problems, Laban’s desire to control his married daughters, Queen Esther’s risks to save her relatives, and Mary’s second gift to the world – her example of outstanding behavior. Each chapter contains personal and real-life stories that highlight both the humorous and serious aspects of becoming a better person as we age. For sample chapters, contact the author.

Faith Flight for Empty Nesters is actually a metaphor about how baby birds grow.

“I write about how growth in faith is similar to the way baby birds learn to fly,” said Kughn. “They take a leap of faith, they exercise their wings, and they take off. Being a mother of mature age provides a perfect time to take leaps of faith to accomplish new things, to exercise our new roles, and to fulfill our long-denied dreams. The joy we often find feels like flying, and we learn that motherhood never ends, it only takes on new meanings.”

Sherry Kughn, of Anniston, Ala., is an award-winning author of the manuscript, “The Gift of the Kaleidoscope” for children, a former journalist, and a speaker. She has also been published in many Christian and secular magazines, such as Christian Woman, Home Life, First Draft, and Longleaf.

Kughn graduated from JSU with a bachelor's degree in 1973 and a master's degree in 2003. Her website is

To inquire about an interview with Sherry Kughn, call (256)453-3808 or visit You may also contact the publisher at (800)551-8511 or visit

To order a copy of Faith Flight for Empty Nesters call (800)551-8511 or visit the publisher's website or your local bookstore.

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